PokéJungle TCG Giveaway

I feel that we’ve had a GREAT year so far and with Pokémon X & Pokémon Y coming later this year things can only get better! It’s my great pleasure to announce our new giveaway which is TCG-themed with a great prize for one lucky winner: a set of 3 Pokémon TCG EX Power Tins! … Read more

And the Pokémon Power Bracket Winner is…

MEW! For those of you wondering what this was about, Pokemon.com had been holding a voting contest to see what legendary would come out on top as a contest between 35 of them. Now that the voting has finished we have our winner 🙂 Mew will be taking over the official Pokémon website and there … Read more

Gūn’s Scizor WINNER!

And the winner is… ME!  So I guess that means I get to keep it 😀  Nah, just kidding I’m sorry this took so long to finish, I’m super lazy to be honest :p  I didn’t want to write everyone’s names down.  There were 75 total entries and after all this hard work… the winner … Read more