Pokémon X & Y Battle Interface (Partially) Revealed

Fans had yet to see a glimpse of the battle interface for 6th generation of Pokémon games, but Nintendo recently posted new screenshots to its 3DS eShop. These confirm that an options menu resembling post-Gen IV games will be continued in X & Y, but with a much smoother graphical flair which focuses on circles … Read more

Pokémon Black 2 / White 2 Screenshot Page Up!

                    I didn’t do one for the original release of Black and White, but in order to stay competitive, and hopefully provide you more than just news, I’ve put up a screenshot page (for future reference the page is under Games -> Black 2 / White 2 -> Screenshots in the menu!).  This page does … Read more

Few New Screenshots

Not huge, but felt I should post it :3  Things that may be of interest: NPC saying Cheren, Bell, and you look fantastico and is saying goodbye ‘N’ talking about the black and white nature of Humans and Pokemon in a cave Minezumi, Tsutaaja, and an unidentifiable pokemon doing an appeal (the smiley face is … Read more

B/W Pre-order Gifts

Revealed!  Everyone who pre-orders at a store in Japan will receive a clear plastic file folder (#1) and also a “sound rope” of Reshiram or Zekrom depending on which version they get.  I think I might have seen “sound ropes” at Target once, they make noise when you push that center button, common toy/keychain in … Read more

New Screenshots

Famitsu.com has been updated with some new screenshots on their news article detailing the release date of the black and white games (no new information to divulge though with it).  These aren’t too excited, but we can see Mijumaru using Surf and the two legendaries duking it out.   The last two screenshots show off … Read more

Dogasu’s Backpack Previews Tsutaya DVD

Dogasu’s Backpack got ahold of a promotional DVD Tsutaya (Blockbuster-esque video/music rental store in Japan) has right now for the upcoming Zoroark movie.  And while I’m not into the anime and do not cover news about it, the DVD did include some cool little Black/White tidbits that I felt were worth your attention.  Like how … Read more