Massive News on the 19th! But Most Likely Sooner!

Big News!


Masuda has just updated his twitter once again and this time he has promised us “Massive News”. It seems our reply from him a few days ago was indeed hinting at something much bigger!

“Pokemon X and Y news coming on 19 May. Jun’ichi Masuda to appear on Pokémon Smash”

Masuda links to Nintendo UK, who in turn links to the old Sylveon trailer. Is this a coincidence? I somehow doubt it! As we have said previously, Sylveon’s type confirmation is most likely right around the corner. What’s more, CoroCoro could leak any moment now, revealing the information that we are due on the 19th even sooner. Normally Smash refers to its news as “World First” or “Universe First” if it does not appear in CoroCoro, however the official site just refers to it as big news. This means that CoroCoro will almost definitely spill all of the beans first.

As we have suggested, could Fairy Type really be the big announcement?


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  1. I have a feeling the Fairy type would be announced. Would Celebi be considered Fairy type? as well as Uxie, Mesprit and Azelf?

  2. its about time is all I have to say. Hopefully it will be a great deal of news, seeing as how they have been more than sparse with news lately. Oh and it is happening the day before my birthday so yay!

  3. Its always a Coincidence as far as Gamefreak is concerned. They troll to get their internet lulz over fan rage.

  4. Fairy Type would make sense, we have fairy pokemon, fairy like pokemon. Just like how we have dragons and bug pokemon. So, why not fairy?

  5. I hope that big news is not just about a new type. XD I really hope that it’s a BIG Announcement so please release at least one or two new pokemon (with/without relationship to the fairy type) *fingers crossed* So excited!

  6. Pessimism mode but we’ll probably get something like more information about that mewtwo forme, which I wouldn’t consider massive personally

  7. Oh thank god!! I’m so hungry for good XY news. Also for that matter I’m pretty hungry for food right now! Lol XD

  8. I’m thinking Syvleon will be either Magic, Fairy, Celestial, Astral, or Cosmic type.

  9. I’m thinking Syvleon will be either Magic, Fairy, Celestial, Astral, or Cosmic type. I honestly hope that if it is a new type, it won’t be named Fairy but one of the other names I listed. Either way, it’s a new type but there is still the lone chance that Sylveon could just be a type that already exists. We have to wait and see.

    1. nonono. Big announcement Fennekin is Fire/Fighting and Sylveon is event only like Zorua~

  10. I’m OK with Sylveon’s type, but I’m more interested in the region’s name, screen shots of the over-world, character information (professor, antagonists, etc.), and hell I’d be happy to see a small mechanic. In honesty, I’d prefer the new pokemon be ket a supprise, just for a wow factor.

      1. I swear to god, someone at Nintendo is spying on me, this is the 4th time that when the news I wanted actually becomes a reality 0-o

  11. Watch…Smash will air…Junichi won’t appear until the last minute…then say something like : “The big announcement is! We’re going to reveal Sylveon’s type in July during the movie.”

    A typical Gamefreak maneuver.

    1. And it comes the end of black and white so what if it just shows sylveon but doesn’t show the type on ashs pokedex it might come up as unknown pokemon ???.

  12. According to, the X & Y news is supposed to be the first Smash feature after the anime episode, so I doubt it’ll be shown at the last second.

  13. I have an idea for the new game. The regional professor is your mom and she has recently “discovered” 8 new pokemon types(all man made things), none of which you can catch. She then sends you, your sibling(the other PC), and your best friend on a journey to observe the new types and how they act in the environment. On your journey each of the Gym Leaders has one of the new types along side a secondary type. You also fight your mother’s old partner and her forces who your sibling joins and becomes “evil”. You fight them along side your friend and some of your mom’s assistants. In the climax when you think you are beating the “evil” team, who are trying to awaken Yveltal/Xerneas. Your mom’s old partner then reveals to you that your mom created these “new” types and not only did your mom’s “discovery” overshadow her discovery of Fairy, Sound, and Cosmic type but your mom also plans on destroying the natural world. So you proceed to fight the “new” Elite 4 and champion, your dad, who are truly the evil team, Team Synthetic(or something similar), and after you beat them your mom battles you with Mewtwo in an Artificial Awakened form(All robotized) which is not the newly revealed one that is a Natural Awakened form and tries to destroy the world but you stop her with Yveltal/Xerneas. Then instead of deleting all the new types they are compressed into one type, Artificial, by the true professor and her 13 executives are reinstated to there positions as gym leaders, elite 4 and champion. In the post game you find the 8 gym leaders instated by your mom trying to rebuild their gyms with the secondary type they had after being duped by your mom.

    1. This would make an interesting live action movie, perhaps set in the real world with a tie in main series game.

  14. I highly doubt there going to reveal the ”Fairy” type XD but i do see Sylveon’s type being revealed + they might even show some info via Nintendo Direct because the Pokemon section/Folder is back on Eshop which could mean a new Trailer! I’m to excited for sone XY News! ^(^o^)^

  15. I recon it will be to do with sylveon as by the looks of it gamefreak are trying to rrlese all the info for x and y that is fetured in the upcoming movie first then will most likley go into the actual game itself first but I hope theu show more than just one thing this time and show at least a rough region or trainers to satisy our longing for this game

  16. Can’t wait maybe on smash tomorrow night they will show question marks about the new stuff when they show us the preview for the next week episode hopefully pro victimi or zephyrsonic will stream these episodes

  17. FAIRY FAIRY FAIRY FAIRY <3 (or failing that, anything interesting that is not a new forme)

  18. I think there will be 2 eevee showing us 2 diffent types or I might be wrong but it’s weird if they only fetch one out

  19. I think there will be 2 eevee showing us 2 diffent types or I might be wrong but it’s weird if they only fetch one out

    1. that’s something i’ve been thinking about too, because if you look at it.. its firstly weird for them to just do only 1 eeveelution while in gen 2 and 4 there’s been an introduction of 2 at the same time, of which one was weak to the other one. Which might sugest that the seccond eeveelution which they ‘might’ still anounce would be eighter weak or strong against Sylveon.

      Seccond, if you look at this: you’ll see that there are 2 new signs for eeveelutions, one being Sylveon and one being unknown, which does sugest that there might be coming another one.

      1. I understand what you saying there’s a lot of people saying sylveon being fairy/light so there must be a second eeveelutions and I think eevee going to be a big role in this season as you see when the girl running and there’s a big golden statue with someone holding a eevee as some people say but they need to hurry and release a pokedex already to show all the new pokemon !!! 😀 and I think there’s 2 mew forms one for y and one for x hmm

  20. Pokemon x and y online game play going to be amazing well hope any way and I hope they fetch a wii u game out to relate to the x and y season fingers cross 😀

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