Journey to X & Y: Episode Two — Welcome to Kalos

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Since Episode One of Journey to X & Y (which you can read here if you haven’t already!) we’ve had lots of new Pokémon X & Y information fed to us. Several new Pokémon, some new features, new moves and the main focus of this article: the Kalos region. In this episode we’re going to take a brief look into the Kalos region and let our readers have their say in what they want from this new location when the games release. But first, we need to take a look back at the input we got from episode one…

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At the start of the month I put out episode one of this series and I wanted to hear your ideas for the evolutions for the starter Pokémon of X & Y, and the possible evolutionary routes you believe they could take. So let’s begin!

I started (and continued saying until the very end) that I wanted the Water Type starter Froakie to evolve into something that was swift and strong. Previous Water starters have all turned into big bulky critters that look as though they’d be heavy hitters, but not particular quick. Something I want to change. This was also something commenter Dominic also agreed on, saying I just don’t want Froakie to be bulky!  I don’t know how it wont be Seismitoad if it is on the larger side… something that hadn’t crossed my mind before I read what they had to say. They make a fair point!

Blue Jay considered the typing of Chespin by drawing from its real-world inspirations Chespins final evo could be grass/dark, which i personally want, and makes sense too. Chespin is based on a hedgehog and these animals are mostly nocturnal. Grass/Dark typing for Chespin is something a lot of our readers seem to support, will it fulfil their wishes? Only time will tell!

Other readers also looked into the real-world inspirations of Fennekin and made their views heard accordingly. With Freedom believing that Fennekin would be Fire/Ground, I like the idea of Fennikin turning into a nice looking desert fox, gaining a nice orange colour as it evolves. perhaps getting some dirt in its lovely golden coat. Other users also think Fennekin will take on a secondary typing of Dark or Psychic.

All of this will likely be revealed before release so reader speculation will finally be laid to rest. But until then, what’s better than more speculation? Not much!

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Kalos, the home region of the sixth generation Pokémon games Pokémon X & Y. We’re going to spending the next few years of our Pokémon adventure there so it’s important the region has lots to keep us occupied and busy. For reference there’s a map of the region embedded at the bottom of the post!

The region itself draws heavy inspiration from real-world France. Lumiose City is a representation of Paris, including an Eiffel Tower-like building in the centre. Off the coast of the region there’s a small island which supports a castle structure. Mont St. Michel? Yep! The stone ruins located near by the coastal island, almost definitely drawing from the Carnac Stones found in France. There are countless more comparisons to be made too, but they’re for you to identify. Kalos is also split into three key areas: Coastal, Central and Mountain. Whether that goes deeper than Pokédex classification is unknown, but that doesn’t stop people from discussing what it could mean for the region. Kalos looks to be a fairly large region, with a route system that’s not as linear as we’ve had in previous generations.

One of the most exciting things about a new region is the exploration players must do in order to progress on their adventure. Exploration leads to new things. Other than Lumiose City and locations shown in trailers we haven’t had any official confirmation of what areas are. So, we want to hear from our readers what they think areas are. That could be in relation to the story, what happens or can be found there, or even what the location functions as. For example is one of the many castle-like buildings in Kalos house to the regional Pokémon League? Could well be!

Secondly, we’d like to hear what you route you believe players will take on their journey over Kalos. Where will your adventure begin and where will you challenge the Champion? How about Gyms, where will they be on the map?

Finally, it’s a free for all! We just want to hear any opinions, expectations or fears you have on Kalos. Anything!

Just like last time we’d like you to comment with your input below and we’ll feature some of our favourites or the most interesting responses in the next episode! Feel free to suggest topics for the next episode too. See you all down below!

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  1. I hope Froakie turns into some kind of Ninja personally.
    Also, i REALLY can’t wait to start exploring the Kalos region.

    1. Isn’t the Oshawott line based on a Ninja/Samurai? I don’t think we need that theme again,
      Much less with consecutive water starter lines.

      1. Samurai. Ninja is something completely different. But I still don’t know if I want to see that. I really have no idea how I want Froakie to turn out. just not big and bulky.

      1. I don’t think there would be a reason to have such architecture for any ordinary type. If the tower was that colourful and that shape of would seem more appropriate for it to advertise the EXPECTED (note I didn’t say REVEALED like your comment implieds) fairy type

        1. Or, you know what? Maybe it’s Purple-type! Ya know! Purple-type sounds pretty legit!

        1. Still hasn’t been confirmed so technically he is right. A rumor is a rumor unless proven true.

  2. I am so excited about everything that I don’t care what GameFreak throws at us!
    But I think that we will start off in Lumiose City and move our way out into the world…just a very wild guess though but if its true I called it lol.

    1. Well i think this is not the whole kalos maybe it is only the coastal part of it because i cannot see where the gyms are going to be because there are not enough cities or towns

      1. This map doesn’t show cities in detail, only key landmarks that revolve around those cities or whatever. There is at least 18 places of interest on this map…more than enough towns

  3. The only thing that gets me is the Stonehenge like pattern in the center… Legendaries there maybe? I feel like its the dragonspiral tower of the region. The France pattern seems to be right but could it draw roots from other European cultures?

    1. Like moving said, it’s likely based on the Carnac stones of France more than Stonehenge. Either way, expect to see the ruins filled with Ghosts and Psychics. I’m calling it. You hear me, Internet?

    2. Lol I think what you’re seeing is Lumiouse City in the center of the map. The “Stonehedge” like pattern is near the west of the map and is probably based on the Carnac Stones of France.

  4. Also towards the top there is a giant autum forest with a huge tree in the center. Xerneas location?

    1. I’m hoping its not an autumn forest just cause I really want the return of seasons! what will happen to sawsbuck??

      1. You know, I have a bad feeling from looking at this map that seasons may not return. I personally liked them, but I can imagine GAME FREAK thinking that it was too difficult to program the entire 3D region to change seasons, either due to memory constraints, technical reasons, or merely time-saving purposes. It’s not like it would be difficult to stick Deerling and Sawsbuck’s forms into appropriate areas and pretend like seasons were never a thing. Right, Espeon and Umbreon in the 3rd Gen.?

    2. If you look at the other locations that are orange it looks to be rock, as in part of where the Mountain region pokemon will probably be.

  5. The big thing I’m most curious about is the stone structure on the map that looks like the Megaliths could this be tied in w/ Deoxyz or some other type of Mythical/Alien Pokemon! My opinion where u start ur journey i think u start in the big house in the south, & that house is a Trainer school u graduate from (like Pokemon Ranger 2) either that or the town w/ the Tree Clock in the North. (^-^)

  6. I think we begin our journey on the southernmost town and i feel like the first gym we’re gonna face is gonna be grass-type in the town/city where the park with the roselia fountain is located. I really feel like, if fairy-type is confirmed, Lumiose city will have the fairy-type gym considering Paris is known as the “CIty of lights” and its name derives from “lum-” which means light or maybe they did that to fool u and give u a dark-type gym instead! :p (I really am praying for a dark-type gym this gen) The eastern city with the snowflake-looking fan definitely looks like an ice-type gym (hopefully it wont be the 7th gym like pryce, candace, and brycen…) the blue palace-looking building on the west may be a water-type gym. I can see the desert area having a rock or fire-type gym and the town just north of it seems to have a lighthouse so maybe electric-type gym?

    As for the rivers, I’m really intrigued by them and look forward to seeing if they’ll play a big role in our journey. I really really want a safari zone in this generation!! the area to the side of the lighthouse city seems to be a perfect place for that. The brown lines (logs? ramps?) remind me a lot of 3rd gen where u needed ur bike to get to certain areas in the safari zone. Regardless of that, i just really want a safari zone.

    Lastly, I think the map still has more to it. If you look to the far east/right you can see a bridge close to the snow-covered houses that leads to somewhere. Maybe they purposefully cropped that out or maybe i’m just overthinking x)

    P.S. I’m Blue Jay! Just recently got a twitter to delve more into the poke community 😀 anyways, as silly as it sounds, i felt honored to be mentioned in the article so thanks for taking into account the visitiors’ input! very few sites do or acknowledge that.

  7. Just what I think where they gyms and legendary pokemon might be. The 8th gym was hard to place !!

  8. My idea where Gyms/legendary pokemon might be, the 8th gym was hard to place!!

    1. Do you think the clouds are covering up stuff (similarly to the Ice in B2W2)?

      1. Yea they could. I also recall a rumor about air battles, maybe you can enter these battles when you’re under clouds by using Fly. Maybe the clouds actually move, I never saw a cloud that was in one place :L If they do, I say there’s towns and other areas on the lower mountains.

    2. I’d say that Gym 8 is just a hideout for a legendary.
      And if you take a look at the paths, you’ll see your Gym 5 is only accesible after Gym 7.

    3. I’d be inclined to suggest that Xerneas is where you’ve put Yveltal, and Yveltal is off in the mountains somewhere. Dunno why, it just sort of fits, in my opinion.

      1. Could be, but the reason I put Xerneas there is that you can see Xerneas in a forest in the trailer. I’m probably completely wrong, but its just a though xD

        1. If you look under the clouds in the north east you can see a forest. My guess is both Xerneas and Yvetal are there. I did a video about it on my YouTube channel but I don’t want to spam so I’ll keep the link to myself.

  9. I’m personally hoping that after we complete the Kalos region, we can fly on a plane, or boat, or some other method to a past region in 3D. That’ll be so nostalgic and dope. I personally want to see Hoenn region in 3D, diving underwater etc. SCREAMS. I will have fun in Kalos region I’m sure, but just for wishful thinking I’m hoping for 2 regions in one game.

    1. I’m pretty sure Hoenn will be in standalone remakes. But the train, it has to go to somewhere, right?

      1. OMG Now that I think about it, Anville Town in Unova has a bunch of trains. Maybe the train in Kalos will lead us to Unova region’s Anville Town. Wishful thinking.

        B&W were seen as as a reboot of sorts – after we beat Kanto in Gen 1 we was able to go back to it in Gen 2. Maybe it will play like that this time.

  10. Yall need to look at pokememes at memebase a lot of good and sound rumors are there and id like to see what this site has to say about some that iv found there. one in particular is the male sylveon “Leak” becase i bothe like the idea and woulf like the “professional ” opinion of the internet.

  11. I really love that the region has multiple types of terrain in one. It’s good because you don’t have to mess with the [3]DS’ calender to see some damn snow! Beartic!

  12. I know its random but im really annoyed by all that nothingness in the northwest of the region… it literally just trees and grass without even the outlines of routes. It makes me feel like the region is a lot smaller than it looks. I know there would have to be size reduction because of the 3D but i dont want to lose too much gameplay

    1. I love these more than any other fanart I’ve ever seen. Thank you, Dragonith.

  13. Something I’ve mentioned before is that cloud-covered mountain. It just seems like there has to be something there. Another way of looking at it is this. What if it isn’t a mountain, but instead, it’s a massive root network of the Yggdrasil tree, like the tree in the Lucario movie?

    Another thing seems to be an abundance in foliage. Whereas there’s always been one or two “forest” areas per region, it seems like this time, there are five. Pokemon has been known to add unreachable landmarks on the map, but at least 3 of those seem “open”: the forest in the beginning, the divided one east of Lumiose, and the big one near the southeastern part of Kalos. That, along with the structures seemingly modeled after alternative energy resources, backs the theory of Xerneas and Yveltal being based off of Life and Death, respectively, alongside the Norse mythology theory.

  14. I know it’s unlikely at this point but I really hope Sylveon would be a Bug Type. It’s be the coolest looking Bug Type so far. Mayeb they brought back Bug’s weakness to Poison…

  15. I really love Chespin, and I can’t stress that enough. At this point I don’t even care how the other starters turn out, I know I am going to get Chespin. Which actually says for itself considering I mainly get the Water starter. I loved Shiftry, and he is still a high number on my list of favorite Pokemon, so I hope to see a Grass/Dark type like that. I really could care less if Fennekin became part Psychic, but it is still pretty cool. Froakie is my second favorite, and while I don’t care if he is bulky or not, it wouldn’t hurt to see a Water Starter that isn’t quite bulky. GamExplain mentioned the region will most likely start you off at the most northern town, (the one with the clock), and Lumiose City will be the center in which you will go through several different exits to get to other routes and cities. I am mainly wondering what significance the cave-island (To the far west coast) has to the region. Why are there train/mine rails to the east? I have so many questions, but I can’t help but to notice in the bottom-center of the map there are clouds or mist covering something. It appears that the streams run off into it over a waterfall, and Game Freak is hiding that place for some reason. It may not be anything, but I thought it was worth pointing out.

  16. I can’t help, but to mention this. I was playing White 2 earlier and in Virbank Complex is a scientist who talks about the domes that are used to distill gas. I didn’t think much of it, but he kept going to another place, which seems rather odd if it isn’t that something important. No other character does that there, so why does he? He said something quite interesting, and a light bulb went off in my head. He said “Recently, they’ve found all sorts of uses for this gas, though.” He mentions that the domes have a dome shape so it can support all the pressure of the gas, then goes on to say, “It would be nice if they would draw a Pokemon on these holders, too.” I don’t know why he would mention all this, because it acts as if it has an important part of a storyline, yet it doesn’t. However, I noticed the domes in the Kalos region sort of resemble the ones he talks about in White 2. We saw them in the trailer, and they obviously hold some part of a story, so, could this have a role in Kalos?

    1. I always thought he was talking about Koffing. Now you make me wonder if we will see a Koffing evolution in this generation.

    2. Makes me think we could be returning to Unova in 3D after we beat Kalos. I mean those trains in Anville town are sitting unused. And I did hear rumors about a Team Acid in X and Y that sounds like they might deal with poison.

      1. I heard the same thing. It was a rumor about there being two teams, and they were called Team Acid and Team Base. I guess it would center around the pH levels.

  17. I wonder if the artwork is showing sections of the game that have aesthetic seasonal differences. Perhaps they may shake things up a bit and make some Gyms change their types (or PKMN teams/Gym Leaders in general) depending on the seasons or even time-of-day. That would make things very interesting and unique for each player. They could even have some Gyms be only accessible during the seasons or time-of-day, allowing there to be more than 8 Gyms too.

  18. I’d like to see an area and a Pokémon line based around the Lascaux cave paintings since the region is France-centric. That could end up being pretty cool.

  19. I believe the East Pink castle is the League, 4 towers and the main Tower! The starter Town is probably most West coast town with all these houses or the town east of that behind the mountain.

  20. I preferred the way they drew unova, they drew this is a bit more of a cartoony way. I’m noticing a pattern with most recent gens, the Pokemon league is in the eaSt, the Pokemon league in gen 6 too,I think is towards the east. It looks like there is a victory road in front of almost a palace. It’s strange, again the Pokemon league being like a palace reminds me of last gen… I’d love it if they did something new, like a Pokemon league city, or a Pokemon league on a floating island, or something new. I think those clouds in the north east are covering something to do with the legendaries, I think that cave might lead to something that leads to the legendaries, but its covered up. If you look carefully, you can see at the bottom, all the rivers come into another area covered up, which also could have something to do with the legendaries. It also looks like we have Another ice gym, probably again the 7th. It would be cool if you travelled around the region on boats in the rivers but I doubt it… The whole of this gen reminds me of 3rd gen a lot.

  21. I made this a while ago when I was bored. The yellow circles are the towns I think will be gym towns. I’ve also pointed out anything that could effect the typing of the town gym. (like the mines near that solar panel town could point towards rock or ground) It’s a little hazy though.

    1. The main points of note are:
      1. The town in the bottom left corner has what appears to be a ships steering wheel on the roof, which could point to a seafaring/pirate town. Which could point to a water type gym.

    2. 2. The carnac stones area has what could be a graveyard to the right of it (see the little stone slabs just after the bridge) It could point to the town above it being a ghost type gym….but the castle looks like it could be Psychic either. It would probably fit into that gym that we think is Psychic type (with the room falling apart)

      1. JPG compression from saving it in your editor along with extra compression from photobucket

    1. 8th Gym looks more like the first town in the game, and just before it looks like route 3 in the video.

      1. well it has yet to be confirmed if that is the first town or not. even if it was i don’t see why it could not be the 8th Gym they did it with Viridian City. and the fifth gym was the first you saw in hoenn. so i don’t see why it could not happen

          1. like i said it has yet to be confirmed if that spot on the map is the first town or not so how can you know that the path leading up is route 3 . even
            if it was i don’t see why it could not be the 8th Gym they did it with
            Viridian City. and the fifth gym was the first you saw in hoenn. so i
            don’t see why it could not happen

          2. there are official screenshots that have been released, showing the route number, with that town to the left side.

          3. that is a lot of proof about route 3 and kudos to you for getting this all together but i still don’t see why it could not be the 8th Gym, they did it with Viridian City. and the fifth gym was the first you saw in hoenn. so i
            don’t see why it could not happen here. and i do and don’t think it would be interesting, the only way i would find it interesting is if the prof. that you get your pkmn. from was your parent

          4. Not saying it couldn’t be the 8th Gym, but that 7th Gym is most certainly the starting town.

          5. I think that the town or city on the left side of route 3 is where the last gym is, because as you can see, there is a route on the right side of that city, leading to the rumored victory road and pokemon league, and what made me think that this city or town have a gym is because you can see the gym logo on one of the places the character is sitting on a bench, and that place is similar to the town on the left side of route 3 from the first trailer

      1. not really in my opinion a lot of the 1 and 2 gyms are far apart in other regions

          1. yea but you never really had to walk that or surf it but there is a descent gap in other regions

    2. 8th gym is hometown
      where hometown is on your map will be where daycare is

      4th gym is 1st gym fairy type
      6th gym is 2nd gym and will be steel type
      5th gym is 3rd gym and will be flying type
      Elite 4 is 4th gym and will be psychic
      7th gym is 5th gym and will be a water type gym and the only way to get to it is by surfing
      1st gym is 6th gym and will be electric gym
      3rd gym is 7th gym and will be Fire type
      the building in the left hand corner will be a dark gym underground and you will have to take thing long stairs looking as if your going into the pits of hell
      remember appearances can be deceiving
      gym 2 is the elite 4

      thats what I think at least

  22. The region is designed almost identically like France with a natural flavor of balancing Nature and Metropolis. The region is shaped like a star with each side representing each of the four seasons. West: summer, East: winter, North: Autumn, and South: spring.

    The region looks decent and immense with Metropolis cities, small towns, forests (which basically cover the whole region), a desert area, mountains, and a chain of small islands.

    The culture appears to be somewhat modern and somewhat revolutionized with castle and with an ancient structure erected in the most western part of the region. There appears to be about thirteen different cities and towns which are somewhat half decent sized with Lumiose city being the biggest and most central part of the region.

    One of the most eye-catching towns and cities excluding the main city is the town near Lumiose city with a protective wall with green and white buildings (gym leader location)?, and the town with the erected pink structure by it’s left. What ever the secrets these places may be hiding, without a doubt, this region seems to be one of my personal favorites as it’s flavor and over-all theme just sticks out to me.

    1. Your wording is off. As is your punctuation. But I do agee that this region is interesting in both concept and design.

        1. Your use of the word “flavor” is off, and “metropolis” is a noun (as in “nature”); it’s harder to use nouns as comparisons when using them descriptively. For that first sentence, the correct use of those three words could be integrated into the first sentence as “The Kalos region draws inspiration from the real-world country of France, where rustic charms meet modernized beauty in an artistic flavor known only to be found in France.” Something like that xD

          1. Thank you and as an aspiring author I will try to commemorate these in future writings and remember it. Thank you.

          1. Oh, (LOL) I forgot about that. Sorry for the misunderstanding. I wrote this pretty fast so I didn’t get cut off on the poor grammar and wording. I will try harder next time, and thank you.

          2. No need to ‘try harder next time’, just keep doing as great as you are now, and you’ll be good 🙂

  23. I think it’ll be sweet if we will live in a Mansion in this game, the southern most home, and begin the adventure by picking our trainer skins/outfits, and setting off to a fancy party downstairs with a bunch of people in it. And the main ceremony our Parents let us decide which starter to pick. Then we set off northward and meet the main Professor and ya-ta-ya-ta etc . It’ll make things feel really fresh, fancy, and well… European.

  24. Rumours from 2ch….

    – Chespin evolves into Grass/Dark, ninja like, pretty fast and uses pins as weapons, high Speed

    – Fennekin evolves into Grass/Psychic, very floaty appearance, high Special Attack

    – Froakie evolves into Water/Fighting, slim and judo/karate based, high Attack, also quite fast

    – Regional rodent is a Capybara, gains water type on evolution

    – Regional bird already seen in Fletchling, remains Normal/Flying

    – Gyms are Bug, Fairy, Fighting, Poison, Psychic, Fire, Ice and Dark.

    – Poison gets a lot of love this generation with Gym and a few cool new Pokemon. Gains new type combinations with Fire and Electric.

    – Fairy indeed introduced, weak to Poison and Steel, strong against Dragon and Fighting

    – Xerneas is Fairy/Steel

    – Yveltal is Dark/Flying

    – Third legend is Poison/Rock

    – You can do gyms 4 to 7 in any order you like, game registers which you complete first and relevels others because of this, an example is the Poison gym having level 28 as best if challenged 4th and level 46 as best if challenged 7th. Some gym leaders have different rosters.

    – Some Gym Leaders may be familiar. Ghost is related to fantina.

    1. Fennekin becomes Grass/Psychic? WOW! Two grass type starters, finally grass type is getting some love.

      Jk, know what you meant. Still just rumors and I’m more inclined to believe Chespin will be slow and defensive.

    2. I was going to mention Fennekin’s typing but it seems like I was beaten to it xD I really like these rumors. These are the kinds of rumors that are interesting to read because they sound so plausible.

    3. These rumors seem very credible and I do hope that we get a dark-type gym! If fairy does turn out to be confirmed and weak against steel, I wonder what the basis for that would be? I can see fairy being weak to poison, but why would it be weak to steel? I really do hope that Fantina makes a cameo in this game 😀

      1. In a lot of folklore fairies and similar creatures are weakened or repelled by iron, I imagine that’s probably the reasoning.

  25. There are a few interesting locations on the map that peak my interest. First off, the pink boulders. One cluster near the center of the map and another near the lower half of the mountain. Did someone spill jelly there? No, I believe this will be a specific evolution location. Which Pokémon you ask? None other than Ditto! A perfect ditto one that can perfectly replicate full PP moves, but perhaps (maybe it will have unique imperfect sprites for every Pokémon?). Another location is the giant pink crystal formation in the upper half of the right side, another evolution inducing location? Something big will happen there and it will be beautiful, surely. One thing I haven’t seen anyone comment on is the bridge to nowhere on the right side of the map. Where does that go? Is this region connected to the Unova region in some way? We may find out in the second installation of this gen. Besides these things I’m not too concerned about Kalos’ other locations, I aspire to perform at the Colosseum-type place, there are much too many caves, all the neat little places where Legendary Pokémon might be hiding are quite interesting to speculate about. All in all, October can’t come fast enough.

    1. oh yeah and thanks Moving. Although the typing was not my original idea, I can, however, take credit for the dusty fennekin evolution of my imagination.

  26. I know it is a bit early to say, but this generation might be my favorite one. I like all of the Pokemon that has been revealed; and yes, even the new Mewtwo form. And the Kalos region looks different and spacious when comparing to the past regions. Kalos makes the Unova region look kind of dull when placed side-by-side.

  27. Starters Finals will be Grass/Dark Fire/Psychic Water/Fighting
    Gym 1 is Fairy Type
    Gym 2 Steel Type
    Gym 3 is Flying Type
    Gym 4 is Psychic Type
    Gym 5 is Water Type
    Gym 6 is Electric Type Gym
    Gym 7 is Fire Type Gym
    Gym 8 is Dark

    Elite 4
    1-Dragon Type
    2-Grass Type
    3-Ground Type
    4-Ice Type

    Leader of Elite 4 will have a mix team but the opposite legendary pokemon than what you have say you have y he will have x or if you have x he will have y

    1st gym is 6th gym and will be electric gym
    3rd gym is 7th gym and will be Fire type
    the building in the left hand corner will be a dark gym underground and you will have to take thing long stairs looking as if your going into the pits of hell
    remember appearances can be deceiving

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