Pokémon X & Y Battle Interface (Partially) Revealed


Fans had yet to see a glimpse of the battle interface for 6th generation of Pokémon games, but Nintendo recently posted new screenshots to its 3DS eShop. These confirm that an options menu resembling post-Gen IV games will be continued in X & Y, but with a much smoother graphical flair which focuses on circles and ovals instead of rounded boxes.


A notable omission is the helpful clock that appeared in Pokémon Black 2 and White 2. Luckily the 3DS Home button will bring up system information, including the time, if a player doesn’t have an external clock handy.

Excited? Disappointed? We want to hear!

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  1. This isn’t new, we have seen this twice now! First at the round table at E3 and second was also on the eShop, at a point… I dunno why they has acces to the eShop page, but we did see it~

    1. You do realize I’m the one that found these right? The UK eshop was updated first and I ended up looking at the X/Y Pages out of boredom and found em. The eShop for the states didn’t update until earlier today. (According to my friend over there)

      And I’ll admit that you could briefly see the Battle menu screen at E3, but it was too blurry. A HQ image is much better don’t you think?

      1. But then it isn’t the first time?

        “Fans had yet to see a glimpse of the battle interface for 6th generation of Pokémon games, but Nintendo recently posted new screenshots to its 3DS eShop”

        It annoys me it says “Fans had yet to see a glimpse of the battle interface” when we clearly have…

        1. You’re forgetting that they weren’t allowed to take any camera’s into the E3 round table. That compilation video was for The Pokemon Company who uploaded it the next day. That’s the only reason we got to see it.

  2. I Wonder if, when you run from a battle you see yourself running in that classic cartoon style flee.

    You know, when you stand for five seconds while your feet just flail about while you mysteriously float in the air, then you speed off and all that’s left is a cloudy silhouette of you that slowly fades away.

    That One!
    [Insert Image Below, Because I’m Just too Darn Lazy To Find It!]

      1. Forgot about that one, but they were more common in old cartoon shows like Tom and Jerry, Merrie Melodies (aka Looney Tunes), good old Scooby Doo and some other Hanna-Barbera cartoons (i.e Flintstones, Captain Caveman)

  3. Am I the only one who was dissappointed when found out that X&Y trailer in 3DS eShop was actually in 2D? I mean, when are we going to see this game in actual 3D graphics?

    1. Same here!

      Logged on the E-shop and messed with the 3D switch for a bit until I realized they were in 2D. Kinda silly if you ask me, since they could’ve.

        1. Haha, probably.

          I’m really excited though, especially for the battles to be in 3d. That’ll look fantastic.

      1. eShop trailers are never in 3D. If they make a 3D trailer available, it will be as a free app that needs to be downloaded.

  4. I like it but there is still one thing that i want that hasn’t happend yet
    when the Pokemon faint i want it to be called back not drop through the ground
    if anyone saw any information about that please tell me

    1. YEAH!
      I’ve always wondered where they go when the sink to the ground, do they go to the Pokemon underworld where they secretly concoct ways on destroying the human race who have enslaved them and FORCED THE TO FIGHT THEIR MEANINGLESS BATTLES!!!
      Or did the developers get lazy.
      [For those of you who will probably take that seriously and think I am insulting the developers, I’m not it’s just a joke]

      1. I don’t really like the sinking into the ground thing in 3D.
        I wish they actually had some kind of fainting animation.
        Show the Pokémon lying on the ground KO’d for a sec or two,
        then have them disappear.
        Instead, they have them sinking and shrinking. :

        1. I wish they came up with some fainting animations like MinoMonsters has. (MinoMonsters is a game that is basically a ripoff of Pokemon for iOS)

          1. I think they have fainting animations because on Smash or something there was a battle where they fainted and they didn’t fall into the ground but went back into the Pokeball and there were some stars. (Technically like Stadium) Some of it was cut though since they aren’t supposed to show the whole thing yet. Entrance animations have been confirmed. For example Fennekin does like a jump out of the Pokeball thing.

          2. Hmm… That’s kinda true.
            I forgot that there are slight entrance animations.
            Honedge unsheathing itself is a good example.

          3. All pokemon have an entrance animation. Froakies for example is a ninja pose as he jumps out of the pokeball to the floor.

        2. I was surprised at all the different animations they had for each pokemone in Gates to infinity so perhaps they will put as much effort in this game!

      2. To be fair there’s so many amazing new aspects to the game with incredible 3d graphics that complaining about the fainting animation kinda comes across as being spoilt. We have a great game, lets not be ungrateful 🙂 ( I know ur not ungrateful I’m just making a statement ) 🙂

        1. Oh, I’m fine with the fainting animation that we currently have, I’m just saying in the future, they should strive to improve the finer details.

    2. Well there is this horde battle with some Zubats that faint, but those pokemon don’t have any trainers that own them, because of this I think they will stick to the sinking into the ground thing.

      1. That Zubat cry sounds faintly different from old cry. It’s like it’s updated to catch up with new generations.

        1. It seems all the cries are being updated to go along with the ones for the X/Y Pokemon introduced in this gen. Snorlax is an example. And Pikachu, well, going back to good ol’ Yellow.

        1. We always feared it, but we knew it would come, it was only a matter of time!

    3. Their was game play on Smash quite a while ago of Chespin Vs Hariyama, and we partially saw the returning animation when a Pokemon fainted. Like in PBR, the Pokemon shrinks and white particles are surrounding the pokemon.

      I don’t know if I can find it, but it was only like 2 seconds long as it was cut to hide it.

  5. Technically we have already seen the battle interfaces when the first Pokemon X and Y images were uploaded on the EShop approximately a month ago. Now we get to see Pancham and Talonflame’s party sprites, which look amazing.

    1. I can’t belive how quick is the year going on…in less of what we excpect, we’ll be playing X/Y already…

  6. Nice and simple, looks good. Same color and layout of the battle interface in HG/SS.

    1. Didn’t even notice that, you’ve got one Keen Eye, maybe your a Wingull.
      You see what I did there, I said you had a Keen Eye and that’s an ability that…
      You know what, forget it. Nobody will ever understand me!
      *Runs to the corner and cries.*

  7. I can’t see this on my 3ds becauese I live in ireland >< hurry up and update!! I love this simplistic design, very HG/SS.

  8. I feel like there’s so much space that can be used for better Pokemon artwork instead of the sprite. Beartic!

  9. I just came up with an idea. Someone should make a video compilation of all the pokemon battles we have seen so far, like the video with the Inkay/Octillery/Fletchling battles, the Zubat/Ledian battles shown below, and any other battle models we’ve seen. (I would do this but my computer is way too slow) This would be great for people who have missed seeing certain pokemon. Would anyone be willing to do this or something similar?

    I still haven’t seen Hariyama… ;(

        1. Someone else will have to find the little things from Smash (Hariyama, anything else :p ) because I am having no luck finding them. :/

          Edit- found Hariyama, Gligar, and Krookodile

          Please add more if you can find them

    1. Sure, I already have all the game play we’ve seen including the ones from Smash on my computer. I’ll see what I can do.~

  10. I love it and dislike it! I love the clean desplay on the bottom screen! Also, the rounded circles look great! Yet, I dislike the removal of the Battery, Wifi, and Time! I hope they will add this in! It was really helpful!

    1. I didn’t notice that! The clock and battery was very useful indeed, hope they bring it back.

  11. In the Developer Roundtable event you could see the interface. It wasn’t that clear though. Like a month ago by accident they uploaded a picture of Fennekin, Pancham, and Sylveon in battle with the interface showing…so technically it’s not the first time we see it, but it is the OFFICIAL showing of it. I hope this isn’t the finished product since the battery icon was VERY useful (time and WI-FI as well) I can’t wait to see the 3D trailer! Or at least 3D pictures.

    1. Battery icon, time and Wi-fi aren’t needed. Just tap the home button and go back. Yeah it’s not as convenient as showing it on the screen itself, but it’s how most 3DS games do it.

        1. Inconvenient? Yes. Frustrating? Don’t think so.
          Checking requires only five seconds, and you can resume play from where you left off. Who checks his battery every two minutes? Who doesn’t have a rough sense of time? And if you have Wi-fi and it works, why bother? If it doesn’t, you need to check your 3DS menu anyway, to see if there’s something wrong with network.

          1. I don’t understand what are you defending and why? It’s clearly not that hard to put those things in screen. Do you want me to answer those questions?

          2. Not defending anything. However, the developers may think this way. This was also seen in Animal Crossing: New Leaf, where going to the home menu was actually faster than viewing the in-game clock.

          3. I’m afraid I may accidently hit close software button while looking at the clock, I’m clumsy :3

          4. Well, you must be really clumsy then. It asks you to confirm closing, at the risk of “losing unsaved data”. And you can always push the A-button in the home menu to resume play.

            It’s like being afraid of hitting the power button, which was a much bigger problem in the past.

      1. Well, you have a point! Yet, that is inconvenient because you can quickly check by just look at the bottom screen! It was really helpful if you were going to play for sometime and then stop. The battery was helpful to knowing when your DS/3DS were going to die. There not need yes, but its really helpful 🙂

        1. Yeah, it’s kind of a bummer. It was helpful, but I just think the developers decided against it.

          1. Yea! They have full control over what goes in the game and not! It doesn’t bother me, like I said. But it is extremely useful. 🙂

      1. In a battle, you need to keep in mind more information than the classic 4 options: time, turns, status, weather, and yes, system time and battery. Also, the buttons are so ugly…

  12. I really like how behind the run circle there is a picture of a person running away, and a bag behind the bag icon, and a pokeball behind the party icon.

  13. I do like it how the buttons have a slight black border around them creating the slight impression that they’re also in 3D, it’s a neat art style

  14. Yet, I forgot. Hopefully the Weather status returns! May god that was helpful! I also, want to see the Battery, Time, and Wifi return but the Weather is a must.

    1. I think it would be logical for the weather to be displayed on the top screen where all the action is.

        1. I’m not so keen on that. The Wii couldn’t/didn’t do that, don’t see why the 3DS could/would. Especially when we have triples and rotational now.

  15. Am I the only one annoyed by the black areas in corners? Why does the interface not covering the whole area? This is troubling me more than it should.

    1. This is because the top screen of the 3DS is bigger then the bottom screen.
      Which means that if they give away screen shots of BOTH screens, they always have a smaller bottom screen.

  16. Going by what we know about Game Freak the 3D effect will more than likely be like HarmoKnight and have the same kind of music just a bit more orchestrated. We don’t have anything on the Irish eshop for X or Y.

    1. Go away.
      You’re not the real “leaker.”
      You’re IAMTHETROLL, his distant second cousin once removed.

        1. I came back this morning and I was forced to login in to a new account. I entered the same name and email address but I do not have the posts I put up previously.

  17. Given the very detailed battle background, I think it’s safe to assume you will be able to tell the weather based on that. It wouldn’t be sunny in the background then rainy in between turns. The sky will at least be grey/stormy.

  18. Nintendo are defiantly going to make this by far the best 3d game yet, that’s why they keep showing trailers in 2d. Trust me when we see the 3d effect, I’m sure we will all be blown away 🙂

      1. Super Training is something accessed via the PSS and is related to O-Powers. You activate it and for 5 minutes you get boosted experience and boosted stats when battling wild Pokemon. It really saves time when grinding.

        1. I really enjoy reading your rumours even if there real or fake.
          Can you answer some of my questions? Please 🙂
          1)Wich were the coolest pokemon for you?
          2)How did you get to play the game? When is going to be release in October.
          3)Are the rivals strong opponents? Wich one is the strongest? Can you mention some of their pokemon?
          4)How many trainers are in one route?

    1. How would you critique the storyline? Like pacing of the amount of times you fight Team Flare and your overall enjoyment.

      1. I enjoyed the story but do not think it was as good as Pokemon Black and White’s. You battle Team Flare quite a bit, I’d say it was around 15 times with 6 admin fights and a leader fight

    2. Do you know if there are any reveals coming up that might prove the information that you provided true? Just so that we can put whether you are telling the truth or not to bed.

      Other than that, how many Pokemon from the older games are going to be included in the game? And what areas are only accessible after you beat the Elite Four?

      1. I know nothing about release schedule but I expect the next issue of Coro Coro will provide information.

        There is 145 older Pokemon in the KalosDex
        And I already answered this yesterday

        1. Ah Okay.

          You had said that Dunsparce evolves. How does it evolve, what does it look like, and what type is it?

      1. The is a dolphin which is Water/Psychic, an Eel which is Water/Ghost and a fish made entirely out of leaves which is Water/Grass

        1. Thanks. I don’t care if these are fake or not. I love seeing these things. But that leaf fish seems really strange. Is it something like Burmy- covered with leaves- or is it actually made of leaves?

          1. Cool. I’ve got a few more questions:
            How interactive is Kalos? (Pressing A to look in trash cans, watch tv, etc. )
            Do old characters appear? If so, who?
            How is weather displayed in battle?
            What is the purpose of the little train station to the east?

          2. 1. As interactive as any Pokemon game is, bins, TV etc are all intractable but as seen in trailers you can now sit down too.

            2. Fantina and Oak both pop up

            3. It only appears between turns disappointingly

            4.Fast travel back to Lumiose City and it is also the location of a Team Flare set piece.

          3. It is her home region, she appears in a brief cameo in Lumiose City similar to Jasmine in Diamond and Pearl

          4. I’m sorry if I’m bugging you; I’ve got so many questions. :p

            Does shaking grass return?
            What is your favorite fairy type yet to be released?
            What pokemon can you ride other than Gogoat and Rhyhorn?

          5. 1. Yes it does
            2. The Minotaur Pokemon
            3. Lapras, Arcanine, Rapidash, Donphan, Sawsbuck and Camerupt are some

          6. What city do you spend the most time in? Which one on the map is it?
            What are the clouds on the map covering?
            Are there costumes of pokemon that we can wear? If so, what pokemon?
            Can we walk with our pokemon in specific areas?

          7. 1. Lumiose City
            2. A large mountain
            3. Pikachu, Pancham, Fennekin, Froakie, Chespin. There is so many that I couldn’t possibly say them all
            4. Nope

          8. Well 4 is pretty disappointing. :/
            Have you talked about the Pikachu clone yet? If so could you repeat it please?
            Is the rumor about a new Rotom form true?
            Can pokemon without Flying or Levitate participate in Sky Battles?(like pokemon that are obviously flying, but not with the type)
            Did you talk about the fossils yet? If not, could you please do so?

          9. 1. The Pikachu clone is a gerbil like pokemon that is Electric type
            2. No
            3. No, unfortunately not
            4. Fossils are a Rock Velociraptor and a Rock /Dragon T Rex

          10. 1. The Pikachu clone is a gerbil like pokemon that is Electric type
            2. No
            3. No, unfortunately not
            4. Fossils are a Rock Velociraptor and a Rock /Dragon T Rex

          11. Please describe one Ghost-type’s appearance.
            Are there any good Psychic-types you haven’t mentioned?

          12. There is a Ghost type based on a very traditional image of a ghost that is standalone and is pure ghost, it has the classic bedsheet appearance
            There is a psychic type Pokemon based upon a hare that is quite good

          13. Oh sorry. I was reading too fast to see that. :p
            But you didn’t respond to my question about psychic types…

          14. I am so glad that you wrote that because it’s wrong xD
            Fantina is only French in the English versions, in the original Japanese version she speaks English
            You’re a fake 😉

          15. But Kalos is only based on France. It isn’t the actual country. She can still appear for the sake consistency in the English games.

          16. They say she is English, yes. But Kalos IS NOT FRANCE. It is BASED on France. She could still be from Kalos. I’m not saying she is, I’m just pointing out the possibility.

          17. Ok, then tell me why he said Fantina specifically? Why not Sabrina, Winona or Pryce? He clearly listed her because she has a connection to France.
            Lt.Surge is meant to be an American, did he appear outside of the PWT in Unova? No?

          18. Well if Kalos isn’t France, why is she there?

            This guy is even saying that Fletchling evolves straight into Talonflame..yet all websites say it is merely an evoltion not the next stage…Funny how they confirm all other evolutions so far this gen…just not that one….hmmm I wonder which ones more trust worthy, the official pokemon sites or a random stranger on the internet???

          19. Because it is her home region.

            And the Pokemon website neither confirms or denies that Talonflame in the final evolution.

          20. I said siteS the Japanese one is a bit more clear about it 😉
            But all the others still explicitly talk about how Malimar IS the evolution of Inkay etc. Weird that they don’t do that with Talonflame…

          21. Prehaps because all the current evolved Pokemon revealed have had their whole evolution line revealed whereas Fletchling hasn’t so they want to retain a level of ambiguity.

          22. Prehaps because all the current evolved Pokemon revealed have had their
            whole evolution line revealed whereas Fletchling hasn’t so they want to
            retain a level of ambiguity.

          23. I am aware of that, but that does not mean GF won’t put Fantina in Kalos. It would be a fun extra that nobody would hate. Would you really go complaining if she does appear? Im not trying to argue, but I just want you to consider the possibilities. 🙂

          24. Just because she is English in the Japanese version does not mean that Kalos cannot be her home region, you do understand that right? These are fictional worlds….

          25. I don’t see how that makes him wrong if he’s playing the English versions of the game. Or why it should matter at all…

    3. You say that Talonflame is the 2nd form of Flechling…but why do all the official sources hint that it is the 3rd form??

      1. I do not know. All I know is that it is the second evolve and it’s stats do not live up to it’s appearance.

        1. Wait, can you clarify that again? Just to be sure, is it:
          Fletchling => Talonflame => ???
          Fletchling => ??? => Talonflame?

    4. This might be a kinda dumb question but do you know which (if any) of the limited edition X and Y 3DS XLs will be released here?

    5. Hey, IAMTHELEAKER. I’ve been lurking your posts for awhile and I think you are legit. Can I ask you a couple questions? Even if they have already been answered, please answer here.
      1. How does Dunsparce evolve? (And details on the evolution)
      2. Are there any new strong physical fire type attacks that potentially Flareon can learn now?
      3. Details on what Dive is for? (More than what it was for B&W 2?)
      4. How do battles “look.” We have seen them, but what about how camera angles work?
      5. Follow up to 4. We’ve seen odd camera angles on the player in Luminose, how do these angles work?
      6. More info on Character Customization? (Is it good?)
      7. X or Y for exclusives?
      8. Toxeon. Is it “cool” like Umbreon. Or “cute” like Leafeon or Vaporeon.
      9. You said bottom screen is like HG/SS. More details on that?
      10. What are contests like?
      11. Any hints in the game that hint towards Gen 3 remakes?
      12. Are the new pokemon good? In my opinion, Gen 5 had bad designs. Too over the top. Does Gen 6 have more of a classic feel?
      13. Where/how do you encounter the Legendaries. (All of them)
      14. More details on all of the new evos/ pre evos.
      15. Describe Flabebe’s evolution line.
      16. What are some of the strongest new pokemon? Besides the minotaur and legendaries.
      17. Roller skates vs bike.

      1. 1. It’s evolve is Normal (sorry to disappoint) and it evolves with a new hold item

        2. I’ve been waiting for people to ask about this! Flareon indeed gets a buff with a new Fire move which is similar to Rock Climb in terms on PP and Accuracy. It is called Blazing Surge.

        3. Dive is similar to it was in the 3rd Gen games and can be used to access new areas and find rare Pokemon.

        4. The camera angles are similar to those in Black and White. When the game in idle for a period of time in battle they start to change. They also switch for attacks.

        5. Same as they are controlled in Castelia City

        6. There is quite a great deal of customisation with many outfits. You can also change your hair colour at a hair dressers in Lumiose City.

        7. X has better exclusives

        8. Cool

        9. The menu can be accessed from it, as can key items

        10. Similar to Diamond and Pearl, with more dressing up options. The move stage is slightly more fleshed out too.

        11. Hoenn is mentioned a bit but nothing significant

        12. I think they are a vast improvement on the 4th and 5th gens

        13. Yyveltal and Xerneas are encounter at the Carnac Stones, the Poison/Rock snake it in the Mountain cover by clouds, the fairies are activated at the shrine in the South East.

        14. Already gone into this

        15. 1st evolve is much like Flabebe only bigger with a bigger flower, the 2nd evolve is more humanoid and is no longer on a flower, it instead had the flower of a Flabebe in it’s headress

        16. The Cheetah Pokemon is quite strong as is a Fire/Grass mammalian Pokemon

        17. The difference is similar to that of the acro and mach bikes

    6. 1. What is the role of Zerneas and Yveltal in these games?

      2. What does that big giant tree with what seems to be a clock do? (or the role of that tree; North of Kalos)

      3. Is anything hiding behind the clouds in the map?

      4. What is that mountain on the North East of Kalos?

      5. What do the Carnac stones do? (West of Kalos)

      6. What does Litleo evolve into?

      7. Do you know anything about Orot?

      8. What Pokemon does Team Flare mainly use?

      1. 1. Xerneas and Yveltal keep each other in balance. Without Yveltal, Xerneas powers of restoration would be too great and Kalos would uninhabitable due to the vast growth. With Xerneas, Yveltal would destroy Kalos. They are highly valuable and sought after by Team Flare.

        2. It is simply a city which is home to the Grass gym leader, it has no real significance.

        3. Just a mountain in the north east and small mountain village in the south east

        4. Home to the 3rd legend
        5. Home to Xerneas and Yyveltal
        6. Manticore
        7. Grass/Ghost, standalone
        8. Houndour, Litleo, Slugma, Talonflame, Zubat

          1. It is called the corruption pokemon, it is all about undoing the balance between Xerneas and Yveltal.

          2. And that seems to fit too. Poison is super effective against Fairy, and Rock is super effective against Flying.

          3. It is called the corruption pokemon, it is all about undoing the balance between Xerneas and Yveltal.

        1. Thanks 🙂 (Sorry if I’m asking too much questions)

          1. Do secret bases or anything closely related to that return?

          2. Is there another Team that hasn’t been revealed?

          3. What is the strongest Fairy Type move?

          4. More info on Pokemon Amie?

          5. Any new features we don’t know about yet?

          6. How strong is Xerneas’ Geomancy and Yveltal’s Oblivion wing?

          7. Any new moves (besides the ones we know already)?

  19. If you know all this stuff, why can’t you just back it up with pictures of the game??

  20. I’m just so relieved they kept the old tiny sprites pattern (on the fight option). Some things should never change 🙂

  21. Has anyone noticed that the vast majority of pokemon that IAMTHELEAKER revealed are dual-typed? Are there no monotypes? *skeptical face*

      1. Oh sorry. I guess I didn’t think of that. Then what are some monotypes we will see? One of each type if you can, please.

        1. Don’t encourage him, he is spouting out lies to all of you who are gullible enough to believe him.

  22. I’m assuming that this post is gonna be a repeat of Dae Asks…with the IAMTHELEAKER buisness..(not that I’m complaining or anything, I like reading the ‘rumours’ as much as the next guy)

    1. 1. I no longer have the game in my possession
      2. That would out me at increased risk

      1. 1.Well isn’t that convenient, if I had the game I know I’d take a few pics no matter what.
        2. No more risky that constantly returning to the same site that you’re leaking the info on 😉

          1. lol, like you’re not in trouble with those “simple” words. you’re talking about everything in detail. I mean it looks like we’re going to learn the colour of Serena’s underwear.

      2. 1. How many routes are there in Kalos?
        2. What type are each gym leader and elite 4?
        3. How many new dragon types are there?

    1. I can try by it is quite an intricate design that will be difficult and I am highly likely to miss a lot of details

      1. I can try by it is quite an intricate design that will be difficult and I am highly likely to miss a lot of details

        1. That would be good!, or you could draw another new pokemon that does not have many details.

      2. If you don’t mind would you do Fennekin’s evo. too? You don’t have to, I’m just asking.

  23. Okay, quit this IAMTHELEAKER stuff for now.

    Everyone is strongly discouraged from posting about him or asking him questions until we have a post up later today. I’ll start deleting new things without warning in this thread.

    1. It’ll be up shortly, so for those still interested in what anyone has to say, you won’t have long to wait. It’ll be a community discussion post and is something we’ve been considering for a while. Now is a good time to get it launched.

      1. Everyone go to mountmoon community while we’re waiting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        1. You can be excited? I don’t know if your excitement will be met, but I hope so! It’s much more of a post that readers shape, though, not us.

          1. It’s not that. So you’re in, madam. That’s not to say they won’t be present!

            Hopefully you’ve got some good discussion points to bring up, though!

    1. Cause it’s spamming this topic, they’re gonna put up a separate post for the rumours

      1. Exactly this. We have nothing against the rumours. We do value discussion of the article at hand though, something that became hard when everyone goes nuts for leaks.

    2. They’re allowed to talk to you. It’s just we think it would be better in a post we’ve been planning for a while. The past few posts have been de-railed because everyone’s eager to hear what you have to say. Don’t worry, there will be a post up soon for free discussion of anything Pokémon related. 🙂

      1. I look forward to this greatly. If you wish for more on topic discussion then I am a big fan of the new bottom screen interface, it is very clean and looks smart 🙂

        1. “Everyone is strongly discouraged from posting about him or asking him questions until we have a post up later today. I’ll start deleting new things without warning in this thread.”

          It’s straying off-topic from the article.

          1. I apologise. I just wasn’t sure coz I didn’t get why my comments weren’t deleted but IAMLEAKER’s weren’t, but I see you’ve cleared that up now so thank you. 🙂

          2. Only the newer ones got deleted. Applying it retroactively isn’t something I wanted to do.

      1. I think it’s not good to see deleted comments of fellow members but IAMLEAKER’S comment not touched. It looks like he has privilege. But you’re the runners of this site, anyway.

        1. That’s disqus’ fault. When I delete a comment, the entire thread disappears, so I thought I deleted the whole thing. Seems like I did not. Fixed now.

    1. It’s done when it’s done. Which should be anything between now and midnight UK.

  24. Hey IAMTHELEAKER, because you’re like a psychic, have you noticed the 14 trademarked Pokémon names on Pokexperto?

  25. All I’ve read so far is the inconvenience of not being able to see time, wi-fi etc from a BATTLE. A battle does not take all that long, about 30 seconds in a wild encounter. You do not need to know the time and wi-fi for this and is completely unnecessary and would be a waste of time to program this into a BATTLE.

    1. It was useful for me during wifi battles. It’s very handy when you don’t have a watch in sight.

  26. So I came across this image on Google images and wondered what it was referring too.

    On closer inspection, it looks as if those brown patches are where you can plant berries like back in R/S/E. at least that’s what I’m thinking.

    What do you guys think?

    1. One looks like a ledge. Kind of like the ones you can jump. The other one looks like a patch of soil.

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