Why I do Believe in Fairies: Opinion by Kriffix


This article is my opinion, and does not necessarily reflect the views of the entire staff at Pokéjungle. The bulk of this article is also available in Italian, here. Thank you to whoever it was that took the time to translate!

About me
With that out of the way, I shall now begin this article. My name is Kriffix, I’ve been translator here at Pokéjungle since the 5th Generation announcement. Back in the day, I would always aim to translate scans and leaks as fast and as accurately as possible. Our webmaster Paul (pokejungle) would then kindly host them here. This generation my role in delivering and translating info has become less significant due to the synchronised global release of news. In some cases, English language news has even hit first.

‘Fairy Type’ over ‘Light Type’
Just to clarify, I have always shrugged off theories of new types. Each new generation of Pokémon games has had a constant portion of the fanbase who would rush to the conclusion that there will be a new type, desperately backing up their theory with anything they could grab to use as evidence. There has always seemed to be a tendency for people to not be able to distinguish between what actually makes sense and what is simply their own wish for the series. Back when the Black and White mascot legendaries were revealed, there was mass speculation of a Light Type being introduced. I was never convinced, not even for a second. Why? Other than the fact Reshiram was white in colour, there was no evidence what so ever.  People always seem to like the Light Type idea, they argue that it could be a contrast to Dark Type, though this doesn’t really make sense given that the Japanese name for Dark Type is not an appropriate opposite for “Light”.  To be blunt, ‘Light’ just seems too broad of a concept that if it were actually ever to be implemented it would entirely uproot the Pokémon series as we know it, perhaps even starting it from scratch.

The introduction of a light type would affect too many existing Pokémon. I could never see Gamefreak taking away a type from a classic Pokémon, though adding a secondary type to previously mono-typed Pokémon is totally in the realm of possibility (as has been seen before with Magnemite). Which is why the whole Light Theory never really spoke to me. I knew that if there ever was to be a new type, it would have to affect as little existing Pokémon as possible. Which is why the Fairy Type theory seemed to click. Not including egg groups, the only Pokémon that are classified as ‘Fairy Pokémon’ are Clefairy and Snubbull, which are both mono-type Normal. Making them easily remedied with a new type in the future were it necessary.

Togetic and Togekiss, contrary to what some people seem to believe, will most likely never be changed to Fairy since they already have a second type. There also seem to be those who believe that, if Fairy is indeed real,  all Pokémon in the Fairy egg group will be altered with the new type.  I personally doubt this, but hey, who can actually say for sure?

What exactly is a Fairy Type? Getting over the prejudice
I see people bickering over the difference between Fairies, Nymphs, Sylphs, Pixies, Sprites etc. Arguing that they are all different things and should be treated as such. Well that’s all well and good, but it is important that we bare in mind that that it is a Japanese company calling the shots here. I’m afraid that the cries for order in this chaos will most likely be ignored. As you are aware, the Japanese language will use English words and add their own spin to them. Often not distinguishing between our precious borders that dictate the use of one word over another. Before we complain though, we must remember we too butcher the Japanese language. Such as what we consider to be a Geisha, and even the word we use to refer to a certain something you wouldn’t like your parents to see on your browser history.

Moving on, I keep seeing comments like “Fairies are so girly!” or “uncool”!
Firstly, my initial reaction to this is: “Wow, that sounds like it came right out of the mouth of an insecure pre-teen in a playground whilst being overly conscious of their contemporary 10 year olds”. It was then that I realised that this was most likely the case. The Pokémon Series would never add anything so girly or un-masculine you say?  What exactly do you call Gardevoir, Melloetta, or even the cute fan favourite of Pikachu? I don’t think there’s a Macho Brace in existence that’s effective enough to remedy these Pokémon.

I don’t even know where to begin dissecting these kind of comments. But I’ll start with this. There are many Pokémon fans who are girls, and would fit the traditional demograph of what a fairy type may well be. More importantly though, why do you have to be a girl to like a Fairy Pokémon? Plenty of guys use use feminine Pokémon, is that a crime? It’s quite Ironic me saying this actually, since looking at my party, my Pokémon just so happen to be pretty masculine, minus perhaps Whimsicott. But it had to be said anyway. Let’s keep the ignorance towards people’s tastes and hobbies to a minimum here. Pokémon is all about variation. If there’s a Pokémon that you like, you use it, if there’s a Pokémon you don’t like, you don’t use it. Simple, no?

Xerneas is said to be a fairy type. Does this fit what you imagine a fairy to be? Most likely not. The Japanese word for ‘fairy’ however is a little broader than the modern English (perhaps closer to the traditional English meaning). It can be something quite spiritual. As anyone who has seen Princess Mononoke may tell you, Xerneas resembles the spirit of the forest. This was most likely because it was based on Norse Mythology. Basically what I’m trying to get at here is that Fairy Type may well encompass a lot more than what the Disney-esque concept of fairies may have us believe. Staying open minded and not damning something from the get-go just because you don’t like the sound of it is always a wise way to go. Let’s keep this in mind.

Stay neutral, stay having fun with Pokémon
People’s prejudice is often the source of why they don’t enjoy newer instalments of the Pokémon games. For example, when Stunfisk was revealed people hated it, many of you probably still do. Regardless of this it has found its fans. In Japan Stunfisk goods are everywhere, there are slippers, cushions, biscuits, you name it. I’ve seen an entire isle of goods dedicated to Stunfisk. Yet when it was first leaked online, all people could say was “Herpity Derp!”. Perhaps so, but does that not have its own charm? What if Slowpoke was introduced in a later generation? It would probably have received the exact same warm welcome from the fans as poor Stunfisk did.  Fairy Type may not appeal to everyone just now, but let’s say that for the sake of the argument that it is real, you’re probably going to find something you like in it eventually. Many of you already have with Sylveon.

Signs are Pointing at a New Type
As I have stated earlier, I did not believe in previous generations that there was a new type. So why now do I suddenly change my mind? The answer is due to the precedence in Eevee evolutions. Eevee is meant to represent something neutral that can adapt to any type. Consequently its evolutions represent the type they are. They are practically the embodiment of what ever type they are, with no room to interpret otherwise. So then, I ask, just why is it that we all debate about Sylveon’s type so much? The fact that we are arguing in the first place is a hint that it is not something that can be clearly defined by the current set of types that there are. Imagine for a second that there was going to be a new flying or Dragon evolution for Eevee. Would you have pictured it to look how Sylveon looks? Probably not. Can you honestly say that Sylveon is the embodiment of what a flying, Dragon or Normal type is? Admittedly it’s colour scheme matches many normal types, but its complexity suggests  that there is something more to it.

Gamefreak has never revealed (by which I mean named and with Sugimori art) a non legendary in CoroCoro before that has not had it’s type clarified along with it. There is a reason behind why they are trying to hide its type. The signs seem to be pointing to a new type.

Our Source of Information
The source claiming that there will be a Fairy Type has provided information for us in the past. His name is Hiro, and he works for the official Nintendo Magazine of Spain. Last generation he revealed Purloin with his fanart of it mere hours before it was revealed on Pokémon Smash (well, Pokémon Sunday at the time). He did this to gain the trust of various major webmasters, who then went on to believe him. Additionally, Melkor, who also helped out at Nintendo magazine and contrary to rumours was in fact not fired from it also revealed many 5th generation Pokémon to us, all of which turned out to be 100% true. Though Melkor says he is not entirely informed about everything this generation, he does state that Hiro is probably telling the truth. He seems to believe it enough to add Fairy Type to his Pokémon type chart, which is a pretty bold statement indeed. It is likely that Melkor, being a lawyer, is trying to avoid outright saying Fairy Type is real as he will have to go through the same hassle that he went through back in generation 5 from The Pokémon Company International. Melkor is a clever guy indeed, though sometimes it is important to read between the lines to comprehend his actions. On one hand he may be saying “I don’t know”, but on the other he’s adding Fairy Type to his chart. His site is practically the Spanish equivalent of Serebii, which means a lot of responsibility rests on him in terms of what to post and what not to.

Though getting Back to Hiro, our current leaker, we have no solid reason to distrust him. He has informed us correctly before and has so much to lose in terms of credit if what he is suggesting is just lies. Looking at 4chan etc, people seem to distrust him despite knowing what he’s done for us in the past. Again, I think people who dislike the idea of Fairy Type, who are not willing to consider exactly how broad of a type it actually could be, are ignoring Hiro’s existing achievements in favour of their own taste in what should and shouldn’t be a Pokémon . Hiro has worked hard to establish the trust and respect he has at this point in time, would he really throw it all away for 5 more minutes of fame? I somehow don’t see this as likely.

Last generation, I doubted Melkor and Hiro’s “leaks” to the bitter end. I mean, come on, “sorry, we can’t show you anything official but here’s some fanart of new Pokémon lololol”  was pretty suspicious right? But boy, was I every wrong about them. I’ve learnt my lesson this time round though, and feel it wiser to trust them. What’s more, this time they have concrete past achievements supporting them. It’s much safer to trust them this time than last time.

Promises of More Leaks in the Future
Hiro has teased that he may reveal the final types of the starter evolutions. If he does decide to do this, you can bet that we will be posting it here right away. Remember, the more he reveals the more we have to use to see whether he is telling the truth or not. More information from official sources will probably be occurring monthly from now on, once one of Hiro’s leaks have been either officially confirmed or disproved, knowing who to trust should become much easier.

Will you be drinking my tears?
Possibly. It could go either way. It’s just that some of the reasoning behind why people believe there will be no fairy type was based on preference or taste, rather than logic or how reliable the sources have been up until now.

That being said, there are in fact some valid arguments as to why there may be no Fairy, it’s just that I feel that the pro-fairy argument is a stronger one.


If you have any questions, just post them below and I’ll try to answer them. If it is a particularly interesting question or statement then I’ll post it here in the article and give my take on it. I’ll start off with a few common messages I’ve seen floating around. Click the Spoiler below to read them.

[spoiler]1:Why would they add Fairy-Type now? It’s so late into the franchise
Kriffix: “Why not? Why would Gamefreak not keep their core product interesting and new when they feel it has become necessary to do so? GameFreak has a lot less clear patterns in their decisions than there seems to be, as soon as they establish one and we think we’ve come to understand it, they have often destroyed it to keep us on our toes (e.g. No Pokémon Gray)”.

2. Why would they make such a girly type?
Kriffix:Pokémon has an enormous fan base, there are plenty of people who will like it. As well as there being girls, there are also many men who would be quite happy to raise a Fairy-Type Pokémon. Try not to be too limited in your way of thinking.

3.Can you 100% confirm that Fairy Type is real?
Kriffix: No.

4.How sure are you then?
Kriffix: Fairly. Hence I’m writing this article. At the very least there is just too much evidence to entirely ignore the possibility.[/spoiler]

  1. I must say, very well said.
    Frankly I think people take things too seriously when they express their ‘hate’ of the new type, or anything new for that matter. I know they’re rumours, but expressing hate and disbelief won’t affect their validity or invalidity. I’m all for logical debating of the validity and invalidity, though.
    Also, few people would actually quit on the franchise just for one new type or forme which they don’t like.
    Besides, over time everyone warms up to most of the stuff, albeit at different rates. For example, when all th gen V pokemon were revealed just before the release (I think it was Hiro who did that too, right? I didn’t pay that much attention during B/Ws prerelease), I was quite displeased with some of the descriptions and didn’t believe they were real, but when they were proved true it became fine. Though I didn’t believe in Gear till I actually caught him in-game 😛

    Also, I personally don’t see why people hate something as awesome as Stunfisk. But then like you said, to each their own.

  2. I think Togetic and Togekiss WOULD be changed. They could become Fairy/Flying. I think, if there was a new type, Normal-types could easily have their type changed.

  3. a grass/fairy leprechaun
    a fairy/flying griffin
    a fairy angel
    a dark/fairy goblin
    a fighting/fairy tauros/bouffalant minotaur evo
    a fire/fair rapidash pegasus evo (PLEASE!)
    a fairy/dragon altaria evo

    So. Many. Possibilities. :’) (and not necessarily girlish)

    In other words, I’m open to a new type and if it’s fairy, I’m eager to see how they’ll incorporate it into the gameplay and pokemon species 😀 Gosh, this is why i love pokemon so much. Never ceases to keep me interested.

      1. Right? maybe they could create a fairy-type move that would evolve past pokemon to more mythical beings, equivalent to how ancientpower evolves pokemon to prehistoric pokemon. I’m thinking too much about this and it’s not even confirmed yet ._.

    1. Those are awesome! This makes me think that Pokemon will be able to create many new “regular” Pokemon that were it not for the Fairy Type would probably only seem appropriate as semi-legendary or full legendary.

    2. Ponyta split evo – choose from a fiery unicorn, or a dual type fiery/fairy Pegasus!!!

    3. The Minotaur evo couldn’t be Fairy/Fighting, correct me if I’m wrong but no pokemon evolves into totally different types? It would require the rebranding of whichever one it evolved from to one of those two types and neither of them particularly fit Fairy which would be the one that would be excusable to be tagging onto things at this stage. I’ve been waiting for a Minotaur pokemon for ages, by the way. Just don’t think it’d be Fairy type anyway.

        1. Eevee evolves into 7 different types…soon to be 8. Nincada changes types from Ground to Flying and/or Ghost.

          While both don’t “usually” change with Dual typed Pokemon….it can still happen.

  4. These “it’s so girlish” arguments are so dumb imo. Not that these girly and possible Fairy type Pokémon like audiono, clefairy etc aleady existed.
    Great article btw 🙂

  5. I just don’t like the term Fairy-Type it’s awkward and it doesn’t really fit with the rest of the types. What about Myth-Type or Fable-Type? But personally I’d like it to be called Glitter-Type.

    1. Yeah because dragon, ghost, and bug totally fit in with fire, water, steel, grass, electric, dark, rock…etc all different types of elemental powers. Also i remember in the fake leaked pokedex they said something about an irish dragon based on four leaf clovers. If thats real please! Let it be fairy type. Also I could easily see a ghost/fairy demon grim reaper thing that would be one way of keeping the type masculine enough to be well received. Also how much you want to bet the gym leader/ elite four person using this type will be a badass manly man just for irony purposes.

  6. I really enjoyed reading your opinions. I always hate having to skim through all the stupid arguments where it seems like nobody has a clue as to what they’re actually talking about. It’s a breath of fresh air to read someone’s thoughts that are organized and most importantly logical. As for the term Fairy Type, It’s growing on me. Just Like Kriffix said, once you have time to get used to something it doesn’t sound as bad as you originally thought. Not that I really thought it sounded bad to begin with.

    1. No problem, thanks for taking the time to read.

      Awesome Trafalgar Law Sneasel by the way.

      1. Hahaha No problem. Also ya, I figure Sneasel is my favorite Pokemon and Trafalgar Law is pretty cool. So when I found this pic it pretty much fit. lol

  7. Well said, and I am not going to lie, the idea of fairy types has peaked my interest. I like the thought of the fairy types, and all it has to offer, but I am not fully convinced. It is fair to say that Game Freak is hiding Sylveon’s type for a reason, and the legendaries for that matter. There is more information to back the fairy theory up, rather than light and sound types, but the idea of Xerneas being a fairy type seems odd. I get the fact it is not the typical fairy look we would see in a Disney film, but other types seem likely too. If we are going to say Xerneas is something in the sense of a spirit of the forest, couldn’t we say Celebi could be changed to fairy type? I am all for the fairy type, and I see the evidence, but for the weirdest of reasons I am doubting it. I want to believe it and I see the likelyhood, but I don’t know. My biggest question is, what would fairy types be super-effective against, and what would it be weak to?

    1. A good question and a valid evaluation.

      I think a lot of people seem to think it will be effective against Dark.

      Regarding fairy evidence, as you say there is technically nothing entirely concrete, just past events that support trusting the source once again. You’re staying open minded, probably more than I am since I’m really quite leaned towards it being real at this point. Very admirable of you.

      1. Thank you, and you manage to keep your thoughts well organized. I admire that. Fairy/Psychic would be a pretty awesome combination, and is very likely seeing as how they are knowledgeable creatures. I wouldn’t go as far as to say it has no weakness, but if any combination did, it would be Fairy/Psychic.

    2. I personally want Fairy/psychic type to have no weaknesses and be the anti-thesis of dark/ghost

      1. only one pokemon has that typing, spiritomb. so you really dont need something against that

    3. Weak to Psychic,Grass
      Resists Dark,Ghost,Dragon
      Super-Effective against Dark,Ghost
      Not effective against Psychic,Steel

    4. I think the term “fairy” could be associated with pureness and divinity to some extent so maybe they would be weak against poison, dark, and ghost types on the basis that these things pollute or corrupt the aforementioned purity. Just an idea. I just really want poison-types to gain more advantages :p As for their strengths, maybe they could be super-effective against dark and ghost too?

  8. I am also saying its fairy type because there is already a fairy egg group and sylveon looks like belongs right there. All the Pokemon that belong exclusively in that group have long been deemed as fairies. Its time they got their own official listing. Also, I hope it is a fairy type to spite all the people who complain about fairy type sounding lame/girly/not epic enough. I for one am sick and tired of people who want every Pokemon to be some epic thing. Cute is just as good as epic.

    1. I could see fairy type being weak against fighting and poison and being strong against ghosts, dark, bug

      1. ughh I don’t think it will be weak against poison, in fact it could be resistant because of its “purity”. or something like that . Beartic!

          1. or atleast have bug moves have no effect of poison pokemon. That would be nice.

          2. yeah, it doesn’t make much sense to me either, considering that a large portion of the bug types are also poison types or have a largely poison type move set.

  9. Do you think there will be another new type or just one new type? Maybe one being a special type (fairy) and another being a physical type (???) hence only one new Eevee evolution?

  10. I also subscribe to this possibility, pretty much for the reasons laid out in the article. I’m also of the opinion that the type will be fairly broad and could potentially be interpreted more along the lines of ‘fantastical’ or ‘mythical’ as opposed to just ‘Fairy’.

  11. Finally someone whose making some unbiased sense, People nowadays are so busy to find popular things and complain about them for no reason (you know who they are) and some jerk would just spit on the idea of a fairy type and immediately deem it “Stupid”
    but yes i at first thought Fairy typing wouldn’t be good but the more i think about it, the more i see possibilities and interesting ways how a Fairy type could benefit and affect the Pokemon world.
    Like some earlier comments said that fairy could even translate into fable or even better (mythic) based on mythological beings such as imps sprites goblins and so much more.
    The fairy typing could even be what Pokemon Scientist deemed these enigmatic powers and abilities of said type (ever think about that?)
    I know lots of people treat Pokemon as a mere product of a multinational company whose only interest is money, but i see as a real thing just because it doesn’t exist physically it doesn’t mean it hasn’t impacted our lives and world
    I am IAN, thank you and goodnight.

    1. Earthen this is Earthen from the future
      Fairy type is overblown and extremely annoying
      Abort Abort!

    1. More along the lines of “There may be a fairy type without our modern perception of fairies”. Although this is a BIG “may”, since I’m leaning towards fairy type being exactly what we’d think it is, with the addition of things like guardians and spirits (forest spirits etc), which would explain Xerneas.

    2. Yeah they could be based on deties and gods and other supernatural beings like in persona like what Justis said. I think they are going to make pokemon that aren’t based on the stereotypes of how fairies are or supposed to look just like just like what the persona series did with their personas.

  12. There are many reasons why Pokémon Emerald will be remade as a sequel/remake/whole new game after X and Y. The same way D/P/P gave in-game hints to Johto remakes is the same way in B2W2 they give hints to Hoenn revisit.

    Hint #1 –

    In D/P/P, the pokeball in the middle of the floor in the pokecenter is gold/silver which hinted to HGSS. the pokeball in the middle of the floor in HGSS is Green (Emerald hint?)

    Hint #2 –

    In the desert resort in Unova, there is a man that said he braved the storm by purchasing a set of “Go-Goggles” from a “distant region”. The distant region he speaks of is Hoenn. Go-goggles was a key-item you needed in R/S/E to get past the sandstorm in one of the routes.

    Hint #3 –

    In the driftveil market, there is a woman that says they get all of their goods imported from a “distant region” that also has a city with a large market. This would be “Slateport City” from Hoenn which also has the slateport market which says “we ship our goods to regions all over the world”.

    Hint #4 –

    During the winter in B2W2, you can access a house in Icurus city where there is a sound designer, and an elderly couple. The sound designer plays an updated song from a route in Emerald while your in the house. If you talk the elderly couple, the man says “I had dreams of making the world all land, but don’t tell my wife”, and his wife says “I had dreams of making the world all sea, but don’t tell my husband”. These two, are obviously ex-Team Aqua/Magma members. Cool huh?

    Hint #5 –

    All the R/S/E Gym Leaders in the World Tournament have updated sprites. Also, 3rd gen pokemon were the only ones who received new sprites during the transition to 5th gen. Latios/Latias were made encounterable again, the Regi’s are all locked up in chambers with puzzles just like 3rd gen, and there is a Magma/Seaside Cave that makes you wonder – “where groudon/kyogre going to be placed there?” Rayquaza has also been seen on a lot of Global Link Tournament posters lately.

    Hint #6 –

    Shoal Salt, and Shoal Shell can be found in B2W2 but have no usage at all, whatsoever. These items had use in 3rd gen. Also, the underground bases in D/P/P, Hidden Hollows and the Dream Homes in Global Link with the dolls etc sort of brought back a nostalgic feeling to “Secret Bases” in 3rd Gen didn’t it? Also, a lot of event 5th gen pokemon were placed with shiny locks, are they saving them to be encounterable shiny in either X/Y region or Hoenn remake region?

    Hint #7 –

    2014 marks the 10th anniversary of Emerald game, since it came out 2004 in America. And since it seems like Nintendo are releasing pokemon games all at the same time now, we may see a 3D enhanced Hoenn region sometime next year after X and Y cools down. It may be called Pokémon Z and be an updated version of X and Y storyline, but lets u travel to Hoenn after u beat X and Y elite four or something. Then you can go and find the green serpent rayquaza, the legend who forms his body into the shape of a Z.

    Hint #8 –

    Dive HM also made a return in B2W2 but had no usage whatsoever. Undella Bay Ruins seemed like it was a beta, to test out the graphics underwater etc. I believe Hoenn region will be remade in 3D to show off the underwater in 3D and the tree’s in Fortree City in 3D etc. This is going to be awesome. Humiliau City also looks like Pacifidlog Town and Lentimas Town looked like Fallarbor Town. Guys, we’re going to be so spoiled this year and next. X and Y new games, and then Z a remake/sequel.

    Hint – #9

    the trainer name ” N ” sounds awfully similar to “Hoenn”. When you beat the B1W1 storyline, it says “N” flys off to a distant region (hoenn possibly?) Will we be seeing him again? The trainer who has emerald green hair, similar name to “Hoenn”, and uncanning resemblance to “Wally” from Emerald.

    Hint #10

    if you beat champion Steven in the World Tournament, he says “Can you mine Emerald in driftveil?”. Remember my slateport market hint above which hinted to Hoenn region? And also what exactly did Steven mean? Well if you go to the bottom of the Driftveil gym, there a chunks of big green Emerald stones everywhere. BIG HINT.

    Emerald remake after X and Y with updated battle mechanics and Fairy typing!

    1. I think you are pushing it with the idea of having a Hoen assessable in XY. but the rest sounds way believable!

    2. Well, actually most of this, especially the updated Gen III sprites, which was one of the first things I noticed when B/W realeased, point to a Hoenn remake in the same generation, as everybody had hoped. Which leads me to believe that GF may have either scrapped or delayed the idea, but had definitely planned it. If they do still go about it, it may be in 3D, or they may just overlap generations and release it on the DS with normal sprites..

      1. people who down voted this because its common sense are freakin stupid.

        All the hints in Gen 5 pointed to Gen 5 update. Now idiots are making excuses for the sake of making excuses. They obviously didn’t intend to make remakes in Gen 5. All remake relations are coincidences as proved by Gen 5.

        #9 being a prime example of scraping the bottom of the barrel for any excuse to have Hoenn remade.

        1. True. And looking back at this, scrap the ‘most of this’ in my earlier comment. The updated Gen III sprites is the ONLY thing i noticed or even agree with.
          Frankly, the updated gym leader sprites are because the size and quality of sprites increased quite a bit between Gen III and IV, but not as much between IV and V, and these were the only set of leaders not present in Gen IV.
          All the rest of the first six ‘Hints’ here deal with callbacks to Hoenn, ignoring the many callbacks to Kanto, Johto and Sinnoh that also exist in Gen V.
          And from #7 onwards, they’re ALL scraping the bottom of the barrel, as you said.

    3. Althrough I would prefer an emerald remake instead of a ruby/sapphire one, the latter seems most probably beacause the paired versions are always more popular.

    4. hint 7 was interesting but i dont consider all of these as actual hints. Just references to previous regions.

      Come on, they had some chick in b2w2 mention her dress in comfy and easy to wear, referencing the Youngster from Kanto.

    5. @#7 Uh…no you go by original release and the 10 anniversary crap never existed. FR/LG were released 8 years after Red/Green. And only X and Y are getting simultaneous releases. They never said every other Pokemon game is going to be like this. They are still releasing Pokemon games exclusive to japan for a while before international releases.

      5th Gen Dream homes weren’t to bring back nostalgia as they’ve been part of the games SINCE Gen 3. They were never removed. How do they bring nostalgia when they’ve always been there?

      Also the Aqua/Magma grunts all say that their events happened Several years before the events of Gen 5. Gen 6 happens after Gen 5 so why would we get a time machine remake of Hoenn. It makes no sense. They won’t be connected unless they throw in a ton of Kanto relations and make Gen 6 happen before the events of Gen 2 meaning no references to Team Rocket, Magma, Aqua, Galactic, or Plasma. All remakes have existed in the same timeline as the generation they appeared.

      All of these hints are bottom scraping attempts to justify something that’s not even a possibility of being thought of being done right now. All Gamefreak is interested in right now is advancing the games further and further. You can’t advance the world by going back in time to relive your past.

      1. Ah, the shared timeline was something I hadn’t considered.

        I doubt anyone actually will accept that logic though, because if every new Gen now were to take place after the previous one, it would pretty much mean no more remakes. At least not for a long while.

        There’s three ways it could go actually.
        The first is, as you said, advancing ahead every Gen.
        The second would be to go all Zelda on us and put different Gens at any random time in the Pokemon world’s continuity.

        The third would be to make all future games fitting into the timelines of one of the present games. This is the weirdes one, Stupid idea, I know.

        Of course, the circumstances of technological, scientific, and pokemon-centric advance do always make the last two less likely, even though FRLG and HGSS did pull it off. I guess (Honestly I have no memory of FRLG and never completed HGSS). So that makes your idea the most viable one. Keep the timeline advancing.

        Okay, enough llong comments from me. Oza out.

        1. Actually Gen 7 could be placed around the Kanto/Hoenn timeline. Gen 6 has a heavy chance of being after Unova’s timeline with the possibility of their Pokemon appearing.

          I mean there is always a chance we’ll never get Remakes in the future since Gen 5 was Pokemon’s resetting. They can do other things other than remakes with the 3DS’s current software. They can even release them on console if Gamefreak ever gets over their anti-console issues.

          So many possibilities. Almost too many to say for certain what will ever happen.

  13. While I am mostly against the idea of a new type this is a pretty good idea. Much more unique and interesting than “light” or “sound”. Though I do have a problem with calling it a “Fairy” type. Not because it sounds girly but because people in places like the U.S. will immediately think of something like Navi or the Fairygod Mothers from Cinderella. I know you address this but I thought I would bring it up anyway. What I’m getting at is maybe it should be called something along the lines of a “Mystic” or “Magic” type.

    Personally if I were to pick a new type it would be a Cosmic type or Space type. There are plenty of space themed Pokemon [such as Deoxys and Solrock] and I just think it’s a neat idea.

  14. Normally if we talk about the spirits, ghost type comes to my mind. If they’re going to introduce fairy type, it will narrow down the variability of the ghost type I think.

  15. 5th gen was supposed to be a New Gen 1 if you know what I mean … The gen 6 mean New Gen 2 ? Gen 2 brought New types … Huuummmmm … ?

  16. As much as i love and agree with this article, the title was the best part. “Why i do believe in fairies” XD. I just find it so entertaining.

  17. I love the article! It makes a lot of sense and i am excited in this Fairy type. But lol what if we’re wrong and there is no new type. XD that’d be funny…..Xerrrr

  18. I believe the ability “Rattled” will be boosted in 6th Gen. It seems like it was placed on Snubbull for a reason. If a Ghost/Bug/Dark touches it its speed will boost. Maybe Fairy will be weak against those types.

    1. Rattles is more because of Dark, Bug, and Ghost are Pokemon Embodiments of three common fears. When you are confronted by your fears or they appear you tend to run very, very fast.

  19. I wouldn’t mind having a fairy type Pokemon team, as long as I like it and its strong. The Pokemon could look female or girly (I suppose) n I’d still use it. I will gladly accept a new type, fairy or not.

  20. Curse you, making me think Fairy might actually be real (not to mention not all that bad)…

  21. Well when i think of Fairy type and thinking it could be “too girly” look at dragon type, you’d think it be all for guys and fierce but…-points at alteria and swablu-. So along with Ghost, Dragon, and Bug, there well be another type that deals with a pokemons actual being, instead of an element.

    1. Worse. He can be arrested and given time in prison.

      Corporate espionage and handling of confidential information before its time to be known in public.

  22. *Stands up and applauds* Well said, man, well said.

    The more I consider Fairy type, the more likely it seems to me. When I spoke to Hiro on Twitter and he kindly replied – very calmly and matter-of-factly – my faith in him only grew. He’s really confident about his info, and he’s not half as ‘OMG look at me I’m leaking stuff for realz please believe meeeee pay me atteeeeeention’ like many trolls have been in the past. And funnily enough I said it as the beginning of pre-release season: if I’m going to believe any ‘leaks’ this gen, the one guy I’d be likely to believe was that guy who leaked the BW dex way back when. According to him we may get confirmation on fairy in the next CoroCoro, definitely by July. I can’t wait to see if it’s true or not.

    And saying it’s too girly and sweet so it couldn’t be introduced in the Pokemon franchise (clearly not having any concept of Kawaii) is bloody ridiculous. Those people need to go get doubleslapped by a Jigglypuff. Hard.

      1. I can’t decide if you’re a spambot, a troll, or if you actually just replied to the wrong comment instead of replying to an almost-a-year-old comment with a completely nonsensical remark.

  23. I still think Fairy is a naff type name. Would have preferred “Spirit” type since it taps into all the nymphy side of things, only problem is Spiritomb. Something along the lines of Myth/Mythical would lend itself to a wider pool in terms of pokemon ideas that could fit into it, but again there’s the issue of all the Legendaries being myths in the pokemon world. My main issue with Fairy is actually all the pokemon that probably could and should be retyped if it’s introduced that most likely won’t be. It needs to have a type name that provides the least contestable changes in the game.

  24. This doesn’t necessarily mean that it’ll be real, just an argument supporting it.

  25. It just seems unimpressive to introduce Fairy as the new type. If there’s going to be a new type implemented, I’d rather it be something more interesting and that isn’t so derivative of Psychic and Normal.

  26. I think this is true..but the question is..when it will be revealed..My guess is that we get a Fairy Type CoroCoro Issue.. revealing Slyveon’s and Xerneas’s type along with 2 new Fairy Type Pokemon

  27. One thing I’m noticing about a lot of comments is that people keep thinking that Fairies are beings of purity, and while that can be the case if they are real, people need to understand that Fairies being pure is more of a Disney/United States thing. We hear the word Fairy and we immediately think about Tinkerbell from Peter Pan, but in other cultures (like Japan) Fairies are a mixed bag of personalities! There are good and pure Fairies, but there are also evil Fairies that kidnap children to eat them and play deadly pranks on unsuspecting victims.

    So if Fairy Type turns out to be real…don’t expect them all to be cute like Sylveon! There is a high possibility that there will be some very “evil” looking Fairy Types!

    1. sadly i see the ultimate chimera from mother 3 as a fairy ….a really really messed up fairy but that could be one good interpretation of an evil fairy

  28. Now to give my personal opinion…I’m not the biggest fan of Fairy Type being added, but that’s not because I don’t like the idea, I’m just mad that the new type is Fairy instead of Alien!

    I’ve been wanting them to add Alien type ever since they introduced that Space Observatory back in Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald as well as introduce the pokemon Deoxys that CAME FROM SPACE!!! I can only hope that someday Alien Type will get its introduction into the series.

    I also have a quick question for a select group of pokemon fans: While I understand wanting a Light Type added, I just don’t understand why certain fans want or think a Sound Type is a good idea. My question is, what makes you guys think Sound Type is a good idea?

    1. I never got sound types. sound isn’t an element or a thing, its just one of the senses our body uses. If your deaf, not around to hear the presence of sound or can block out noise altogether then there’s no point of it. If sound did exist it would be weak to steel, psychic. Probably strong aganst grass, water and flying but that’s about it. oh and the few pokemon that are based on sound, including one ability and a few moves that’s it. Not really a good idea really

      1. Psychic isn’t an element or thing either. Its an embodiment of thought which has less physical standing than sound does.

        Also Sound is created through vibrations. If anything Steel could be weak to sound as intense vibrations can cause steel to crumble as easily as anything else. Water also absorbs sound. The softer the material the less sound passes through thanks to absorption and dispersion. Water may heighten sonar, a type of sound wave that bounces off of physical objects, but it nearly nullifies sound as a whole.

        The fact that its already incorporated into the games has better support of future existence as well. Its already there. Its already ready for altering into an actual type and has something to play off of. Gamefreak already recognizes it as a type per say what with giving it an unofficial typing for moves and an ability that is completely immune to the typing.

        1. I’m sorry but the idea of a Sound Type is just silly! Allow me to explain why: When you think of the different typings we already have, every typing has something that is exclusive to them as in Fire by itself won’t create Rock or Water, or a person that has trained their body to the max would be frail in mental capacity (Fighting and Psychic). Now when you think about Sound…it’s not exclusive; when Fire burns it produces Sound, when Lightning strikes or Electricity moves it produces Sound, when Water flows it produces Sound! EVERYTHING can make/produce Sound which is why it is a terrible choice for a Typing! You can’t be a Type when everything can produce you, that’s why most Sound based attacks are listed as Normal, because it is normal for anything and anyone to do it!

          Not everything can produce Fire or Electricity or Ice! Not everything can be a Dragon or Bug or Ghost. Not everything can have the nobility of a Fighting type or the dirty schemes of a Dark type or the mental power of a Psychic type! But EVERYTHING can produce Sound which is why it is a terrible idea for a pokemon typing.

          1. Bite was also Normal, some flying attacks were normal, some punching attacks were/are normal. Dark, Flying, and Fighting can easily be situated into the “Normal” category.

            Ice is frozen water, Rock is hardened ground, and steel is heat tempered rock. Pokemon has many thing that relate to one another already existing. Both Ghost and Dark are mischievous deeds and both psychic and Ghost fill in for supernatural phenomenon. Sound wouldn’t be out of place as its own type just like all of the other related types.

            Fairy is ambiguous. Majority of the fairy looking creatures are in other elements. Fairies in fokelore can represent specific elements as well. They are creatures of superstition just as ghosts and their overall physical looks can be incorporated in Dark, Normal, Bug, Psychic, and Ghost. Fae even encorperate all other elements like Earth (gnomes), Water (Undines), and Fire (Salamanders). Sound is no more terrible than what is already in the games nor any more terrible than Fairy.

          2. Come on now, you can’t be serious. In Japan, Flying Type is Bird Type and everything can’t be a bird or fly for that matter! I understand what you are trying to say but you need to understand that their is no reason for something as normal as Sound to be a type on the chart.

            The simply fact is that making SOUND is a normal process for all creatures! Sound is not exclusive to certain creatures which is why it doesn’t deserve to EVER be thought of as a type! Making Sound is normal which is why Sound based attacks are classified as Normal attacks!

            Yes Ice is frozen Water, but what people fail to understand is that Fire and Ice are used as symbols for extreme high temperatures (Fire) and extreme low temperatures (Ice) making them the representatives for the opposite ends of heat. There are a lot of differences between Minerals and Metals but I don’t feel like talking to much science so just google or bing it! The only argument you have is Rock and Ground since I felt that they should just call it Earth Type but it’s whatever.

            But back to my main point. Sound is not unique at all because EVERYTHING can make/produce Sound which is why Sound based moves will always be Normal Type.

          3. Yeah, and if they would introduce Psycho as a new type, you would say “This doesn’t deserve to EVER be thought of as a type! Every Pokémon can think!” Or better, the same argument for Fighting… The Types in Pokémon are unique, but there are many flaws in the type system. You can desperately try to explain it or just accept it. Many types can be seen as redundant, but they are there. GF could make every type they want, we can only talk about the likelihood of it, but even that noone can tell for sure. Just don’t be so rude about your opinion. Thanks.
            (No, I don’t believe there will ever be a Sound type.)

          4. How was I being rude? I stated my opinion and never called the person out of their name, which is a norm in debate.

        2. I respect your opinion but i still think sound is just completely unnecessary and a really dumb idea. like your facts on the matter but still i cant see it myself supporting sound into a type no matter how many theories and facts

  29. Excellent post! I agree one hundred percent, the Pokemon franchise is something that goes through rigorous rebranding every generation. Usually with new Pokemon and a new region. Last generation was certainly the most extreme by not including any Pokemon from previous generations until the post-game. I see absolutely no reason why we wouldn’t receive a new type.

    As for our new type being a Fairy type, It’s totally plausible and being a Princess Mononoke fan, seeing Xerneas convinces me even more. I get incredibly annoyed when people argue that it would deviate from Gamfreak’s so-called “pattern” with Pokemon, to suggest there is a pattern is foolish, Gamefreak are not concerned with their pattern, they just want to make a game that will sell.

    About your point with Slowpoke, I’ve used the exact same argument, but with Bellsprout. If Bellsprout was revealed as Generation 6 Pokemon tomorrow, the community would be in uproar, it’s the same with many Pokemon from the first generation.

    I really enjoyed your post and it’s nice to see all of the arguments summarised and presented all together. I hope this helps some of the non-believers see the flaws in their arguments and dispel their ignorance. Bravo.

  30. Thank you for taking a complete stand on this. The Japanese definition of “fairies” and ours or even the Euroean definition. If you look into lore or look at games like shin megami tense I or the persona series (if u don’t wish to read books about myth). All the “demons” as referred in Shinmegami tensei :nocturne (my personal favorite) or “personsas” as in the persona arcs are all deities, creatures, demons, fairies, and other beings of many different cultures myth and lore. Look some of these games up and see that the fairies aredefinitelynot to be trifled with they are powerful and they aren’t all just little people with wings and wands. Trolls are also considered “fairies” ine European lore

    1. you’re so right and also I’m happy to see someone making a reference to persona and linking it to the discussion well done

  31. Great post! I agree with most of this, except for the part about GF not retyping any old Pokemon who already have two types, like Togetic. I personally think that Fairy Type will replace the Normal typing for Pokemon like Clefairy and Snubbull, instead of just being added as a secondary type. The way I see it, Normal is such a general type category, and it suited those Pokemon up until this point. If they do introduce Fairy, I think it will serve as a new revised classification for those Pokemon who were just placed in the general Normal category before. For instance, I think it would make much more sense for Togetic to be Fairy/Flying, instead of retaining Normal/Flying just because it already had two types.

  32. Like, the ideia of Light type was not about something related to light itself… Like you said, Dark-type in japan is called “evil”… But if they changed to Dark, the purpose of a Light-type would be to counter “evil”, thus being more about “good”/angelic/fairy pokémon than about light as I said… For reference, it would be something like what they did in the TCG set “Neo Destiny”. There are Dark Pokémon which are evil and Light Pokémon which (as they are called in japan) are gentle/kind…

  33. I never believed in light type, and i was always iffy about new types but Fairy makes too much sense.

    As for fairies being girly, that’s based on your interpretation. Fairy to me, sounds like some peaceful supernatural spirit (not like ghosts). There’s a lot that can be done with it. I’m even wondering if there will be a Fairy type gym in this new region.

      1. If the Fairy type is, in fact, real a Fairy-typed Elite Four member may be a stretch because of the lack of members of the type. Unless, of course, a lot of past Pokemon are retyped to be Fairy. I see it more likely being a Gym Leader kinda like Jasmine from G/S/C.

  34. I hope we don’t get new types such as Fairy but if we do I’m cool w/ it I’m glad u made the statement about girls I’m a girl & I use masculine & cute Pokemon 🙂

  35. I haven’t been to fond of all the type idea’s over the years. But Fairy type is something that I would actually like to see.

  36. As stated in one of the comments here that if they said that 5th generation is the new generation 1 and then 6th generation maybe the new generation 2 and generation 2 reveals new types, this means we might get another type. However, Generation 2 revealed 2 new types. I wonder if they would also add 2 types for this generation which states this may prefer to “Light” and “Sound”, however, if only one would be revealed, it would really be Fairy.

    Since the region is speculated to be around Europe, which has many mythological thingies, I think it would be a good time to reveal this “Fairy” type.

    As I search this is what I think:
    Leprechaun – Grass/Fairy
    Unicorn – Ground/Fairy or Psychic/Fairy
    Pegasus – Flying/Fairy
    Changeling – Normal/Fairy
    Aatxegorri -> Aatxe – Ground/Fairy
    Jack O’ Lantern – Grass/Fairy or Grass/Fire or Fire/Fairy
    Sandman – Maybe Ground/Fairy or Ghost/Fairy
    Griffin – Flying/Fairy
    Ogre – Fighting/Fairy
    Oyaleroweck – Water/Fairy or Poison/Fairy
    Mermaid – Water/Fairy
    Gnome or Elf – Fairy or Normal/Fairy or Grass/Fairy
    Abbey Lubber (or Butterly Spirits) – Bug/Fairy?
    Jotunn – Normal/Fairy
    Wyvern (Yveltal?) – Dark/Flying or Dragon/Fairy or Flying/Fairy (???)

    Rosmarine – Water or Water/Fairy

    There are many possibilities and I take back the few things that I’ve said about it being quite few. XD

    1. OMG, how creative, let’s turn every damn mythological creature into pokemon and type them fairy.

  37. I am happy to see an unbiased article. Kriffix substantiates his belief in Hiro’s claims with analysis and logical deduction. Unlike some who go, “It can’t be! Fairy-type is so (insert negative adjectives here)!” or “It is true! Because I want a new type!” etc.

    Yes, I am eager to see a new type being added to the chart and how it affects the metagame. Like, we can see, say, Poison- and Bug-types on the rise. And we can see how Pokemon in Japan defines Fairy-type.

  38. Personally, I’m very excited for the possibility of a “Fairy” type. Though really, I just want to know one way or the other. All the speculation is starting to get kinda annoying.
    Still, I think “Fairy” would be better translated as “Fae”…that and it’s good to remember that not all fairies are nice and cute.

  39. Personally I like Stunfisk, I always thought he was a pretty fun pokemon. I’d love to see Stunfisk get an evolution and I’d probably use him on my team.

    1. Also I got a little excited about the stunfisk slippers but they’re selling on ebay/amazon for around 35-40 euros. Tad expensive for those kinds of slippers (they always become tatty in no length)

  40. Fairy type… at least in the english version change the name to something less bias towards little girls. I get the concept that they’re spirit nymphs whatever, but why not call it that? Spirit type… or wouldn’t that fit under ghost… Not everyone is going to be so open minded to something like fairies especially in english speaking countries where we’ve already generalized faires with little girls. A new type seem like a very bold decision and I trust Gamefreak and The Pokemon Company know what their doing. I’m a pokemon fan, I have been ever since Red and Blue. Most of my friends growing up have become genwunners(or whatever they’re called) and Gen 6 opens a lot of possibilities to bring back old fans. I fear that with the addition of a “fairy” type most would cast it aside as something like mlp.. slowly but surely bringing an end to this great franchise.

  41. I just dreamt Sylveon was Bug/Steel ._.’ This sh*t is getting too deep inside my head, better they announce ANYTHING soon…

  42. I wanna point out that there are already types and egg-groups with identical names:
    (also Grass, Water123, Ground)

    but the interesting thing here is that there exist examples of pokemon who are of one egg-group but not the same-called type and vice versa.

    Take Flygon for example. As an organism it is quite insectoid (hence Bug egg group), but it’s not a user of Bug-techniques from a type perspective.

    Other examples that come to mind:
    -Not bug type bugs: Gligar, Drapion
    -Dragons who are not dragon type: Gyarados, Charizard

    My point is that a pokemons egg-group and its type are two different things.
    Egg groups are about the organism itself, whereas types are about their elemental association.
    Meaning in the case of a Fairy type, all the Fairy egg-group pokemon DO NOT need to gain the fairy type. The egg-group shows that they are fairy-like monsters, but the type would represent that they have fairy-powers.

  43. I think there will be a new type but it could be named something else such as “Magic”, “Cosmic”, or “Astral”. I’m not a denier, I am honestly all for one for a new type of Pokemon. Pokemon will grow with the addition of a new type. It’s just that the name is rather broad and can have multiple meanings across multiple languages. Hiro is Spanish, and Fairy for him could mean “Astral” for another place. We just have to see how this plays out. Me and my friend were discussing about Sylveon earlier and thinking that it may indeed be an outer space Pokemon, which could explain “Cosmic” type. It’s feelers also look like the tails of comets and in the movie trailer, it was shown to put up what appeared to be some kind of spacial spectacle show for the other Pokemon.

  44. I think there will be a new type but it could be named something else such as “Magic”, “Cosmic”, or “Astral”. I’m not a denier, I am honestly all for one for a new type of Pokemon. Pokemon will grow with the addition of a new type. It’s just that the name is rather broad and can have multiple meanings across multiple languages. Hiro is Spanish, and Fairy for him could mean “Astral” for another place. We just have to see how this plays out. Me and my friend were discussing about Sylveon earlier and thinking that it may indeed be an outer space Pokemon, which could explain “Cosmic” type. It’s feelers also look like the tails of comets and in the movie trailer, it was shown to put up what appeared to be some kind of spacial spectacle for the others.

  45. I think that there will indeed be a new type but it could be named something else such as “Magic”, “Cosmic”, or “Astral”. I’m not a denier, I am honestly all for one for a new type of Pokemon. Pokemon will grow with the addition of a new type. It’s just that the name is rather broad and can have multiple meanings across multiple languages. Hiro is Spanish, and Fairy for him could mean “Astral” for another place. We just have to see how this plays out. Me and my friend were discussing about Sylveon earlier and thinking that it may indeed be an outer space Pokemon, which could explain “Cosmic” type. It’s feelers also look like the tails of comets and in the movie trailer, it was shown to put up what appeared to be some kind of spacial spectacle for the others.

    1. No offense or anything, but “fairy” in spanish is “hada”, which ONLY means fairy.

  46. If there’s only one new type I could see it being the Fairy Type. If another type is introduced alongside Fairy, it’ll probably be based on sound. Most of the sound-based moves (see Soundproof) could make up the ‘Sonic’ type. I don’t think they’d use the term ‘Sound’ because it doesn’t look right next to all the other types.

  47. The following below are my theories. Let me know what you guys think!

    Moves that could become Magic, Fairy, Celestial, Astral, or Cosmic type:



    Healing Wish

    Magic Coat

    Magic Room

    Wonder Room

    Trick Room

    Heal Pulse


    Light Screen


    Guard Swap

    Power Swap

    Guard Split

    Power Split

    Aurora Beam

    Moonlight (Astral, Cosmic)

    Lunar Dance (Astral, Cosmic)

    Cosmic Power (Astral, Cosmic)

    Meteor Mash (Astral, Cosmic)

    Comet Punch (Astral, Cosmic)

    Spacial Rend (Astral, Cosmic)

    New moves for Magic, Fairy, Celestial, Astral, or Cosmic type:

    Shooting Star (a more powerful version of Swift)

    Comet Flare (the most powerful move of the type)

    Possible inclusion on type chart for Magic, Fairy, Celestial, Astral, or Cosmic type:

    Moves Strong Against: Normal, Psychic

    Moves Not Very Effective Against: Dragon, Steel

    Type Not Very Effected By: Flying, Water, Ground, Fire

    Type Weak Against: Dragon, Steel

    Immune to: None

    Pokemon that could become Magic, Fairy, Celestial, Astral, or Cosmic type:




    Staryu (Everything but Fairy)

    Starmie (Everything but Fairy)

    Celebi (Everything but Cosmic)




    Deoxys (Everything but Fairy)

    Palkia (Everything but Fairy and Magic)

    Arceus (Everything but Fairy)

    Elgyem (Everything but Fairy)

    Beehyem (Everything but Fairy)

    Victini (Everything but Cosmic)


  48. Hey, nice article. I especially liked how you built strong credibility for the leakers, something I didn’t know before. You’re making me start to believe in this type! (Personally I just don’t want a type balance re-adjustment but that’s it)

    However, you say that “Gamefreak has never revealed (by which I mean named and with Sugimori art) a non legendary in CoroCoro before that has not had it’s type clarified along with it. ” Zekrom and Reshiram were revealed with name and Sugi art without types. They were later called the “legendary dragons” (hinting, but not confirming a Dragon typing). It was not until much later (and Shokotan’s electric-Zekrom-leak) that we found out their types.


    1. Gamefreak has never reavealed a NON-legendary. Zekrom and Reshiram are both legendaries.

  49. There is not going to be a fairy type. I’m gonna love all the dissapointment though. So many people are gonna trash on X and Y just because there was no fairy type. A type that’s just been a rumor, with people spreading it around as though it were fact, pointing at hints and signs that were never even there. Gamefreak never hinted at it, and it will never be confirmed as real, because it isn’t real. It’s just a silly rumor gone wrong. Hiro took that oppurtunity and said it was real, just to mess with fans. Where’s that other stuff he was gonna leak?? Or where’s the rest of the “info” pokebeach got??? It’s all BS. And while everyone trashes on X and Y, and is “dissapointed in it” for not adding something that they never even thought about adding in the first place, I’m just gonna be laughing. <3

    1. You don’t have to be such a douchebag about it, though. Also, I seriously doubt the lack of a new type would disappoint that many people since we’ve gone lots of generations without the addition of new types. If anything the reveal of a new type would be FAR more controversial than not adding one, and your jerk ass comment is proof of it. Also, just because people are speculating doesn’t give you the right to be an entitled thinks-will-always-be-right dick. This sort of thing is common with the pokemon fandom. And before you say anything I’m actually seriously skeptical about this new “fairy type”, it’s just that unlike you I’m not a jerk about it. Nor would I mind if by some crazy factor the “fairy type” actually would happen.

  50. The hate pokemon x and y are going to get from this being fake is gonna be insane. I’ma be laughing while you all hate on gamefreak for not adding something that was never real, or even discussed amongst them. It’s a fake rumor, you’re all looking for confirmation where there isn’t any. Hilarious. The salt will be delicious.

  51. Also, in the past they only introduced new types i.e. Dark and Steel when one type was overpowered i.e. Psychic in Gen 1. From Gens 2-5 none of the types were overpowered enough to make GameFreak consider adding a new type to balance it out in the generation after the ones previously mentioned, besides Gen 5. However Dragon types have been getting very strong lately with legendary mascots from Emerald to Black 2 and White 2 being Dragon-types as well as very powerful regular dragon types dominating Uber and OU lately as well. Fairy has been said to be both immune and strong against Dragon-types and strong but not immune to Dark and Fighting types, also said to be weak to Steel and Poison and resisted by both Fire and Psychic. If Fairy is indeed the new type introduced in this Generation, this will bring more balance into the metagame; nerfing Dragon-types so they aren’t as overpowered giving Fighting another weakness and giving Steel and Poison some much needed (especially Poison) offensive power and Pyschic and Fire new resistances. If Fairy type is real along with it’s resistances, strengths, weaknesses and immunity it help to improve Pokemon instead of hindering it like people say. These are the reasons why i hope Fairy will be real and why I support it.

    P.S. If Light were to be a new-type introduced in Pokemon how would it help Pokemon out? Can you honestly think of any other type besides Dark that would be affected by Light in either a positive or negative way? With some degree of logic applied to it?

  52. I like how wrong this article was on the re-typing for old pokemon with the introduction of Fairy.

    1. OK so my *opinion* was indeed wrong about that bit. Though to be fair, I left it open by saying “I personally doubt this, but who can say for sure?” XD
      I was going by what had happened in the past. But to be honest, the primary purpose of this article was to say that the idea of Fairy-Type made sense, guessing about how exactly it would be implemented was always going to be hit and miss.

  53. Fairy is real now 😀
    But Light not.
    Maybe Light have too a change after Fairy.
    But they are not the same.
    They are different.
    Fairy is like us Human.
    But Human with wings and Magic from the hand.
    Fairy is Magic.
    Sooner I have Watch Winx Club when i was younger.
    That are Fairy too.
    But they have fight to Witches.
    But Fairy is not Light!
    Fairy is Beauty too.
    in the Gym there are mirrors.
    and the Gym Leader have wings too.
    So Fairy is not Light.

  54. Lol, you were correct, fairy was announced (but you got togitic and togikiss wrong, fairy flying ^^) This type is my favorite, and it just sounds better then light type, but mabey in ten years from now, a new type will be reviled, sound. Called it. Sound.

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