Journey to X & Y: Episode One — Final Starters


Six months. Half a year. It’s still a long wait until X & Y release internationally and everyone is eagerly waiting new information about the games. In this new feature we plan to propose and explore ideas with our readers about what we would like to see in the new games, you will help shape this series.

In this first episode we’re going to take a look at the possibilities for the X & Y Starter Pokémon: Chespin, Fennekin & Froakie, as well as their evolutions. This feature is a discussion series, we’re encouraging you to get talking and debating in the comments below, the more the merrier!

As usual, remember this is all opinion and other than the information we have officially confirmed none of this is fact. We could find this information out sooner than we think. Hiro (the person behind the current touchy Fairy Type situation) has said that he was going to reveal the types for the starter evolutions, but decided against it and is saving it for now. Take that as you please.

So, what next? Below are two proposals for discussion and exploration, you can answer in anyway you please. Your reply can be completely outrageous, just remember anything can happen. All the input and exploration that happens here will shape future episodes so be sure to get your two cents in…

When X & Y were first revealed we got a glimpse of what could possibly be a hint toward the secondary typing of the 6th Generation starter evolutions. Many people people speculated that the starters themselves would be dual-typed, but this turned out to be untrue. Those types were Grass/Dark, Fire/Psychic and Water/Fighting. These secondary types would each create another type triangle between the starters, although it wouldn’t have provided any sort of advantage between the starters.

The first proposal here is that we say those types are what the starters evolutions turn out to have: Chespin’s evolution/s will be Grass/Dark, Fennekin’s evolution/s will have Fire/Psychic typing and Froakie’s will gain Fighting type in addition to water. How would those types effect the appearance or ‘role’ those Pokémon take? Will Froakie turn into yet another bulky Water type? Please don’t! Power through Speed is an interesting concept, rather than having its final form being a big muscular fighting frog use the speed we’ve already witnessed from the trailer and have it remain nimble and swift, a skinny tall frog if you like. That’s just a personal opinion though. We want to hear from you guys how you think the Pokémon should look with these types, what ‘roles’ should they take on and why? Explore all the possibilities you can!

Those types moves could have been anything though, right? Just because a Pokémon uses a specific move of a certain type doesn’t mean that Pokémon is part that type does it? No. For proposal number two we’re going to ignore those moves and the types we believe they represented, taking them as nothing but coincidence. The types for the starters could be anything, but what? It’s a known thing that people are beginning to grow tired of the usual Fire/Fighting type starter, so what should replace it? Or should the starters remain single-typed in all of their forms? Again, we want you to get talking and discuss any possibilities you want.

Proposal three? Who knows! Perhaps one of our readers can think up something better than the two we already have… This article is only a short one, but the fun starts when we begin exploring possibilities in the comments, your input is what will make this feature work. Our favourite replies and opinions will be featured in the next episode alongside staff responses to them, we’re expecting some good stuff here guys!

  1. Chespin-Grass/Dark

    Why? I see Chespin as an assasin with grassy outfit, Fennekin as a desert fox, and Froakie becoming icy-sagey boss frog.

    or what I want is, just like in 2nd generation:


    1. Yeah, but Foakie final evo would overpower Chespin and Fennekin final evo. It’s unlikely that they would prioritize one starter above the rest.

      1. I want another overpower other starters water starter like in gen 4 or gen 2.Water types are the best!

  2. I just love all three of the starters this gen, I really hope they get the secondary typing to match their awesomeness. Grass/Dark, Fire/Psychic, Water/Fighting would definitely be awesome IMO. It’s true that the fact they used moves that looked like these 3 types doesn’t necessary mean they will be those types, but it was introduced as a kind of pattern in the trailer which makes me think there may be some kind of meaning behind it. Masuda has mentioned in the past that this “three-way counter typing” was something they had experimented with before too.

    1. I don’t think that the second types of the starters is really worth debating because it was nearly revealed in the trailer. I agree with the idea of grass/dark, water/fighting and fire/psychic, it looks very likely when you consider the starters appearance. I mean that Chespin has claws which will be perfect for hone claws move or other scratching, sharpening moves and looking like sneasel’s family ones. Chespin has also thorns and I think he could evolve in a kind of badass spiky chestnut shell.

      Plus Fennekin looks like the calmest of the trio, perfectly fitting with psychic type. He also has something very piercing in his eyes. Finally, Froakie looks quick, agile, supple and slim and I think he will more look like a “skinny tall frog”, perhaps a gentler Toxicroak, than a big and sturdy batrachian like Poliwrath.

      I can’t wait!

  3. My personal wish is Grass/Dark, Fire/Psychic and Water/Fighting, because I think they make the most sense.

    I’d be happy with anything as long as Chespin isn’t pure Grass, Froakie isn’t pure Water (definitely against this one because Froakie is my favourite) and Fennekin isn’t Fire/Fighting, though.

  4. I hope for Grass/Rock, Fire, and Water/Flying.

    Chespin will have the advantage over all this way but still it would be awesome.

    I honestly see Fennekin becoming Fire/Fighting since its pretty much a tradition now. I mean Tepig looked nothing like a fighting type and its Evolutions were less Fighting typed than Tepig…so Gamefreak can just as easily make Fennekin Fire/Fighting.

    Fire/Ground holds a lot of promise too….Fire/Psychic…would probably have Fennekin in NU tiers because they’d completely mess her up and she’d be pretty weak with that type coverage.

    1. Umm a x4 weakness to water would cripple fennekin. I don’t really see that happening.

      1. What about Swampert’s x4 weakness to Grass? Charizard and Torterra have x4 weaknesses as well, albeit not from a Starter type.

      2. Fennekin is going to get ruined anyway. Watch if they make her Fire/Psychic she’ll be a physical attack Pokemon with low special attack just to keep it different from Vulpix’s line. Fennekin is this Gen’s Snivy. It looks good concept wise, but when the evolutions are shown, move pool, and stats, its going to suck so bad no one will use it.

  5. I would like: Grass/Fighting with a lot of attack, pure Fire with a lot of speed and Water/Ice with a lot of special defense, but unfortunately I think it’s more likely we’re getting: Grass/Steel (with a lot of defense), Fire/Fighting (mixed) and pure Water (bulky with a lot of speed).

  6. Maybe water and bug for froakie? Idk it’d just be interesting. Highly highly doubt it but it would spice things up a bit. Give us another water and bug type. I don’t really care for the typings of froakie and chespin, as long as they all are dual types (I hate pure types) and fennekin is a fire and psychic. Anything but fire/fight and pure types I am definitely cool with.

  7. Grass/Flying, with Chespin’s hat turning into some cool Bunny-ear-helicopter when he reaches his final form. It’s a type combo we haven’t seen in a starter yet and it may be interesting to see executed. Something along the lines of Antylamon.
    Fire/Ground, I like the idea of Fenniken turning into a nice looking desert fox, gaining a nice orange colour as it evolves. perhaps getting some dirt in it’s lovely golden coat.
    Water/Electric, I have seen (in my dreams) Froakie’s bubble cowl turn into a giant thunder-head afro.

    these types add another type triangle to the mix and they are a lot of type combinations we would never expect to see in a starter trio. I understand the many flaws in my theory, but I’m not one to shy away from being different when it comes to guessing.

  8. i like the idea of this second triangle, and for the most part i dont mind the types. that being said

    fire/psychic for fennekin is fun, and hopefully they keep the whole line quadrupedal.

    water/fighting for the froakie line gives us our third fighting “frog” line not to mention the fact that getting a water/fighting starter here vs. last gen when really thats what oshawotts line was desperately wanting to be.

    grass/dark, not exactly what i would hope for, id rather get grass/fighting combining my top two favorite types in a starter. but i like the idea of an assassin-ish grass/dark type. specially if they give it leaf blade, psycho cut, night secret sword, or sacred sword (which yes i know uses horns, but pfftt, i want my assassin chipmonk thingy using its hidden blades)

          1. No it doesn’t. Not only is the page layout extremely unproffessional, but the final forms have no inspiration behind them, and don’t look like something Ken Sugimori would approve of. The girl who drew those is just trolling really hard.

          2. the final evos are also different colors than the first evolution

  9. Well firstly I just remembered that fennekin has lotus shaped ear hair. So my proposition is that as its last form fennekin could have a fire/grass dual typing and in its final evo it would be a combination of fire and flowers (most preferably a flower that has or means fire)

    Now onto froakie, I think it should become a water/fighting type (not many water/fighting) and its final form should be slightly taller than a human, have strong legs, alright sized abdomen, and fast and strong arms. And on its hands it can have gloves. But the thing is that it’s gloves are made out of the cloud material on its back. And maybe have a bigger mustache(assuming that the cloud on its face is a mustache or spectacles)

    Lastly as for Chespin, it should be a very rugged and pointy Pokemon that is Grass/Steel. It’s last evo would look like a knight with a chestnut shield and some kind of metallic sword

  10. My guess is:
    Fennekin – Fire/Ghost
    Chespin – Grass/Dark
    Froakie – Water/Fighting
    Each Pokemon they fight in the trailer has a weakness to the type of attack that they use against it. Fennekin uses a Ghost type move against Kirlia (a Psychic type). Chespin uses a Dark type move against Golurk (a Ghost type). Finally, Froakie uses a Fighting type move against Patrat (a normal type). This would also create a reverse in the advantage each starter has when matching up their secondary types. Fennekin’s Fire typing has an advantage over Chespin’s Grass but is its secondary typing of Ghost is weak to Chespin’s secondary type, Dark. Where this theory starts to break up a bit is comparing the match-up between Froakie and Fennekin. Froakie’s Water typing is advantageous over Fennekin’s Fire type however it’s secondary Fighting type has no effect on Fennekin’s secondary Ghost typing, rather than 1/2 damage. Fennekin’s secondary Ghost typing would also not hit Froakie’s Fighting for 2X however it has the advantage of not being affected by Fighting type moves.

  11. My hope for the typing of their final evolutions are: Fire/Ghost, Grass/Steel, Water/Electric!

    I see Fennekin and think Japanese Fox Spirit, Chespin makes me think about nuts which have hard shells and the rumor of the “spin” part of his name makes me think of spinning blades for some reason so Steel type, and I just want to see Froakie’s final form on a floating thunder cloud so Electric.

    1. I dont like Grass/Steel. That would be a enormously weakness against fire…

      1. BUT…it would also have 10 resistances (Normal, Water, Electric, Grass, Psychic, Rock, Ghost, Dragon, Dark and Steel) and also 1 immunity (Poison) so I think that is well worth the trade off of a 4x weakness to Fire.

    2. Fennekin is based off a Fennec fox which resides in the Sahara of North Africa. It’s very unlikely for Ghost to be a dual type to any starters. First, it would signify that the Pokemon had died. Second, Ghost types have never been found early it the games.(correct me if I’m wrong) Grass/Steel is plausible & Water/Electric is a stretch because Electric is a base type and rarely a second typing. Starters usually focus on their base types. Empoleon could learn like hand full of Steel moves Torterra could only learn Earthquake unless he was taught through unusual circumstances. The idea of Water/Electric starter could happen, but not likely in this generation.

  12. Starter pokemon are probably the hardest to predict their typing simply because anything is possible. Ex: Tepig could have easily been a fire/ground warthog and oshawott WAS MEANT to be water/fighting yet we didnt get that. with that said, these are my thoughts:

    chespin’s final evo could be grass/dark, which i personally want, and makes sense too. Chespin is based on a hedgehog and these animals are mostly nocturnal according to wikipedia. However, it could also be rock considering it’s also based on a chestnut, so maybe a rock-hard helmet or shell. I dont think it would be grass/steel because of it’s x4 weakness to fire (then again swampert was x4 weak to grass) grass/flying seems less probable. Also, shaymin already has that typing for one of its formes and it’s also based on a hedgehog so it seems unlikely.

    I would want fennekin’s evo to be fire/psychic simply because it just fits its appearance. It just seems elegant and foxes generally tend to be portrayed as sly, cunning, and smart, which also opens the possibility of it being fire/dark. Fennekin resembles vulpix a lot and vulpix knows several ghost and dark type moves so maybe fennekin will share some of these moves and make it fire/ghost.

    It would be awesome if froakie were water/fighting. it’s slender form makes its typing appropriate. water-type starters are always bulky so it would be a nice change. poliwrath and the croagunk family are frog-based pokemon that have this fighting typing so this could mean that froakie might share this or it could mean that it could become cliche (fire/fighting hasn’t stopped gamefreak tho…) with the foam/cloud on its back froakie could also be water/flying and could be based on a flying frog. im not that worried about froakie’s typing bcause water-type starters are lucky if they ever get a secondary typing so anything, except ground, will be good for me. A random comment, froakie looks a lot like meditite so this could or could not signal to a fighting type.

  13. Tbh, I really only have two requests for Fennekin, keep it quadrupedal and please not Fire/Fighting type, lol. Idc if it’s Fire/Psychic (my preferred choice), Fire/Ghost, Fire/Dark, Fire/Ground or pure Fire as long as my two requests are met, lol. I also love the idea of the ear fur (a feature that scares me when it comes to it’s evolutions) will turn into fire, playing off of Fennec foxes dispersing heat from their ears. Hopefully kitsunes (not kyuubi) will play a role in it’s evolutions inspiration.

    For Froakie, this one’s a hard one, I could see pure Water, Water/Fighting, Water/Electric, Water/Ice, Water/Poison, Water/Psychic or Water/Flying from him. I also could see his evolutions going the Frog Prince route, Superhero route, Benjamin Franklin route, Thor route, Poison Dart route, Frog on floating cloud route, Gentlemanly toad route, Toad sage route, Wizard route, Sumo route or the Journey to the West Monk route and those things on his face could be a nose, “spectacles” or a budding mustache, I honestly have no clue where he’s going.

    As for Chespin, I see his inspiration coming from (on the fauna side) Hedgehogs, Chipmunks, Moles, Gophers, Groundhogs, Woodchucks, Ferrets, etc… and his flora side from the horse chesnut. As for typing I could see Grass/Dark, Grass/Fighting, pure Grass, Grass/Steel or Grass/Ground. I see spikes being emphasized in his design and maybe even having Badgers, Wolverines, Pangolin or Armadillos contribute into his evolutions, maybe a kind of armor with that chestnut shell, he could be the Grass type Typhlosion, inspiration/design wise.

  14. Froakie – Water/Flying
    Chespin – Grass/Ground
    Fennekin – Fire/Fighting I’M JOKING. Fire/Psychic.

  15. personally, even though im quite certain i will start with chespin, i think that making froakie water/electric type would be AWESOME! i just love the idea of having it with thunder cloud-like fluff. i would also like to see the fluff in fennekins ears turn into flames, or have some part of it on fire, because every fire type starter so far has had fire growing out of it somewhere(dont ask me how) and for chespin, i think it will get a line of tough grass-like spikes o its back, and look like a big mole, hunched forward and evilish looking, with big front claws.

  16. Grass/Dark, Fire/Psychic, & Water/Fight
    would be a 15 year old dream(17 year old if your from jp). I’d be one happy fan/trainer with something similar this.

    1. Actually, that dream would be a little younger (since Dark was introduced in Johto), but I get what you’re saying.

    2. I’m liking froakie final evo. It’s a cool concept of giving it a tadpole tail.

  17. I believe Fennekin’s final evo will be a Fire/Ghost type, and be based of the fox spirit yokai. It could use ghostly fire and have its mane and ear tufts made of it too giving it a floating head look.

    Chespin is a hard one to figure out. Although Grass/Dark would be awesome, I can also see Grass/Steel as the “spikes” on his head/hat could harden over the evolutionary process and the “spin” part in his name give me the feeling he will be a spinner/roller like pokemon.

    Froakie (My favorite!) as a Water/Fighting would indeed be awesome, but i would just love it to be a Water/Flying. My reasoning for this is simple: Bubbles! As we all know bubbles/foam are a mixture of liquids with air. Lots of frogs are known for making foamy bubbles and good old Froakie reminds me of a Flying tree frog (its the eyes) who propel and glide from tree to tree thanks to the folds of skin between their toes.

    So there you have my opinions on what i would like and believe the starters to be.

    Yes i know that is a Kyubimon

  18. Chespin- Grass/Electric

    Fennekin- Fire/Flying

    Froakie- Water/Rock THIS BE CRAZY xD but really I want Grass/Dark Fire/Psychic and Water/Fighting :3

  19. The starters will be so lame if they weren’t duel-typed; Just another Fire Fox, Bubble Frog, and Soil Mole.

  20. The final evolutions seem follow a pattern. One is Bulky, one is skinny, and one is kinda in the middle. In gen 1 it was not really there but after that you can slowly see this trend continuing. I just dont want froakie to be bulky! i dont know how it wont be seismitoad if it is on the larger side… I could like chespin being a big badger thing in the end.

  21. i would love a water/electric typing for Froakie. we need more water/electric pokemon!

  22. Its strange because morimoto wanted starters to gain those three types but chespins attack looked a lot like Ariel Ace

  23. Obviously Fennekin evolves in Yveltal, Froakie into Xerneas, and Chespin into Z*******. Duh.

    1. No. Just no. That would make the legandery pokemon very weak and would be a spoiler alert for the Z game.

  24. Chespin evo. – Grass/Ground. It has those same kind of claw, drill thing like drilbur as feet and I really don’t like the Grass/Dark idea for some reason.
    Fennekin evo. – Fire/Psychic or Fire/Ghost
    Froakie evo. – Water/Fighting

  25. Soooooo!

    Chespin- could go Grass/dark,steel or ground
    Fennekin- Fire/psychi, pure fire or new type (Fairy/mystical)
    Froakie- Water/fighting,poison or pure water

  26. Okay so I’ll just go through my opinions on a few different typings, a lot of which people have already suggested and all here.

    First off, Fennekin

    Fire/Ghost – Though I like the idea of it evolving into a kyuubi/kitsune, ninetales is pretty much based on that and I feel mythological animals don’t have as much room for multiple pokemon as normal ones. Also, I feel the Litwick family should keep it’s unique typing to itself.
    Fire/Psychic – Pretty much the first and most common idea for it. I guess it would be cool, and it could still go along the kitsune line, but hopefully without more tails and adding atleast 33% of something else.
    Fire/Flying – Because Tails. Yes, I know that would probably mean more tails again, but it could just grow it’s ear tufts out and use them. I’d really like this one, even though Charizard’s already that type combo.

    Fire/Poison or Fire/Ice – I haven’t thought these through, but looking at all remaining combinations for Fire, Water and Grass, eliminating all with each other and which in my opinion wouldn’t fit the design, I was left with these two, both of which incidentally are of Fire. Though they are less likely to work, both of these are combinations which I think would be utterly cool. Especially the ice one *snicker*
    Fire – Frankly I think each of them could do with staying pure, like Gen II. Though I guess a big fox would be boring.

    Alright, Chespin

    Grass/Ground – Digging, drilling, whatever. Not to keen on this one. Torterra’s the same. And we just had Drilbur/Excadrill as drilling Ground-type rodents.
    Grass/Rock – I’ve always considered Rock and Ground to be so similar. I often get confused between the two. But looking into it a bit I would prefer this over the previous typing. Can’t figure out what it would look like.

    Grass/Dark – I don’t really have much of an opinion on this, though I wouldn’t mind it.
    Grass/Steel – Doable, but it’d only be fun if the steel wasn’t just a giant grey metal armor or grey metal parts or stuff. Empoleon was half-steel and I’ve always loved it’s design. Not that its the only Steel type to pull off little or no grey (Does anyone know why Jirachi is part Steel? I still don’t). So, make the green bits metal? Will do.
    Grass – I find it to be the least likely of the three to be pure-typed. ‘Nuff said.

    Finally, the awesome little Froakie

    Water/Fighting – Imagine, “Hello, my good sir, may I interest you in some tea and MEGAPUNCH!” A gentleman brawler frog. That’d be nice.
    Water/Dark – Take Froakie’s kindly image and make it more sinister.
    Water/Electric – I quite like this idea, though the image of it on a thundercloud rings Thundurus to me, who also happens to have similar coloration. But good designing could definitely make it work.
    Water/Flying – Why do I want so much Flying? Though yeah the cloud makes this very likely. This could work on a similar vein as Electric I guess. Or go in a different direction and SPROUT CLOUD WINGS!
    Water/Ice – Plausible. But I wouldn’t prefer it.
    Water – What if the cloud like thing is just froth? Then it just goes water all the way. Like maybe a liquidy, translucentish body?

    And that’s my opinion. Didn’t realise it was so big :/

    1. Chespin:I think the Grass/Steel is very interesting, feel like Excadrill.
      Fennekin:Really, I just don’t want it to be like the Ninetales,so Fire/Psychic should good.
      Froakie:I think it may be pure-typed, although can’t say why…

  27. I’m suspecting:


    Hope: Fast Grass/Steel
    Expect: Pure Grass.


    Hope: for Fire/Ice(Essentially, cross the Desert-living Fennec with the Arctic Fox)
    Fire/Flying: I can see it’s evolutions get bigger and bigger ears, eventually using those to fly.


    Hope: Water/Normal(special sweeper) wtih an emphasis on music(Frog Song).
    Expect: Pure Water.

    1. I agree with everyone of your hopes and expectations except the hope for froakie as then it wouldn’t have more advantages but more weaknesses.

  28. All of these evolutionary ideas are interesting but somewhere in their biology is bound to give off some kind of hint of physical change for example:

    Chespin: the OBVIOUS spiny Chestnut hat, ever notice when it engages in battle the bulbous appendages sharpens up into pins and reverts when idle

    also the noticeably red color on its slender non-mammalian tail could indicate something like a plant bud or developing thorn
    and lastly the long nails on its feet seeing how its paws lack any features

    Fennekin: not too many indicators except the ear fluff and fur quills, but with so little features an idea of what could happen is vague

    Froakie: obvious fluffy white substance ruffled around its neck and back is bound to link up to evolutionary change, maybe it stores oxygen like a pair of external lungs and are connected to the cute little bubbles on its nose like a big cloudy balloon that inflates or similar to a panpour to store moisture to venture onto land without dehydrating

    But i could be wrong all of us could either hit the nail on the head or miss completely in the direction of these starters
    but i hold no hate to how a Pokemon turns out (If you loved it pre-evolved you’ll love it no matter what it looks like)

  29. Just from the little information we have from generation 6 I would be happy with the starters staying a single type. We don’t need to over complicate things but as fans we can’t help it, it’s just something we as fans will do and will continue doing as more Pokemon come in the future.

    What I would like to see otherwise would be ANYTHING other then a fire/fighting type again on Fennekin. I along with most fans are sick of it and need a change after all this time. I would just like to see fire/psychic destroy the past starters so we trainers can take out our rage at Game Freak XD. I would also not mind a fire/ground or fire/ghost.

    For Chespin I would be happy with anything. I would like to see it as Grass/Dark just because I think it would be cool to have a grass/dark type again and so in the anime we can see something so cute turn into something with a dark sense of humor. Otherwise I would be happy with pure grass as it evolves or maybe add a ground typing. But who knows?

    Lastly with Froakie i have had mixed thoughts on its typing. I would be fine with it being pure water like Oshawott and its evolutions but I also would like to see it have a flying, or fighting type. With it being fighting type it would add to a reverse circle for typing that I think would be a great change that most fans are already hoping they predicted.

    We will all learn the truth in time so it’s always great to hear people’s thoughts about a new generation. I have been doing this since generation 3 and I hope Game Freak does something new that will help X and Y be remembered for years to come.

  30. Just a thought, they did a similar thing last gens trailer. They gave Pokabu( now tepig) assurance and everyone thought it would be dark. Pokemon like winding people up, as seen with the last fire types ending up part fighting.

  31. I find the whole thing with dark fight psychic okay, but they don’t interest me as much. I want some unusual typings. I’d love fennekin in to be part ghost, or even part electric. Something strange and new. Chespin maybe steel poison or dark. Froakie electric maybe, flying, poison. If I’m honest, I preferred last gens starters. They were more interesting animals. We’ve had so many foxes…. So many frogs… So many rodent things. But then again we’ve had a lot of pigs, but tepig looked different. I hope something weird and cool happens to the starters. And also. I would love a legendary quadruple Pokemon based of Harry potter houses. Perhaps all with extreme stats like deoxys.

  32. In all honesty though, I’d love it if Chespin became part Steel, Dark, Ghost, Dragon or Ground. Just SOMETHING that would make it stray from the whole Sunny Day/Chlorophyll or SubSeeder that Grass types usually are.

    Fennikin is just a classic fox. I can see part Psychic, Ghost or Dark. I’d love to see it if they went with a different direction and made it something unexpected. Hey, it could even be part Fairy xD

    I’m not really a fan of Water types, and Froakie’s frogginess seems overdone, kinda like foxes. Like others, I can see part Flying, Ice or Fighting. Poison and Electric are just types I can’t see. Fairy could fit this one too, maybe going with a “Prince Charming” kind of gimmick.

    I don’t care about the others as much, but I would love it if Chespin became more than the generic Grass type.

    1. they will probably never make a dragon type starter. dragons are supposed to be hard to catch, and are usually not available early in the games for a reason, because they kick ass so much. thats why the final gym leaders and elite four normally use dragon types. so little hope for the chespin dream.

      1. I merely mentioned Dragon because Grass/Dragon is something I’d love to see. If any of the Grass Starters were to be Dragon, it would be Sceptile x)

        1. oh i see. and secptile and charizard are probably the only two that could even be remotely dragon type

  33. Usually the wimpiest looking starter has the meanest final evolution, which is why I think Fennekin will be either ghost or dark if they have second types, I think those types of pokemon can look more aggressive than psychic types.

  34. My best guess would be Grass/Steel (steel spikes for spines), Fire/Ground (desert fox), and Water/Poison (blue poison dart frog). These type combinations nicely complement each other too.

  35. Man do I hope Chespin’s final evo is as cool as Sceptile’s, because if not, I really don’t know who I’m gonna pick starter wise

  36. Im getting tired of the made-up notion that Psy/Dark/Fight are some kind of trio and need to be featured as such… and ushow up in speculation every gen even after it never happens one gen after another.

    And then there is every fakemon artist and their mother adding these types to their fake-starters, which probably just makes gamefreak reconsider any inclination they might have ever had of actually doing this, and instead do their own thing (you know, like designing the starters for months to make sure they are quality and THEN adding any secondary types if necessary and even then something that works without stealing the primary starter types show)

  37. I think Fennekin’s tail is a lotus bud and it’ll “bloom” and will gain a Psychic type.

    Froakie,in my opinion,will evolve into a salamander,than into dragon…Water/Electric,or Water/Flying…something to do with the weather

    And Chespin…hmmm.Maybe a secondary Fighting type.Or even Rock type since it might be based on the first mammals.Its design is really vague.

  38. Well, I think that if this “fairy type” ends up being real, that Fennekin’s final stage would likely have it as its secondary typing. Just something about foxes makes me think “spiritual”, and as stated in the fairy type article, fairy means something more like that in japanese.
    If not, I think it’ll be Fire/Psychic, just because that’s the vibe I get when I look at it. I don’t know how else to explain it.

    But hey, we’ll see.

  39. Just from the little information we have from generation 6 I would be happy with the starters staying a single type. We don’t need to over complicate things but as fans we can’t help it, it’s just something we as fans will do and will continue doing as more Pokemon come in the future.

    What I would like to see otherwise would be ANYTHING other then a fire/fighting type again on Fennekin. I along with most fans are sick of it and need a change after all this time. I would just like to see fire/psychic destroy the past starters so we trainers can take out our rage at Game Freak XD. I would also not mind a fire/ground or fire/ghost.

    For Chespin I would be happy with anything. I would like to see it as Grass/Dark just because I think it would be cool to have a grass/dark type again and so in the anime we can see something so cute turn into something with a dark sense of humor. Otherwise I would be happy with pure grass as it evolves or maybe add a ground typing. But who knows?

    Lastly with Froakie i have had mixed thoughts on its typing. I would be fine with it being pure water like Oshawott and its evolutions but I also would like to see it have a flying, or fighting type. With it being fighting type it would add to a reverse circle for typing that I think would be a great change that most fans are already hoping they predicted.

    We will all learn the truth in time so it’s always great to hear people’s thoughts about a new generation. I have been doing this since generation 3 and I hope Game Freak does something new that will help X and Y be remembered for years to come.

  40. I’d love to see the final starter Grass/Dark – Fire/Psychic – Water/Fighting that’s my personal thoughts and I leave there image or shape to the fan and the creator that have better imagination than me.

  41. I want something unique like emploeon and torterra’s typing’s (water/steel and grass/ground respectively) and a fire type that isn’t going to be dual typed as fighting… it was cool in third, but 5th… really? But I would also be happy if they just stayed pure types like from HGSS… I also think that we need another starter that gains the flying type again…

  42. I’d love Fennekin to be Fire/Ground or Fire/Ice with Magic Guard. Fire/Ground is a fairly decent STAB combo, while Fire/Ice has quite a lot of things that it can at least neutral. With Thunderbolt, that’d make (near?) Perfect coverage!

  43. my thoughts. Water/Poison. Fire/Electric. Grass/Ground. to not only balance weakness but to also balance secondary types as well.

  44. Hey, just a heads up, you seem to have a little trouble with its and it’s, both this post and the Norse Mythology one have at least one instance of using the wrong one. “It’s” means “it is”, so “It’s final form” means “it is final form”. Not quite what you’re going for, methinks.

    1. It’s more the fact that autocorrect has a little trouble with its and it’s. And both articles have different authors 😉

  45. Froakie:
    I believe Froakie to be based upon, Dendrobates Azureus,
    This animal is a branch of the poison dart frog family, it is a blue frog.
    An interesting characteristic of poison dart frogs is how they care for their young, carrying them upon their backs in bubble which look like white clouds.
    If this is the case I can see Froakie’s white patches going to grey, then black as it evolves to more closely resemble Dendrobates Azureus.
    This would suggest to me a Water/Poison typing.

    It is of my believe that Chespin is based up one a hedgehog combined with a chesnut.
    I however believe similar to how Torterra and Sceptile base stages are a turtle and gecko respectively evolving to much larger creatures, (Ankylosaurus and a cross between Dilophosaurusand a Tree Gecko). I believe Chespin’s final stage will be based upon a Glyptodont,
    This would be in keeping with GF’s tradition of final stages of grass starters being based upon extinct animals. Glyptodont also shares many design similarities with Chespin, in particular how they both wear caps.
    If this is correct I theorise that Chespin will share characteristics with the subspecies Doedicurus,
    With its tail being coming a spikey club or possibly a poisonous flower
    Another feature of Chespin is its chesnut feature, like a chesnut will eventually shed its green outer layer, it is possible Chespin’s design will do something similar leaving a rock hard brown shell.
    This would suggest to me either a Grass/Poison typing or a Grass/Rock typing.

    Fenniken is obviously based upon a Fennec Fox, an animal local to the dessert, this suggests an infinity towards ground. What I do believe is possible is as many other pokemon designs change to represent different animals, Fenniken could change to incorporate more canine features. My primary view on this stems from GF’s tradition for using animals of the Chinese zodiac for fire starts coupled with the similarities between a fire/ground fox and the zodiac symbol for The Dog. The Dog is a symbol governed by the ground element whilst also has a cycle in the element of fire. Coupled with Fennec foxes are popular pets very much like dogs.
    This to me would suggest a Fire/Ground typing.

    Went on a bit there, sorry just couldn’t stop ^_^

  46. Top two for chespins last evo typing:Chespin nbr2 grass-fighting It can a dark green sumo physical attacker pokemon that has a uniqiue move “Root stomp ” 75 power with a 75 hit ratio and 10 pp and the name supow the power pokemon nbr1 grass-dark it can be a good phisical attacker speed deamon thingy that will look like a brown giant rat that has green armour on it with a signture move “untimateria jaws” does always 55 damage with a 80 hit ratio and the pokemons name is ralea the untimateria pokemon

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