Journey to X & Y: Episode Three — The Pokémon of Kalos

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It has been a couple of weeks since the previous episode was published (you can read it here if you haven’t done so!) and it’s now time for the next. This time round we’re going to focus on Pokémon. Or more specifically the Pokémon our readers would like to see introduced in X & Y. Before we begin that, we’re going to take a look back at some of our highlights from episode 2.

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Last month I published episode two of Journey to X & Y, putting out some ideas about the then newly revealed Kalos region. A couple of weeks later and we’ve received a fair few replies and we’ve enjoyed reading through all of your ideas. A few of our most favourites are below!

Unlike the first episode I didn’t voice my own opinions on the subject, instead introduced the areas that we wanted you to discuss: what readers believed each area of interest in Kalos to be, for example could one of the regions many castles house the Pokémon League? -something Maki agreed with, and what route readers believed they would take their journey over Kalos.

Beginning with the explorations of Kalos, dewkage believed that unlike previously speculation and imagery we’ve seen the town in the very south of the region would house the seventh gym, which Mark James Colgan responded to saying that the 8th Gym looks more like the first town in the game, and just before it looks like route 3 in the video.

By looking at locations and what they contain, Sean said that the Carnac stones area has what could be a graveyard to the right of it (see the little stone slabs just after the bridge) It could point to the town above it being a ghost type gym. Something that could also be related to some footage we saw earlier in the year featuring the inside of a Gym building.

Finally, Pokémon Blue Hero‘s response about the rivers of the Kalos region were something to think about. They said that they were really intrigued by them and look forward to seeing if they’ll play a big role in our journey. Hopefully the game designers will be able to maintain a nice balance between land and water in the region, something many fans say Hoenn didn’t do.

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Kalos has already proven that it’s home to some interesting Pokémon, most of which are still shrouded in a fair amount of mystery. We’ve learnt that Gogoat will introduce a new riding mechanic (something we’ll focus on in a future episode), Sylveon is the centrepiece for the new Fairy Type, and Flabébé has recently been introduced as being in a shared position of both the lightest and smallest Pokémon to date.

We’ve already looked at how the region draws inspiration from France, as shown by the regional map revealed to us a month ago. At E3 we were also told how France as seen as a country of beauty, is this something we could see new Pokémon draw from? The introduction of Fairy Type opens the possibility of introducing a few ‘beautiful’ Pokémon this generation.

It’s definitely safe to say that the revelation of new Pokémon is something fans look forward to most in a new generation, and as such that’s our focus this episode. We want to hear from you guys what new types of Pokémon you’d like to see introduced? Whether you go with the basics of a new type combination, or a little deeper looking at the specifics of a new Pokémon and where it draws its inspirations from.

As usual, comment with your ideas and input below. We really want you to share your ideas for new Pokémon and we’re all looking forward to reading them!

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  1. I really want their to be dual type attacks, there are already attacks that would fit this.

    1. Like Muddy Water, which could be Water/Ground… And the elemental punches could also be dual-typed (Fighting/Ice, Fighting/Electric and Fighting/Fire).

      1. Yeah, and FreezeShock and FreezeBurn could be Ice/Electric and Ice/Fire.

      2. I would rather them be one type when you use them, and another when it hits. For example, say that Ice Punch gets a Fighting type STAB, but hits for Ice damage. Or a move that a Flying Pokemon gets STAB on, but deals Fire damage.

        I think attacks that consist of two types (Water/Ground) would be terrible when in comes to calculating damage.

        1. The did introduce a water type attack for clauncher that is super effective against groung fire rock also it’s super effective agianst FLYING !!!!! i think this is the best idea of Pokemon X and Y
          of course after the idea of sitting on BENCHES !!!

        1. you mean like this i made it a while back lol I think we’ll get one i think i can only hope…

    1. I’d love to see a Dark/Fairy pokemon based of Goblins, maybe a 3-part evolution Goblin -> Hobgoblin -> Bugbear. Would be super cool.

  2. I also want their to be a father in this game, don’t know why I just do.

    1. It would be cool if you had a full house this time, mother, father and a sibling or two. It would be nice for a change.

      1. It would be even cooler if you had an older sibling who was a gym leader!

          1. I would have said that in my comment before, but I doubted it because that would be a very intense sibling rivalry!

          2. Yeah, but not as intense as that!
            You’d have to frickin own your older bro/sister, it would be pretty embarrassing for them being on of the elite four, it would be less embarrassing if they were only a gym leader.

          3. no it won’t coz he/she will be very Proud of the brother/sister that has the elite 4 and will go to another level after that it’s like creating a legend. ^_^

          4. Sounds reasonable, but if was beat by my younger brother or sister then I would be pretty embarrassed.
            Just my opinion.

  3. I still think a manticore evolution for Litleo would be beyond amazing! 😀

    1. I don’t think lilteo looks like he would fit that evolution chain, but that would be pretty cool!

      1. Take a look at it’s tail. Then type in manticores on google images. You’ll see the resemblance.

        1. True but I still don’t see it happening unless it loses its normal typing when it evolves for another type such as dark for example.

          1. Some tales say the Manticore is a king who has been cursed and turned into one. It could be Normal/Fairy.

          2. Then you could say the same for Helioptile. I see that becoming Electric/Dark.

  4. I hope that skrelp gets a dual evolution, one turning into a leafy seadragon (grass/water) and the other a weedy seadragon (water/poison) or maybe girls turn into a leafy and boys into a weedy or something like that. I also really hope that there is a new red panda pokemon that is as adorable as they are in real life because if spinda is supposed to be a red panda that ugly thing does not do them justice whatsoever. I would also really enjoy a dark/electric type pokemon. (my 2 favorite types!)

  5. I’d like to see a Grass/Fire type combo. Maybe a Jack-o-Lantern?

    Also, how about a Normal/Ghost type?

      1. A Fighting/Ghost would be awesome.
        Ability: Levitate
        Weaknesses: Flying, Ghost
        Immune to: Ground, Normal, Fighting

        Sorry if I’ am wrong.

        1. I like the concept, however I think that might not happen in gen 6 because of the games focus on beauty and that Pokemon’s focus looks like it is warfare.

          1. No lol, the only thing I can draw is stick figures. But I always remember this Fakemon pic for some reason. So when you said coconut soldier, I instantly remembered this pic.

    1. Ghost/Steel, Dark/Psychic, Water/Fire (Hot Springs? lol), Poison/Dragon, Grass/Dragon, Dragon/Fightng, Ice/Poison, Ice/Rock, Rock/Dragon, Bug/Ice, Bug/Psychic, Bug/Dark, Fire/Ice (Yes I went there), and many more. I hope that some of these (particularly Ghost/Steel, Bug/Ice, and Dark/Psychic) are going to happen.

      1. Don’t forget a Rock/Dragon (T-Rex) or maybe even a Fairy/Dragon (Some sort of elegent dragon)!!!

      2. Yeah, we really need some more Dragon-types with unique second types. And I agree, Fire/Ice does need to be done, too. However, I can’t think of any great ideas for it that make much sense, so I’ll leave that to the professionals.

      3. You must know this by now, but Inkay and Malimar (the squid-looking pokemon) are Dark and Psychic type

        1. I would like to see Sunflora evolve into one of the best Pokémon (stat-wise) in the entire series. That would be a great end to the tale of struggle that is poor Sunkern.

    2. i would love to see a Pumpkin pokemon it can be a first
      A little pumpking in a patch- Fire type
      and bigger pumpkin floating with a little mist around it- Ghost/Fire
      a huge pumpkin where mist comes out of the mouth and everywhere also floating with arms – Ghost/Fire

  6. I’ll take a ground/dragon with some flying/fighting and extra fairy/electric, a water/fire to drink and a side order of ghost/grass

  7. Anyone also wondering why pokemon are getting flying type as their primary type now? Noivern has and also that rumoured fairy that is ‘to be revealed soon’…

        1. A bat that resembles an actual sound wave? Somehow… That is really hard to picture a pure Flying prevo. for Noivern. :/

          1. A pure flying which there is only one of in the games would have to have something very significant to happen to it to become a dragon type

  8. So we have Sky battles, as well as Horde encounters.

    They said at the Q&A that they still have more battle features to reveal.

    Water battles anyone? Just generally surfing on your pokemon when bam, a battle takes place in the water.

    1. That’d be awesome! They’d have to come up with an ability (similar to Levitate) that allows Pokemon to battle underwater (and maybe make them immune to Water type attacks, but not absorb them like Water Absorb does) so that we can get some non-Water types to be able to fight underwater. Even if ONLY Water types can fight underwater, I’d still like that kind of battle.

      1. If you think about it, the common battles is on land, the region itself. Now we have battles in the air, the only one left from the trio is the sea (Weather Trio reference xD)

    2. Ahem, you. Stick to the topic of the post, you’re a couple of weeks ahead of yourself!

      1. Alright, I’ll keep on topic. But how am I getting weeks ahead of myself? I just stated a suggestion I had of mine.

        1. I should have said ahead of me, rather than yourself. But ah well. I’m going to cover something along those lines in a later episode. It’s no worries though!

    3. that will be great like the battle with Entei in the movie 3 … Land-Sky-Underwater everywhere there is a pokemon battle. ^_^

  9. What I’d like is for a few older Pokemon to gain the Fairy type. Specifically, the Clefable line, the Mismagius line, Mawile (and give it an evo), the Togekiss line, the Whimsicott or Lilligant line (but not both), the lake trio, Snorunt and Glalie (but not Frosslass), Plusle and Minun (and give them an evo or make them combine together like black Kyurem), Volbeat, Illumise, and Milotic.

  10. Fire/Water (Some kind of hydra with different typed heads?)
    Dark/Fairy (Clearly a rogue elf)
    Fighting/Dragon (Like WereGarurumon-my fave digi)
    Electric/Grass (A plant lantern)
    Psychic/Electric (Magician with electrifying crystal balls)
    Electric/Fire (Some kind of artillery automaton)

  11. I really want them to create some groundbreaking designs in this game. In x and y we had a lot of rehashes arounf the beginning but thats okay becasue we had enough really diverse pokes later in the game. But i’m worried about this region because there will probably be significantly less and we already have ANOTHER water/poison and water/electric, but still no water/fire or dragon/steel. And there are so many possibilities for dual fairies, but i can just see them only having a few in the name of balance, because thats a gamefreak thing to do.

    I’m being really pessimistic, which is unusual for me but its probably only because i’m not too impressed with the E3 pokemon. They all look like theyve been done before. Why is vivillon not fairy? wont a future bug/faiy be a pink butterfly anyways? Just things like this have gotten to me. However if there’s one thing i want more than togekiss getting the fairy type, its a new rotom forme. A toy fighting robot, like from Charon’s diary… if anyone remembers that it has always annoyed me so much.

    1. We’ve only seen what, like 20 Pokemon so far? And we’ve already got 3 brand new typings with Yveltal and Xerneas’ types not yet revealed. Toss in the retcons and that brings it to 6 new typings. The starters are always going to be Grass, Water, and Fire and the regional bird is always going to be Normal/Flying. At least this one evolves into a new type. At this point in the information cycle I don’t remember this many new types being released at this point yet we ended up with a ton of new typings. As for Water/Fire, I could see Clauncher evolving into a Water/Fire mon. He IS based on a pistol shrimp after all, a creature that can vaporize water. That sounds like a Water/Fire type to me.

    2. Also, I’d love more Rotom forms. A Ground (jackhammer with Earth Power), Fighting (robot, like you mentioned), Steel (a buffer with Flash Cannon), Poison (a blender with Sludge Wave), and Normal (radio set with Hyper Voice) one would be awesome.

    3. We already have a dragon/steel and that’s dialga. I do agree with fire/water though. Maybe like a geyser kinda thing

      1. When a unique type combo is used on a legendary though it still doesn’t feel like we “have it” though because we cant use it competitevly anywhere outside of ubers

  12. Fairy/Ground (Earth gnome)
    Grass/Ghost (wilted flower)
    Grass/Dragon (a dragon made out of flowers and wood)
    Fire/Water (steam fish pokemon)
    Fire/Poison (flammable gas pokemon)
    Electric/Dark (some kind of dangerous animal like a bear)
    Dragon/Poison (obviously a toxic-spewing dragon)
    Dragon/Fighting (martial arts dragon or lizard)
    Electric/Fighting (something akin to Pulseman)
    Electric/Psychic (levitating electric ball)
    Fighting/Flying (a giant martial arts bird)
    Steel/Ghost (ghost of action figure)

  13. Croissant/Chef Pokémon! 😛 no seriously tho the new pokemon so far are really well designed they could put some crazy creative Pokémon out there this generation. It’ll be interesting to see how they turn out.

  14. TAKE NOTES GAMEFREAK! 1. I want a chinese dragon pokemon 2. I want a t rex pokemon BUT I don’t want it to be a rock type (fire would be cool) 3. A dragon type pokemon that lives in space and is based on galaxys, quasars, shooting stars and it has really bright neo colors that illuminate it’s body. 4. A leopard pokemon, dark or fire type 5. Peagus pokemon (normal/flying).6. A angel pokemon (fairy) 7. A komodo dragon pokemon ( pure posion) 8. A cyclops pokemon (fighting) 9. A kraken pokemon ( water/steel or pure water) 10. A steel/dark black knight pokemon that has branch evoultions depending on the held item while leveling up.

    1. You have some cool ideas but I disagree with some of the typings. 2. I’m pretty sure all dinosaur Pokemon will be rock type since they lived in the STONE Age. 5. I always thought a Pegasus will be Fairy/Flying. 6. Same as 5 though I can see pure Fairy. 7 seems more of a pure Dragon. 9. Water/Dark makes more sense to me. The last one sounds like it can be a Evolution to Paward and Bisharp. Again the consepts themselves are realy good.

        1. Umm yes they did. The Mesozoic(however you spell it) Era is still apart of the stone age. So that face palm was for nothing.

          1. The Mesozoic era, which included the Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous periods, took place 252 to 66 million years ago. The Stone Age, which is part of the Quaternary period, (which is part of the Cenozoic Era) started 2.5 million years ago. So no, Dinosaurs did not live during the stone age. Dinosaur pokemon could easily be part rock type due to being fossilized, but that would not be because they “lived in the stone age”.

          2. wow a lot of knowledge is pouring in here thank you for the valuable Information.

    2. 3. If you look to the sky, you might spot a legendary Pokémon known as… Rayquaza!
      4. Have you not heard of Liepard? Yeah, it can’t spit fire, but it sure is cruel.
      7. Since Komodo dragons are widely known for their bacteria infested mouths and deadly bites,
      I think Poison/Dragon-type fits best.

      1. Komodo dragon’s don’t have some sort of super bacteria in their mouths- they’ve been shown to have venom glands in their lower jaw, along with a few other members of Varanidae.

        1. I never said anything about a “super bacteria.” I clearly stated they have bacteria infested mouths, which is true.
          Komodos are known for the highly infective bacteria contained in their saliva, which can contain anywhere from 50 to 80 different strains of bacteria. A study supported the observation that wounds inflicted by the Komodo dragon are often associated with sepsis, the state of putrefaction and decay. They can also potentially pass on bacteria to one another via prey that escape an initial attack, as the infected prey serves as a vector to spread the infection among lizard mouths.

          What you’re referring to is the evidence found in 2009 when MRI scans of a preserved dragon’s skull showed the presence of two venom glands in the lower jaw and found it secreted a venom containing several different toxic proteins. The Komodo dragon’s venom is administered relatively crudely, seeping into the large wounds made by the teeth.The known functions of these proteins include inhibition of blood clotting, lowering of blood pressure, muscle paralysis, and the induction of hypothermia, leading to shock and loss of consciousness in envenomated prey, therefore, if the injured animal escapes, it will rapidly succumb to it’s wounds.

          Either way, both theories are still being disputed upon, but I’m sure you can agree that Komodo dragons are some cruel, toxic mofo’s.

  15. I want a Peacock Pokemon, Dolphin Pokemon, Athena Pokemon, Poseidon Pokemon, and a Dragon/Fairy type Pokemon.

  16. For me: Uroboros pokemon that is either Poison/Dark or Poison/Dragon (3 stage)

    Ghost/Flying vampire like pokemon (3 stage)

    Fairy/Flying Gryphon Pokemon (3 stage)

    Fairy/Dragon Psuedo Legendary (3 stage)

    Fairy/Dark “chaos” Pokemon (3 stage) (also have you know what number)

    Dragon/steel (3 stage)

    Water/Psychic dolphin (2 stage)

    Ice/Rock Sabertooth fossil Pokemon(2 stage)

    Ghost/Ground Skeleton pokemon(3 stage)

  17. well I would like a chihuahuah pokemon ( normal)a dragon pokemon that is light blue and covoered with bubbles (dragon/water) a sea serpent pokemon ( water or water/dragon) a cavemen pokemon that kinda looks like a ape like pokemon with a loin cloth holding a giant bone for a weapon ( fighting) a dragon and a fighterjet mix together (kinda of like sparrowmon) (steel/dragon) that has levitate and get’s stab to flying type pokemon.

  18. Knight Pokemon- Steel/Dark
    Kick ass dragon – Dragon/Psychic
    White Stag- Fire/Fairy
    A weird jester Pokemon-Ghost
    3 sub legendary – Psychic/Fairy Dark/Fairy Ghost/Fairy
    One main legendary to be just Fairy- (Yes I like fairy :P)

  19. I’d like to see a cockroach-based Pokemon. It can be Bug/Dark which hasn’t been done yet. And has an exclusive-ability where Dark/Fighting/Fairy attacks have no effect and boost its speed lol

  20. I’d like to see some of these:
    Water/bug – A water boatman that evolves into a backswimmer
    Fire/poison – Salamander
    Dragon/poison – A komodo dragon or Gila monster type pokemon
    Fairy/rock – Gargoyle
    Rock/dark – Velociraptor/Utahraptor (fossil)
    Rock/steel – ankylosaurus (fossil)
    Dark/poison – black widow
    Grass/flying – Toucan
    Fighting/Normal – Hare
    Water/flying – Flamingo
    Bug/psychic – Praying mantis
    Ground/bug – Trapdoor spider
    Water/ghost – Whale shark

    And a Dunsparce evo!

  21. Here are a few things I want to see:

    3 Stage Griffin line – Steel/Dragon (I say steel because Griffins usually are protecting some sort of precious metal in myths)
    3 Stage Coyote line – Normal/Ghost
    Deep Sea Trench Worm evolve into a Deep Sea Trench Crab – Water/Fire
    2 Stage Magician line – Dark/Fairy
    Banshee – Ghost/Fairy
    Genie line – Psychic/Ghost

    Florescent Rock line – Rock/Electric
    Radioactive pokemon – Fire/Poison
    Cloud like pokemon – Water/Ghost
    Angel line – Fairy
    Devil line – Dark/Fire
    Pseudo Legendary Options: Magical Dragon – Dragon/Fairy or a Mythical Knight – Steel/Fairy

  22. Let’s see, from the France aspect, I’d love to see a snail, maybe some combination of Rock/Steel/Bug/Poison. Also an Ostrich/French Maid kind of combo, but the biggest thing I’d like to see from a French inspiration is a Electric or Normal/Electric French Poodle Pokemon, it’d be awesome (and definitely Contest worthy should those return please.). As far as some combos…

    Fire/Poison- Manticore (Litleo’s Final Evo, Ability: Levitate)
    Steel/Fairy- Knight (Classification: Dragon Slayer Pokemon)
    Normal/Ghost- Sheet Ghost
    Ghost/Fighting- Zombie (would make sense with the world’s current zombie craze)
    Fire/Psychic (hoping for Fennekin’s Final Evo to cover this one)
    Water/Psychic- Dolphin
    Rock/Dragon- Gargoyle
    Poison/Dragon- Basilisk (and a nice counter to Fairy type should it be weak to Poison type)

    1. Oh no, I hadn’t even considered that. They may very well make a French maid-inspired Pokémon… Move over, Lopunny, certain fans are about to have a new favorite!

  23. I’d like to see a Dinosaur pokémon like a T-Rex or a Raptor with the Dragon/Ground types.

  24. I think we could all agree that a dolphin is long overdue! Psychic/water would be nice for it 🙂 I’ve always wanted a sabertooth tiger so maybe this could be one of the fossil pokes for this gen. I would love to see another dragonfly family but take the name literally and make a bug/dragon dragonfly! As for the fairy-type, it opens a lot of doors for more “mythical” pokemon such as the fairy/fire pegasus evo for rapidas or a minotaur for either tauros or bouffalant. I’m really hoping for new interesting combos that we haven’t seen before and old ones that need to be expanded upon. For example, i really hope Clauncher evolves into a water/electric type as the rumors say Lanturn is cool but we need more! Same for water/bug. Surskit is the first and only one and that’s unacceptable! 😛

  25. There’s a lot of stuff I want to see done or revisited, though I can’t say a lot of them have to do with France.

    Fire/Rock or Fire/Ground guardian golem – I like the idea of guardian Pokémon, like Sigilyph, Golurk, and the Regis. What I want to see is something more imposing, though, and I think there needs to be stronger Fire/Rock and Fire/Ground Pokemon.
    Water/Steel battleship whale – Sugimori is a fan of Space Battleship Yamato, so I was hoping he would slip in a Yamato-inspired Pokémon somewhere.
    Normal/Ghost french doll – I’ve wanted Normal/Ghost and I think a doll would do it well
    Grass/Fairy or Poison/Fairy mushroom fairy – a fairy ring is a ring of mushrooms, so maybe a cute mushroom
    Water/Fire or Ice/Fire or Ice/Fighting hot springs monkey – I just want to see a hot springs monkey Pokemon
    Fairy type raccoon dog – and have it learn Transform
    Fire/Grass war poodle – just to bring more attention to the big type of poodles
    Bug/Ground or Bug/Fairy vengeful earth spider – I think I want to see scarier bug Pokemon

  26. I want some new Pokemon:
    Aphids (Bug/Rock)
    The cock (France’s national bird, like Braviary,Normal/Flying)
    Porcupine (Eletric/Poison)
    Wolf (Ice/Normal, like Litleo and Helioptile)
    Pumpkin (Grass/Ghost)
    Sea cucumber (Water/Steel) and seaurchin (Water)
    The dinosaurs, such as Dilophosaurus (Rock/Fire)
    The clock (Steel/Ghost)
    Squid (Water/Dark)
    Grasshopper (Bug/Fight)
    There are too many XD
    In addition, I think there should be a Gym Leader, her avocation is the magician
    Yes, I really don’t want to Elite Four without Type, that would be very boring

  27. I’d like to see a Beartic evolution.

    I’d also like to see a glass Pokemon that has colored sand inside of it. It could be Fairy/Ground and it could even be a legendary.

    EDIT: Similar to this image, by not necessarily jar-shaped.

    1. Pretty interesting. An hourglass final evo would be pretty awesome for it.

  28. I Would want to see a fairy/water type. It would be awesome to have a water nymph pokemon. same with a grass/fairy (tree nymph) and flying/fairy (air nymph).

  29. For new pokemon I want to see;
    sphinx pokemon- ground/physic
    armadillo pokemon- rock/ground high defense
    dolphin pokemon- water
    fairy ghost pokemon- fairy/ghost
    the nymph pokemon- read the post below

    Finnally; a rotting tree pokemon- grass/dark

  30. I feel like Fairy/Rock or Fairy/Ground would be a good type for some kind of troll pokemon.

  31. My dreams are these:

    – Fire/Water combo;
    – Pegasus Pokémon (evolution of Rapidash maybe?) – Fire/Flying;
    – A cat-like Pokémon from Egipt with mysterious powers, like this one:;
    – A Minotaur (evolution of Taurus maybe?) – Normal/Fighting;
    – A Kimera – Dragon/(2nd Type);
    – A Mermaid – Water/Fairy;
    – A Scarecrow – Ghost/Grass;
    – A Gargoyle – Rock/Dragon;

    – A Mummy – Ghost/Ground;

    1. I love you for not giving mythological creatures fairy type just for them being mythological creature.

  32. i would love a wolf pokemon don’t care the type (but would love a ice type)

    i also want pokemon based off of the Four Symbols in the Chinese constellation

    Seiryu The Azure Dragon- grass type

    Suzaku the Vermilion Bird- fire type

    Byakko the White Tiger – steel or flying type

    Genbu the Black Tortoise – water type

  33. I would love to these types of Pokemon.

    Aquarius the Water Bearer- Water/Fairy or Water/Psychic
    Cheetah Pokemon- Electric/Dark

    Legendary Trio:
    Fairy Dragon Pokemon- Fairy/Dragon
    Poison Fairy Pokemon- Fairy/Poison
    Fairy Knight Pokemon- Fairy/Steel

    Pseudo-Legendary Pokemon- Fairy, Electric/Fighting, or Psychic/Bug

      1. I like Kreepkin!
        Even though that litwick evolution method is cool, I don’t think anything like that will happen.

      2. If they do have something like Pumpkindle, then either Litwick’s body will change just as Shellder’s does when Slowpoke evolves, or it won’t stay with Pumpkindle since Mantine has not had a Remoraid attached to it ever since Gen IV

  34. Hoenn didn’t have a balance between land and water? Are you kidding me? It was 50/50, while every other region has barely any water and mostly land. I wonder if those who say Hoenn has way too much water simply don’t like water routes and prefer land-based regions. Off-topic, I know.

    1. Hoenn sucked because of all the water. It made any pokemon weak to water types stupidly hard to train up for the last couple of gyms.

      1. idk wat ur talking about i had a Torkoal before those routes & trained him up to lvl 40 + u hav an exp share for a reason & all that water was Hoen’s way of being unique to other regions, it did not suck imo i quite enjoyed them but hey that’s ur opinion :/

    2. Totally agree. I loved the hoen region. It is by far the best with the combanation of water and land, and the nice desert smack in the middle.

  35. hey i might be wrong but i think Plusle and Minun are gonna be Fairy type too.
    Like Electric/Fairy than we have a Electric Fairy too.
    but i doubt it…

  36. Is this true? Nintendo might be releasing a demo for Pokemon X and Y on the 3DS!?

    1. there’s a chance, they usually release demos of highly anticipated games (fire emblem, kingdom hearts) and they did a pokemon game before (mystery dungeon) so it’s just a matter of waiting and hoping.

  37. Dual Types I wolud like for this generation or for the next generation:

  38. Putting all the wishes for new Pokemon aside, do you know what I REALLY WANT to be in X/Y

    The option to watch people’s battles as an actual spectator while it’s happening. They could limit it to like 10-30 people allowed to watch a Wi-Fi battle Live as it’s happening.

  39. Cheetah • Electric-type ☼ {2 stage}
    Cockroach • Bug/Dark-type ☼ {3 stage}
    Gargoyle • Rock/Flying-type ☼ {1 stage}
    Peacock • Grass/Flying-type ☼ {2 stage}
    Flamingo • Water/Flying-type ☼ {2 stage}
    Clock • Steel/Psychic-type ☼ {1 stage or 2 stage}
    Chinese Dragon • Dragon/Fairy-type ☼ {3 stage}
    European Dragon • Dragon/Fire-type ☼ {2 stage}
    Komodo Dragon • Poison/Dragon-type ☼ {2 stage}
    Pumpkin • Grass-type, than Grass/Ghost-type ☼ {2 stage}
    Dolphin • Water-type, than Water/Psychic-type ☼ {2 stage}
    Dragon Slayer • Steel/Fairy-type ☼ {3 stage Pseudo Legendary}
    Toy Poodle → Miniature Poodle → Standard Poodle • Normal-type ☼ {3 stage}
    Elf • Normal/Fairy-type ☼ {2 stage, branch evolution}
    ➥Elf + Lv50 = High Elf • Normal/Fairy-type
    ➥Elf + Leaf Stone = Wood Elf • Grass/Fairy-type
    ➥Elf +Dusk Stone = Dark Elf • Dark/Fairy-type

    Aaaaand since the Kalos region is based on France, I see it as the perfect chance to add a Mr. Mime evo into the dex.
    Oh, and possibly a Trainer who specializes in using Smeargle? Cuz, you know, art.

      1. Um… Orrrr… maybe a Fire-type Gym Leader/Elite Four who uses Magcargo as his/her main?

        (• ε •)

      1. Not necessarily. When it comes to Fairy-types, do ya know why they’re so effective against Dragon-types?
        One theory I heard and love is the classic medieval folklore of a knight slaying a dragon. These knights were known as dragon slayers. Therefore, I picture a Pokémon similar to Bisharp in stature with a knight’s helm and sharp blades along the sides of its forearms with a cape-like appendage. Its Steel-type comes from its knightly appearance while its Fairy-type come from the medieval folklore, which, in the Pokémon world, would make it super-effective against Dragon-types.

        ☆.。.:*・°☆.。.:*・°☆.。.:*・°☆.。.:*・°☆.。.:*・°☆.。.: ( ゚ヮ゚)/ .:*・°☆.。.:*・° ☆.。.:*・°☆.。.:*・°☆.:*・°☆.。.:*・°☆

      1. Yessir! I sure do. I think they’re pretty good ideas.
        Though, I can really only think of animals. Kinda hard to come up with a Pokémon outta something inanimate.
        I can’t really come up with many 1 stage evos, either. I like evolution.

    1. OMG OMG OMG so i just got this amazing idea for your “pumpkin” pokemon. It should start as a bug/grass Pokemon. (the bug type would reside inside the pumpkin) when evolving the bug would come out and be WHATEVER type of bug it wants to be. The pumpkin would become the residue and be perfect as a grass/ghost Pokemon!!

    2. I want to see all of that and a chimera pokemon well legendary ….i don’t care how it looks like I just want one or a royal crest bird

  40. Fighting Flying and Fighting Fairy, Ice steel, Water Fire, Poison Dragon, Poison Fairy, Ice Fire, Ghost Fairy, Ghost Fighting, Electric Fire. A awesome fighting Fairy type, which could be like one of the awesome lord of the rings elves.

  41. Adding on to my idea about watching Wi-Fi matches as they we’re happening. What about doing double battles with another person from around the world?

  42. Gym:bug


    Champ:multiple type

  43. Another idea of mine. I think each Elite4 member should have a legendary as their last Pokemon. The same for the Champion. It makes them have more authority in a way in that their not just a trainer who uses normal Pokemon. As for the Champion, well either that, or He/She specializes in Fairy Types.

    1. I like this idea a lot. It makes it that much tougher, because, let’s be honest, the Elite Four can sometimes be not so difficult.
      I think it should’ve always been like that, actually.

      1. Glad someone agrees. I see the E4 higher up then Frontier Brains yet they get Legendaires? Brandon would of been an excellent E4 member.

  44. Since this generation keeps dwelling on the concept of beauty, I see a chance to add a plethora of beautiful Pokemon. Since the reigning queen of beauty has always been Milotic, why don’t give her an evolution or a branch evolution? Milotic is as good as it is stats and design wise but I think there can be improvements to make Milotic one of the strongest Fairy type Pokemon (fingers crossed that she is retyped to become a Fairy Type) or Water type Pokemon to not be a legendary. If you really want to push the boundaries then you can even make Milotic the Pseudo-legendary of generation 6 and make history by becoming the first Pokemon to come from a different gen then the one where it became a Pseudo-legendary Pokemon.

    Milotic- Water
    Tender Pokemon
    Ability: Cute Charm (hidden), Marvel Scale
    Average Stat: 540 (Possess the highest stat of any Water type Pokemon along with Gyardos and Kingdra that is non-legendary)

    Madeosir’ene- Water/Fairy
    Beauty Pokemon
    Ability: Cute Charm (hidden), Marvel Scale
    Average Stat: 600 (All Pseudo-legendary possess this average stat)

    Luvdisc- Water
    Rendezvous Pokemon
    Ability: Hydration (hidden), Swift Swim
    Average Stat: 330 (The difference between Feebas and Milotic average stat is 330 to 340)

    Beautdisc- Water/Psychic
    Siren Pokemon
    Ability: Hydration (hidden), Water Absorb
    Average Stat: 540 (Difference of 210 from it’s basic form)

    1. Beautdisc? You know what, I could see a split evolution for Luvdisc. The other could be called Heartbreak. (Has a double meaning to the name.)

      1. Beautdisc- Beauty, Beaute (french for beauty), disc
        Madeosir’ene- Mademoiselle (french for madame or lady), sir’ene (siren, mermaid for french)

  45. I just want to see the evos of the starters.

    Headgrill – Grass/Steel

    Spike pokemon

    Ability: Overgrow heavy metal(Hidden)

    Evolves from chespin at level 18

    Drilminer – Grass/Steel

    Drilling pokemon

    Ability: Overgrown Heavy metal(Hidden)

    Evolves from headgrill at level 33

    Foxyro – Fire/Fighting(Or Psychic)

    Fastest fox pokemon

    Ability: Blaze Illusion(Hidden)

    Eolves from fennekin at level 15

    Wolflame – Fire/Fighting(Or Psychic)

    Fox king pokemon

    Ability: Blaze Illusion(Hidden)

    Evolves from foxyro at level 37

    Piribbit- Water/Ice

    rouge pokemon

    Ability: Torrent ice body(Hidden)

    Evolves from froakie at level 14

    Vikullfrog – Water /Ice

    Viking ship pokemon

    Ability: Torrent ice body(Hidden)

    Evolves from piribbit at level 34

  46. I’m also hoping we get some interesting ice type combinations this gen, not just sole ice types like in gen 5. Maybe Ice/Fighting, Ice/Bug or Ice/Rock?

  47. I’d like to see:

    Alpaca ~ Ground/Ice (Two stage)
    Christmas Elf ~ Ice/Fairy (One or Two stage)
    Dolphin ~ Water/Psychic (Two or Three stage)
    Donkey ~ Normal/Fighting (Two stage) >I imagine this one with boxing gloves on it’s hind legs. Y’know, for donkey-kicking.
    Firefly ~ Bug/Electric (Three stage)
    Gnome ~ Ground/Fairy (One stage)
    Jack-o-lantern ~ Grass/Ghost (Two stage)
    Peacock ~ Flying/Grass (Two or Three stage)
    Sewer Rat ~ Poison/Dark (Two stage)
    Sloth ~ Grass/Rock (Two or Three stage) >I imagine this as a rocky sloth covered in moss
    Snowman ~ Normal/Ice (Two or Three stage)
    Snowy Owl ~ Flying/Ice (Two or Three stage)
    Tiki Totem ~ Grass/Fire (Two or Three stage)
    Will-o-wisp ~ Fairy/Fire (One stage)

    I’d also like to see evolutions/prevolutions for:
    ~Eevee (Dragon or Flying)
    ~Combee (Male evolution)
    ~Jinx (Evolution)
    ~Chatot (Evolution)
    ~Basculin (Evolution)
    ~Onix (Prevolution)
    ~Maractus (Prevolution)
    ~Cryogonal (Prevolution)

    And lastly, these pokemon should have ‘Fairy’ as part of their typing:
    Cleffa (Normal/Fairy)
    Clefairy (Normal/Fairy)
    Clefable (Normal/Fairy)
    Happiny (Normal/Fairy)
    Chansey (Normal/Fairy)
    Blissey (Normal/Fairy)
    Togepi (Normal/Fairy)
    Togetic (Normal/Fairy)
    Togekiss (Normal/Fairy)
    Misdreavus (Ghost/Fairy)
    Mismagius (Ghost/Fairy)
    Snubbull (Normal/Fairy)
    Granbull (Normal/Fairy)
    Celebi (Fairy/Grass)
    Plusle (Electric/Fairy)
    Minun (Electric/Fairy)
    Volbeat (Bug/Fairy)
    Illumise (Bug/Fairy)
    Luvdisc (Water/Fairy)
    Jirachi (Steel/Fairy)
    Cherubi (Grass/Fairy)
    Cherrim (Grass/Fairy)
    Lopunny (Normal/Fairy)
    Chingling (Psychic/Fairy)
    Chimecho (Psychic/Fairy)
    Uxie (Fairy)
    Mesprit (Fairy)
    Azelf (Fairy)
    Phione (Water/Fairy)
    Manaphy (Water/Fairy)
    Shaymin (Grass/Fairy)
    Audino (Normal/Fairy)
    Cottonee (Grass/Fairy)
    Whimsicott (Grass/Fairy)

    Meloetta (Normal/Fairy)

    Sorry, that post was extremely long 🙁

  48. One idea I thought of would be a split evo for a female Mime Jr. (more than likely through something like pokémon amie) that has elements of both a clown and a French stunt performer. It could be either a pure Psychic type, a Psychic/Fighting type, a Psychic/Normal type, or a Psychic/Fairy type

  49. It’s not really a new type combination. But I envisioned a future evolution for Bisharp based on Gender. Kingscalibler for male and Queenscalibler for Female. (Couldn’t think of another legendary sword for the queen.) Or perhaps variant evolutions for pawniard, into a Rook, or Knight. Honestly I was surprised there wasn’t something like this in Black and White.

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