Fairy Retcon: What Lies Ahead?


Hey PokéJunglers, Kriffix here. Having long been a major supporter of the Fairy Type theory as you all know, I now feel it is my duty to follow through and write up relevant articles now that it has been confirmed. I believe that one of the big questions in our minds is, ‘What Pokémon will gain Fairy Type?’. In this article I will go through some possibilities as to what may be going through Gamefreak’s minds when they set out to retcon Fairys, and consequently what this may mean for the Kalos Pokédex.

A predominantly Mono-Fairy Kalos Dex

Considering some classic Pokémon will be retconned to Fairy Type, but theoretically none will go Mono-Fairy, this would leave the overall balance of Fairy types as being predominantly dual-typed. Unless of course Gamefreak decide to remedy this by introducing a ton of Mono-Fairy in the Kalos Dex, which, I believe they are very likely to do. Swirlix, Spritzee, Flabébé, Sylveon and Xerneas are the confirmed Mono-Fairy Types for the Kalos Dex thus far, but I suggest to expect many more on the horizon. Though I say this, Spritzee is probably a candidate to evolve into a Fairy/Flying dual type, but at this stage nothing is concrete. Though I think there may be some 6th Generation Fairy Dual-types mixed in there for fun, the most likely candidates for these would be legendaries.

History Suggests

Now what I am about to say may divide people. I know a lot of you do not like the idea that Togekiss may not gain Fairy Type, but please just read to the end. For Togekiss to gain Fairy, it would have to lose either Normal-Type or Flying-Type. Historically Gamefreak have never removed a type from a Pokémon, and I feel it unlikely that they would start now. Admittedly until 6th Gen it had only been Magnemite and Magneton that had gained a new type (Steel-Type) and this may not be much of a precedence, but I don’t believe Gamefreak would be willing to risk upsetting fans of a specific Pokémon like that. If a Pokémon were to have a type removed it would lose a power bonus on attacks of the same type, potentially ruining peoples memories of their time with classic Pokémon.
Yes, I admit Togekiss physically screams fairy, and yes, ultimately it may well end up having Normal-Type removed for Fairy. But by no means do I believe that this is a given, but rather a mere possibility. Simply Because we have to look at what has happened up until now and base our predictions on our observations. That being said, there will always be surprises.

EDIT: Contrary to what I wrote, it turns out that there was an incident of type-change between generations which had slipped my mind entirely. In the case of Rotom, it’s various forms each changed from Gen 5 to match the type of attack it used. Thanks for pointing that out, TACOTACO, Dominic!

A Rainbow of Fairies

When retyping old Pokémon I wouldn’t be surprised if making a Dual Type of each possible combination would be a priority for Gamefreak, to cover all of the bases. That being said, they probably won’t cover every combination, as to allow freshness for future generations of Pokémon. Click the spoiler for the template, fill in what Pokémon you think will be retconned to the according type, and then paste it in the comments below!













Fairy/Normal – Jigglypuff


Fairy/Psychic – Gardevoir



Fairy/Water – Marril



Fairy-Type Candidates

Click the spoiler for a list of Pokémon that I believe are candidates to gain Fairy-Type. Confirmed Pokémon are in bold. By no means do I believe every single one of these will come true, I’m merely sieving out the possibilities. As I am sure you will soon find upon reading, some are more likely than others. If theres a fair chance then I’ve added them to the list. If it’s very unlikely but theres slight room to argue a possibility, then I’ll add them at the very end.


Clefairy – It’s classified as a Fairy Pokémon
Clefable – Again, classified as a Fairy Pokémon
Jigglypuff – Confirmed Fairy
Wigglytuff – Evolution of a confirmed Fairy Pokémon
Lickitung – After Marril, anything is possible
Chansey – If the big HP ‘pinkies’ are to become Fairy, then this one would be the first
Mew – It’s mythical and illustrious, sounds like a Fairy candidate to me!

Cleffa- Pre-evo of a likely candidate. Though may be too early in its evolution to gain the type
Igglybuff – Pre-evo of confirmed Fairy Type. Though it may be too early for it to gain the type
Ampharos – I could just imagine it, after Gardevoir and Marril etc
Bellosom – Again, I could imagine it. Vileplume is Gra/Poi whilst Bellosom is pure Grass
Marill – Confirmed Fairy-Type
Azumarill – Evolution of confirmed Fairy- Type
Politoad – Just a possibility, by no means very likely
Misdreavus – I could just imagine it
Dunsparce – Again, and elusive Pokémon, not to mention it’s based on a Youkai. Wings too!
Snubbull – Classified as the Fairy Pokémon
Granbull – Classified as the Fairy Pokémon
Miltank – Big Pink HP ‘Pinkies’ can be considered candidates
Blissey – Same reason as above

Gardevoir – Confirmed Fairy-Type. I don’t believe it’s pre-evolutions will be fairy
Skitty – Evolves with the Moon Stone
Delcatty – Evolves from the Moon Stone
Mawile – Semi-Confirmed
Plusle – Fairy Egg Group
Minun – Fairy Egg Group
Volbeat – Fairy-like
Illumise – Fairy-like
Grumpig – Just throwing it out there
Spinda – Dancing Fairy? I don’t know…
Milotic – Illustrious, Fairy-like. Would also make it dual typed like its counterpart Gyarados.
Shuppet – No real concrete reason here. Teru Teru Bouzu kind of have a magic Fairy feel for me but…
Banette – Again, no real concrete reason here.
Chimecho – Possibly?
Gorebyss – Then again, poor Huntail…
Luvdisc – Looks pretty Fairy-like to me


Cherrim – It could happen?
Lopunny – Again, possible?
Finneon –  Luminescent things feel quite Fairy-like?
Lumineon – Same as above
Lickylicky – Big Fat HP Pinky!
Uxie – Fairy-like
Mesprit – Fairy-like
Azelf – Fairy-like
Phione – See Manaphy
Manaphy – Illustrious and mythical, sounds quite Fairy-like

Audino – HP Pinky
Munna – Moon stone
Musharna – Moon Stone
Whimsicott – Based on a Fae-like creature
Liligant – To match Whimsicott, but also looks quite Fairy-like physically
Alomomola – Healing, HP based,

The following Pokémon are unlikely but not entirely impossible:
Pikachu, Vulpix, Ninetales, Pichu, Togepi, Togetic, Aipom, Whismur, Loudred, Exploud, Pachirisu, Togekiss, Gothitelle, Vanillux,

Though I doubt they’d change the type of an Iconic Electric-Type like Pikachu, it can’t be denied that it’s in the Fairy Egg group. As you can see, I intend to cover a lot of bases with this list.



Anything I’ve missed? Anything you guys feel should be added? Let us know below!

Hope you enjoyed the read!


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