Pokémon X&Y at E3 2013!


Nintendo has revealed that there will be a special Q&A and presentation session for Pokémon X & Y at this years E3 convention. Junichi Masuda and Tsunekazu Ishihara will be at the convention hosting a session that will last approximately an hour and a half. We’ll be covering the expo this year and it’s great to see Pokémon finally getting a bigger presence at the event!

It’s unclear whether the event will reveal new information, but keep your fingers crossed, it’s around the time we usually get information from Corocoro. The presentation and question and answers session will be on 11th of June at 6pm PT/12th June @ 2am BST join us then when we will hopefully be able to report on some new details for X & Y!

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NOTE: I have removed the post about some of the UK-based staff attending an expo. this weekend. Sadly, we’ve decided to call it off due to last minute issues with the arrangements. We’re planning to do something else in the future though, this time we’re going to plan in advance and get and many readers who can to attend!