Art Appreciation – Gen 1


To keep up with our Gen 1 week, leading up to the XY release, here is my pick of some amazing artwork based on the first 151 Pokémon!  I have tried to go for some great images which have an artistic twist, with more varied, bold styles.

Remember to add your very own art (and check out other peoples) in Smeargle’s Canvas and the Mount Moon Thread.

bulbasaur used vine whip by twarda8

Here we see Bulbasaur mid-battle, leaping towards his opponent about to Vine Whip them into the ground! The bright lighting and smooth colours give this a very modern, fresh and almost plastic model look. His big eyes and chubby legs keep that innocent nature alive as he jumps out of the scenery.
Bulbasaur Used Vine Whip by Twarda8

pokemon charmander by mark331

Charmander has always come across as an inquisitive little Pokémon to me. The muted colours and soft lighting suit this cute picture well. I love his grabby paw/hand trying to get that leaf which is just escaping his grasp, blowing away in the breeze.
Pokemon Charmander by Mark331

Squirtle by blix_it

This unusual watercolour of Squirtle really caught my eye. The movement of the different shades of blue represents the water beautifully and it seems like he has just dived in. It is a very simple painting detail wise, but I think it works perfectly for this underwater scene.
Squirtle by blix-it

Pikachuu by Sekkosiki

I find this image just adorable *squeal*! Pikachu’s cute, round face peering out from the undergrowth surrounded by glowing plants is truly enchanting. The tiny, sharp detail in the flowers and leaves contrasts Pikachu’s simple, bold monotone yellow face and really pulls the image together.
Pikachu by Sekkosiki

eevee by diaris

This is a gorgeous autumnal watercolour painting of Eevee having a little snack. The slightly more realistic style of this painting makes Eevee look more wild than cute. I can just imagine sneaking up for a closer look, but then she scampers away with an apple in her mouth for later.
Eevee by Diaris 

snorlax by shengdaflashpro

I am completely in love with this beautifully rendered 3D image of Snorlax. The slight soft blur and flat colours match Snorlax’s calm, lazy personality perfectly, and the pink and fluffy background make it look like he is falling into the land of dreams!
Snorlax by Shengdaflashpro 

I hope you’ve enjoyed these images, and once again I have chosen a few extra pieces I couldn’t resist and added them into a gallery below!