Art Appreciation – Spring Time

Art-Appreciation-TP 2

Hello everyone, I’m JannyB a new writer for Pokéjungle! I am the first female writer for them so I hope I can bring some girl power to the site! Anyway, here is my first post for you guys, a continuation of the series started by Sammydodger.

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Spring time is here (if the weather cheers up!) and it’s time for another Art Appreciation! I hope these drawings bring some well needed sunshine into your life and brighten up your day.

These are some of my personal favourites which I think beautifully depict spring time 🙂



This first image is a gorgeous picture that I think really shows the warmth of spring finally arriving. It shows the female trainer from HeartGold/SoulSilver cuddling her Shaymin while surrounded by a selection of other grass Pokémon including Chikorita, Sunflora, Hoppip and Lilligant. The grass type could symbolise the growth and new greenery that spring brings into the world and all the reds, pinks and other bright colours that start to appear around us at this time of year. I also personally love this art style; it’s like the whole picture is glowing in sunlight and it looks so warm and lush. I wish I was there!

(shiupika – DeviantArt)


Next up is Whimsicott chilling and peacefully bobbing about in a lovely cool pond under the blossom trees. The detail of the blossom looks fluffy and soft like Whimsicott’s cottony look; while the pale pink and blues blend well with her cream colouring. The sun beams peering through the branches onto the water’s surface are subtle and brighten up the drawing to make this spot look very tranquil and relaxing. The bold green lily pads with their small, delicate flowers finish this image with a nice touch as they shimmer amongst the reflections of the trees. If only I could teleport here after having a stressful day!

(krokusoo – DeviantArt)


Here is Cherubi having a nap in the fresh spring grass. With the dew hanging off the blades of grass and the sun low in the sky, it looks like morning is here and Cherubi is sleeping in today (lucky thing)! The grass and sky are quite blurred while the other details such as the dew drops are sharp and crisp like the fresh morning air. The Pokémon stands out from the centre with its bright pink body and much darker green leaves (which are also sharp but maintain a glow). I love the shading on its body, it gives it a smooth, shiny texture while looking plump like a real cherry. The light reflections are done well and give the picture a great sense of depth.

(kerlyyy – DeviantArt)


Finally it’s Buneary in a slightly more abstract drawing in a field of dandelions. She is seen here holding dandelion flower while the little seeds on it are being blown away into the big blue sky. She is standing in tall grass with what I would guess to be more of the flowers surrounding her although it also looks quite dewy in appearance, so it could really be either! Like Whimsicott, the plant is very similar to her fur so they go well together. I love the inquisitive look on Buneary’s face as some of the seeds disperse into the air and off into the mass of green and blue. I also feel the cool palette used for this drawing is slightly colder than the warmth of the other pictures I have chosen, but we all know spring isn’t always sunny and there can still be a chill in the air some days, which I actually prefer! I think I’m allergic to the sun 😛

(kerlyyy – DeviantArt)


I would love to hear your thoughts on these pictures and if you have any favourite Pokémon art then let me know and I will find somewhere for them to live! That’s all from me this time, let’s hope summer comes around soon and we will meet again then 🙂