PokéJungle TCG Giveaway


I feel that we’ve had a GREAT year so far and with Pokémon X & Pokémon Y coming later this year things can only get better! It’s my great pleasure to announce our new giveaway which is TCG-themed with a great prize for one lucky winner: a set of 3 Pokémon TCG EX Power Tins! These three tins are the Spring 2013 releases and include a Black Kyurem tin, a White Kyurem tin, and a Keldeo tin. Each one contains the signature EX card of the Pokémon featured on the tin as well as a special Meloetta card. In addition there are 4 Black & White series boosters packed in which means the lucky winner will be opening 12 booster packs! Each tin also features an extra code to unlock more cards in the Online Pokémon Trading Card Game. Ready to find out how you can win!?

HOW TO ENTER: Please comment once on THIS POST telling us what your very first Pokémon TCG memory is! Don’t have one? What would you like your very first card to be? The entry time is 1 week and lasts from TODAY (May 10th) to May 17th at 12am CST. Good luck!

Unfortunately due to shipping concerns I must limit the contest to the 48 continental US states… sorry(*BUT READ BELOW). Also in the case that something happens and we cannot deliver a prize there is no value which will be awarded to the winner ($0). Don’t foresee anything happening, but I just want to make the terms clear. Visitors under the age of 13 must get parental approval for any method of entry into the contest (comment, retweet, Facebook comment, or forum post).

Did you just read that disclaimer…? Because there are actually ways to get BONUS entries! Follow us and retweet this tweet on Twitter, “Like” us on Facebook and like our status here, AND post in our forum (which you can log into via Twitter account) in this thread for up to 3 extra chances to win! Cool, huh?

*For those of you outside the US there are still runner up prizes that you’re eligible for! 3 extra winners will be chosen and they will each get a downloadable Pokémon from our staff member Dan and if they’re members of our forum Mt. Moon Community they’ll get special VIP status!

Hope you’re excited about this as I am! As always, love everyone who keeps checking back for the latest Pokémon news and articles! Wouldn’t be worth it without YOU!

<3 PJ

  1. My first real memory was a game I played against a friend of mine. He played Garchomp/Altaria, and had me help him test against Darkrai. Needless to say, I got crushed. I started playing shortly after, ultimately culminating in my quitting the TCG a few weeks ago.

  2. My first memory of the Pokemon TCG was taking my cousin’s cards, but I know they were from the original. I didn’t even know what they were for, I just liked looking at the artwork of the Pokemon. Here I am now, still loving Pokemon 🙂

  3. Okay, so my timeframe is a bit messed up, but I believe two things simultaneously contributed to my first memory, the first of which was suddenly getting into buying and trading cards based on solely the Pokemon and artwork (I recall wanting a Pidgeot quite badly, and receiving it one birthday); the second was all the fake cards (mostly just mashups or crappy copies of real ones) and how some of my friends would claim to have real cards of Pokemon which didn’t exist (E.g. Mewthree, a Ditto evolution called Ditliya).

  4. My first memory was in the fifth grade, getting a huge number of common cards and trying to build a viable deck with just them, haha… I never really won, ever.

  5. Everyone buying those cards just for the pretty pictures and because it was cool. We had no idea how to actually play the damn game.

  6. The first memory I can think of dates back to when I was about 7 or 8 years old (currently 21). My brother and I each got two packs of Pokemon cards from our local K-Mart. I opened mine and got common cards, nothing out of the ordinary. His two packs? They both held the iconic foil Charizard card from the first set (cannot for the life of me remember the set name). TWO in two packs. I was so jealous. Mom made him give me one to make it fair. (:

    1. A follow up to my first memory, my most VIVID memory of the TCG is when my cousins had a Sneasel EX card from a newer set around my freshman year in high school (possibly 7 years ago). I remember them saying they didn’t want it or something and I was acting out so I chewed up the card. I don’t even know what the hell I was doing. :S

  7. Ah going to my grannys house and she would always give me and my brother 5 dollars each. When we would leave her house we would beg my mom to take us to the store right away and buy a pack of cards. I use to always go with the Venasuar pack. We would open them in the car on the way home and compare which ones we got. And as soon as we got home, if we had any doubles we would invite our friends from up the street over to trade. I remember my dad telling me to be careful about which ones i trade so i dont end up crying haha.Its one of my favorite childhood memories. c:

    1. Dear Missus Jenny,

      Hi there! I was reading this article not too long ago and had the good fortune to stumble across your tale! I was, for lack of a more imaginative phrase, feeling very sad that day, and I’d just like you to know that your anecdote really brightened my day 🙂 I used to play Pokemon all the time with my late friend at the local recreational center, and it makes me happy to know that others were able to experience something similar 🙂

      I know that you may not even be able to find this message, but if by some serendipitous event you come across it, just know that if there’s ever anything you need, I’d be happy to be of service 🙂


      P.S. – I hope that nothing so sad as to make tears grace your cheeks ever did happen.

  8. The oldest TCG memory was when I was 3 and an older kid in my school gave me his holo moltres. I have had that card since that day and I am now 18 after learning that old friend died in a car crash about 8years ago. I will always be great full for the little gift because without it I wouldn’t be as big of a card collector or Pokemon fan after all these years.

  9. My first memory of receiving my first Pokemon card was when my cousin from Miami came to visit and he brought me a whole bunch of Pokemon cards. We both split the cards and I suppose battled ^_^. My favorite card was a reversed hallow lapras card. Playing with the Pokemon cards is what opened me up to becoming one of the many fan based people who just fell in love with the Pokemon series 🙂

  10. My first memory of receiving my first Pokemon card was when my cousin from Miami came to visit and he brought me a whole bunch of Pokemon cards (first gen, the first cards released in US). We both split the cards and we battled ^_^. My favorite card was a hallow lapras card. Playing with the Pokemon cards is what opened me up to becoming one of the many fan based people who just fell in love with the Pokemon series 🙂

    and that’s my first pokemon card memory ^-^

  11. My first memory of the TCG is buying a pack and pulling a Pidgeotto rare and just finding the cards so awesome. Those were such cool days. I loved everything about those cards. Still do, in fact. I play all the time down at the local comic shop with my Rayeels and Crobat (now Deobat) decks.

  12. my frist pokemon card memory when my friend showed me a japanese scyther and then my other friend opening his frist pack and getting a charizard which at the time none of knew how rare that was

  13. My first memony of the TCG was me sitting on my front porch waiting for my dad to get home. I was pretty young and wasn’t supposed to be outside by myself. while I was waiting my neighbors son, who was maybe eight or nine years older than me, came outside. he saw me sitting there and came over and talked to me . after a fewminutes he brought up Pokemon and I got really excited to talk about it. he then reached into his pocket and took out a handful of cards and gave them to me. they weren’t rare, pretty common actually, but they mean a lot to me because without them my love for Pokemon may never have started. I still have them fyi.

  14. Oh goodness, my first TCG memory.. Well, it must have been before the first movie came out. I was all of 7 or 8, and my older brother was teaching me how to play. He had the original starter deck with the holographic Machamp, as well as a few Fossil and Jungle booster packs. I’m not sure which of us won, but I’ve remembered how to play it ever since!

    Another early memory I have was going to see the first Pokemon movie in theaters. Between my family and I, we got all of the promotional cards. I was sitting next to a friend from school, and he said he had gotten a Mew card. Mew was my favorite Pokemon, and I thought that there was an actual Mew card that I didn’t get. (It was just a card with an advertisement on it, which I still have.) But me being the kid I was, I started crying. My friend gave me his, and even though I saw it wasn’t an actual Mew card, I was thankful.

  15. My first memory was finally getting that base set Charizard. But that is very cliche and rather share this story with you.

    Literally last night my friends and I decided to have a five way pokemon tcg battle. We would flip two coins to see who we would attack. The first coin decided two out of the four opponents and the second picked one out of those two. It was a very hectic game but it was still extremely fun.

  16. I don’t really have any memories of experience with the TCG, as I am a collector, not a player. But I definitely remember my very first card, and how I got it. I was in 3rd or 4th grade, and some kid just gave me a card while on the school bus. It was a Base Set Staryu card. Soon after, I became addicted to the anime, and then I began collecting more cards, and I’ve been doing that ever since. I’ve never played the card game, as I never fully understood it. But I am simply content with being a collector. I aim to obtain one copy of every single card there is, from ever single set

  17. My first Pokemon tcg memory was getting my holographic mewtwo and blastoise card in the first five packs I ever received.

  18. I am 22, my earliest memory comes from a time of being 9 years old (oh childhood where did you go?) visiting the local Toys’R’Us store. My cousin, my brother and I, had all went to get signed up for the Trading Card League there. Unfortunately, my cousin and brother were the only one’s who could battle with the other kids because they had actual decks of cards. I had to persuade my mother to get me my first booster pack. Lucky me, seeing that my mom always bought them for my brother – she decided to make him a bit jealous by buying me the actual “Pokemon TCG” game for Gameboy Color from the same Toys’R’Us during the same day. Boy was I happy when I went to open the box and received my very first Trading Card, a holographic Meowth (with GB printed on the picture – for “Gameboy”) wrapped in plastic behind the cartridge. I screamed out of happiness. And guess what, 13 years later… I still have the GB Meowth in perfect condition, untouched – still in the same plastic. Just thinking of it is getting me emotional haha.

  19. My first memory of Pokemon TCG is when I was about 5 years old my cousins came to visit and because they knew that I liked Pokemon they bought a ton of booster packs that contained about 80 cards in total and kept a few for themselves but left me with some very sweet cards that included two mewtwo cards that I still have to this very day 😀

  20. I feel like I don’t stand a chance at winning. All these people have such… Memories. My first cards were a Cranidos and a Dodrio from the Diamond & Pearl series that i got at afterschool care. That was really my gateway to Pokémon. That was back in about maybe… 2008-2009. However, a couple years back, all of my best cards (i.e. EXs, Lv.Xs, Legendaries, etc.) were stolen, and since then, I’ve been trying to build back up my collection. Winning this competition would be awesome for my collection, and hopefully, I’ll have my my boys back.

  21. My first TCG memory was when i got this Dragonite card w/ the kids WB signature (in gold) on the right hand of dragonites pic for Pokemon the 1st Movie that was my 1st Pokemon card I still hav it (^-^)

  22. My earliest memory was going to my friend’s house, and getting a holo Charizard from Jungle! I am 15!

  23. Aww… why must I live in Canada. OTL
    Well, here’s my story, regardless…
    My brother used to have a fair amount of cards. I was too young to really get any of the collecting stuff, and I didn’t have any of my own cards. My first card was one that my brother was going to get rid of; a first edition base set charizard card. It was in absolutely terrible condition, but I felt sad seeing it go. I got him to give it so me and I took it everywhere I went and talked to it. It was my imaginary friend as a child. I still give it its own page in my card binder of thousands upon thousands of Pokemon cards. It’s one of my biggest childhood treasures.

    Other than that, nothing really interesting has happened to me in the world of TCG. I used to go to tournaments regularly… but I can’t afford as many cards as I used to be able to, so it’s getting too hard for me to keep up with everything. xD

  24. Ever since I was about 5 years old, I have collected pokemon cards. Yet, in the last few years, I haven’t collected anything. I would love to start my collection off again right with these packs. Also, as a graduating high school senior, I am broke as a joke! Free stuff is awesome!

  25. My earliest Pokemon TCG memory is from when I was a kid, and my younger sister and I got a whole bunch of new Pokemon cards. We each chose one as our “starter” (I chose Pikachu), and then we spread the rest of the cards all over the floor and went on an “adventure” to go out and “battle and catch” as many Pokemon as we could, and then we would use the Pokemon we “caught” to battle each other in a way similar to playing the card game “War”. It was so much fun. I want to do that again some day! XD

  26. Well let’s see, I remember get a lot of pokemon stuff when I was really young, but the earliest memory I have from the tcg is that every at my school played it and I ended up having my best cards given away by my sister 🙁

  27. When I was younger, my family was always too poor to get me Pokemon cards in English, so instead they got me the sticker fake Japanese cards. I remember I was so happy when I got my first card: A Zubat! I named it “Zubby”, and took it with wherever I went.

    Unfortunately, a classmate of mine saw the card, and peeled off the sticker… That was the last I saw of Zubby. 🙁

  28. My first TCG memory was seeing all of the news stories about Pokémon Cards being banned in schools. I knew nothing about it at the time, being a huge fan of the video games and anime. I had just started high school when the craze for the cards had begun. Now, in my adult life, I collect them with my close friend Jessie and trade with her whenever we buy new ones.

  29. My favorite memory of the TCG game was back when I was 6 years old. My brother and I would collect cards and battle each other almost constantly. It wasn’t just TCG or the Pokemon franchise, we played Yu-Gi-Oh and Magic The Gathering. We would play chess occasionally too. We would sign up for local tournaments, especially at Toys R Us. We even came up with our own cards for the different trading card games with our friends. My favorite one I made was an elephant bird (The things in the mind of a 6 year old) which had big tusks that could pierce through steel. We always had lots of fun with it, and I still have my cards to this day. Hard to believe it has been over a decade since all this took place. Time sure flies, doesn’t it? Hopefully X and Y will get here quickly.

  30. My very first TCG memory was when my parents bought me the original series cards back in the late 90s! I was a crazy card collecting fanatic then and I still am today!

  31. So I have a lot of memories of Pokemon as a child, I only born a year before the pokemon boom in Japan so I was just the right age to grow up with it when it got to North America. Anyway, I’d say my favourite memory, maybe not my earliest memory, is of kids at school calling each other out for having fake Pokemon cards.

  32. So my brother first subscribed to Nintendo Power and holy crap in the first issue we get, there are two cards glued inside the issue, a Poliwhirl and a Charmeleon. There’s a Pokemon CARD game? That’s so freaking cool

  33. My first memory was seeing all the kids at school having Pokémon cards. My first personal memory of significance would be when my mom and I went to the store and saw a whole bin full of starter decks that were on sale. I almost got one of the Team Rocket decks, but in the end I decided on getting the Jungle deck. It was at that moment that my collection started, basically. While I never got all that into the battling aspect of the card game, the collecting aspect of it was always pretty fun! Actually, the same goes for the video games. Guess that’s why I hardly ever get Lv. 100 Pokémon, but oh well.

  34. Back when Base Set first came out, the first pack of Pokemon TCG I ever bought I pulled the Base Set Holo Chansey (shadowless). I loved Chansey so much, I thought I could never part with it. But a friend at school was desperate for Chansey and offered me a 1st edition Zapdos (and some assorted uncommons and commons I wanted as a new collector) in exchange for it. I love Zapdos too, so I couldn’t resist trading especially for a first edition, though I was sad to see Chansey go. But then, to my surprise, the next day I bought my second Pokemon booster pack, and pulled another Chansey! I was shocked to my core- never have I experienced such randomly good chance! 🙂 Chansey really is a good luck charm!

  35. i remember getting my first booster box or boxes when i was a little kid the fossil ones and i was soo happy ahh good times

  36. When pokemon cards were a big things, I wasn’t allowed to get any. Didn’t stop me from getting them though. In fact, the ice cream truck after school would sell them at an inflated $7 a pack and I would buy a bunch of them with whatever savings I had and hide them from my parents. Oh dumb youth.

  37. My very first TCG memory is when my friend at the time had another friend who always brought imported Japanese cards. In fact, it’s what got me into Pokemon. I had seen a lot of them before it ever caught on in the US, and I still have some of the cards he let me have, like my shiny Japanese Raichu and Snorlax!

  38. In the height of the 90s Pokemon craze, I was hooked. My older brother and I would take our scooters and take the long journey across town to our holy place: Coins, Cards, and Comics.

    It was a small little store with superheros painted on the windows. Inside, the counter was so high I couldn’t see over the top. By the counter there was a long display case with all of the rarest pokemon cards, and I often stood there, entranced, gazing at the Charizard and the holographic cards. I would buy the sourest blue raspberry candies I could find and the newest pack of Pokemon cards and we would scoot back home.

    I remember the journey to Coins, Cards, and Comics, but I never remember coming back. I was busy imagining opening up that card pack back home and finding my favorite pokemon waiting there for me. I poured over my cards, spending hours making decks and taking special care of the first editions and holographic cards in a big red album with a Pikachu on the front. I played the card game with my brother on the living room floor.

    I really treasure those days of Pokemon and spending time with my brother. We’ve grown distant as we’ve grown up. Maybe I should pull out a few booster packs and we could play pokemon again.

  39. I’m 20, and I remember once when I was little I was at a flea market or something with my mom, and there was a big ol’ box full of TCG booster packs, mostly Jungle and Fossil, for cheap, and I asked her how many I could get and then began grabbing whichever packs felt lucky. I didn’t even have any friends who played. I just wanted to start collecting.

  40. I am 22 years old, and my favorite Pokemon Training Card Game memory was opening up by first booster pack way back in elementary school – this was like in 2000. The pack was one of the original Base Set packs (with Blastoise on the cover – seen here: http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/File:Base_Set_Blastoise.jpg), and inside was my first holographic card – a holographic base set Venusaur card. I was SO excited, since I had then bought into the craze that was the collection of Pokemon trading cards, which I still do today – both in stores and in the current Pokemon Trading Card Game Online. Unfortunately, I was naive enough at the time to trade that precious holo Venusaur for an uncommon Charmeleon card from a friend – I got duped! – with him telling me that this base set Charmeleon card did more damage than Venusaur. Just thinking about that Venusaur card makes me want to unearth my binder-full of all 151 original Pokemon cards that I have in the basement.

  41. I cant wait till x and y come out cux those leaks and new pokemon are just getting me more excited and the most annoying thing so far about x and y is sylveons type!!

  42. I’m 21 now, soon to be 22, and I’m not sure how old I was but I remember two distinct memories with the TCG, can’t remember which was first. One was opening my first starter deck, the one with the holographic first edition Machamp and remembering how cool I thought it was. Also I remember I was on touring the KOMO 4 (Seattle) news station during Christmas time and I sat on Santa’s lap and Santa gave me a box of booster packs with a Koffing on the front.

  43. The first memory that I can remember of having a TCG card was when my sister, my mother, and I all went to a local meijer store. My sister was all into pokemon and collecting the cards and everything so of course, I was too. I didn’t have any cards though so I desperately wanted some. Near the front of the store there was a big display that had a bunch of booster packs so I begged my mom to let me get one. She let my sister and I each get one so I looked at them all and decided to go with the pack that had a zapdos on the front. After we had paid for them my sister and I ripped off the packaging and started shuffling through our cards. My sister just got a bunch of boring common ones but when I looked through mine I saw that I got a holographic zapdos and a mewtwo. My sister was so jealous and mad that she kept trying to tell me they were bad ones so that she could have them. I wouldn’t budge though so I kept onto it because it was all pretty and special and rare. Unfortunately, my sister eventually grew out of pokemon and didn’t like it anymore. This came as a big blow to me because if something wasn’t cool to my sister, it wasn’t cool to me. So I ripped up all of my cards and threw them into the trash. Even my zapdos and mewtwo. It breaks my heart just to type that. I wish I could go back and have them all back. But a few years ago I started collecting again and even learned how to actually play the game. I haven’t had a new pack in quite some time but I just love the feeling of opening a new pack and the feeling of excitement of looking through them just like when I got my first pack.

  44. I was never really into TCG much but I have one distinct memory of playing the game. There was one Christmas where me and a bunch of my friends got cards (our families meet up for Christmas) and we opened them and had a bunch of fun playing with them. We didn’t have the slightest clue of how to play so we just made up rules as we went and it ended up being really fun.

  45. When I was in elementary school (I am 19 now) I used to stay at my grandmother’s house with my cousins nearly every weekend during the summer. The first time I was introduced to Pokemon TCG, my cousins were showing off their brand new 1st Edition cards. I was incredibly jealous and asked my grandmother to take us to Toys ‘R Us to get me my own set- and she did. We spent the next few summers battling and trading and sharing cards every time we were together. I still have a bunch of them, though they are in nowhere near good condition.

  46. I was never to heavily involved in the TCG, but I do vaguely remember playing a few matches against other kids when I was little at a local Toys R Us (before it disappeared ;-;). I certainly wasn’t the best at it, with no real strategy involved, but it was still fun looking through the cards I had, getting decks and booster packs, and also the ones other kids had. Just kind of a fun, youthful experience.

  47. Hmm, I remember back in elementary school my older cousin gave me binders and binders of pokemon cards. Naturally I loved the cute little pokemon like Pikachu and Jigglypuff, etc but I had nothing against the Muk and Koffings. It was those evil energy cards that looked so dang useless that ticked me off. I remember having a HUGE dislike towards them because I didn’t know what they were for and it was piling up in the binders LOL. At a tennis summer camp, me and this girl had tons of pokemon cards so we traded around and regrettably I gave her my holographic Blastoise for a Politoed, AND all the energy cards that I had because I didn’t want them (I regret it so much).

    Since I didn’t really know how to play the game I just scattered them onto the floor and played kingdom with them, like splitting them into factions, having little forbidden romances or playing school, and talking for them, LOL. To be honest I still kind of to that today, but hey its entertainment.

    1. Bah, I forgot to mention that my mom didn’t really like me and my brother buying cards because she thought it was a waste of money but we bought it with our pocket money. We were pretty young back then and I would always take the cute pokemon cards from our packs and I would give him (reluctantly) some of my cards to fair it off.

  48. When I was little my family moved a lot and one of those times was to a boys home which was basically a more sophisticated orphanage for boys. I was in kindergarten and one of the boys showed me their pokemon cards and I asked what they were for and they told me “No one really knows, but you collect them if you wanna be cool!” So he gave me a card case and some starter cards (my favorite was psyduck!) but my mom said that pokemon was from the devil and threw them all away. However, now I am seventeen and recently started getting into to pokemon seriously and my mom can’t tell me no now!

  49. My first memory was when I was in middle school. I opened up my first packs and got a Charizard. I bragged to all my friends. I came back from PE and someone stole it from my backpack. ):

  50. I remember being 10 years old. I had just gotten my Nintendo Power magazine and was excitedly flipping through the pages. Then, on an insert was something strange. It was a charmeleon card from the Base Set. It was my very first card. Even though I amassed a great collection afterward, that charmeleon remained my favorite card. Even though the card got ruined I still credit it with spurring my love of pokemon tcg.

  51. My First TCG experience comes from when i was 6 or 7?, my family has always been of a low income so my brother and I rarely had toys and my parent thought it was stupid to buy card because they where paper. I got my first card from my cousin and it was a ninetales. From there I never had any more till a few years back when I was able to buy old already opened pack cards. I have actually never have had the opportunity to open a pack now that I think about it..

  52. My earliest memory involves me getting a single pack of cards one night, and opening it in the back of my mum’s Chevy Astro on the drive home. Flip through the first couple repeats I’d already had dozens of, and what do I find? A mother-flippin’ Charizard. Yeah, you know the one everybody wanted? That was worth $40 alone? That one. My life was good.

    I a while later, I put it in a wallet to keep it safe from damage. I mean, it’s Charizard. You don’t want the corners getting bent or scratches on it. I eventually lost the wallet or my neighbor stole it. Who knows. I still wish I had it though.

  53. I don’t remember my first TCG moment but I do remember my favorite one. It was around the time of my 10th birthday, when I had first became interested in Pokemon. For my birthday present, I got Pokemon Diamond and became a Pokemon trainer for the first time (ironic, isn’t it?). I also got my very first TCG deck, which had Torterra as the promo card inside. I had opened the deck before game and I loved it. I still use that Torterra in my decks when I play. It inspired me to choose Turtwig as my starter, who was my first Pokemon I got to level 100 without any cheats or rare candies. It was the most memorable birthday in my life.

  54. Hi. my name is joshua. my earliest memory is when i was flipping through the channels (i was 4-5 years of age) and stoped when james ordered wheezing to use smokescreen.

  55. I don’t remember my first, but I do remember shortly after the first Scyther card came out, I really wanted one, but was never successful in obtaining it in a pack. One day I was walking by an elementary school and there was the most pristine holo Scyther JUST LYING THERE ON THE GROUND WITH NO ONE AROUND. I still have it. It was amazing.

  56. During school around 2nd grade; My friend just had gotten into Pokémon cards, She would tell everybody about them and tell us how to play and stuff so we all gather around and would play or go through her collection 🙂

  57. My first memory was my friend giving me the rare Charizard card for free as a present, (unfortunately, he wrote his name on the back).

  58. My first memory was going to see the first Pokemon movie when I was 11 and getting the promo cards with my movie ticket. Still have the cards in my Pokemon card binder 🙂

  59. My first memory is from when I was around 7 I suppose. The first card I got from my first pack was a Bulbasaur. I was so happy, because it was my starter in Red, and it was my favorite Pokemon. It still is. I still have that card, it’s sitting on my desk now. Makes me happy. Also, Grass-types rock!

  60. I have fond memories of Pokémon from when I was still in daycare. For the longest time, I was one of the only children without a Game Boy Color. I couldn’t relate to the other children who had Game Boy Colors. Instead, though, I had Pokémon trading cards. I remember getting to bring them on special days to the daycare, and I would always want to collect as many cards as possible so that I could battle my friends and trade cool-looking cards for other cool-looking cards. I don’t think I was aware of their value at that age until I was advised to not trade the ones with little stars in the corner because they were more valuable. My fondest memory isn’t a vivid recollection of one particular moment, but it encompassed several moments in my young life. I still have what is left of my trading card collection and I look at those cards and smile. The trading card game may very well have been the definitive point of interest that led me to discover Pokémon in its entirety. That’s life-altering.

  61. My earliest memory of TCG is getting this pack of pokemon cards which came with a disc to play the game online and that was when i got my 100hp Holographic Machamp and another memory was entering a card contest for Kids WB in which I won my picture of Pikachu was placed on the card its a one of a kind card i dont even know if i still have it i would have to look for it

  62. Well my first memory was in 98 or 99 I believe, it was on the corner of lefferts blvd and liberty ave queens NY. My aunt was taking me with her to work( she worked in the twin towers, which had its own little train station type thing that was awesome) so before we got on the platform for the train we went inside the corner store , and in the glass case at the register I saw something wrap in a foil like plastic with the pictures of , charizard , venasaur and Blastoise so I ask for one of Each Now that I think about it my Aunt was pretty awesome for that because at that time a pack of booster cost about $6.50. So that’s my first memory of pokemon tcg. I’m coming to terms that while pokemon is awesome , but I think I love it soo much because it reminds me of a time in my life when all my loved ones were alive and happy, and life was simple and easy( I was 8 playing with pokemon all day, it was a sweet life) but now I’m 22 and playing pokemon all day , its an awesome life, I hope if I have a child it can be part of his child hood as well lol

  63. I am 17, and probably the best memory is when I taught my sisters how to play. Lol. Although they didnt care for it, my cousin and I would play when we went to my grandmother’s house.

  64. My favorite memory of Pokemon TCG is when me and my friends went to school and traded our cards before the teachers caught us and took them away. We always went into a corner and got our cards out and started to trade them.

  65. My very first memory is in my grandparents basement, my cousin gave me a good portion of his collection, including a foil Base Set Charizard. It’s too bad I lost about half of them when I moved :/

  66. My first experience… In 2010, (I’m 13) My cousin gave me all of the Base Set cards he had because he had this condition that made him have seizures often, and they didn’t know if he would live or die. I started collecting TCG because I remember him saying one time that he wanted to see every Pokemon card in the world, and I want him to see that, even if it might be impossible.

  67. I am currently 15, but my first TCG experience was in the 1st grade. I made friends with some people who liked Pokemon cards, but I didn’t have any because my parents didn’t quite approve of Pokemon. So my friends gave me some of the duplicates they had (a lot of commons, 2 or 3 rares, and some uncommons, then a BUNCH of energies) and most were base set cards. I was stoked: Pokemon cards! I almost got them taken away, but eventually my parents bought me a theme deck of EX FireRed and LeafGreen. I loved having cards of my very own, and I’ll never forget what it felt like to hold brand new cards in my hands. Now, every time I go shopping at Wal-Mart with my mother, I get some kind of TCG pack – not usually theme decks anymore – and open them excitedly in the car on the way back home.

  68. Earliest memory… I think it is opening my basic card pack and finding a holographic Charizard. That was a pretty remarkable scene from my childhood

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