Norse Mythology & The X & Y Legendaries


Everybody seems to love speculation, with all the rumours and stories that are floating around right now, we could probably write the script for Pokémon X & Y ourselves! So I thought I would jump on board and come up with a few ideas of my own!

In this article I am going to attempt to make some predictions and explore the possibilities of new legendary X&Y Pokémon based upon Norse Mythology, discussing possibilities and providing explanations for each based upon folklore. Available here in Italian. Thanks again to our mysterious Italian contributor!


So, what is Norse Mythology?

Norse Mythology is the fabled idea that the earth was not round, but instead a flat disc. This disc, sits in the branches or something called ‘The World Tree’, known as the Yggdrasil. At the base of the Yggdrasil is Midgard, the realm of men, which is home to many Stags, each with particular colour stones within their long antlers. At the opposite end of the Yggdrasil, at the top is Asgard, realm of the gods which is looked over by the blind eagle. Then deep under the roots of the Yggdrasil is said to be a trapped serpent-like dragon known as Niohoggr who is near the realms of the dead.


Why Norse Mythology?

It is a popular perception among many Pokémon fans that both revealed legendaries, Xerneas and Yvetal are based upon Norse mythology. Xerneas the representation of the stags at the bottom of the tree, it’s antlers covered in gems in the colours red, blue, purple and gold. The initial trailer for X&Y featured Xerneas stood in front of a large tree, could this be the equivalent of the Yggdrasil? Yvetal the representation of the ‘blind eagle’, shown in the trailer as having glazed eyes which are coloured a clouded blue – is Yvetal blind?

In previous generations the regions have been based upon various areas of the world. For example, Johto and Kanto are based upon Japan, Unova based on America with Castellia City being compared to New York, mirroring its size and metropolitan appeal.

As seen in the very first X&Y trailer, Pikachu stands in front of the Eiffel tower and shoots a thunderbolt out into the atmosphere with Europe being centre screen – which would imply the region of XY is based upon Europe. Norse Mythology is European folklore, its roots based from Scandinavia which is based in North Europe. The purpose for this explanation is to provide credibility to the popular belief that the new generation is based upon this foundation by comparison.

SO… besides Yvetal and Xerneas and a new Mewtwo forme, we have no information as of yet about any other new legendary Pokémon, so lets delve deep into Norse Mythology and make some predictions for what other potential legendary Pokémon we may see!


We’ll start with the obvious one which we’ve already mentioned – the serpent dragon, Niohoggr. This particular beast has been compared to a potential Giratina by many Pokémon fans, based upon the mythology, Niohoggr lives deep within the roots of the Yggdrasil and is a dark creature who wanders the realm of the dead.The roots of Yggdrasil is obviously a remote location that is not ventured to by many, which could be compared to Giratina’s distortion world. X&Y may well introduce us to this Pokémon along with an alternate location for method of its capture.


North Mythology speaks of the wolf, Fenrir – who is foretold to have killed the God, Odin. Fenrir was raised by the gods which adds controversy to the murder of the God Odin and sets Fenrir as being a treacherous personality. Could we see a Monsterous Wolf Pokémon in X&Y? Perhaps it killed its trainer in the past and has become bitter and evil over time?.. Slightly violent for the Pokémon series, maybe! But I’m sure a less brutal version of the story could be


Running up and down Yggdrasil is said to be a Squirrel named Ratatoskr. It is said that Ratatoskr carries messages between the blind Eagle at the top of Yggdrasil and Niohoggr (the serpent-like dragon) at the roots of Yggdrasil. The name Ratatoskr typically means ‘drill-tooth’, and folklore states that Ratatoskr gnaws away at the trunk of Yggdrasil. If this were to be a Pokémon, it could be that this squirrel is an instigator of a feud between two others, causing situations between two other powerful legendaries through lies and stretching of the truth. To further speculate on theory, maybe this squirrel is taking order from an evil organisation who have a goal in mind at world destruction, or who are sought after the capture of the feuding legendaries.


Huginn and Muninn are a pair of Ravens who fly all over the world. They bring information of the world to the God, Odin. Similar to Ratatoskr, the Squirrel – this pair of Ravens could be perceived as ‘spies’ – capable of causing trouble through ill-informed information and understanding of situations in which they witness. Maybe in a true Pokémon story telling, these birds could be rivals? One the representation of good, and one the representation of evil.


In Norse Mythology, the Jotun – also known as ‘the giants’, are often opposed to the gods, they are strong creatures who even though referred to as ‘giants’ are said to be slightly bigger than human beings. They are said to have separated into factions over the years, with some giants being larger than others. These larger giants are different types of Giants in terms of elemental status – fire, frost and mountain. Maybe this could be our next trio legendary line up?.

Norse Mythology also says that the entire world of men was born from the flesh of Ymir, who was a Giant of cosmic proportion and one of the original Giants. Perhaps if these two factions were brought into the Pokémon world, we could have a group of Pokémon similar to the Regis. The original giant being the equivalent to Regigigas.


There are many different possibilities! These were just a few of my favourites which I thought I could bring some justice to. What do you guys think? Can you guys think of any other possibilities for the X & Y legendaries based around Norse Mythology? Let us know!

Note: This article will be followed up with Episode 2 of The Journey to X & Y!