PSA: TCG Giveaway Winners Chosen!


Just a quick heads up: Paul has drawn the winners for the TCG giveaway. However, we can’t announce all the winners until they have replied back to us. So everyone should check their email to see if they’ve won something. You’ll find the details contained in the mail. We’ll put up the list for each of you to see as soon as we received a reply from everyone who won.

On a side note, I will likely put up an article later today or tomorrow. The news is back to its slow times, so we have little to report on it. However, if there is some topic that you like to be discussed, you can comment about in down here and maybe I’ll put up an article with my opinion on it.

UPDATE: Ultron has won! I waited until I could make email contact, sorry for the delay! Here was the winning comment which was drawn at random:

The first memory that I can remember of having a TCG card was when my sister, my mother, and I all went to a local meijer store. My sister was all into pokemon and collecting the cards and everything so of course, I was too. I didn’t have any cards though so I desperately wanted some. Near the front of the store there was a big display that had a bunch of booster packs so I begged my mom to let me get one. She let my sister and I each get one so I looked at them all and decided to go with the pack that had a zapdos on the front. After we had paid for them my sister and I ripped off the packaging and started shuffling through our cards. My sister just got a bunch of boring common ones but when I looked through mine I saw that I got a holographic zapdos and a mewtwo. My sister was so jealous and mad that she kept trying to tell me they were bad ones so that she could have them. I wouldn’t budge though so I kept onto it because it was all pretty and special and rare. Unfortunately, my sister eventually grew out of pokemon and didn’t like it anymore. This came as a big blow to me because if something wasn’t cool to my sister, it wasn’t cool to me. So I ripped up all of my cards and threw them into the trash. Even my zapdos and mewtwo. It breaks my heart just to type that. I wish I could go back and have them all back. But a few years ago I started collecting again and even learned how to actually play the game. I haven’t had a new pack in quite some time but I just love the feeling of opening a new pack and the feeling of excitement of looking through them just like when I got my first pack.

Sounds fun, congratulations Ultron!!