XY Speculation: After E3 [RUMORS]

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Some new rumors have emerged on 4chan from someone who allegedly “knows a guy” that works as a marketing supervisor. Nothing groundbreaking or revolutionary is told, but nonetheless a good read.Before we dive into these rumors, remember to take this with a grain of salt; it could be real, it could be fake.

  •  New Pokémon “Elvany,” Flying/Fairy, “will be revealed soon.”
  • “Tame Park” allows you to deposit up to 3 pokemon for one day, and trade PokéTokens to raise EV’s.
  • Dunsparce, Mawile, Stantler, Sableye will get new evolutions.
  • Two boys, “Tofune” and “Mika” will challenge the player through out the game; one with long hair, another with spikes and a purple striped shirt. seems to be connected to the plot.
  • Pangoro does exist, with a punk hairstyle and green fur “gloves.” A new ability that Pangoro has will allow the holder to steal items during battle, called “Vandal Heart,” is also mentioned.
  • Skrelp evolves into Weedra, with it’s type not changing(Poison/Water), and learns the moves belch and signal beam.
  • Clauncher evolves twice, and into a Water/Electric type, with a new move “Blister Blast,” a water type move that is super effective to flying types as well as fire, rock, and ground.
  • “Kale” is the second gym leader, with blond hair and a “androgyne style.” Uses fairy types and the aforementioned Elvany.

So, what do you think? a lot of these rumors go in conjunction with rumors posted before E3, with some new info about the newly announced E3 bunch. Although I really don’t think Sableye will get an evolution unless the Eviolite is removed, I could be wrong; Chansey and Dusclops both take advantage of the Eviolite, having an evolution being added in a later generation when originally meant to stop there. Vandal Heart seems like it could be annoying, but depends on how the ability works. Blister Blast seems to be the “dual type” moves we heard of earlier too.  I would love to hear what you guys have to say In the comments 🙂