Team Rocket Gets a New Look + Pokemon Sunday Preview + Even More Anime News! (UPD)

Hey PokéJunglers!

ozymandis here yet again with a small but at the same time BIG change for the “Pokemon: Best Wishes!” anime! Our once badass as heck villians now turned hilarious and not so evil, get a new loook! This is from the official Pokemon anime website and, the pictures comes with a description. Apparently they finally got promoted to being “Advanced Members” and are the top Team Rocket members in the Isshu region. (So i’m guessing that they are the only Team Rocket members in Isshu? ><) Also, it says that they have the mission of bringing the Isshu region down using the power of Team Rocket.

Also- the TV Tokyo website has updated saying that on September 12th Pokemon Sunday will air a special episode PACKED with Black and White information! Allthough we might get this information leaked to us before the actual airing so we shouldn’t expect to much. The episode will also feature a special guest named  Junichi Masuda, who, for those of you who don’t know,  is one of the three big minds behind Pokemon along with Sugimori and Tajiri. Not to mention that he was last on the show to reveal the Zoroark silohuette! So it might actually be some really big info!

Also just found this video on youtube! It aired right after the new Pokemon episode aired, it shows all the starter pokemon in action! 😀 Thanks to Kriffix for the heads up.


it shows:

  • Tsutaaja’s Vine Whips comes from it’s collar (who would’ve thought? ><)
  • Confirms Ash getting Mijumaru (Mijumaru’s cry… so cute!)
  • Mijumaru’s Shell Blade in action, also it using the shell as a shield
  • Tsutaaja knows Attract and is a female
  • Yanappu’s Bullet Seed
  • Tsutaaja is against Pikachu so therefore, it is either Dento’s or Shooty’s

So with that, any opinions on the costume change? I personally don’t mind it and thinks it looks awesome! 😀 I mean I was always confused as to why Jessie’s and Jame’s outfits were white in the anime but all the grunt’s outfits were black in the video game…>>; Also, what do you think they’ll show in Pokemon Sunday? Comment down below!

peace and love–ozymandis

    1. The Pokemon Musical information is for this Sunday.
      Junichi Masuda will go on Pokemon Sunday on September 12th in two Sunday’s, it is the final Sunday before the release of B/W in Japan^_^

      (Keep in mind they may reveal new information this week on the Pokemon Musical’s but it is being kept secret).
      Also we may get hint’s to the September 12th episode at the end of this week’s episode when they preview next week’s episode^_^

        1. Masuda wouldn’t be coming on the show 6 days before the games are released to reveal something boring. Just saying.

  1. Hey Ozy, Check FB, I linked to one with Giovanni~

    You don’t seem to be on so I added it. Let me know if you want it back.
    Some guys on 2ch are joking around saying that Giovanni got demoted lol.

  2. Also w00t! Go Junichi Masuda!
    Every time her appears we always get loads of new info! *thinks back to when he revealed Zoroark*

      1. Yeah.. Masuda is one of the “big three” Pokemon guys, right up there next to Sugimori and Tajiri.

          1. Junichi Masuda, one of the three big brains behind Pokemon. The other two are Ken Sugimori and Satoshi Tajiri.

  3. Well it’s about time. Am I the only one thinking they were updated because Team Rocket will (most likely) never reappear in the games? All of the games featuring them have been remade … Either way I love their new looks!~

  4. in two sundays,they may reveal the starter evos,but they may not,i hope they do because i cant take it anymore!!cant take the fake evos,and i cant take the waiting anymore,so,i need them to be releaseed!!!

      1. If you live in Florida… its the heat. I’m actually really excited to se what will be revealed! I might import the game this time 😀

        1. No, I don’t live in florida, I actually live in New Hampshire, but it’s actually ridiculously hot! (100+)

  5. Going by the clues, It’s almost certain that Shooty will get the Tsutaaja. It be cool if later on Dent gets one too though~ Suits him big time.

      1. What do you mean?

        Shooty is the blonde haired boy who likes taking pictures. His name is a reference to shooting pictures on his camera. He starts out in Kanako town with everyone else.

  6. almost everybody likes tsutarja, but 4 me, i liked mijumaru from the begining, and i usually choose the starter that ash chooses, so..i will choose mijumaru!

  7. i am going to read the episodes guide on serebii or bulbapedia, the i will c the Japanese episodes on youtube 😛

  8. It also confirms the Tsutaja we’re seing to be a female, because Pikachu was effected by the Charm :3

  9. “The episode will also feature a special guest named Junichi Masuda, who, for those of you who don’t know…”

    …Is one of the final bosses of Game Freak. He started out composing the soundtrack of Red/Green, and nowadays is responsible for the production and directing of the main series and — I think — also approval of new pokémon/NPC designs.

    How come you didn’t know that, Pokéjungle? ~___~

    1. Well, I suck, it wasn’t Pokéjungle but ozymandis who posted the news instead. But my point stands ~___~

      1. ahah well i’m actually probably even nerdier as you guys >< , but i always seem to foget junichi's name. xDD
        i always remember sugimori and tajiri but i can never remember junichi

        now i'll remember him. 😛

      1. Well. Ash has been confirmed to have Mijumaru.
        Pokabu has been seen running around in the gym, so he might get that too.
        And for all we know the Tsutaja could be wild?
        Although I doubt it, Ash does have the possibility of getting all 3 starters?

        Again, I doubt it. He’ll probably just stick with our cute and lovable otter friend. <3

        1. Shooty will almost definitely have a Tsutaaja.

          He’s also a trainer starting out in Kanako town and will need one of the 3 starters. And since the other two are taken it’s pretty much certain.

          1. Then who does N get. I saw in a video he had one pokemon. I know this isn’t the game but he will definitley be making an anime appearance. I don’t think it will be a generic Pokemon. Sorry but I’ve been thinking about this for a while.

          2. Well. There was a lot of starter sharing in D/P
            Dawn, Barry, and Kenny had Piplup.
            Ash and Paul had Turtwig (although we only ever saw Paul’s as a Torterra)
            If Shooty has Tsutaja, it doesn’t necessarily mean that none of our other main characters can’t have Tsutaja either. I would love to see Dento get it. <3

  10. I always loved those black outfits that cassidy butch were wearing, it made them look special.
    Although these doen’t really look pure black,. more like a dark grey blue puple’ish color.

  11. People here are saying that Ash isn’t going to get Tsutaaja, but to be honest, I think he will. It’s great that he’s definately getting Mijumaru, that actually made me really happy, but I’m thinking that there’s a high chance of Ash getting all three starters like before. I dunno, I mean, Dento does seem like he will be fairly Grass-oriented, but his signature Pokemon is obviously Yanappu, and likewise for Iris, hers is Kibago. I obviously don’t have any evidence for this other than a gut feeling, but I think it would be cool if that happened again =)

    However, lets go on the assumption that Ash doesn’t get all of the starters and instead only gets Mijumaru, and Shooti or whoever gets Tsutaaja – who will get Pokabu in that case?

    1. well pokabu wise, it was also in the gym and it’s back was facing towards where ash would be, so there’s a chance that ash migh also get pokabu. but i think it’s a bit to early for him to have both starters by the 1st gym,especially if the series is fast paced. so my guess would be shooty or iris.

  12. Ooh….does this mean badass team rocket is returning? 😮

    Getting promoted is a big thing….. especially considering these guys aren’t really promotion worthy….

  13. Forget Jessie and James, look at Giovanni! He’s been turned into a train conductor! *cough*asexytrainconductor*cough* Much better than the bright orange suit, yuck.

  14. Well, I’m glad to know Giovanni will be ready to take my bags for me in Isshu.

    . . .Seriously, they’re going with that design?

  15. Damnit i always said ever since that manga was shown saying tsutarja learns vinewhipe, that it would come from its yellow collar! I wish someone would give me credit for actually having a smart and good guess that day… 🙁

  16. THANK GOD team rocket is no longer just after pikachu and I’m glad the contests are over, the new dancing contests will be pretty entertaining seeing the pokemon all dressed up once in a while hopefully not all the time like with the 4th gen series contests.

  17. im hoping that the new team rocket is hinting at a slight time gap. i mean what has team rocket done to earn a promotion? and also it almost sounds like they are in isshu before ash gets there. so fingers crossed on the time jump, but prob not, the art of ash wouldnt suggest a huge gap in time. besides that mijumaru looks great (hope that that weird third form evo shown the other day isnt even close to real.)

    1. The first thing I thought was that Giovanni sent them to Isshu under the guise of a”promotion” to get rid of them. XD

  18. I had a thought. Most of you probably know that Mijumaru was liked the least when the B & W starters were revealed. (Unless you were like me and you loved him from the moment you laid your eyes on him) I think that the Pokemon Company may have known that it wouldn’t be very popular and so they gave it to Ash because he is essentially the trainer who is very strong and good at what he does. Many people “look up” to Ash I guess, so maybe they thought that by giving him Mijumaru, people might like it better. They could use him to show off its kickass-ness and prove that it could be really awesome. Also, I think it could also be because they want to display an awesome evo line that ends up being very awesome and powerful. Or it could be both.

    1. I don’t think Game Freak intended to make a Pokemon that wouldn’t appeal to fans in the first place. .-.
      Not that it doesn’t appeal to me, I love it. <3

  19. If I remember right. I think in one of the Pokemon Chronicle episodes, it was revealed that Jessie & James ended up being the top students to pass Team Rocket Training Schools, so they got awarded with Team Rocket Admin status = white uniforms.
    Which matches the games, in G/S/C and in the remakes the Rocket Executives have white uniforms too.

    So, my guess would be that Team Rocket got demoted to grunts after failures in 4 regions?
    Or maybe they changed the colour of their uniforms, just because they can?

    What interests me though, is why they’re showing that Giovanni has a new outfit?
    Maybe he’s going to play more off an active role in this region? o:

  20. This wouldn’t be the first time these three donned black uniforms. I recall an episode where Team Rocket was reminiscing about how they first met at the training academy. Anyway, I’d definitely like to see three as more hardened criminals; honestly, I think their hopeless losing streak’s gone on for far too long. Methinks Wobbuffet needs to do more for the team every now and then, too; his counter moves are too valuable to waste.

    Also, get some better disguises, you three — we can tell it’s you by the red and blue hair! =P It baffles me how Ash and the others can be fooled so easily time after time by such telling disguises. And these guys are advanced members now? -_-

    Well, we’ll see how this plays out, I guess.

    1. No they aren’t advanced members. They are “advanced” members. They are probably letting JJ’s and Meowth get pwned by Isshu guys and then sending the valuable people aka
      JJ’s+Meowth=Test dummies 😛

    2. Advanced as in they’re the first Team Rocket members to be sent to Isshu to organise the mission to take it down. Not advanced as in Elite.

  21. dude, please let team rocket beat those forever knight look a likes, and giovanni have a battle with team plasma admins with a legendary he has caught, oh and please have team rocket have a full invasion force to invade isshu, plus have team rocket have a secret lab underneath isshu

  22. i KNEW that was ash’s Mijumaru I knew it just because it reminds me of him so much anyways I love the pokemon voices and im kind of happy that I now know how to say the pokemons names

  23. I’m going to guess that Ash won’t recognise TR now even without their awful, errr, wonderful disguises.


  24. hey ppl,i noticed in one of the 3 BW trailer the other day,a minezumi leveled up to lvl 7,and had 25 atk,so does that mean its base stats are in favor of atk?also wats the name of the little kid in the manga scans?

    1. that makes sense since u rarely see the beginner normal types being special but for some reason i see this as a slowpoke/slowbro/slowking kind of thing. Slowpoke has a terrible special attack stat but pretty good attack stat, but wen it evolves Slowbro and ‘King have excellant special attackin stats while their attack stat isnt so excellant. i wonder if anyone else thinks this will happen O.O

  25. Even though Ash is battling Tsutaja doesn’t mean it won’t be Ash’s. He has battled to get other starters before. I hope he gets them all again.

    1. that is true, but what i’m sayin’ is that he definetly won’t get tsutaaja in the begining there’s definetly a chance that he’ll get all three eventually for even two.
      like in DP he started with turtwig but then got paul’s chimchar
      and in the johto league he got all of them eventually.
      we’ll just hafta see 😉

  26. Hey, guys I was just watching the video and I paused it on Yanappu when battling Ash’s Mijumaru in the gym, when I paused the video and saw the owners legs and shoes which matched Dentos if you look at the Anime poster! This leads me to believe even more that Dento is the grass type leader

    1. i kinda think that was allready confirmed. xD
      buttttt thank you for pointing that out for people who didn’t notice. 😀

  27. D’awwwwwww, Mijumaru looks so adorable! I didn’t knew his shell was actually some sort of sword O.O

  28. Miju’s bad*** like that 😉

    PS on a side note I cannot decide whether to use Marco or Otto for my mijumaru can you guys help me out please

    1. I like Marco much more than Otto. Marco just seems to flow better to me. Besides – Otto sounds too much like otter 😛

  29. ash is getting another mustid pokemon, ie quilava & buizel, but to any fans of top gear, the hosts are going to violently kill the white stig, but i hope james has another holiday home n isshu, and finally archaic is going to to the new giovanni

  30. why hasnt anyone suggested that Ash doesnt get a starter? From the look of the badge, and the fact that there are red and blue haired people next to Dento in game screenshots, im guessing the ”gym leader” is a 3on3 battle, with each ”leader” using a starter. The Pokabu, Tsutarja and Mijumaru seen in the video belong to the gym leaders.

    1. Yeah, but if that was the case, Dento would use Tsutaaja and not Yanappu. I guess we will see.

      1. might have both?
        each of them having 2, a starter and one other
        Red haired leader – Pokabu and Hihidaruma
        Dento – Tsutarja and Yanappu
        Blue haired leader – Mijumaru and Basurao

        Gym leaders usually dont have 6 though, especially not the first one, so idk

        1. I sincerely hope GF don’t go with your idea, I don’t want to face Hihidaruma at the first gym., it seems way too powerful.

  31. now that jessie and james are in black watch team rocket grunts start wearing black xD
    i think pokemon sunday will show starter evolutions but corro corro will leak before that so…lets wait

  32. tsutarja is so cool ya know, pokabu to although i kinda liked mijumaru more when it looked sad, i just thought it was cool?

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