Team Rocket Gets a New Look + Pokemon Sunday Preview + Even More Anime News! (UPD)

Hey PokéJunglers!

ozymandis here yet again with a small but at the same time BIG change for the “Pokemon: Best Wishes!” anime! Our once badass as heck villians now turned hilarious and not so evil, get a new loook! This is from the official Pokemon anime website and, the pictures comes with a description. Apparently they finally got promoted to being “Advanced Members” and are the top Team Rocket members in the Isshu region. (So i’m guessing that they are the only Team Rocket members in Isshu? ><) Also, it says that they have the mission of bringing the Isshu region down using the power of Team Rocket.

Also- the TV Tokyo website has updated saying that on September 12th Pokemon Sunday will air a special episode PACKED with Black and White information! Allthough we might get this information leaked to us before the actual airing so we shouldn’t expect to much. The episode will also feature a special guest named  Junichi Masuda, who, for those of you who don’t know,  is one of the three big minds behind Pokemon along with Sugimori and Tajiri. Not to mention that he was last on the show to reveal the Zoroark silohuette! So it might actually be some really big info!

Also just found this video on youtube! It aired right after the new Pokemon episode aired, it shows all the starter pokemon in action! 😀 Thanks to Kriffix for the heads up.


it shows:

  • Tsutaaja’s Vine Whips comes from it’s collar (who would’ve thought? ><)
  • Confirms Ash getting Mijumaru (Mijumaru’s cry… so cute!)
  • Mijumaru’s Shell Blade in action, also it using the shell as a shield
  • Tsutaaja knows Attract and is a female
  • Yanappu’s Bullet Seed
  • Tsutaaja is against Pikachu so therefore, it is either Dento’s or Shooty’s

So with that, any opinions on the costume change? I personally don’t mind it and thinks it looks awesome! 😀 I mean I was always confused as to why Jessie’s and Jame’s outfits were white in the anime but all the grunt’s outfits were black in the video game…>>; Also, what do you think they’ll show in Pokemon Sunday? Comment down below!

peace and love–ozymandis