Dae asks: New Type?

It’s been a long while, hasn’t it? I’m so busy nowadays, I hardly have the time to think of a good Dae asks! I hope the Summer will be a quieter period, so I can finally have some rest. In unrelated news, I ordered a Sylveon plush. It is set to arrive in three weeks and I’ll give you a picture when it arrives.

And today’s question is also about that mysterious new Eeeveelution called Sylveon. They refuse to give out its type, leaving the fans free to speculate. Some said it was Flying at first, others said it was maybe Dragon and even others said it is just the Normal  evolution. But then rumours of it being a total new type started getting ground. Spirit, cosmic, sound, love,… have all been mentioned but Fairy is the one that get mentioned the most. Certain reliable leakers told us that it will indeed be Fairy, and Pokémon Smash did some weird thing where they strongly hinted that it was a new type.

The first part of today’s question is, do you think we need a new type? Is it really needed to fresh things up or are you still under the impression that ‘Red/Blue iz da best. Otherz suxx!!’? The second part is what you think the type will be named, what its weaknesses and the like will be and which Pokémon will get retyped. And for the last part, do you think there are some types that need a small overhaul to balance things out? I know many see Ice as the weakest type defensively and I strongly believe it deserves a buff, but I don’t know how they could achieve that.

And that’s it for today. I know I don’t write a lot of articles anymore, but I try to read all of your comments and make sure to reply to them! So, get commenting!

EDIT: It seems to me like the underlying reasons against Fairy type is something like this: ‘I’m not against a new type but oh no, not fairy nooezzz. I am a male teenager or adult and I don’t want this girly magic for toddlers in my games! Never mind the fact that I’m playing a game for kids anyway. Oh and also forget that fairy is a broad term that originated in old folklore and isn’t always the same like Disney portraits it. But please no fairy!’ Does anyone care to elaborate on this? I still have to see really good reason as to why they won’t do Fairy, other than the fact that ‘I just don’t like/want it’.


  1. To be honest, I don’t want to see new types, seventeen kinds already saturated enough. Even with the new type, I think Fairy type is not appropriate. In the game, we have Egg group of Fairy, I don’t think we need to add the Fairy type.
    Of course, this is just my opinion: D

    1. We do have egg groups for Dragon, Bug, Flying, Grass, and Water too. They’re even called those names according to Bulbapedia. So yeah, I really fail to see how Fairy wouldn’t be appropriate, unless Dragon, Bug, Flying, etc were also not appropriate? Just my opinion though~

      Besides, we got a couple pretty OP and underpowered types right now that could really use a fix.

      1. Also note those types were around before breeding existed and are almost exclusively those types. Dragon has more because when Gen 2 was made, there were only 4 dragon-type pokemon in existence, one family-line and one evolution that would not breed a dragon-type offspring.

      2. So basically you’re saying that there should be Monster, Human-like, Mineral, Amorphous, Field, and Undiscovered types. Great plan, Einstein.

        1. I’m not. I’m simply saying it’s not inappropriate for fairy type to happen on the ground of its already an egg group seeing as several types have egg groups of the same name. Logic. Use it a little.

        2. Seriously? Way to be an asshole. Apparently you’re blind to the words “Just my opinion though~” in Terminus’s post. Nice contribution to the discussion.

      3. OK. I may feel difficult to locate the Fairy type. As rumors that Mawile is changed to Fairy type, but Mawile based on Futakuchi-onna, compared to the Fairy it tends to monster. I think Fairy types like Psychic, and Ghost. Of course, even if the increase of Fairy type I will still play of very happy.

    2. The difference between 17 and 18 is negligible, as they told me in engineer class.

  2. At first I didn’t want a FAIRY type as I thought it was childish. But when other fans on this site started speculating that there could be Dark/Fairy Goblin pokemon I’m just eager to see all the possibilities!

  3. I think new type would be really good. It’s like new breath for the games. 17 is somewhat an odd looking number. Why not making it 18? Smooth, rather than unleavened.

    I would like to have cosmic type though, I think it’s better than Fairy. However, if we are going to get Fairy type, my speculation is that:

    Resisted by: Grass, Psychic, Steel
    Super Effective Against: Dark, Ghost, Dragon
    Weak to: Poison, Psychic, (Grass?)
    Resists: Dark, Ghost, Dragon

  4. New types are always welcome in my opinion because it makes the strategy even more varied. It’ll challenge those who thought they had the perfect team for the past few generations. I was never keen on the naming, but that doesn’t really matter. I just hope it’s real and that the typing is done right.

    Super Effective Against – Fighting, Dragon and Dark (I feel Fighting and Dragon are the most over powered types at the moment, this will even it out a bit).

    Resisted By – Grass, Steel and Ice (Grass and Steel just stick out as types which would resist it, I blame fairy tales. Ice also because it does get pummeled a lot and deserves a break).

    Weak Against – Poison, Fire, Flying (Poison needs a bit of a buff attack wise, while Fire and Flying is to do with my weird fairy tale mind).

    Resists – Dark, Grass, Dragon.

    I’m no expert, I haven’t spent hours looking over the type chart, but I feel this set up is quite different and would make things rather interesting.

  5. I Don’t like the idea of new type to me I think it will change pokemon to something else that isn’t. I don’t know some may begen to like the change and some will never accept this change.It something big if you wanna put something like hot water on top of block of ice some of it will become water and the other will break it . anyway people who love pokemon will play it so they can enjoy the unchanged pokemon in type and for the new thing that they made and the New story of course it’s something that I’m waiting.

    1. How would a new type change Pokemon into something that it isn’t? That…that is the most confusing thing…

    2. The thing is this: Pokemon fans are already split in two. The gen wunners and everyone else. Some people refuse to accept there are generations past one or two, and they stick with “the original 151.” I say whatever to them. Everyone else accepts every new game, regardless. So it’s not going to break the games. It’s not going to break Pokemon. It’s not going to break the fanbase. At all.

  6. Fairy typing is long overdue, and should’ve existed since Gen 1 tbh.

    According to rumors from weeks ago, it will be weak against Poison and Steel. If this type gets confirmed true, it will make total sense. As researching “Fairy Weaknesses” in google will tell you that the main weaknesses of fairies have mainly been “Cold Iron” (steel), horrible toxins (poison), and shiny susceptible shiny objects that distract them. Wizards have also been proven to stop them, which could be seen as a Psychic type weakness as well.

    Psychic and Fire pokemon will obviously resist fairy, which will be sweet. Not too many Fire pokemon exist and this will gravitate trainers towards their fave fire pokes now like Heatmor which naturally get thrashed online. This will also give Gamefreak the chance to go back and reclass the typings of multiple old Pokemon like Clefairy and Snubbull, who are almost never used by anyone online and will rekindle interest in many old pokes – making the metagame even more fun. Dragons are insanely overpowered too, particularly Garchomp, and since Fairies will resist them and be supereffective to them, it’ll be nice to send in a Granbull and wreck shit with a Poke that hasn’t been used online since ‘Nam.

    People think of Fairies as some stupid little green tinkerbell things looking cute – when Fairies actually probably have much more depth and explanation than any other type. They represent mythical and spiritual beings, they are magical with bizarre abilities. Most are capable of illusion, which I think Sylveon is displaying in the Eevee and Friends trailer. Their are fat fairies, cute little fluffy fairies, evil fairies that ate little kids, fairies with strong magical powers that have slain dragons, and more.

    I can see many old Psychic type moves being altered to be a Fairy type move now too, mainly the healing kind. As fairies main usage of moves include Healing, Teleporting, Stealth, Invisibility, Polymorphing.

    Rumors are that one of the legends of this gen will be a Fairy/Steel Knight Pokemon (a Knight Statue is also displayed in the first ever X and Y trailer, its in front of the Golurk Statue) which would be wicked. Fairy sets up the opportunity for a bunch of new Pokes to be created now. As in Trolls, Ogres, Goblins, Dwarfs, Centaurs, Gypsy’s, Knights, and Humanoid Pokemon.

    For anyone saying Fairy type sucks, YOU go suck it.
    It made sense for them to make a Ghost, or a Dragon, or a Bug, so why not a Fairy?

    1. Trees, plants and nature are always mentioned with the fairies. What do you think their releationship will be with the grass type?

      1. Best thing is to be neutral to each other. They could resist each other however, but I see neutral as a better fit for the typechart.

    2. When a casual or the average everybody thinks of fairies they think of what
      their little sister wants to be for Halloween I don’t know enough about
      japanese culture to say that they would think the same, but in European,
      American & Latin cultures when the common person thinks of fairies they think
      of little girls with insect wings. It wouldn’t seem smart marketing wise or other to make such a brass
      decision as naming a Type that would lean towards a specific gender and age.
      Now do not get me wrong I’m versed on Oberon & Titania, Dullahans and most of the
      folklores and I know that fairy means more than Tinkerbell, but the casual Pokemon gamer aren’t bards, Shakespearian buffs or mythology enthusiasts they aren’t thinking that far
      into the game.. This isn’t Shin Megami Tensei, although fairies do exist in the
      pokeverse to have a whole type named after them just seems a little out of left field.

    3. “Fairy sets up the opportunity for a bunch of new Pokes to be created now. As in [creatures known in European lore].”
      That’s how I read that part of what you said, and I have to admit that it makes perfect sense, what with the European-inspired Kalos region.

    4. Word.

      Also, in terms of balance every bit makes sense (even though a new type isnt necessary to balance the type chart, but if there is, Fairy does several things that are necessary),

      -since Poison is the most useless and forgotten offensive type (no one has a single poison move on any team member, even Poison ones. If something like Blissey is suddenly weak to Poison, you will start seeing people get the notion of “having a Poison move for Blissey somewhere” and that alone would be a huge help)

      -Steel is the other less frequent offensive type (we are talking as in moves, since Steel pokemon are popular as heck, but type of moves is not tied to pokemon) ( only used on very specific cases like Scizors Bullet Punch, but you’d never seriously give something Iron Tail etc.)

      -Fire and Psychic are both 2 of the very frail types, which perform well…as long as the pokemon isn’t attempting to be defensive. That only works if there is a great second type to round up their weaknesses and give them crucial resistances. So resistance to Fairy makes sense…although not really anything big until we know if there will be any good Fairy moves (and more importantly any Fairy-sweepers to use them).

      -nerfing Dragon in two ways is very high priority as they currently destroy OU on their own, with nothing to stop them (except for other scarfed dragons lmao). Steel isnt a problem with the high plethora of Fire/Ground moves in your average Dragons moveset.

      -Then there are Fightings and Darks weakness… they can live with them, but they weren’t anywhere near necessary as all of the above.

      There are several issues left in the type chart though, so I hope there is some adjusting of the rest too!:

      -Ice is HORRIBLY weak. Has like no resistances. At least give it a Ground resistance…

      -Grass and Rock are also defensively weak. No idea what to do for the first one but Rock is fixed by simply making it resistant to itself (also making it resist its own hazard).

      -Steel is way too good on the defense.

  7. I certainly don’t mind a new type in and of itself along the lines of fairylike (ohoho I could retype my entire zodiac line!), but my peeve lies in naming the type ‘fairy’. I think of the egg group before anything else, and then I think of little teensy fairies with wings. I understand that this is a stupid thing to be annoyed with because ‘steel’ and ‘grass’ as type names are equally limiting, but I would like to see them called ‘myth’ types or something along those lines. It would excuse a lot more retyping if GF so chose, and would make less annoying posts about “Pokemon xyz is an ogre, but it’s a FAIRY type; what’s up with that??”

    1. Honestly, myth type sounds worse than fairy. After all, SO many pokemon are based on myths, have myths attached to them in game, or well…legendaries. If they made a type called Myth, first and foremost…why wouldn’t nearly every legendary gain that as a subtype? They ARE myths. If the actual myths don’t gain myth type….what’d be up with that? Plus, arguably dragon types are just as mythical as fairies and thus…why wouldn’t a fair few dragon types drop their second typing for Myth? I know that would fit the dratini line pretty well. Then of course there’s just the dozens of pokemon based off myths. Fairy, imo, sounds just a little more exclusive? There’s no “wait, why aren’t all legendary Pokemon Myth type?” etc with it. Just my opinion. It’s not a terrible name though, but I do think Fairy sounds better.

      1. I was just using myth as an example, and obviously a fairly stupid one at that. My bad. But my opinion still stands that I think that GF can do better than ‘Fairy’, I just feel that it leaves something to be desired. I’ll be the first to admit that no solutions that circumvent that problem come to mind, but there has to be something.

        1. I getcha. I do agree that you could do a bit better than Fairy. Sorry about goin’ at your example like that. Perhaps they’ll surprise us an have something really cool in store for the name of the type?

          1. Hey, it’s not a problem, I should have been better about clarification.
            And I really hope so! I feel like this is one of those times that I’m going to be pleasantly surprised.

    2. How about the “Celestial Type” or the “Sylph Pokemon”. Both relate to the word Fairy, and hell, maybe we will see it even called the rumored “Light Type” since Fairies are considered light. Just a hunch.

  8. At first, I thought as many others did, that the new type might be Sound or Light. When I first heard of the Fairy-type rumors, I thought someone had lost it, and had begun posting utter silliness. But now that more evidence had been going around, I think Fairy type is now very plausible.

    Look at Dragon. It’s a type relating to mythical creatures. So is Ghost, in a sense. So why not Fairy?

    If this is true, I do hope that older Pokémon will be re-typed. In my personal opinion, we have way too many Water- and Normal- type Pokémon as it is. Both types are right around 100 each, so that takes up at least 200 of the current 650-ish. That’s at least 1/3 of all Pokémon. I at least hope that, with a new type or two, that it’ll even out the other types. Restrain the amount of Water- and Normal- types introduced. And maybe have more Flying types that are pure, instead of the pathetic Normal/Flying types we keep getting

    As for what Fairy might be strong/weak against, the weak to Steel- and Poison- types makes sense. That’s what normal mythology says about any creature that uses magic. I also think Ice- types might be strong against it. But resistant/strong against Dragon? I don’t think so. I don’t really know what Fairy could be string against, other than maybe Dark-types

    Regardless, I strongly welcome new types. And I feel that, if more types are introduced further down the road, that they’ll only introduce 2 more, if Fairy is the only one for this generation. That would put the type total at 20, which I think is plenty.

  9. I’m definitely on board with Fairy type. I admittedly wasn’t at all at first, though. I preferred (and still would prefer) the idea of the type chart just being tweaked a bit in order to create a better balance. However, that is very unlikely and I could imagine people being even more upset at that than the thought of a new type. The rumors helped a fair bit too. I definitely worried that if a new type DID happen, it would do nothing to balance the existing types. The rumors pleased me enough. Buff Poison. Debuff dragon and fighting. More or less that’s what I wanted to see. I would have liked ice to resist fairy if only to give it some resistance, but I’ll be content with Poison type getting a boost instead. Poison did (in my opinion) need the boost the most out of any other type. I like the idea of a better type balance. I really don’t get why so many people are against fairy either. In terms of types we could have potentially gotten…I don’t think the name fairy is that bad. It’s definitely not my favorite, but I infinitely prefer it over light, space, etc. So yeah. Here’s hoping fairy types are actually happening. Give my garbodor something to be good against!

  10. Steel & Dark balanced out the game, so I see no reason why there couldn’t be more types represented – just as long as more unique type combinations start existing (yay helioptile!).
    With that said, a solar/light/cosmic type based on light radiation would be cool – not just as a foil to ‘dark’ because its named ‘light’. Bright light blinds, intense light burns. (Plus think of it this way: Fire is essentially a chemical reaction but we have both a ‘fire’ and a ‘poison’ type)
    As for the hotly debated ‘sound’ or ‘sonic’ type, sound waves can make people sick, mess with internal organs, disorient, deafen, or soothe to sleep.

    Otherwise I see no reason why there can’t be abilities that mimic a ‘third’ type. Essentially that is the case with abilities that give type immunities, but there’s nothing to stop gamefreak from adding abilities that give additional resistances and weaknesses.

  11. I’m kinda inbetween because Well I’m open & not open to a new type in general, I’m not a gen one~er but i’m just to used to all the types we hav currently & i just started competitive battling but if they give a new type i can’t change that, i’ll just hav to suck it up & learn about that type + I’m gonna buy the game anyway. p.s. Can’t wait to see the Slyveon plushie if it’s available online i’ll get it before my Bday 🙂

    1. If you speak of the sylveon plushie I think you are, that one is so super cute. I wish you luck getting it! : D

  12. Yes. I think we do need a new type, since with 4th and 5th gen, the type balance is being broken. Dragon-type and Fighting-type are reigning at the top, while poor Poison, Ice and Fire-type Pokemon seem to be seeing less and less use.

  13. I don’t know about a new type, but am I the only one who thinks Steel should be super-effective towards Dragon? Like, as in a knight in shining armor slaying a dragon? It makes sense, but I guess Nintendo isn’t familiar with that tale? If a new type is revealed, I think I’d be fine, as long as it’s not this ‘Fairy’.

  14. Fairy Type just doesn’t seem right. tbh in my opinion fairy seem too much like Normal type. I mean come on guys think about, adding a type called fairy they might as well just get rid of Normal type. If they add fairy type they might as well go ahead an add technology type and rebrand everything that looks like technology the Tech type and start phasing out steel type. Inb4callingmeout I have seen on this site people saying they going to be retyping some normal types to fairy mainly the ones that look like a fairy and Absol?. But this is just my opinion on the whole Fairy type if they add it whatever I’ll still like Pokemon it just rubs me the wrong way and seems wrong.

    1. Personally, I don’t see Raticate, Tauros, or Stoutland as anything even CLOSE to fairies…so….just saying normal type still applies to some pokemon. Really, people seem to be overreacting as usual. But that’s fandoms I suppose…

      1. Do you see Absol as a Fairy? Everyone was quick to chew me out because I don’t see it as a fairy at all. I wasn’t saying all Normal types was but Fairy type just doesn’t seem right.

        1. To be honest, I’m not sure. I personally don’t see it as a fairy type or root for it becoming one, but at the same time, if it happened I don’t think I’d be bothered either. Kind of middle of the road on Absol.

          And I getcha, but still, fairy type doesn’t seem wrong to me. No wronger than dragon, bug, ghost, etc. I mean, I’m not saying I’m absolutely going to love fairy type. That will depend on how well executed the type and its Pokemon are. But I don’t see it as something wrong in concept.

  15. I have some Rumors that the source swears are true and confirmes that there is a new type
    New Moves: Heat Extraction (Fire) (Special attack) (80) the user heals after it but here’s the amazing part it has a chance of Freezing
    Dehydration Strike (Water) (Physical attack) (120) the user take recoile damage
    Sun Plant: (Grass) (Special attack) (95) it may cause Burning (this seems like an attack for Sunflora)
    now all of these sound amazing we finally get a powerful physical water attack but these are just rumors but i hope they’re true
    now for what i think about Fairy type
    Super Effective against: Dark – Fighting – Dragon
    Weak to : Dark – Poison – Steel
    Resisted by : Grass – Poison – Ice – Psychic
    Resists : Fighting – Dragon

      1. Hahahaha good one but nope it’s not my friend whose uncle works at Nintendo
        but i hope they’re true

  16. I don’t care what type Sylveon is anymore. They just need to hurry up and reveal it already.

  17. I wouldnt mind a Fairy Type. And I dont mind the name. I mean what else could it be called ? I hope they make it weak to Steel considering Iron is deadly to Fairies ^^

  18. To everyone who keeps on saying, “Generatun 1 iz the bezt!!1!11!”, you really need to shut up. If you like Generation 1, 2, 3, or any Generations before this one, and aren’t fond of these new ideas that are being made, simply don’t play this game. If you are so opposed to this new type, then don’t use it. Just STOP complaining! It’s way past annoying. No one gives two shits if you don’t like it, Pokemon is going to do whatever they want to improve their games.

    1. not many people say that any more. It’s people like you who make it worse by bringing it up

  19. Well we know for sure there may be a new type according to Pokemon smash doing that announcement on what sylveon was weak to. I am personally excited for a new type. But I don’t see why it’s taking so long to reveal a type that is going to be new.

  20. Poison is the weakest type IMO so a super effectiveness against Fairy would be highly acceptable.

    Just look at it, it’s only super effective against Grasss but then we got Drapion who was wrecking at first, and then Poison got some killer moves in Gen 4 and 5, and things were looking good.

    Then Nintendo sent Poison types through hell when we get a OU Grass/Steel who has Defense that shatters anything secondary Poison into the garbage.

    Fairy being introduced would be a life saver for anyone who wants to be seen using a Skuntank in public.

    1. Even before Ferrothorn was introduced, the MAJORITY of dual Grass-type pokemon are paired up with the Poison type itself so they only take neutral damage. Other dual Grass-types like Torterra and Cradily also took neutral damage from Poison. Even after many pure Grass-types were introduced in Gen II (the only one in Gen I being Tangela), they had many weaknesses to more powerful offensive types (Fire, Ice, Flying, Bug). Poison has absolutely little purpose offensively other than STAB.

      Anything to give Poison-types an offensive edge should be appreciated.

      1. I do agree, but I do feel I need to point out that Ground type(s) receives neutral damage to Poison. (Meaning Torterra is still weak to Poison)

          1. Oh never mind, my bad. You are absolutely correct… I guess I always worried about Torterra against poison moves all this time for no reason (Rock and Ground types are so similar to each other, and I think all this new speculation on the Fairy typing has got me all jumbled with my type match-ups.)

  21. im ok with a new type and while initially repelled by fairy type im ok with it now. for me im most interested in what this type might mean for old pokemon. i can see several pokemon (mostly grass) types getting a sub fairy type added. one pokemon line i do hope that gets it though is ralts line (minus gallade) yes the idea of these pokes being psychic/fairy. not sure how that would effect its weakness/resistances but still really like the idea of it.

  22. Hey, I don’t know if you guys ever announced the winners of that TCG contest. Did you?

  23. im ok with a new type and i don’t mind it being a Fairy Type.but i would like it to be weak against dragons, i know dragon moves are strong as is. but it’s only super effective against other dragons so i think some else would be good in my opinion

    1. One of the biggest reasons why we think a new type would be introduced is to rebalance the typing chart. And a lot of people speculate (along with the rumors from Pokebeach) that the Fairy type will either resist or be immune to Dragon. I definitely don’t think Dragon needs to be super effective against it haha. That’s the last thing we need.

  24. I hope chespin will be grass & steel, fennekin fire & dark, and froakie water & Psychic

  25. Fairy type would be interesting and if it is real then I have good reason to believe that it will be weak against steel type.
    I was looking at the plot for the new Thor movie and the bad guy…*spoilers* is Malekith. He is a dark elf and can use fairy magic. However one interesting piece of trivia is:
    ‘Malekith has a vulnerability to iron, which disrupts or cancels his magical spells.’
    This would make sense if fairy will be revealed and it also combines with the Norse mythology of the region

  26. I think “Fey” could be a viable option as opposed to the more feminine Fairy. It’s a common
    name for Fairy that fairs a more whimsical and mischievous yet still magical sounding name. Steping outside the world of pokemon, when it comes to Fairies while I do think about the small winged girls, I also think that same pixie could be trying to steal a drop of your blood to work magiks that will cause you to turn into a frog. I like to look into the deeper mythology of fairies derived from scottish folklore the Seelie and Unseelie courts.

    Seelie are light hearted and playful yet still wary of humans and quick to be insulted. Most commonly associated with summer, these are the pixie types that it seems people are uncomfortable with having in pokemon. Your Tinkerbelles and the 3 fairy sisters from Sleeping beauty. But also some very cool characters:

    * The Lady of the Lake: gave King Arthur his sword Excalibur is often considered a fairy like entity most likely of the Seelie court.
    * Oberon, Titania and Puck: shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream. Playful yet dangerous, and tricky.
    *Saint Nicholas: the Jolly old elf could easily fit into the Seelie court. (Delibird re-type perhaps? lol)
    *Celty: from Durarara!!

    Yet, there’s also the Unseelie court to consider, The dark and malevolent side of the fae. These fairies are more likely to kidnap a child to keep as a pet. Stories that used to be told to keep children in line. Terrible goblins and trolls guarding bridges.

    * Morgan Le Fey: villain to Merlin and King Arthur.
    * Maleficent: the evil fairy from sleeping beauty.
    * Baba Yaga: an often evil Slavic witch.
    *Krampus: a beast like creature who would steal bad children, the opposite Evil Santa Clause.
    *Cait Sith: The King of Cats who is often times believed to steal souls from unburied corpses.

    If you want some good examples of literature of why fairies are awesome, check out the Dresden Files, an urban fantasy series often dealing in fairies, vampires and other wizardly things. It’s the series that made me realize how awesome fairies can be.

    After reading the books I opened my eyes to how broad the fairy world could be and a lot of mythology in general can be wedged into the fairy category. From Pan and fauns in greek/roman mythology to Kappa and elemental spirits in Japan. I’ve got high hopes fairy will be the next pokemon type, with a healthy dose of New Fairy pokemon and re-typing of older ones.

    1. Isn’t it so uncreative to name all mythological things fairy type? I think this is not acceptable in Pokemon, there should be more than that. It’s not broad as you’ve mentioned, it is bounded.

      1. The point is that typically many creatures in mythology are a type of fae, rather than just the simple Disney fairies like Tinkerbell. “Fae” typically refers to creatures of a mythical origin, yes, but they pretty much all have some similar weaknesses – cold iron, for example. Quoting the Wikipedia page on “fairies”, as opposed to common modern portrayals of fairies like Disney ones, “they originally were depicted quite differently: tall, radiant, angelic beings or short, wizened trolls being two of the commonly mentioned forms”.

        1. They can do so much with the name Fairy, not just mythological creatures. I think bringing up only mythological creatures is limiting.

          1. I agree. Id like to see some mythical references in the new pokes, but however they choose to do it is ok with me

      2. I’m kind of confused by your post. Do you think fairy should be limited to only the stereotypical fairy or be boundless and all consuming? By limiting a new fairy-type to only Pixie style fairies would be far too binding. While the game is designed around categorizing creatures based on stylistic and physical attributes, strengths and weaknesses that they share with one another, but it’s not always limited by that. Prime example is the old Charizard who is Fire/Flying and not dragon although he looks very much like a dragon.

        At the same time I don’t think every mythical creature should be a fairy type or the game would be over run with them. There are tons of pokemon based on mythological creatures, just off hand I can think of at least 4 from gen 1 alone: Ninetails is a Japanese Kyuubi, Rapidash is a unicorn, and Lapras is commonly related to the Loch Ness Monster. And of course the obvious Clefairy.

        If it were too broad it would end up being a type for every pokemon. Dragons are mythical creatures, they shouldn’t be fairy-type (although a Dragon/Fairy would be pretty awesome.) Fey envelop many different roles in folklore. Undead like a Banshee, who’s name roots to “fairy woman”. Also Elemental based fairies like sylphs which are spirits of air (as in Slypheon) and lots more.

        I have faith that nintendo and gamefreak can manage this in a responsible way, and hopefully do some balancing actions along the way to bring back some old favorites and introduce some new ones.They handled steel and dark well (though I still think dark is a little underwhelming but thats just a personal opinion.) I imagine they can do the same with Fairy.

        Mythology is simply a gateway to get a basis for the type in the most direct way. I’d be surprised see not them bend the stereotype to fit the type into something different as well. Like The Great Prophet said the point of my original post was to broaden the idea of fairy, not constrict it. But theres got to be limits there as well.

        1. “They can do so much with the name Fairy, not just mythological
          creatures. I think bringing up only mythological creatures is limiting.” that’s what I meant.

    2. Oh yeah I love those books. But this isn’t a book fan club, so ill talk about pokemon. I really agree with all u said, and I don’t really care what new type we get as long as we get one. I also only really care that poison gets boosted a little, so I can use my skuntank and crobat More often.

  27. Fairy Type

    Weaknesses: Poison, Steel, Fire, and Psychic.
    Strong against: Ice, Dark, Fighting,and Dragon

    Average Stats Overall:

    HP: 90.32
    Attack: 63.33
    Sp. Attack: 99.00
    Defense: 75.00
    Sp. Defense: 35.05
    Speed: 100.05

    Total: 462.75

    Average Stats Fully Evolved:

    HP: 120.00
    Attack: 70.55
    Sp. Attack: 130.55
    Defense: 90.00
    Sp. Defense: 55.35
    Speed: 150.85

    Total: 617.3

    1. Average stat of above 600 fully evolved? Only the pseudo-legendaries get to have a base stat of 600 and legendary are only slightly above that.

      1. That’s true but their fully evolved stats should go no lower than 550 because Dragon types are beasts when it comes to Attack, and Sp. Attack. I would think somewhere on the line of Fairy types excelling act Attack, Sp. Attack, Speed, and Defense XD.

        PS: Still too much?

  28. In the basic yore of Mythology, and folklore, fairies tend to be finicky and naughty creatures depicting that Sylveon fits any of those categories. Fairies also possess a plethora of magical abilities let be illusions, controlling an object or a person, telekinesis, and etc. Fairies are also have quite the defense for such little creatures unless the fairy possess the ability to grow to an immeasurable size.

    Many new moves could be made out of the plethora of magical abilities fairies can do.
    – A move that let’s you control an opponents Pokemon for a certain amount of turns
    – A move where you cast illusions
    – A move that stimulates your opponent from letting their Pokemon attack
    – A move that morphs the Fairy type Pokemon to any Pokemon
    – A move that casts ribbons around the opponent binding them so that they can’t attack while still damaging them
    – A move that heals your party every turn
    – A move that casts celestial bodies to attack the opponent (stars, meteorites, etc.)
    – A move where you change the weather, battlefield, or even teleports you somewhere else

    See the possibilities? Now for the one Pokemon design I really want
    – Athena based Pokemon, three staged , Fairy/Steel
    A human shaped Pokemon with six wings, and a helmet like a knights with an arrow in the middle going all the way from the Pokemon head to neck. A long, white robe with golden markings and a long, golden staff emitting from the Pokemon hands.
    http://fc07.deviantart.net/fs71/i/2009/354/3/a/Carlot_the_Angel_by_RenePolumorfous.jpg (Like this)

    1. You have just described Angemon, but I wouldn’t mind that for a Pokemon design. 🙂

  29. Just a small thing I had just thought of before I even got to the article which supports the new type, Fairy or otherwise: Gen V was like a new beginning to the series in a way. Obviously not like a complete overhaul, but in many ways treated as a fresh start, like Gen I 2.0. So Gen VI would be a sort of second Gen II, where we did get two new types. So this kind of restart to the cycle might be another strong backing to us getting a new type. Fairy might be good, or perhaps something like Mythical to settle those unnerved by Fairy even though it would be the same thing. I dunno, just my thoughts.

    (Good chance this has been brought up before, maybe even in an earlier comment here. I don’t feel like checking, so whatever.)

  30. As long as I get my fairy armadillo and star-nosed mole (fairy-type), I’ll be happy with the typing!

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