Dae asks: New Type?

It’s been a long while, hasn’t it? I’m so busy nowadays, I hardly have the time to think of a good Dae asks! I hope the Summer will be a quieter period, so I can finally have some rest. In unrelated news, I ordered a Sylveon plush. It is set to arrive in three weeks and I’ll give you a picture when it arrives.

And today’s question is also about that mysterious new Eeeveelution called Sylveon. They refuse to give out its type, leaving the fans free to speculate. Some said it was Flying at first, others said it was maybe Dragon and even others said it is just the Normal  evolution. But then rumours of it being a total new type started getting ground. Spirit, cosmic, sound, love,… have all been mentioned but Fairy is the one that get mentioned the most. Certain reliable leakers told us that it will indeed be Fairy, and Pokémon Smash did some weird thing where they strongly hinted that it was a new type.

The first part of today’s question is, do you think we need a new type? Is it really needed to fresh things up or are you still under the impression that ‘Red/Blue iz da best. Otherz suxx!!’? The second part is what you think the type will be named, what its weaknesses and the like will be and which Pokémon will get retyped. And for the last part, do you think there are some types that need a small overhaul to balance things out? I know many see Ice as the weakest type defensively and I strongly believe it deserves a buff, but I don’t know how they could achieve that.

And that’s it for today. I know I don’t write a lot of articles anymore, but I try to read all of your comments and make sure to reply to them! So, get commenting!

EDIT: It seems to me like the underlying reasons against Fairy type is something like this: ‘I’m not against a new type but oh no, not fairy nooezzz. I am a male teenager or adult and I don’t want this girly magic for toddlers in my games! Never mind the fact that I’m playing a game for kids anyway. Oh and also forget that fairy is a broad term that originated in old folklore and isn’t always the same like Disney portraits it. But please no fairy!’ Does anyone care to elaborate on this? I still have to see really good reason as to why they won’t do Fairy, other than the fact that ‘I just don’t like/want it’.