Japan Downloads and Events


A handful of new events and downloads have been announced for players with the Japanese version of the games, or for those who live in Japan.

First up are series of events running for the Funfest missions. These events take place across Japan in various locations, they are as follows…

June 29 – September 16 @ World Hobby Fair: Players will be able to receive either a Rare Candy or Max Ether by battling players at the event.

July 13 – July 26 @ Pokémon Centers: Eevee and its evolutions will be available in Hidden Grottos in the games of players who take part in this FunFest mission.

July 27 – August 16 @ Pokémon Centers: In the FunFest mission players will be able to buy a Water Stone, Thunderstone and Fire Stone.

August 17 – September 6 @ Pokémon Centers: Shelgon, Poliwag, Chansey, Togetic, Magneton and Dragonair will be available in Hidden Grottos with their Hidden Abilities to players who complete the mission.

September 7 – September 27 @ Pokémon Centers: A mission that will allow players to find rare berries will be running.


Next, as a continuation of the ongoing Legendary PokéDoll promotion, a Jirachi doll is available to players from the Dream World.The password to download the special doll is: たなばただいすき the download is available until July 31.

Also available from the start of July until the end of July is a special Jirachi download available to players in Japan, the Pokémon has Healing Wish, Psychic, Swift, and Meteor Mash. It also will arrive holding a Micle Berry and with its Hidden Ability, Serene Grace.