Journey to X & Y: Episode One — Final Starters


Six months. Half a year. It’s still a long wait until X & Y release internationally and everyone is eagerly waiting new information about the games. In this new feature we plan to propose and explore ideas with our readers about what we would like to see in the new games, you will help shape this series.

In this first episode we’re going to take a look at the possibilities for the X & Y Starter Pokémon: Chespin, Fennekin & Froakie, as well as their evolutions. This feature is a discussion series, we’re encouraging you to get talking and debating in the comments below, the more the merrier!

As usual, remember this is all opinion and other than the information we have officially confirmed none of this is fact. We could find this information out sooner than we think. Hiro (the person behind the current touchy Fairy Type situation) has said that he was going to reveal the types for the starter evolutions, but decided against it and is saving it for now. Take that as you please.

So, what next? Below are two proposals for discussion and exploration, you can answer in anyway you please. Your reply can be completely outrageous, just remember anything can happen. All the input and exploration that happens here will shape future episodes so be sure to get your two cents in…

When X & Y were first revealed we got a glimpse of what could possibly be a hint toward the secondary typing of the 6th Generation starter evolutions. Many people people speculated that the starters themselves would be dual-typed, but this turned out to be untrue. Those types were Grass/Dark, Fire/Psychic and Water/Fighting. These secondary types would each create another type triangle between the starters, although it wouldn’t have provided any sort of advantage between the starters.

The first proposal here is that we say those types are what the starters evolutions turn out to have: Chespin’s evolution/s will be Grass/Dark, Fennekin’s evolution/s will have Fire/Psychic typing and Froakie’s will gain Fighting type in addition to water. How would those types effect the appearance or ‘role’ those Pokémon take? Will Froakie turn into yet another bulky Water type? Please don’t! Power through Speed is an interesting concept, rather than having its final form being a big muscular fighting frog use the speed we’ve already witnessed from the trailer and have it remain nimble and swift, a skinny tall frog if you like. That’s just a personal opinion though. We want to hear from you guys how you think the Pokémon should look with these types, what ‘roles’ should they take on and why? Explore all the possibilities you can!

Those types moves could have been anything though, right? Just because a Pokémon uses a specific move of a certain type doesn’t mean that Pokémon is part that type does it? No. For proposal number two we’re going to ignore those moves and the types we believe they represented, taking them as nothing but coincidence. The types for the starters could be anything, but what? It’s a known thing that people are beginning to grow tired of the usual Fire/Fighting type starter, so what should replace it? Or should the starters remain single-typed in all of their forms? Again, we want you to get talking and discuss any possibilities you want.

Proposal three? Who knows! Perhaps one of our readers can think up something better than the two we already have… This article is only a short one, but the fun starts when we begin exploring possibilities in the comments, your input is what will make this feature work. Our favourite replies and opinions will be featured in the next episode alongside staff responses to them, we’re expecting some good stuff here guys!