Pokémon Smash! May 26th — FINISHED!

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So, it’s that time of the week again. Pokémon Smash will be airing in a couple of hours in Japan and after last week the show has said we will receive weekly information on X & Y. It seems likely that this information will be a reshowing of stuff we’ve already got, but there’s a chance something new could come from this! Pokémon Memo has also announced that this episode will show some of the upcoming Eevee Friends!

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Please note: if you can hear a constant popping/clicking noise, please open the Chat spoiler and click the small speaker in the bottom left.

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  • Smash is now live!
  • This week Smash will be taking a look at al of Mewtwo’s past appearances.
  • The anime episode reairing this week is Slaking Kong!
  • Smash are now begin to analyse Mewtwo…
    • Discussing how Mewtwo was made by human
    • Analysing the DNA of Mew.
    • Mewtwo’s power is on a level above other Pokémon
  • Time for another trailer for the upcoming movie! What’s that?
  • Smash is now airing an X & Y section.
    • Talking about Helioptile and showing some game footage of it VS a Crawdaunt!
    • A little discussion about Parabolic Charge.
  • Eevee and Friends section!
  • Returned to discussing Mewtwo, this time focusing on the Level 100 Mewtwo event, discussing it’s moveset and how it can be used in battle.
  • Now time to take a look at the Eevee Friends short.
    • Seems they didn’t show much at all, about a second of Sylveon and it ‘FIA’-ing.
  • Smash has said they’ll be showing another Pokémon next week! Will it be Pancham?
  • That’s all for this week, come back for our coverage next week!

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  1. Can’t wait…

    Helps with my Japanese immersion environment AND new pokemon info? What could be better?

  2. Dude Fairy type? I have been a hardcore pokemon player since red, blue, and green but a “Fairy” type would just make things weird. I would take a dirt type or light type or soul type or even crap type but i cant do fairy type…

          1. I really really can’t understand downvoters here as someone who get at least one downvote for her most comments.

          2. I just thought you were male. You’ve shattered my dream.

            Do you even know what dae looks like?!

          3. He is far from perfect. You are mistaken. Greatly.

            I want to know if all of us have admirers now. Also, he’s going through and upvoting your comments. Be warned.

          4. I once read that you had a girlfriend. You wrote it around when you have to leave this site for your university education. Reading it hit me like a bullet though.

          5. So most of you thought I was a gay boy when I admired my secret crush on Dae. Lol.

      1. Im not stuck on it. The fact just remains that that would take the game backwards and make it more childish. I guess that is what you like but for me i would like for the series to grow and change.

          1. The common casual doesn’t know what a Dullahan is. Pokemon isn’t Shin Megami Tensei, these games are centered around the common casual, with a few perks for the diehard fan.

        1. The name fairy automatically makes it childish? So if a Pokemon that looked like Red Eyes black Dragon was reaveled and it literally ate another player (Anything can happen, Kyurem almost killed you for crying out loud) and it was Fairy/Dragon, it’d still be childish?

          Also, ESRB ratings came in for the game already, and it has a higher PG rating than BW which were the first Pokemon games to have a Parental Guidance rating at all, so do expect that this isn’t a kids game anymore.

          1. well as far as the first part goes… I never said “Fairy” in general is childish. I simply said there is so many more types that would be a better fit. The way everyone is referring to “fairy” and the way it would be translated into the game would be absolutely ridiculous! and anyone being a serious player would understand! I feel if we get a new type it should be something more original with some twists.

          2. They never said Fairy would be the official name for the type if that’s your only problem. Even if it is don’t expect the Tinkerbell type of fairies that we have learnt to expect. A lot of things can be called fairies.

          3. Pokemon will always be a kids game. Scratch that, Pokemon will always be a For Everyone type of game.

          4. i dont mind it being a everyone game… especially getting more mature as it goes. To be honest i dont mind even when its childish at times. However i feel like if this series is going to grow it should grow with the people that keeps it going.

  3. New summaries from the episode from last week came in that said that Akido specifically send he’ll be showing new info and/or new Pokemon every week in order to make amends with the cast and audience, and its all from Masuda himself, and Masuda doesn’t troll as hard as Smash does.

    And since the only thing that wasn’t reshown last week was character customization, I’m 100% positive everyone can expect something new to be shown, whether it be small tidbits like gameplay footage, or big things like new Pokemon

    Edit: If they’re going by how Masuda introduces them and the CoroCoro order, the next one will be Fletchling and most likely discuss about how it is Normal/Flying yet it can use Flame Charge.


    1. I sincerely hope you’re right about this meaning real new info every week.

    1. Sorry, I don’t think the stream we had up works on iOS. I’ll try to stick to a YouTube stream next time!

  4. Being a grammar nazi…’This is where thingS get interesting’
    (I do apologise if I offend anyone with my online OCD)

    1. Yeah. I picked that up before I read your comment. Apologies! I rushed to get this up as I missed the time I wanted it up by.

    1. All of the current pokemon are “confirmed” for X and Y; every pokemon has to have a X/Y model so you can import your pokemon over from the Gen V games. It doesn’t mean Crawdaunt is confirmed to be in the Kalos dex.

      1. It hasn’t been said that there will be transferring from Gen V as of yet, It probably will be possible. And as for the 3D models, I’d hate it if Pokemon like Wailord, Groudon and other huge size Pokemon we’re smaller than they should be. Again, due to having to fit on the screen, they’ll be shrunk which is gonna be a pain.

        1. There have been transfers of pokemon from previous regions since Gen IV, but that is beside the point. All pokemon will be given a 3D model nonetheless.

        2. Seeing how Genesect was in the Mewtwo form trailer, I think that pretty much says Gen V transferring will be possible.

  5. Oh wow that ‘X and Y segment’ was…just…unbelievable. That was troll-ish, even by smash standards O_O

      1. Pfft. The only thing that makes that new is the presence of Crawdaunt. No offense to Crawdaunt fans, but BIG FUCKING DEAL!

    1. I set my expectations low, and look what I got! Another freaking awesome model of a Pokémon 😀

  6. Are you going to post this supposed footage of Helioptile… I know it wasn’t anything new, but it is still new footage. It would be nice for those who didn’t watch the live stream to be able to see it. Someone has to have the footage.

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