Pokémon Smash! June 2nd — FINISHED!

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We’re edging closer and closer to the release of X & Y in October, and we’ve got another month of 2013 down. Join us again this week as we provide live coverage of Pokémon Smash! All of our live updates as well as our chat and a stream can be found below!

We’d like you to come and take part in our site chat too which can be found HERE. Come along and talk about the new Pokémon revealed today and what’s going on in Smash! Also be sure to follow us on Twitter and like our page on Facebook! Don’t forget about our forums too!

If you can hear a popping noise whilst on this page, please view the chat in the spoiler below and click the small speaker in the bottom left of the chat.

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  • Pokémon Smash! is LIVE!
  • This weeks anime episode is Wake Up Snorlax! (おきろ!カビゴン!)
  • The anime has now finished and it’s time for the weekly Eevee Friends feature. This time staring the Genesect gang!
  • The Genesect gang have gone off on a little exploration, looking at to how Pokémon bread is made.
  • Back to the Eevee and Friends crew. Two challengers have to finish stages of a puzzle before a mouth makes a complete circuit of a track and bursts a balloon onto another’s face.
  • Now time for a little game show segment with Eevee and friends. Players are asked a question relating to an Eeveelution and must run through a wall to answer. The correct answer wall lands the player a clean landing. The incorrect answer door has a nice surprise behind it…
  • The Genesect Crew is back taking a look at different types of Pokémon merchandise… and Pokémon milk…
  • They’re being shown some new Genesect toys and their prototypes.
  • Genoooooo!
  • X & Y segment time!
  • Pancham has been shown in some new footage battling and Conkeldurr. Nothing much else beyond that!
  • A little fun with Espeon and it’s psychic abilities. Now we’re on to the usual BW2 Smash! Battle.
  • And we’re done for this week!
  • Next weeks preview has said we’ll be getting some new battle footage and showed Fletchling. See you all then!