Pokémon Reveals GottaCatchEmAll.com (defunct)

The announcement teased by the Pokémon Company has been been revealed, as many guessed, to be related to the “http://gottacatchemall.com”. This was previously shown in a video accidentally uploaded to their official channel instead of a trailer for the newest anime movie.  The password needed to get into the site is XY1012. We’ll keep you updated with any other codes we find. The contest is open to US residents only… sorry international visitors. Digital downloads are still available to everyone however.

Extra Codes:

  • XY738A (Free entry code, can be used weekly)
  • X4Q8 unlocks Dedenne and Turtwig, Piplup, and Chimchar alert sounds download (Thanks Tony!)
  • Y8P4 unlocks Pancham and a Pokémon theme ringtone (Season 14)
  • X3K5 unlocks Chespin and a Pokémon theme ringtone (Season 1)
  • X9K3 unlocks Malamar and Eevee, Psyduck, and Wobbuffet alert sounds
  • X7Q5 unlocks Honedge and Movie 15 credit song ringtone
  • Y2P6 unlocks Noivern and a wallpaper set
  • X7C9 unlocks Helioptile and a Mega Absol wallpaper set
  • Y3F2 unlocks Pangoro and a Charizard, Jigglypuff and Meowth alert sounds download
  • Y4L6 unlocks Skrelp and a Pokémon theme ringtone (Season 15)
  • X5H8 unlocks Fennekin and a Oshawott, Snivy and Tepig alert sounds download
  • Y8H7 unlocks Yveltal and a Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle alert sounds download
  • X8G5 unlocks Inkay and a digital Pokémon Black and White Manga
  • Y9D8 unlocks Gogoat and a Pokémon theme ringtone (Season 16)
  • Y6J5 unlocks Sylveon and a digital Pokémon Black and White Manga
  • Y3S7 unlocks Skiddo and a Mudkip, Torchic and Treecko alert sounds download
  • X2R4 unlocks Bunnelby and a Mega Mawile wallpaper set
  • Y5B6 unlocks Spritzee and a booster pack code for Pokémon TCGO
  • X5W8 unlocks Fletchling and a digital Pokémon Black and White Manga
  • X5T3 unlocks Swirlix and a digital Pokémon Black and White Manga
  • X8T9 unlocks Litleo and a Mega Lucario wallpaper set
  • Y6V8 unlocks Talonflame and a Mega Ampharos wallpaper set
  • X6P4 unlocks Froakie and a booster pack code for Pokémon TCGO
  • X4C7  unlocks Clauncher and a Chikorita, Cyndaquil and Totodile alert sounds download
  • X7M4 unlocks Xerneas and a Mega Blaziken wallpaper set

NOTE: If you use the free entry code it will mean you are unable to unlock something using one of the above codes.

Digital Prizes

If you don’t want to enter the contest, either because you live somewhere other than the United States or don’t have time, Tony (thanks!) has compiled a list of URLs at which you can download the digital prizes:


<3 PJ

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