Art Appreciation – Gen 1

To keep up with our Gen 1 week, leading up to the XY release, here is my pick of some amazing artwork based on the first 151 Pokémon!  I have tried to go for some great images which have an artistic twist, with more varied, bold styles. Remember to add your very own art (and … Read more

Art Appreciation – Gogoat, Fletchling, Pancham and Helioptile!

This installment of Art Appreciation is on the first four new Gen Six Pokémon we saw – Gogoat, Fletchling, Pancham and Helioptile. I chose these pieces of artwork as I thought they showed each of their personalities well (or what I think they will be like anyway!). Remember to add your very own art (and … Read more

Art Appreciation – Gen Six Starters

Today we will be looking at some wonderful artwork Pokémon fans have made for the three new starters for Gen Six!  I am going to try and choose two images for each Pokémon, one more realistic and the other more cartoon looking, so we can compare them to each other. Remember to add your very … Read more

Art Appreciation – Spring Time

Hello everyone, I’m JannyB a new writer for Pokéjungle! I am the first female writer for them so I hope I can bring some girl power to the site! Anyway, here is my first post for you guys, a continuation of the series started by Sammydodger. Remember to add your very own art (and check … Read more