Few New Screenshots

Not huge, but felt I should post it :3  Things that may be of interest:

  • NPC saying Cheren, Bell, and you look fantastico and is saying goodbye
  • ‘N’ talking about the black and white nature of Humans and Pokemon in a cave
  • Minezumi, Tsutaaja, and an unidentifiable pokemon doing an appeal (the smiley face is a MASK)
  • Gentlemen telling Black is ‘Dress Up’ was very elegant

S’all for tonight probably.  Everyone sleep well.

<3 pokejungle

ps- I should note that the start evolutions have not been completely ruled out so make sure you check for further updates.  We could be getting reverse-trolled with a “fake confession”.

  1. I really hope Mijumaru’s evo is fake.

    Maybe we have our first Smiley Face Pokemon! 😮 lol. Probably new.

  2. and as for these ‘evos’…..the first stages are plausible, but the second stages….. Besides tsutarja, mijumaru’s is completely out of left field and pokabu’s looks like rhyperior. Although if you look at them just as pokemon, without thinking they’re starter evos, they aren’t that bad.

  3. hey guys, look at the post that showed 3 new videos, in the last video, @4:41 they showed some pokemons in the pokemon musical, thepokemons were pokabu on the left, then mijumaru, then shimama, and the last one to the right could be a new pokemon??

  4. There are 2 new pokemon… Dont you see the tail? It doesnt match up with any pokemon released so far…

        1. Pokexperto is pushing pretty strongly that these are legit and they CLAIM to have insider info. So I’m just disclaimer-ing that there still is a slight chance they’re real.

          1. That’s Serebii’s deal. I don’t know anything about IPs and whatnot concerning the posted images vs previous leaks. I’ll be honest.

          2. “I HOPE they arent real… Then I will have to keep Raconsua from evolving 🙁 ”



  5. i’m not gonna even bother guessing on what type of pokemon that is cause it’s to well hidden. xD

    but has anybody else noticed that in the sugimori art and in the close ups of the game, N’s hair is black and white and in sprite form it’s like brown and light brown? @@;
    is it just me or am i going color blind? xD

  6. I can’t tell whether the karate costume is just a dress up or an actual part of the pokemon itself. It’s very misleading. And as for what I think the new pokemon could be, I’m imagining that it could be a toad, because of it’s hunched shoulders. But that could just be me.

  7. pj, ask both serebii and archaic to teach you how to use IPS, but smiley face pokemon could a mixture of poliwrath and hariyama

  8. Pokexperto has as much insider info as my big toe. I’m still calling fake.

    As for this new mon; I’m finding it hard to find anything to talk about it, it’s just covered up too much. I hope the karate suit is just dress up though, cos that’d ruin it imo…

    But N’s part in the story is looking more and more interesting. I am intrigued. 😛

  9. Am I the only one who thinks the smiley face looks sort of like Marowak? I highly doubt it, just it’s stature and the fact it’s holding a bone. Although the bone could also be an accessory so I don’t know hahaha

  10. I Almost Had A Heart Attack When I Saw That Thing With A Mask, I Thought The Mask Was Part Of The Pokemon. Phew

  11. The starter evolutions are obviously fake, except the 2nd stages for grass and water, because those come from the beta art sheet a while ago

    the third stage grass is milotic and dratini with grass
    The piggie is rhyperior with flames xD
    The color schemes are off on the grass and water ones

    The only thing im worried about, is that the snake and piggie are drawn in the pokemonish style, but since the water one definitely isnt, im still 99% confident those are fake (if those are real im not buying the game T.T

    1. Isn’t it kind of stupid to not buy a game just because of the starters? You don’t have to use them if you don’t like them :\

      I really don’t want them to be real myself, but they could’ve been worse IMO. I really think that everyone got their hopes up from the fan art that was circulating (which some were pretty good), and as such people made such a big deal over Mijumaru’s evolution’s coloring and why many people called them fake (although I can say that I’ve done that, mainly because they haven’t necessarily been proven true and I was surprised by the direction they decided to take with Pokabu’s evolutions and and Mijumaru’s final evolution if they were real).

    2. If you look at them, you can tell really obviously that:


      All of them just are edited and redone 😛

  12. You can obviously tell that those starter evos are fake. Wouldn’t Mijumaru’s evo’s head be a tad darker in the beta art sheet due to it’s head being that blue color?

  13. mr. happy up there looks like it could be a yanappu evolution to me because its posture and shape are rather ape-ish. unless there’s just more than one simian line in the game (not counting humans… lol).

  14. I was thinking (yeah, a miracle) that one thing is odd about the fake confession, specialy in the “originals” draws made by the faker. ANd is that he showed the miju evo with the head painted in shadow (something totally inconsistent to the other shadows) Why if can make pretty good fakes will do that? because mistaked a shadow of the draw with the shadow of the paper over the draw =/

  15. You people must not eat your carrots. Seriously. Look at the new pokemon, behind the Gi and the Mask and the Bone and the football. It appears to have white/quilted/fur arms, black hands what look like claws.

    I’m calling it now, it’s the Polar Bear prevo.

      1. The gi is obviously an accessory. Pokemon don’t have clothing. They can wear clothing, but clothing has never been part of a pokemon’s body, barring the few select pokemon that whose bodies are some sort of fabric.. like Dusclops, Shuppet, etc.

  16. I’m calling fake on those evos. They look EXACTLY like the ones you see on deviantArt.

    First, the “Tsutarja evo.” It may be based on the sketch-sheet from before, but that looks identical to this:

    And it just looks like they colored this Miju-evo lineart in:

    I’m calling it FAKE FAKE FAKE, in addition to art theivery. D<

    1. They probably look exactly like those two because they were already revealed as legit pokemon, albiet on a black and white anime sheet. The pictures you linked to are just fanart.

    2. So, would that mean that any Fakemon created from leaked beta sheets, silhouettes, or the likes are stolen art, too? The person who made these (assuming they’re fake, which I think they probably are) took Raconsua and Kurineku from the beta sheet and touched them up and colored them to what s/he thought they would look like. That’s perfectly legal.


      1. I’m not saying it’s not legal, I’m saying that these “leaked starter evolutions” look like they just copy/pasted the fanart, and then drew their own final evolutions. I’m saying that the person passing these off as real is the art theif, because it looks like they took the fanart and stuck it on those mysterious papers.

        Besides, it makes absolutely no sense (design-wise, at least) for the Miju-evo to have a blue head. All of the fanart showing a white head makes so much more sense.

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