Massive News on the 19th! But Most Likely Sooner!

Masuda has just updated his twitter once again and this time he has promised us “Massive News”. It seems our reply from him a few days ago was indeed hinting at something much bigger! “Pokemon X and Y news coming on 19 May. Jun’ichi Masuda to appear on Pokémon Smash” Masuda links to Nintendo UK, … Read more

Why I do Believe in Fairies: Opinion by Kriffix

This article is my opinion, and does not necessarily reflect the views of the entire staff at Pokéjungle. The bulk of this article is also available in Italian, here. Thank you to whoever it was that took the time to translate! About me With that out of the way, I shall now begin this article. … Read more

Pokémon + Nobunaga’s Ambition: NEW TRAILER!

httpv:// Had to wait until I got home from work to post 😡 Anyways, here it is!  Be sure to read the post before this one for all the new details!  I’m wondering what other kinds of shortcuts Pokémon will be able to create… the ivy idea sounded pretty cool for grass-types. A huge thanks … Read more