Journey to X & Y: Episode Two — Welcome to Kalos

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Since Episode One of Journey to X & Y (which you can read here if you haven’t already!) we’ve had lots of new Pokémon X & Y information fed to us. Several new Pokémon, some new features, new moves and the main focus of this article: the Kalos region. In this episode we’re going to take a brief look into the Kalos region and let our readers have their say in what they want from this new location when the games release. But first, we need to take a look back at the input we got from episode one…

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At the start of the month I put out episode one of this series and I wanted to hear your ideas for the evolutions for the starter Pokémon of X & Y, and the possible evolutionary routes you believe they could take. So let’s begin!

I started (and continued saying until the very end) that I wanted the Water Type starter Froakie to evolve into something that was swift and strong. Previous Water starters have all turned into big bulky critters that look as though they’d be heavy hitters, but not particular quick. Something I want to change. This was also something commenter Dominic also agreed on, saying I just don’t want Froakie to be bulky!  I don’t know how it wont be Seismitoad if it is on the larger side… something that hadn’t crossed my mind before I read what they had to say. They make a fair point!

Blue Jay considered the typing of Chespin by drawing from its real-world inspirations Chespins final evo could be grass/dark, which i personally want, and makes sense too. Chespin is based on a hedgehog and these animals are mostly nocturnal. Grass/Dark typing for Chespin is something a lot of our readers seem to support, will it fulfil their wishes? Only time will tell!

Other readers also looked into the real-world inspirations of Fennekin and made their views heard accordingly. With Freedom believing that Fennekin would be Fire/Ground, I like the idea of Fennikin turning into a nice looking desert fox, gaining a nice orange colour as it evolves. perhaps getting some dirt in its lovely golden coat. Other users also think Fennekin will take on a secondary typing of Dark or Psychic.

All of this will likely be revealed before release so reader speculation will finally be laid to rest. But until then, what’s better than more speculation? Not much!

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Kalos, the home region of the sixth generation Pokémon games Pokémon X & Y. We’re going to spending the next few years of our Pokémon adventure there so it’s important the region has lots to keep us occupied and busy. For reference there’s a map of the region embedded at the bottom of the post!

The region itself draws heavy inspiration from real-world France. Lumiose City is a representation of Paris, including an Eiffel Tower-like building in the centre. Off the coast of the region there’s a small island which supports a castle structure. Mont St. Michel? Yep! The stone ruins located near by the coastal island, almost definitely drawing from the Carnac Stones found in France. There are countless more comparisons to be made too, but they’re for you to identify. Kalos is also split into three key areas: Coastal, Central and Mountain. Whether that goes deeper than Pokédex classification is unknown, but that doesn’t stop people from discussing what it could mean for the region. Kalos looks to be a fairly large region, with a route system that’s not as linear as we’ve had in previous generations.

One of the most exciting things about a new region is the exploration players must do in order to progress on their adventure. Exploration leads to new things. Other than Lumiose City and locations shown in trailers we haven’t had any official confirmation of what areas are. So, we want to hear from our readers what they think areas are. That could be in relation to the story, what happens or can be found there, or even what the location functions as. For example is one of the many castle-like buildings in Kalos house to the regional Pokémon League? Could well be!

Secondly, we’d like to hear what you route you believe players will take on their journey over Kalos. Where will your adventure begin and where will you challenge the Champion? How about Gyms, where will they be on the map?

Finally, it’s a free for all! We just want to hear any opinions, expectations or fears you have on Kalos. Anything!

Just like last time we’d like you to comment with your input below and we’ll feature some of our favourites or the most interesting responses in the next episode! Feel free to suggest topics for the next episode too. See you all down below!

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