Pokémon X&Y at E3 2013!


Nintendo has revealed that there will be a special Q&A and presentation session for Pokémon X & Y at this years E3 convention. Junichi Masuda and Tsunekazu Ishihara will be at the convention hosting a session that will last approximately an hour and a half. We’ll be covering the expo this year and it’s great to see Pokémon finally getting a bigger presence at the event!

It’s unclear whether the event will reveal new information, but keep your fingers crossed, it’s around the time we usually get information from Corocoro. The presentation and question and answers session will be on 11th of June at 6pm PT/12th June @ 2am BST join us then when we will hopefully be able to report on some new details for X & Y!

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NOTE: I have removed the post about some of the UK-based staff attending an expo. this weekend. Sadly, we’ve decided to call it off due to last minute issues with the arrangements. We’re planning to do something else in the future though, this time we’re going to plan in advance and get and many readers who can to attend!

  1. if they are releasing worldwide, and the region is based on france, i would have figured they would have revealed information in many countries other than japan before japan got it, but they are stupid enough to steal from people who give them free advertising

  2. Well i just hope there will be more insight to X and Y and hopefully a release date!!!

  3. Wait…90 minutes???????? 90!? How much you wanna bet a vast majority of it isn’t the actual presentation?

    1. I’m pretty sure they’ll spend at least 45 – 60 minutes just briefing the crowd about X and Y and giving them all the info that we’ve gotten so far. Then the actual Q&A. Then some more presentation. I’m not expecting much really solid news but something is better than nothing.

  4. “What’s Sylveon’s type?” Will be an inevitable question. Guess we’ll find out Sylveon’s type on June 11th!

  5. Past Pokemon games had their own booths at E3, but this is the first time since XD from the 2005 E3 that a Pokemon game had its own presentation.

  6. As much as I want generic questions like “How many new monsters can we expect?” and “Any new features you’re excited about?”, and especially “What type is Sylveon?” (assuming this question would actually be answered), hopefully people will think to ask them meaningful, slightly more deep questions. It’s not everyday that they do huge interview sessions with Western audiences, so we need to take advantage of the opportunity to ask interesting questions that will not be answered by the release of X & Y in October.

    1. There aren’t regular people at the presentation, it’s the press only and first-come first-serve lucky E3-goers who got in line fist for the presentation. So you should expect questions like “Why’d you decide to switch to 3D now?” And “How many Pokemon will we be expecting?”

    2. All the questions are pre-screened so they can’t ask questions that Gamefreak isn’t supposed to answer.

  7. I have a big feeling that this conference will reveal a lot about the game. An hour and 30 minutes is a lot of time focused on the new game, so I’m expecting they’re gonna reveal things like Sylveon’s type & evolution method, Xerneas and Yveltal’s type, and probably more new Pokemon. There might also be a chance of having a playable demo at the booth. If there is such a demo, I hope they release it on the 3DS eshop for the many people like me who won’t be able to attend the event.

    1. Pokemon smash said they will be revealing new X and Y info every week. We may see these questions answered there! I hope we see some Gym Leaders, maybe some models dressed as some characters. I’d be so enthused if they released a demo on the eshop, I’d kill for a chance to play the game before October!!!

      1. They didn’t say it would be “New” news at all. It was said that they would be adding a new segment to the show about X/Y. Doesn’t mean there will be new news every week though.

        1. Well, hope floats and it never hurts to be optimistic. Does the “eos” in your name stand for Evolution of Smooth? I love that stuff

          1. I’m keeping my hopes up that we will get some news but I’m not sure. And that stuff is addictive. x’D

          2. nah, I have OC’s named Neo and Geo that I made years ago and now I just use this username wherever I go online.

          3. He was talking to me lol, you don’t have an s in your name. x’D

          4. oh okay. My bad xD I have a new prediction though. They might be revealing the Wii U Rumble game at the same time. I forgot that the game wasn’t announced for US yet lol.

          5. Gamefreak doesn’t make Rumble. It wouldn’t be in their segment. Its going to be about the main games and X and Y. Think about the original video from back in January. That’s pretty much what we are getting.

      2. Its going to mostly be a recap of the news we already know, Starters, legends, new Mewtwo form, the four recently discovered, a little bit about the enigma Sylveon and how its type is still a mystery, showcase some of the footage we’ve already seen, give out info about Kalos that we already know, and then move into preselected questions to be answered that don’t really show off anymore than what we already know.

  8. Considering its E 3 and not a pokemon aimed event, I doupt there’ll be a lot of info we can get excited about, probably just whoever’s there showing some gameplay and how the series evolved

      1. You do realize you are an idiot and that had nothing to do with the person’s statement. Microsoft said they were doing a full presentation on their new system. Gamefreak did not say they were doing a full presentation. They have a 90 minute Q&A session which is different. E3 has a Microsoft Event on its program.

        If they showcase anything it will be all of what we have had from the beginning of the info release, the opening trailer, up to the last info release and possibly the next CoroCoro release since America seems to get official updates before Japan with these due to time difference. There stands a good chance that E3 is just one large Recap with selected Q&A questions from the fans on things we already know.

        Yes questions are screened before and a few people are picked knowing they only have screened questions. So questions like “Will there be a new type” most likely will not appear before it is confirmed in CoroCoro or any other news media. Even if it did they would not answer the question.

  9. I live like an hour away from LA. Would be nice to be able to go xD

    edit: A downvote? Really? For what?

    1. well the last nintendo direct said that they will have special booths at best buys across america during E3 where you can try the new games, so maybe you could go to that if you can’t make it to e3.

        1. not sure yet, they said they’d give more details as the date gets closer.

  10. I don’t know if this is a new screenshot, but I haven’t come across it before.

      1. I’ve been looking up stuff about the game and come across a few new things here and there, I’ll post another one.

  11. I really can’t wiat for this. I don’t care what they tell us as long as we get a litttle bit of information. But I would like to see some new pokemon

  12. OMG They better reveal the Fairy type for sure then! I’m feeling impatient now Bahaha!!!

  13. They better announce Sylveon’s type. I can already see the audience cornering him into revealing the answers…

    “Are the rumors of a Fairy type true??”
    “We cannot yet confirm or deny this information at this point.”
    “Will Sylveon be a new type???”
    “We cannot confirm or deny this either.”
    “Is Sylveon Fairy type?”
    “……….next question.”

    1. “Is Sylveon another type that’s known ???”
      “We Don’t know that yet”
      “……….next question.”

  14. If there is a new type E3 would be the best time to reveal it. Or worst depending on the audience. Actually, who cares we’re all going to buy the game anyway. ….. Is it October yet?

  15. I have a few predictions for E3 involving Pokemon. Gamefreak has 1 hour and a half to present there games for the coming year. I am predicting that gamefreak will show two Wii U games and 3 3Ds games. The WiiU games are the following Pokemon stadium/Revolution or what ever they are calling the WiiU version of the game, and pokemon rumble U. The 3Ds games will be X and Y and potential another Mystery Dungeon game. These are just my predictions for E3 I am just predicting this stuff ,because it may happen.

    1. but isn’t it just a bit to early for Gamefreak to reveal another PMD game the same year the 1st 3DS one came out + i think for Wii U they’d only reveal Pokemon rumble (or blast) U, well thats just my opinion :/

      1. I do agree I guess I am getting a little ahead of myself. I was just trying to figure out how Gamefreak would properly utilize all of there time on stage at E3. You have very valid points my friend. I hope that Gamefreak gives us a good show at E3.

        1. Well i did see that Gamefreak will hav a round table (i think that’s what it’s called) at E3 & that they’ll be providing some solid info on Pokemon X/Y I for one hope this is true & I’m just an old Pokemon fan that just knows when Gamefreak puts games out they hav a pattern usually XD

        2. well, there are different theories. i was told in other website that usually, in this kind of presentations, the media are given the chance to play a demo of the games, and there is also a Q&A part, so it would be 30 minutes talking about the games, 30 minutes answering media’s questions, and 30 minutes of media playing the demo.

      2. Gamefreak is not involved with any Spin Off title. Those belong to Creatures Inc. Gamefreak would not reveal any of those.

    2. Gamefreak doesn’t involve themselves with the development of off brand titles such as the Stadiums and Pokemon Mystery Dungeon/Ranger/Conquest. They have nothing to do with those titles so they wouldn’t speak out on them for revealing them. They’d have TPC members or Creatures Inc members as they are the ones involved in the creation of those games.

  16. What does it feel like to get the top comment on a PokeJungle article?

  17. Let’s just hope that CoroCoro doesn’t already reveal the “Information” We might get at E3 if any. It’s about time for the next issue to be revealed soon.

    1. Don’t the leaks for CoroCoro usually happen anywhere between the 10th and the 14th of a month, and it’s officially released on the 15th?

      1. It’s about that time yeah, The Presentation is held on June 11th so it’s in the time period you listed.

  18. Can’t wait for some more good news on x & y I already had x preordered at GameStop and I preordered y today I’m going on 2 journeys with 2 different teams can’t wait

  19. With the movie coming out this July, I am sure Sylveon’s type will be revealed at E3

  20. The round tables always go like this:
    – Opening presentation
    – 1 hour of showcasing
    – 30 minutes of Q&A

    So expect a whole hour of X&Y goodness, and by then, there’ll be 4 months remaining, so the chances aren’t high but maybe we might get a demo reveal?

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