Journey to X & Y: Episode Three — The Pokémon of Kalos

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It has been a couple of weeks since the previous episode was published (you can read it here if you haven’t done so!) and it’s now time for the next. This time round we’re going to focus on Pokémon. Or more specifically the Pokémon our readers would like to see introduced in X & Y. Before we begin that, we’re going to take a look back at some of our highlights from episode 2.

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Last month I published episode two of Journey to X & Y, putting out some ideas about the then newly revealed Kalos region. A couple of weeks later and we’ve received a fair few replies and we’ve enjoyed reading through all of your ideas. A few of our most favourites are below!

Unlike the first episode I didn’t voice my own opinions on the subject, instead introduced the areas that we wanted you to discuss: what readers believed each area of interest in Kalos to be, for example could one of the regions many castles house the Pokémon League? -something Maki agreed with, and what route readers believed they would take their journey over Kalos.

Beginning with the explorations of Kalos, dewkage believed that unlike previously speculation and imagery we’ve seen the town in the very south of the region would house the seventh gym, which Mark James Colgan responded to saying that the 8th Gym looks more like the first town in the game, and just before it looks like route 3 in the video.

By looking at locations and what they contain, Sean said that the Carnac stones area has what could be a graveyard to the right of it (see the little stone slabs just after the bridge) It could point to the town above it being a ghost type gym. Something that could also be related to some footage we saw earlier in the year featuring the inside of a Gym building.

Finally, Pokémon Blue Hero‘s response about the rivers of the Kalos region were something to think about. They said that they were really intrigued by them and look forward to seeing if they’ll play a big role in our journey. Hopefully the game designers will be able to maintain a nice balance between land and water in the region, something many fans say Hoenn didn’t do.

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Kalos has already proven that it’s home to some interesting Pokémon, most of which are still shrouded in a fair amount of mystery. We’ve learnt that Gogoat will introduce a new riding mechanic (something we’ll focus on in a future episode), Sylveon is the centrepiece for the new Fairy Type, and Flabébé has recently been introduced as being in a shared position of both the lightest and smallest Pokémon to date.

We’ve already looked at how the region draws inspiration from France, as shown by the regional map revealed to us a month ago. At E3 we were also told how France as seen as a country of beauty, is this something we could see new Pokémon draw from? The introduction of Fairy Type opens the possibility of introducing a few ‘beautiful’ Pokémon this generation.

It’s definitely safe to say that the revelation of new Pokémon is something fans look forward to most in a new generation, and as such that’s our focus this episode. We want to hear from you guys what new types of Pokémon you’d like to see introduced? Whether you go with the basics of a new type combination, or a little deeper looking at the specifics of a new Pokémon and where it draws its inspirations from.

As usual, comment with your ideas and input below. We really want you to share your ideas for new Pokémon and we’re all looking forward to reading them!

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