Starter Evolutions = Fake [?]

Guy confessed again.  That is all.  I think we were all genuinely unhappy with them though so anyone actually sad?  Although I admit Tsutaaja’s fully evolved form *was* kinda kickass.

UPD: I’m adding a disclaimer to this post that they MAY still be real.  The guy who “confessed” really had no proof and Pokexperto apparently has inside knowledge that they are real.  I can already sense a huge backlash at my site if they are confirmed as real 😐

In other news I got my new HP laptop today :3  Beautiful 1600×900 resolution screen.  *_*  But now I have 8 hours to work at McDonalds which starts in, oh, 1.5hrs from now.  At least this new laptop saved me from shooting myself or something.

<3 pokejungle

ps- Sorry that this got its own news post.