Journey to X & Y: Episode Four — Tales of Kalos


Once Upon a Time…

A short while has passed since the last episode of Journey to X & Y, hopefully you’ve all been enjoying the almost constant flow of news as of late! This episode will focus on the storyline of the Kalos region in Pokémon X & Y, or, perhaps specifically what ours readers want to see from the story of the upcoming games.

Episode Three – Reader Opinions

Over a month ago Episode Three was published and readers submitted over 190 replies voicing their opinions on what Pokémon they’d like to see in Pokémon X & Y. We can only pick a few of our favourites, but please don’t think your ideas weren’t great if they were not featured! Don’t forget to read the full article here!

Viksan came in with a fantastic idea many fans would love to see: a Grass/Ghost Pokémon. Something Claus H. Luíz responded with an interesting take on the typing, a pumpkin ghost Pokémon and some supporting fan artwork. Pumpkin ghosts are often something fans wish for when creating a list of Pokémon they’d like to see.

RocketClauncher suggested a croissant/chef Pokémon, which would actually fit with the basis of Kalos, being based on France. This idea was a followed up by a short paragraph complimenting how well the new Pokémon revealed have been designed: the new Pokémon so far are really well designed they could put some crazy creative Pokémon out there this generation. It’ll be interesting to see how they turn out. Something most fans are in agreement on this generation.

Lastly, Dominic took a look at the Pokémon of the region as a whole, rather than individual Pokémon, saying I really want them to create some groundbreaking designs in this game… I’m worried about this region because there will probably be significantly less [Pokémon]… There are so many possibilities for dual Fairies, but I can just see them only having a few in the name of balance, because that’s a Game Freak thing to do.

Tales of Kalos

Pokémon games generally follow the same formula in their story telling. There is an evil team, you must stop the team from making their twisted visions a reality and become the regional league champion. We’ve already had confirmation that the Kalos region will have an evil team: Team Flare. It’s almost guaranteed they’ll play a huge role in the plot of the game, you could say it is even a given.

So far we have had little information on what the story of X & Y will be, we’ve seen that Team Flare seem to have an interest in money (who doesn’t?!), but not much else. So, for this episode readers are being asked to submit and discuss their ideas of a story line for Pokémon X & Y. You can be as detailed or simple as you like. If you think X & Y will have a better story than any other previous games or remain on the same level, feel free to discuss that too! Even talk about any small plot lines or points you think should be included, perhaps something about Mewtwos new forme?

Much like the Pokémon of each new generation, the story is something to look forward to. Even if the same general idea has remained for years, it’s always incredibly fun to progress in your own story as you make your own journey.

As before, comment with your ideas and input below! As a teaser for the next episode, all that can be said is it’s going to be legendary!

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