Pokémon Tretta Coming to 3DS

A Japan-only Pokémon arcade game will soon be making its way to the Nintendo 3DS in Japan. “Pokémon Tretta Lab” will be sold as a physical addon which includes a code to download the game from the eShop.

Tretta is a game based on battling and catching Pokémon in 3 vs 3 battles using physical NFC enabled pucks which are placed on a board under the screen. The 3DS game will be able to read these pucks and give information about the Pokémon on them as well as compare their types against others. Mock battles can also be conducted. The game will be about $40 USD and will be released on the 10th of August.

PJ’s Note: I highly doubt this game will be released anywhere outside of Japan. The arcade machines rely on these physical pucks which don’t exist in other markets. An American, European, or Australian release of the arcade machines would be extremely unlikely and the target audience of such machines is ages 6 to about 10 year olds.

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  1. This looks like PokeDex Pro to me. Although I wish we had Pokémon tretta, this handheld version seems a little silly to me. But if they ever made a hand held version of it for here I could see them selling the tretta in packs just like they do for the card game, and did for the figure game haha.

  2. My God!!! I swear if this is what’s going to take the most space in the upcoming CoroCoro I’m going to lose it!! All I want is XY news. That’s all I want………(not over reacting, just getting tired of the lack of news……) lol

  3. it’s not a bad game. maybe it could be a bit cheaper, but it’s ok. the thing is, PJ says that there is no possibility to bring the game here because of the arcade game. but they don’t really need to bring the arcade game, but only the “trettas” or pucks, as you say. it would be like Kid Icarus’ AR cards, which are being sold in Europe, or Invizimals’ cards, which are both used for collecting and playing. they could sell some of them (not all, just about thirty and other special trettas), as you can get more pokemon in the game

    1. Although I see where you’re coming from, this software isn’t necessarily a game. It’s being marketed as a companion tool for the arcade machines.

  4. The way I think about it, the more games they make the less time they spend on x and y

  5. I swear if CoroCoro is just filled with this trash I will release my rage! It’s been so long since we’ve got any solid news on X and Y c’mon GF!

  6. Ok who wants to bet that this is the Corocoro leak for this months
    Come on the timing is suspicious but i would love to be wrong

  7. I believe that the main reason Tretta (and Battrio before it) never came outside of Japan (and probably never will) is not because of a target audience of 6 to 10 year olds, but more rather because there is no more market for arcade games in the west. This is partly due to home consoles such as the Wii, PS3 and Xbox 360 (and their online services), as well as other online gaming services on the PC such as Steam being far too dominant that you don’t even need to leave home and drive several miles to an arcade to play a game anymore, you can just buy it at the store or online, take it home, and you’re done, all that’s left is to just play the game.

    The closest you’re ever going to get to Pokemon Tretta in the west is Skylanders, which isn’t a Pokemon game, has completely different game-play aspects, and is on home consoles, but it does rely on physical objects (in this case, figurines as opposed to pucks), so it’s at least close. If Tretta was retooled to be on consoles to make it more Skylanders-esque, it would probably have a market in the west, but for now, we shouldn’t keep your hopes up on Tretta and anything related to it coming to the west, and instead keep our hopes up for the coming 6th Generation.

    1. Than why can’t nintendo of america and of japan to make a deal to released the arcade game on the Wii U The technology there’s so why not use its, its total bull if you ask me and i don’t have the money to go to japan and in matter of fact why can’t The Arcade with a come back and there’s are thing that’s made a come back because time are different, come on if we still has Arcade in the U’S still than we will of has Battrio and Tretta in the U’S by Now but we don’t, so i say they either being The Next Battrio/Tretta To The Wii U or The Arcade Make a Come back simple as that’s,

  8. X/Y better be like…the greatest games in existence for them to be keeping so much information from everyone. They come out in 5 months!

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