Dae Asks: June Corocoro Hopes & A Tweet From Masuda!

The one not by Dae. Again.

dae-asks-transIt’s time for a Dae Asks! But, by me again and not Dae. He seems to have vanished without a trace, we’ve got Looker on it though, so expect his return soon.

Corocoro is right around the corner and everyone is hoping for a bucketload of information on X & Y versions. What we will actually get nobody knows, but it’s fun to speculate. Right?  Back in the Black and White days, the June CoroCoro provided us with the first look at the starters, region and trainers. Back in Black 2 and White 2, it also revealed the trainers and the frozen image. The question this week is: what are you hoping this issue of Corocoro will show or reveal? Are your expectations different to your hopes? Let us know, get talking!

It seems that we’re not far away from some form of news. One of the other staff members, Kriffix, recently tweeted Masuda expressing his desperation for news on Pokémon X & Y. The man himself responded to Kriff’s tweet, simply saying “Just wait a little longer now!”. It is quite rare for Masuda to reply , (although Kriff often gets replies since meeting him in London), though it is especially rare for Masuda to reply to anything regarding game information or news, so what he said may be  foreshadowing something special! The original tweet is below…

Kriffix: “How long until a new promotion video or region information? This lack of news is causing me to dry up! (´Д`|||) Sorry if I’m being greedy. (U_U) But the only reason I am greedy is because I love Pokémon, so please find it in yourself to forgive me!”
Masuda: “Thanks! Just wait a little longer now!”(*laughs*)

We’ll update with the actual issue contents as it happens toward the end of next week. Journey to X & Y: Episode 2 will also be up in the next few days, so keep an eye out for that!