JungleTalk #1


[NOTE: This post is still being updated, so check back for updates!]

Welcome to JungleTalk, something we’ve been waiting to release for a while! Community is a huge part of the PokéJungle Network, we encourage discussion amongst our readers and try best we can to get involved in our community. However, we feel that’s there’s no way for us to feature some of the best community content, that’s about to change.

Today, we’re launching JungleTalk! The feature is a new way for our readers to interact with one another outside of the confinement of our other features and news posts (extreme deviation from the general theme is now something we’re cracking down on!), and have their original content posted on PokéJungle. Some older posts of ours will also now be encompassed under JungleTalk.


Content Submission

JT Content Submission is the best way for you to have your content published on PokéJungle. Although we can’t publish every submission we aim to select the highest quality and the content we believe to best match what we have available on the site.

How do I submit?

Submitting to JT is simple. We will provide details in when we ask for themed content in our submission posts (one will be coming soon)! We will archive all submitted content and publish after we’ve reviewed and selected submissions. Further details to be provided here shortly, stay tuned!

 What can I submit?

  •  As a general rule, we will accept anything that’s related Pokémon for consideration.
  • Submissions should follow grammatical rules and require little editing from us, anything you wouldn’t normally find on PokéJungle will not be considered for publishing.
  • Content should be suitable for all ages. We provide content for a huge range of ages, so anything we publish must be suitable for them all.
  • Any additional content you wish to be included in your content must either sent with your submission of linked to. JT features will generally use graphical content we create, with your submissions being mainly text-based.

Jungle Talk is an excellent wait for our readers to voice their opinions on something, or have their content published for all to see. So get creating! We aim to have our first themed Content Submission post up within a few weeks, with user content published shortly after.


JungleTalk: Discussion

Although we’re fairly lax on what our readers can discuss in the comments of our articles, things sometimes get out of hand. People begin discussing things that are completely off topic and have no relation to what we’ve published. JungleTalk aims to change this. Each JungleTalk publication encourages you to have a free discussion of Pokémon in the comments. You’re free to discuss anything you want, so long as it’s relating to Pokémon. Whether it be the discussion of the latest anime episode, or your most recent adventure in a Pokémon game, JungleTalk is the place to do it. Use our comment sections as a threaded discussion area. Respond directly to other readers to keep things tidy, so it’s easy to understand who’s saying what in response to who.

JungleTalk aims to push the promotion of our forums. Mt. Moon Community is a small community of Pokémon fans rich with original discussion and content. A lot of great content can be found there that isn’t published on PokéJungle. We’re encouraging all of our readers to sign up to MMC (you can use your Twitter account for quick sign-up!), and become part of something new. We’re really trying to create a unique experience for all of our readers, and the more you get involved the better it becomes!

For both Discussion and Submission our basic community rules are in place. We expect you to maintain respectful to other members and stay true to basic etiquette (we’re likely going to have a guidelines post on this soon). Anyone found to be acting up or showing lack of respect to anyone will be disciplined.


JungleTalk: Ask

As you may remember, last month we launched Ask PokéJungle, a feature where our readers were able to ask us questions in the comments. A sort of spin on Dae Asks, where you question us.

JungleTalk now encompasses Ask PokéJungle, as part of a larger feature. Concept remains exactly the same however, so you can expect to see future posts where you’re invited to question us! This article will also act as one for now, so get firing below! We want questions from you guys. Questions about anything, this is your chance to get the answers to any burning questions you have. We will do our best to answer as many as we can, assuming they’re suitable of course (if anyone asks anything that we perceive as unsuitable we will ignore and remove it).

If you have questions for a specific staff member make it known so that we can get them in to answer for you. So, yeah? Have at it! Questions about absolutely anything, Pokémon related or not, fire away! This is your chance to get to know a little more about us, or anything you can think of.

We will have a full JungleTalk: Ask post up soon.


What are you waiting for? Get talking and submitting! We’re really looking forward to reading through your submissions and getting involved in some great discussion with you all.

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