X & Y Trainer Battle Music Remixed for Super Smash Bros

For fans of game soundtracks, here’s a treat! Nintendo has released the Super Smash Bros. remix of the Pokémon X & Y trainer battle music that will be included in the game. What do you think? Did they do it justice? Want to see more Super Smash Bros. news? We have a gaming site! It … Read more

Pokémon Diamond & Pearl Soundtracks on iTunes

The soundtrack from Pokémon Diamond & Pearl, originally released in 2007 for the Nintendo DS, are now available for purchase on Apple’s iTunes music store. There are 149 “tracks” available which vary in length from 4 seconds to 4 minutes. The entire album can be purchased for $9.99 or individual tracks can be purchased for $0.99. … Read more

Pokémon Reveals GottaCatchEmAll.com (defunct)

The announcement teased by the Pokémon Company has been been revealed, as many guessed, to be related to the “http://gottacatchemall.com”. This was previously shown in a video accidentally uploaded to their official channel instead of a trailer for the newest anime movie.  The password needed to get into the site is XY1012. We’ll keep you updated with … Read more