What Really Grinds My Gears: Genwunners

Since joining PJN I’ve had all of these mad ideas flowing through my mind, but then a sane, coherent, and utterly ingenious concept reared its ugly head. I’ve thought of a new series so completely logical it’s made my inner psycho shiver with disgust. My idea consists of highlighting the things I dislike in Pokémon. It makes a ridiculous amount of sense; I mean what could possibly go wrong?

Ok seriously this could go either way, and it will no doubt cause some controversy. However, I’d like to point out I do in fact love the franchise with a passion (obviously), and my dislikes (not ‘hating’) will be backed up with solid reasons. The topics I discuss won’t solely be about the games; it will be anything Pokémon. This week keeping with the ‘Gen 1’ theme I will be talking about an infamous group of people within the fandom known as the ‘Genwunners’.

“Biggest trolls in the fandom”

Now I’m not talking about people who just prefer Gen 1 over the others, as they’re great games and there are good reasons as to why people might prefer them. No I’m talking about people who say Gen 1 is the best but slate the rest of the series with little to no reason backing up their opinion. Yes I get that everyone is entitled to an opinion, but when someone is blinded by nostalgia and is defaming a series they supposedly love without any understandable or sincere reason then they’re a Genwunner.

This group of people are never happy and some become the biggest trolls in the fandom (although they’re not real fans if they constantly spurt hatred towards everything new they see in Pokémon). With each new generation they get more tiresome and repetitive, so much so that I’ll list some examples I expect most people have heard and my response to them:


Comment: ‘WTF? An ice cream Pokémon!? They’re really running out of ideas…’ – This is one of the most common jibes I see and it’s been around for a long time (although most now highlight the Vanillite line as their so called ‘evidence’). This comment is usually followed by people claiming how the series has lost originality and that Gen 1 Pokémon are the only good designs.

Response: Ok so you dislike one Pokémon and suddenly it means they’ve run out of ideas and the WHOLE generation sucks? Every generation has the odd weird/lazy design for example Voltorb and Seel. For every ice cream there’s an awesome eagle like Braviary. Besides people like different things, just because you don’t doesn’t mean others don’t either, so get over it.

Comment: ‘WTF? A rubbish bag!? Inanimate objects shouldn’t be Pokémon…’ – Another common complaint is Pokémon based on non living things. Chandelure and Garbordor are two which have garnered a lot of negative attention the past gen; apparently they should all be animals or insects.

Response: Ok explain Magnemite and Geodude to me. You can’t? Well there’s a surprise.

Comment: ‘Pokémon have become too complex’ and ‘Garbordor is such an awful design…’ – Garbordor can be replaced with other Pokémon but he’s been given a lot of hate this past gen. People have also complained about newer Pokémon being too complicated looking and miss the ‘simplicity’ of the original 151.


Response: Yes Garbordor looks crap but that’s the actual point. He’s meant to look awful and unappealing because he’s a heap of rubbish. The idea for the design is great for a poison Pokémon because waste can give diseases etc. It’s more imaginative than Muk even if I think Muk looks cooler (in my opinion). Designs should not always be judged on looks alone, look behind them for the real meanings. Sometimes the best and most creative ones are the least appreciated.

As for complexity, surely the added detail makes Pokémon look better if anything? Besides every generation has simple and complex Pokémon. Gen 1 has Pokémon like Venusaur, Machamp and Kangaskhan all of which are very detailed. Yet in Gen 5 we see Pokémon as simple as Beartic, Swanna and Musharna. As I said before, one Pokémon does not represent a generation. Also if Pokémon are ‘meant’ to be based on animals and insects, then surely more complexity would be better seeing as how detailed the real life counterparts are?

Comment: ‘Pokémon is always the same, nothing changes, they’re milking it like COD…’ – This one isn’t exactly a Genwunner problem, but it’s a common complaint I see pop up on gaming sites made by people who are obviously unacquainted with the modern versions of the game. Also it’s not about the actual Pokémon this time so I thought I’d throw it into the mix. The premise of this dig comes from the fact that because Pokémon has maintained its winning formula (which has helped Nintendo sell an approximate 50 bazillion copies of the Pokémon main series), it is therefore not making any changes to it and are just reselling the same game with a new coat of paint.

“Every gaming franchise has a successful formula which they stick to”

Response: Right I’m guessing this has to do with 3 main areas which are: gym/elite 4/champion journey, turn based battling and sprites. First off sprites are no more, so that’s no longer a valid complaint (although now people will say they miss Pokémon’s retro look as it was part of its appeal). Secondly the turn based battling is part of Pokémon’s blood. You cannot change the genre of a main series because it would become a completely different game. Every gaming franchise has a successful formula which they stick to. The reason spin offs exist is so developers can take risks and change things. Anyway the battling has evolved greatly with the introduction of physical/special categories and IVs and EVs.

Finally for the 8 badges-Elite 4-Champion journey, I do think they could shake it up a little, but they can’t really change it too much as the whole point of Pokémon is to become the best trainer the world has ever seen. As for everything else in the main series, it has all evolved a lot but you’d have to play the latest games to see it. The core concepts may be familiar, but changing it too much could make them lose their appeal and make them seem more like spin offs than main entries.

Final Thoughts: There will always be Genwunners no matter how good or different the newer games are. We must just ignore and pity them for not being able to enjoy the awesomeness this franchise still brings. For now however, I’d like to hear from you lot. Do you agree with my responses and what would you say instead? Are there any Genwunners here who would like to counter comment? Please discuss below! 🙂

  1. I personally HATE the word “Genwunners”. It’s just one of those disgusting words I will Never use like… “Poot or Pooted” YUCK!!! Makes me think of little kids having bowel movements.. and for some stranger reason the word “Genwunners” has the same effect on me.
    I understand the word (kind of, what does the wunner part mean?) but can we All agree to make a new word meaning the same thing.. this one is just.. no good
    : I

        1. Your opinion should stand. It’s annoying to hear the word and annoying that people call themselves fans while contradicting themselves and attacking the newer Pokemon releases.

  2. I have to agree for the majority of what you said, if not all of what you have said. Pokemon for Life!

  3. I pretty much agree with absolutely everything you said! Now in my opinion the Pokémon designs have definitely gotten progressively better. There were so many good Pokémon in Gen 5 that they really overshadowed the bad ones. What genwunners need to realize the most is that every generation is guilty of what they criticize the current generation about such as useless or object-based Pokémon.

  4. Klink’s Japanese name is “Gear.”
    Klink counts as one pokemon even though there are two of them.
    There is only 1 Klink in the banner.

    1. Moving done the logo wrong 😛 was hoping no one noticed. But I could be talking about more than one Gear, just only one is shown and the rest are hiding.

  5. Oh hell…genwunners are so tedious! I mean hell i love Gen 1 to pieces and every now and again i can’t resist a new playthrough of red or blue. However although i can make an amazing team with just Gen 1 pokemon… how much more awesome is it to make a team with all gen’s available! Gen 2 brought me Kingdra, Gen 3 Ludicolo and Swampert! I could not see my team without them now. The concept of genwunners is understandable to an extent- yes i stopped doing a lot of things after gen 1 like collecting stickers and seriously cutting back on the pokemon cards but when i think of all teh stuff ive started doing afterwards…hell competitive battling wouldn’t exist if it had all stopped at gen 1! So honestly let the haters be haters but a hater is not a fan and that’s all there is to it.

  6. Every generation has its share of good and not as good pokemon. I love gen 1 but, in my opinion, it has the most blandly designed pokemon of any generation. Of course it is the first so you can’t really blame it but still. I love all the detailing they put into the designs of the new ones. Gen 6 is honestly looking to be my favorite generation and I haven’t even played it! I remember just the other day I was defending megaevolutions from some butthole. He wasn’t exactly a genwunner or whatever they’re called but it still goes back to just accepting every pokemon, ugly or pretty, because they’re all great and they bring us all together here on pokejungle : )

  7. BTW i just want to add that i love the idea for this series…its nice to have a place to vent the frustrating aspects of the series and talk about them with people who feel the same way 🙂 It’s like Poke-therapy.

    1. I agree. It makes you appreciate and want the games even more. Nintendo should really think about opening up a facebook-styled Pokemon site where people can chat like this.

      1. Id love it but it honestly would never happen. The primary target audience is younger kids although GF/Nintendo are always aware of the older audience but its doubtful they would target any venture at the older audience. A social media site would be deemed inappropriate for the younger audience. It’s a shame but an inevitable fact.

        1. Well they did make it so you can send messages that are not predetermined in PSS. That’s a start.

          1. Yes that is a nice feature and a perfect example of something they have added as a nod to the older audience but again it will require friend codes so is more private than a forum or social site on which anyone can comment and view.

    2. Thanks ^^ always like to try something different. I think it’ll make us more aware of its flaws and therefore enable us to think of even more awesome ideas for future gens.

  8. Let us not forget the pokeball pokemon, and, wait for it….the UPSIDEDOWN pokeball pokemon! Every gen has its ups and downs, but why hate on a gen? Just cause its nostalgic doesn’t mean it’s the best one! My first game was pokemon red, but my favorite game of all times is pokemon emerald. I seriously don’t get though why “true fans” hate on a game. They just keep getting better IMO.

  9. I 100% agree with your responses. GOD this article was spot on. Great read. I giggled all the way through. The Vanillite line is tired and rancidity at its finest. Gen 1 had a set of eggs, Gen 3 had a cherry, I mean… Food, mammals, rodents, they have a formula like you say and they stick to it. Good job! This page needs to spread on to all the Genwunners. You even know its that bad when Gen One’s are even given a damn name smh (genwunners).

  10. Pokemon gets better every generation. I’ll admit, I’m one that’s not the most accepting of change. I was in shock with the reveal of mega-evolutions, and I hated them. Over time I accepted this was the path Pokemon was going to follow and I either join it or leave it. I’ve been on both sides of the spectrum though, I loved Oshawott when it came out when everyone else thought it was ugly and stupid. However I am also guilty of hating on mega-evolutions. I think some require more time to adapt to change than others, and that is how some of us get a bad rep for “hating”. Let me conclude with this,
    If you’re a genwunner, you’re not a Pokemon fan. Plain and simple.

    1. It’s fair enough to dislike something about Pokémon, I mean this Grind Gear series will focus on things I dislike about it and I’m sure many fans will open up on their dislikes too. But genwunners dislike everything and for no reason, yet they call themselves fans.

  11. I actually was similar to genwunners at one point (similar not acually one) i started with gen 3 and played until 2009 but then i felt i was to old for the games so i quit playing them, years later i hated on fifth gen and the anime but still claimed the games were getting better and the anime worse. then last year i picked up black 2 now i’m 100% addicted again since then i’ve played emerald, HG twice platinum twice and fire red twice and i can’t wait for X and Y

  12. I dislike that in order to ‘respond’ to genwunners, people put down other Pokemon designs. For example, to respond to a genwunner complaining about Klank’s design, someone else points out that Magnemite was just a floating magnet. I get the argument…the genwunner was ironic and thus his argument is invalid. The only way he MIGHT realize that is if it is pointed out how gen 1 wasn’t that much different. Unfortunately it’s rare that the genwunner admits that he is wrong and thus all the person trying to argue ends up doing is insulting Pokemon designs.

    I do not see, however, any Pokemon having atrocious nor mundane designs. Any, even the ones I am not very fond of. I actually appreciate simplistic designs no matter the generation. I simply argue that Pokemon is a constantly evolving series that keeps true to its roots. That is why Pokemon is as successful as it is, besides the genius that is the game’s makers (and marketers). Very few series manage to run as long as Pokemon has. If the game was constantly like generation 1, the series would flop, people would get bored, and you’d never have a Pokemon game again. Naturally, people don’t use their brains and don’t seem to understand this simple concept.

    Change. Is. Good.

    That is what bothers me the most about genwunners; they never embrace change. This doesn’t just happen with Pokemon either. There are a ton of products with a segregated group of consumers whom never seem to want to come out of their shells and appreciate the changes being made. In a way, I feel bad for those closed minded individuals, as they will never be able to enjoy and appreciate what is being given to them. Instead they decide to wrap themselves tight in a distorted fantasy where they constantly relive their nostalgia.

    But that’s exactly what it is suppose to be…nostalgic. I know I will never again relive being a little girl playing Red for the first time. I won’t ever be standing overly excited at the Best Buy line waiting to get Pokemon Yellow. Those happenings are in the past and will always be good memories to me. In the end, clinging to those memories and being unable to move on just sounds so…depressing. On the other hand, many fans can make new memories along with their old ones and maintain their happiness. That’s what really counts.

    On the very logical side of this argument, if Pokemon didn’t change to appeal to its masses, we wouldn’t have Pokemon. If genwunners want to forever love the first generation, he has the right to do so. However, insulting the later generations does nothing in benefit of the genwunner as such, Pokemon continues to profit exponentially and touch the hearts of other children to this very day.

    Of course, most genwunners are just trolls and thus shouldn’t be taken very seriously most of the time. Sometimes they are legit, but other times, since the term has become so popular, many trolls pretend to be genwunners to anger the other fans.

    …as another side note, ‘trolls’ have really gone down in value. See back in my day…

    1. I didn’t read a single word of that essay but I agree completely. If you have to write that much, it must be good! 😛

      1. Trust me, I just read the whole thing and it was fucking amazing. She deserves an Oscar to be honest.

        Might I add though, yes we’ll never relive those days of being 9 and buying Red/Yellow or what have you, but I don’t cling to the nostalgic feeling and think forward in life. As in when I’m 55, I want to look back on my life and go “god I remember being a kick ass 22 year old buying X and Y” then rather the red/yellow days.

        1. Well, Oscars are for movies. There is a prize for written works though, that would be the Pulitzer Prize.

      1. No. I’m actually studying human resources. xD But I damn well could be! Though I think you mean philosopher. Psychologists study and evaluate brain/mental processes.

        Also, thanks!

      1. Keep an open mind about things. Just because we’ve disagreed before doesn’t mean we always will.

        1. No it was not about disagreeing. You came to me as supercilious with your contemptuous comments directed subtly at me. I don’t know if it was your intention or not though.

          1. Not really. You simply took very high offense due to my disagreement with you in regards to something you apparently are very sensitive about. I don’t recall directly insulting you as a person.

  13. So true! My brother kinda is one, but he just is indifferent to the newer gens and he doesn’t play Pokemon in general anymore. Luckily, I don’t know of anyone else who is a genwunner, and thank goodness, I would beat their butts if any were. Pokemon’s getting better and better! They change things, but it still has that spark of adventure, different, but still the same. 😀
    To me, you must be tolerant of everything Pokemon. Love it or hate it, whatever, but so long as you can understand, appreciate, and be tolerant of it, then I consider you a true fan. Unless your hate is too much. THEN maybe not.

  14. WARNING: Science. The Psychology of Nostalgia has always intrigued me. The problem with genwunners is that they literally cannot comprehend the negative aspects of Gen1. When regulatory mechanisms in the brain categorize long term memories, they label the memories as either Positive or Negative. Nostalgia is strictly Positive. That means that whenever a genwunner tries to think about Gen1, the only memories they can access are the Positive ones. This has sometimes been referred to as a social sickness. The more they complain about new generations, the better they feel about their memories of Gen1. Not only that, but degrading the new gens causes feelings of social connectivity. They feel loved, appreciated, and have a sense of assurance and self esteem boost. Genwunners are diseased, they need our help, not our ridicule. So it’s important to remember to treat them with respect and care, for they are sickly and don’t understand.

    1. That makes some sense. Unfortunately, there’s not much we can do to help them in any way, even if we wanted to. Most, if not all, will never see ‘eye to eye’ with another person whom does not agree with them. At times, a ‘genwunner’ may come to realize he/she is wrong about things…but not likely. This is a condition to where humans are so consumed with pride that they will refuse to believe they are wrong, even if they have to completely ignore the existence of something to make themselves ‘right’.

      1. Exactly, the best thing we can do is ignore them/let them say what they want to make themselves happy. Meanwhile we get to play some kick-ass new Pokémon games, their loss 😉

    2. That’s a fair point, we need to force every one of them to play the new games as it’s the only way they’ll listen to reason. Lets do some kidnapping >:)

  15. Everyone has their preferences. For me my favorite generation has to be Generation 3. I loved the music <3 The story line, Pokemon, everything! That doesn't mean I am a Genthirder; it's just that it's my favorite generation of the games. I think that may all change this time around. With R/S remakes most likely coming our way and Pokemon X & Y plus future games that are going to be even better when they get used to the 3DS' engine! I love all the generations of Pokemon.

    The funny thing that most people don't realize about B/W/B2/W2 is that it's based on New York area and NY is mostly urban. Of course we are going to see trash bag Pokemon, ice cream Pokemon, etc. It goes with the theme of the games! They didn't just randomly decide to make those Pokemon!

    **OPINION** To be honest this is the best games/generations of Pokemon as of now. Have you heard of anyone criticizing X & Y Pokemon?? The only one who got it a bit was Swirlix and that was nothing because Swirlix is awesome! There may still be some "over the top" Pokemon left for us to discover, if there is we have to live with if. If they are real well then what are you going to do? Complain to Game freak? Eventually you will get used to it.**END OF OPINION**

    The statement "Running out of ideas" bugs me so much!
    Remember that Pokemon the guy in R/B I believe said that he wanted to see Pokemon's dreams or something like that? 4 generations later came Munna.
    Munna could have been made in generation 1 but saved for a later time!
    Before the announcement of X & Y all of the starters and their evolutions were already designed and ready to use. They may have used these 10 months to compose the music, improve graphics, fix glitches, and maybe design or finish the rest of the Pokemon.
    Quilladin and Chespin might have been designed in generation 1 even!
    How long do you think they were thinking of Fairy type but were saving for a later better time?

    What would "genwunners" say if Quilladin and Swirlix were from Generation 1 and Charmander was from Generation 6?

    Okay getting to the point, if you don't accept every Pokemon for who they are, fine that's your opinion. Now if you start bashing and cyber-bullying people over the nostalgia of their first games that were FULL of issues then that’s a problem.
    As they say,”If you don’t have nothing nice to say, don’t say it all

    1. Agree, Agree 100% agree! Gen 3 is my favourite gen as well but the difference is we say “favourite” not “gen 3 is the only gen worth knowing of” lol

    2. Actually I see a lot of people throughout the internet complaining about X and Y, even if most of them do so without any logic whatsoever. I’ve even seen people outright hate on others whom want a RSE remake. Yes, they HATE on the people who want a remake of a game.

      “You all think you have great ideas for Pokemon games, but if I actually listened to all of you and we combined all of your ideas into a game, it would be an unplayable monstrous game. You want a game with all the regions, but only the first generation Pokemons, yet all the legendary ones and such silly things. Whenever I receive one of these rants, I go to the development floor and read it out loud to all the Game Freak employees in a mocking voice, and we all laugh at you.”

      ^This was a facebook quote (found: https://www.facebook.com/tajirisan/posts/10151169915960598 NO IT’S NOT REALLY HIM) and even though it’s fanmade, it’s brilliant. And true.

      The truth is that, the fanbase actually has no flipping idea what it wants.

      1. I have hardly seen any complaints 😛 I have seen people hating on the remakes though. It makes me sad that the fan base is separated into three groups:
        In with the old, out with the new (“Genwunners”)
        In with the new out with the old, and
        I love every generation.

        It’s like Rayquaza, Groudon, and Kyogre.

        1. What even more sad is how people say Pokemon remakes, or even Nintendo related HD remasters and releases like Twilight Princess on the Wii and Wind Waker HD, people whine and say its Nintendo failing or they are going to die. The sadder part is when other guys like SONY who released how many HD remasters, and MS who remade Halo 1 and Fable 1, no body complain, but instead they said it was innovative, how???? To me these people are just dull gamers who use the term gamer as a popularity show, cause sadly gamer is now something mainstream and “cool” and it’s sad. Don’t believe me, watch this guy try and play Gold, and stop making this “LP” after few episodes.

          1. If you use CoD as a reference (or Halo, both work depending on the person) the person will instantly defend CoD literally being on the same recycled server for most of the series’ life, with little to no advancements or changes being made. This is usually due to the generation gap, where inept kids can’t associate properly nor maturely and thus primarily only desire competitive gain. Otherwise, people are just closed minded.

            I actually really disliked the original Twilight Princess. The controls were disastrous and everything was mirrored. The gamecube version was easier to play thus a lot more enjoyable. Also, God, Windwaker HD looks amazing.

            Nintendo is not dying. Nintendo is not anywhere close to dying. The 3ds is the most popular system on the market right now. MH sales have gone through the atmosphere. Man. Some people are delusional aren’t they?

          2. Since the list has been updated I’m not so sure it can beat SM3DL because that game is amazing! More people buy Mario games since they are less targeted towards kids. Right now it’s my favorite game I have on my 3DS. That will certainly change with X & Y!

          3. IMO Fire Emblem Awakening has taken my handheld game of the year. That is I think until this fall. But I want to get 3D Land one more time, sadly my copy was destroyed in Sandy :/

          4. I never really understood FEA. I downloaded the demo and I didn’t like it : My condolences goes out to your 3DS, your family, and you 🙁

        2. I saw a lot of complaints in the beginning of XY’s reveals. People seemed upset that the games were not sprite based anymore, that the starter designs were stupid and ripped off older generations, that 3D would never work right and the graphics were fuzzy, stuff like that. People are just impossible to please.

          1. Now you have said it! It’s human nature. No one is ever happy! Eventually they will get used to it and like it even more! How could someone go back to sprites after seeing these 3D Models!!?

          2. The moment the Knato starters were revealed, people said that the Kalos starters ere and I quote “So bad that they are using the better ones to get sales”. Really now.

          3. Exactly Game Freak can’t win either way, but could you imagine the amount of complaints they would get if they kept sprites? It would be much worse… the horror D=

    3. Actually you’re quite right. The trainer is next to Mt. Moon, I believe its a Lass, and she says she wishes there was a pink and round Pokemon with floral patterns and that would be cool. 4 Gens later it came intro fruition. There is also a trainer in Celadon city that has a Poliwrath. If you talk to him he says he wishes it’ll become more of a frog Pokemon. If you talk to the Poliwrath it says “ribbit!” 1 Gen later in Gen 2 they made its pre-evo, Poliwhirl, instead have a chain evolve form into what do you know.. an actual frog, Politoed.

      Also, in Gen 3, someone that hacked in the system files or something discovered that Shellos (a gen 4 pokemon) was actually meant to be a Gen 3 Pokemon but was later axed. Believe it or not, my cousin (a Genwunner) actually used to have some sort of poster or paper of sort (i was young) that had Professor Oak talking to a trainer (that looks like Red but his back is turned to the viewer) and his conversation bubble says something about the their exists a world of over 1,000 Pokemon. And I also believe long ago Sugimori was once quoted saying he sketched over 1,000 Pokemon designs as well. We are only scratching the surface if thats the case.

      Also remember… the very first episode of Pokemon Ash see’s a Ho-Oh flying above in the sky, years before Gen 2 arrived.

      1. Gen 2 was also suppose to be a large part of gen 1. I believe the game ended up too large and they separated a lot of features into a sequel. This further harms a genwunner’s illogical argument spasms.

  16. Okay you know that foggy part of the Kalos map? Instead of making remakes (which I really want) I think that part of the map is going to be connected to Hoenn somehow. Just like in gold and silver where johto connected to kanto. The third gen was technically just a fill in because pokemon became so popular. It is my favorite gen because it was so different and stuck out from the other gens. It would be cool in X and Y if after you beat the elite 4, the campion sends you to this place and then you meet steven and he takes you to hoenn and then you meet may or brandon or proff. birch and they give you the hoenn starter and someone gives you a costume or outfit to look like brandon (or May) and you start your journey a lll over again but it’s just like gold and silver so you do the gyms and elite 4 again and then you live happily ever after……………. *gaspp….. But hey. a man can dream…

    1. Nooooooo! 🙁 Hoenn deserves it’s own game so it can have better graphics, more space for more things, etc.! If it does happen well then there is nothing else to do but in my opinion Hoenn is much better in it’s own games.

      1. Remember! that leaker said a few weaks ago “Expect to be seeing Hoenn really soon” which made us ponder!!! Either Kalos gives us a lot of hints of Hoenn, or maybe we can travel to an updated Hoenn once we beat the game (Which I doubt)

        1. That got me so excited because I have been waiting for remakes since Platinum ._. I have seen A LOT of hints towards Hoenn too. The biggest one is the “We are remaking a game..etc.etc..” In HG/SS!

          1. the biggest hints for me were:

            – the pokeball on the middle of the floor in the Pokecenter in D/P/P was Gold/Silver. We ended up getting HGSS. 🙂 the pokeball on the middle of the floor in HGSS was green. We didn’t get an Emerald remake but we got B/W (which IMO were side projects while they work on X/Y/Emerald remake)

            – the guy in the desert resort in B/W says he got his go-goggles from another region (you can only get go-goggles from hoenn)

            – the house you can access in winter time in Icurus city in B2W2 has 3 people in it, an old man, old lady, and a young man. The elderly couple are married. If you talk to the husband he says back in his day he dreamed of turning the world into land but to not tell his wife. if you talk to his wife she says she used to dream of turning the world into water but to not tell her husband. They were ex-team magma/aqua members. And the third guy in the room is a sound designer and plays you a remixed song from a route in emerald!!!!

            – there is a magma cave and water cave in B2W2 but sadly you cannot encounter groudon or kyogre in them.

            – all the 3rd gen pokemon got updated sprites in 5th gen. and so did the 3rd gen gym leaders in the Pokemon World Tournament. Also if you beat Steven Stone in the PWT he says “emerald can be mined in the Driftveil gym” and if you travel to the bottom of the gym there are huge chunks of green emerald. EMERALD REMAKE CONFIRMED!!

            – in the Driftveil Market (the outside market), there is a lady that says they get their goods imported from another regions market. This is Slateport City who ships their goods to other regions. Slateport is of course from Hoenn!!!!

          2. In the Victory Road entrance with the Orange/Red and Blue lines on the sides reminded me of R/S/E.

            Look at this: http://www.pokemonxy.com/_ui/img/_en/screenshots/july_p04_03.jpg EMERALDS!

            I watch a video series about remake hints and that got me even more pumped!

            OOH OH OH I just remembered! That guy from Sinnoh in that house that says he would like to see the space shuttle from Hoenn launch, the Whirl Islands, etc. in HG/SS that happened.

            Could the Space Shuttle launch in the remakes? Maybe you could go into outer space and battle Deoxys!

          3. Two more hints for hoenn. IN sinnoh league. Half of ashs pokemon against Tobias were from hoenn. The second hint s half of the first six mega evolutions were pokemon from what region? Hoenn!

          4. I really hope for a Hoenn remake. I loved that generation.

            They are also using a lot, like a LOT of gen 1 references. I wonder if they are hinting for something relating to gen 1 in the future.

      2. I agree. Returning to Kanto in G/S was enjoyable, but it wasn’t done right. It was literally just going through Kanto backwards with small changes done to it. I always find myself getting bored whenever I get to Kanto’s section.

      3. If I’m honest, they couldn’t upgrade the graphics that much more. Platinum didn’t have that big of an upgrade to DP. Black and White used up the majority of the DS’s power, which was saved for a new Generation. Problem now is, there are way over 700 Pokemon now, all with 2D micro-sprites AND fully rendered 3D models and textures. That’s how you know this will be the only new generation on the 3DS because as the games expand, they use up all of the power of the console.

    2. I was also thinking this would happen. Somewhat.

      I think the foggy part of the Kalos map will lead to another part of Kalos around the same size.

      One of the codes on that new game is “XY738A” (and the website is called Gotta Catch Em All) which means there would only be 86 new Pokemon this Gen (not including Mega’s cause they aren’t new Pokemon). Take note of the “A” in the code name. I’m thinking there will be a “B” portion will we will later see another 80 or so Pokemon to be released in another 6 months or so as a Gen 6.5.

    3. Yeah this in a way might be a sequel to hoenn because there was never much closure. or they should make a ruby and sapphire 2.

    4. Each region is based on real world locations and the same goes for the games. Kanto and Johto connect the same way the locations that inspired them do. Hoenn is separate, just like Sinnoh. Unova would be placed where America is on the map and Kalos where France is.

      I still hope for Hoenn remakes though and I have a feeling it’s likely. The Unova games had hints to it and there’s a subtle theme that fits, as well as 3(DS). DS wouldn’t have allowed too much to be upgraded for Gen 3 like it could for Gen 2. I’m keeping my fingers crossed though.

      I think it’s more fitting for them to remake the Gen 3 games and release them after X&Y, while they work on “Z” to add upgrades and the like – Perhaps a single sequel to X&Y.

    5. Actually the fact that Gen V came for the same handheld console that a previous generation Did, makes me think that it was a Filler generation instead of Gen III being an actual filler gen. if you remember each pokemon gen comes for an specific handheld, and sometimes a remake, but not two new generations to the same console; if I’m not wrong it goes like this:

      Pokémon RBGY: Nintendo GameBoy
      Pokémon GSC: GameBoy color
      Pokémon RSE: GameBoy Advance (plus, FRLG remakes)
      Pokémon DPPt: Nintendo DS (plus, HGSS remakes)
      Pokémon BW and B2W2: Nintendo DS (filler Gen)
      Pokémon MotherF*cking XY: Nintendo 3DS.

      That being said, gen V does have good things, like character developement goes deeper, storyline is better than other gens, some pokémon got cool desings (I love all the bug Pokémon of this gen), training and battling are even more interesting and intuitive, compared to previous generations, improved online experience and so on.

      And because nintendo 3DS has a 3 on its name I gotta say: HOENN CONFIRMED!!!1!!

  17. I have an older cousin around 25 or 26 (I’m 22), and he stopped playing Pokemon long ago (he stopped after Link Cable’s lol) but anyways… he came to visit me a few months ago and he saw that I had up on my computer screen the reveal of “marill/gardevoir/jigglypuff” being fairy type. and he goes “man back in my day jigglypuff used to be a normal type” and i said “OMG shush he still is, ain’t no damn /back in your day’ Pokemon is not that old and is still relevant, BYE!”

    You gotta kill them with sudden fierceness.

  18. I think that if they do end up making more remakes in the future for example a Pokemon Heart and Gold (or any other gen game) they need to Add a couple of New Pokemon for that one region that haven’t been seen before. One of my ideas was that since Heart and Gold never saw fossil Pokemon from that region they can introduce New Fossil Pokemon that were discovered there like a Rock/Steel and a Rock/Dark and their evolutions seeing as Steel and Dark were introduced in the second gen or they could go with Rock/Dark and Rock/Fairy etc. It would make things a even more exciting when buying a remake knowing that that remake will have a few ALL NEW Pokemon in it.

  19. I’m a proud Genwunner, but not for any of the reasons you have said, but because as the games have become increasingly complicated in regards to EVs, IVs, Breeding, Natures, plots, ‘characters’, the games 1P experience has become boring and unpleasant. Gen5 and 3 more so than 4.

    I am also not a fan of where the lore went, with Pokemon being indigenous to the world, it not being the real world ect. I prefer the vague nature of G1 with the scientific view point. Not to mention that I find the newly introduced ‘complex plots’ to be incredibly boring and a ‘A to Shut Them Up’ situation if I ever experienced one.

    I like a lot of the designs, designs have never been an issue for me. But I really don’t like them as games anymore. G1 was simple, but more enjoyable to me.

    1. I dunno if that’s being a genwunner. From my understanding, genwunners do not ‘approve’ of any generation besides gen 1 due to illogical, unfathomable reasons that sound nothing short of whining. Having true reasons to preferring the first generation is admirable, however, the later games may still have positive points about them that deserve to be recognizable, at the very least. ‘Genwunners’ won’t even admit to later generations being ‘Pokemon’.

      That being said, as you prefer the simplistic part of the game, I agree with you. However, the good news is that in order to play the game, you can completely ignore most of the new additions such as natures, EV training, breeding, etc. These are optional advancements that don’t even need to be utilized to complete the game. I admire GameFreak for that. For example, I rarely bother breeding, don’t pay particular attention to stats or natures (most of these ‘additional gimmicks’ are for coding purposes, such as the random number generator being attached to IVs) and can get through the game just fine.

      The story, plot, characters…are all hit and miss. I, personally, do not see much difference. Obviously the characters must be different as more games are revealed. Some I liked. Some I didn’t. For me personally, I enjoy characters with actual depth, so long as it is pulled off well. However, I rarely remember most of the characters. The stories and plots typically are still pretty cliche for those younger players, but I suppose I enjoy a more in-depth story that gives the game a more ‘RPG’ feel, rather than ‘go here next, get more badges’. I actually wish they’d get rid of the badge system. It’s boring.

      The lore has its ups and downs and gets really rambunctious, which is something I miss from gen 1 as well. Later gen stories go into a lot of detail about the ‘world’, though, such as society for Pokemon and different environments, etc…which is entertaining enough. The games still make absolute certain to make as much sense as possible with the littlest of details, a fact I’m very happy with Gamefreak for. Gamefreak just never seems to slip.

      I agree with the 1P thing. I would love for an MMO Pokemon game. Fortunately, gen 6 involves a lot more wifi connectivity with other people, so that seems like a positive approach to a wider spectrum.

    2. You’re a gen 1 fan not a genwunner in that case 😛 you have put across your reasons well and it’s completely understandable. There are some newer features I’m not keen on but that’s an article for another day XD

  20. You see I relate to the last part. You see, last week I was at our campus’s local werckroom/pub/alcove or whatever and started playing White 2 with a couple of friends. Behind us were some dudes playing Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition (yes, I took the effort to see what it was, cause I use it watch). So long story short, the guys see us playing White 2 and came over and asked and I quote “Why they f*** do you still play a milked franchise that’s as bad a CoD”. Now we are in college, and I’d say that’s a bit improper manners right there, but we all then mentions that it’s formula works, and they do mix it up most of the times and used Black and White and X and Y as examples. The guys then went on and on at how Battlefield, Need for Speed, and even Zelda are failing series. So after noticing the guys wouldn’t let up, I ask them this one question, “yo, what version of Street Fighter you playing?” The men’s reply “Arcade Edition, one of the best editions out there”. So Then I simply asked that if Pokemon were a bad milked franchise, wouldn’t Street Fighter IV or Street Fighter the series in general, which gets re-releases over and over again, but still get the love we show to Pokemon, and other fans show to other series that are so called “milked”. At that time I noticed my class was about to begin, so I packed up my stuff, and made my leave, but I made it as if I went off leaving them to think about what they just did. Now I am all about games, but bashing them isn’t my style, I play for fun, not for what’s milked, better, or even for looks. Let’s leave this issue with one thing, if you like it, enjoy it and don’t let others bother you about it, and find a crew who likes it as well. And always be open for new things, and don;t hurt someone over something they like, try it and hay, maybe you’ll like it.
    -Oh Spoiler: We never did see those boys ever again there, just saying, the went MIA which imo kind of worries me that they got banned fro there :s

  21. My only complaint is the ever-so-constant victimization I suffer from cheating trainers on Wi-Fi battles. (either losing unjustly or running like a coward)
    Hackers using a complete team of shiny legendary Pokemon.
    Why can’t the online battles block hacked Pokemon

    But it’ll all change with super training!

  22. Seeing as alot of the people that visit this website are genwunners, I hate them. But some of you don’t act this way which is good!

    1. A series that is believed to be over used with the same things, and have no to little change to the point here some would say its pointless or boring. As such ex. would be Street Fighter which get numerous re-releases and yet is praised for so. Yet Pokemon somehow seems to fit in this description in many eyes, and is even the common target as opposed to other series such as Call of Duty or etc.

        1. I don’t know because I actually don’t understand the fairy type weakness’s and advantages. SO personally I don’t know.

          1. Fairy are strong against (offensively) dragon, dark, and fighting. They do half damage to fire, poison, and steel.

            Fairy are weak against (when hit so defensively) poison and steel. Fairy takes half damage from bug, dark, and fighting. They take no damage from dragon.

            I don’t think a fairy dragon would be overpowered, but it would be ironic!

  23. To be honest, I’m not a genwunner but if I make comparison between Seel and Vanilluxe and between Magnemite and Garbodor first ones rocks way harder.

    1. and if I make a comparison between Seel and Zoroark and between Magnemite and Volcarona the second one rocks way harder. these are all random comparisons that don’t prove anything about either generation

    1. This is one of my favorite versions of this meme. I love how Oshawott and Tepig aren’t even trying to play their instruments- they’re too busy smiling to put their mouths on the mouthpieces!

    2. I’ve had this gif running on my DA profile for at least a year now. Never gonna change it. Too awesome. :3

    1. As much hate as I will get for this, CoD isn’t all that bad. It has its good games, with MW2 still being my favorite of the buch all togeather with Black Ops 2 right behind it (Wii U version imo is the superior). But its the community that ruins it for me. They constantly keep bashing other series, and the online is so bad until the Wii U came around, I nearly wanted to stop playing all togeather. But like I did with Pokemon, I found a good cluster that was open minded and enjoyed it once more. Hell I got all the trophies in MW2, and all the Medals in Black 2. As said, if you like it, don’t let other jacka**** put you done, stand tall and take it like a man, and show them you care better then them, cause you have something they don’t, the bravery to still enjoy what thye think is a game for kids. And imo this behavior is great for parenting too lol.

    2. And read the comments from the guy: ‘I don’t hate Pokemon, I just hate the people who eat it all up’ >.< He has Pokemon in his name and picture. And from some one else: ' He hates most of the fanbase because of how immature it is'. I swear, I could be angry for no reason, but he literally is asking for it, in my opinion.

    3. Oh dear haha. I’ll admit Pokémon much like many of Nintendo’s other main franchises haven’t changed as much as other game, however he can’t say COD has changed more because that’s just not true. I like COD don’t get me wrong and it has evolved, but more so than Pokémon? I don’t think so.

  24. Something I love about Pokemon is how people say it’s milked when it’s not if they was really trying to milk it, then it would be like on of those facebook games.

          1. Oh wait, you mean that lame game where you have to pay to continue or wait 40 min to get lives? I got a game like that on my Vita for 3 bucks and has no microtransactions yet, it called Bejeweled, people these days.

          2. Bejeweled use to be a great game. But now companies have this idea that people will pour money into a game that only seems like a dollar to play.

            And they do.

          3. Indie games are pretty much what the game industry is now atm. IMO some are good (The Mighty No 9, A Hat in Time) and I love to see that. Too bad some big devs today aren’t that good. IMO the only ones I really like are only from SONY and Nintendo.

          4. I enjoyed games like Cave Story and Bastion, which were amazing games for being dev’d by a small team (Cave Story was by ONE PERSON). Games from my past, like Oddworld, are also making a comeback as indie games.

            I don’t dislike Indie games as a concept, many of these games bring innovative and fresh styles, artwork, stories, characters, gameplay, and other elements from budding developers. This really gives developers a chance to shine and grow into the bigger industries. It’s pretty apparent that larger industries are pretty limited to what they can do, however. They still make good games, but must appeal to the largest base to succeed.

            For example I recall the creator of Oddworld stating that they have no pressure to make millions of sales to succeed due to being a small company and thus have more freedom to be innovative and appeal to smaller fanbases.

        1. I guess you aren’t familiar with Plants vs Zombies 2.

          You can’t even complete the game without the ‘DLC’.

          1. I’m so excited. I hope we all can exchange friend codes at some point. I’ve made more friends here than I have out of class! Lol!

          2. When you tap the friend list a card with your information should show up. I don’t remember if you have to set it up or not, but I’m pretty sure it was there when I first looked. :/

          3. It was at first. That reminded me. I think I read somewhere that an update this fall would remove 3DS codes…

          4. It actually is very possibly going to happen, in reading up on it.

            NNID is the account system they use for the Wii U and they apparently plan to connect accounts between the Wii U and 3DS to have cross functions.

            Plus accounts just make more sense.

          5. I hope it backs up purchases. I’ve heard that too. I would hate to lose+$100 worth of games because something happens to the memory card. If they connected the two, they could probably do more with the systems. The 3DS is capable of more than its given credit for.

      1. Finally, commercials with kids over 8! They look about 12-17. Makes me feel a bit less immature about buying my game! haha.

    1. I saw this a couple hours ago. I thought about posting about it because it was so amazing, but I was busy typing in the codes at gottacatchemall.com. 🙂

    1. I love these DW pictures. Is it just me or are they better than the Sugimori arts? I think they show off the pokémons’ personalities better. What do you think?

      (800th post on Pokejungle!!!)

          1. Oh, sorry. Sometimes I read things to literally. It’s just so hard to tell when someone’s trying to be funny online. Dx

          2. I’m sure Honedge will have a personality, actually, as I thought they were possessing the sword.

          3. Maybe there will be some deeper meaning or history that this Pokemon has. I hope they make a movie on this Pokemon, like they did with Lucario in “Lucario and the Mystery of Mew”

      1. Why?

        Edit: I see now. Lol. I don’t even know why it says that. I have more like 3,000 unread emails. They were old and there was a time I couldn’t check it regularly.

  25. I went to anime club for the first time today ad there are so many pokemon fans there and there are other from people fandoms that I like ( bronies, CLEAN furry, etc ) i finally have friends I can geek out with! Also I’m going to do my first cosplay as Serena !

          1. The first anime club meeting at my school played the first Pokémon episode, but I couldn’t attend for other reasons

          2. The other college I was going to go to my friend ended up going to and he said they were holding an X and Y tournament… My school is more of a education and sports oriented place…

          3. haha I’m in school for seven hours a day still, then I have stuff after school that lasts an hour and a half, then loads of homework, and hardly any time for Pokémon 🙁

      1. Many only like mainstream. I usually do not like many mainstream titles with a few exceptions. :/

  26. Since we’re going to exchange codes when the games release can you guys help me. We’re can I see the 3ds friend code I can’t find mine

  27. XD Love the Family Guy reference! 😀 Ahh that was a good laugh 😀 Haha I’m not a Genwunner 😀 I like the toxic poop but I LOVE the candle 😀

  28. This article has summarised pretty much something I always have to end up retyping or explaining to people around me. From now on I’ll just save myself time and link them to this article. Great job Sam!

  29. I like how complex Pokémon has become, it gives us many great features that Gen I didn’t have. The franchise is building upon what they started with. I’m afraid of not being able to understand Dual-type moves, if that rumor turns out to be true.

    1. Remembering fairy types’ advantages and disadvantages, plus some changes to the type chart in general, are gonna be a rough adjustment.

  30. Despite my favorite Pokémon being the first one (guess by my username), I’ve always accepted the new ones with time. I went through a phase in Gen IV when I thought that some of the Pokémon were atrocious (Infernape because it looked to DragonBall Zish, and Probopass because I thought the mustache was lame), but I decided to wait it out and sure enough the designs grew on me. Now I like Infernape and even think Probopass is okay (still least favorite 10, but there’s nobody in my bottom 10 that I dislike, so I like my least favorite if that makes sense… uh… they’re all great is what I’m saying). My brother went through the same phase in Unova, but he grew out of it too. I guess that it’s people’s resilience to change that makes them genwunnerish, but when you accept that change is necessary, you realize that all Pokémon are still Pokémon.

    Concerning the whole 8 badges and E4, I feel like that’s what makes a Pokémon game a Pokémon game. It’s like saying that Final Fantasy games should get rid of Final Boss fights against the main villain and summons (or something like that… yeah, bad example).

    Gen I still has my favorite Pokémon, but that’s for nostalgic purposes and because I loved the anime from when I was a kid. I’ll never say new Gens don’t have a place, as each one was important itself (with IV being my favorite, but that’s a story for another time).

    Sorry for the really long first post. I’ve been lurking around and enjoying this site since about the time that Mewtwo Y was announced and have been waiting for the right time to join. I guess I’m joining now to show that you guys haven’t lost any fans with the server problems-it showed extra dedication to have that temporary Tumblr. Don’t worry about the server issues- better to have them now than on the 12th! Now I just need to decide on an avatar photo…

    1. You should use this one or this one! found them on the internet :p or this other one :p or ask Jordin for one :p

    2. 😀 Heya! Glad you joined. The more, the merrier :3 Let’s wait these final days of waiting for X and Y together

    3. Welcome! I like your name, here’s my avatar suggestion, get it? Bulbasaur with a sword? BulbaSword? No? Okay.

        1. Thanks! Yeah I actually study Digital Image Design.
          ^just kidding I lied it’s from deviantart xD

      1. Ha ha ha, I love it. I’m going to have to flip a coin between this and Jordin’s. The other one’s going to become my new wallpaper!

    4. I couldn’t help myself ^.^ Here you go~
      (Refresh if you don’t see the picture) I used Honedge since it seemed fitting XD

      1. Wow, that’s so great. I really like Honedge too- swords are usually my go to weapon in RPGs, so I liked Honedge from the start. Thanks so much!

        1. That was my welcome to the site/first comment welcome gift! 😀 Hope you enjoy your stay at Hotel PokeJungle!

    5. I really like your avatar. Where did you get it from? Deviantart? Unless you made it yourself, I would love a bigger image of it ^__^

      1. Jordin made it, and it should be right above this post in his comment. I think it’s pretty great and sure beats what I was going to try to do (MS Paint and just copy paste a Sword onto Bulbasaur).

    6. I too hated the fairy type at first but after I thought a little I said every gen have it’s own unique taste to it like the first gen is the intro and gen 2 the beginning when you face a legend in the end and gen 3 with the storm of the contest,battle tower,etc then gen 4 the method for shiny pokemon,etc going to gen 5 with Pokémon Musical,Dream World,Dream Radar,etc and now ….gen 6 Mega-evo,amie,etc…although we didn’t see all of gen 6
      but you will not know how good these gen until you try it by yourself :p

      sorry If I offend anyone.

  31. I have aquestion for everybody!! Who has whatsapp!? I want to add friends and talk about pokemon and stuff!! ( if you are the people who thinks someone can do something with your number you also give me other way to add you and talk) sorry if it sound aout of topic

  32. Frankly I love both the old gens but I love that their are new pokemon to meet! Win-Win really

    1. No… think of the anime :p Ash only getting to meet certain ones and we don’t get to fully know the personalities of the one’s left out :p Unless Ash meets up with someone like Cameron and follows him/her on their journey :p

      1. Well its not like the show and games follow the same story line anyway. I wouldn’t mind this.

          1. Ya they could, but it would be like, “Oh, hi stranger that knows the person I’m traveling with that’s a Gym Leader that I don’t have to battle because I already have 8 Gym Badges and don’t need 8 more and so do my fellow traveling companions.” :p Plus it would take up a lot more time to meet 16 Gym Leaders and only battle 8 of them, unless they do an episode that Ash meets all 16 Gym Leaders because they’re at a convention or something and something goes wrong because of Team Rocket/ Other Villainous Team.

    2. Wait did you mean ALL different gym leaders and Elite Four? or like 2 different Gym Leaders and all different E4? or what I said?

  33. A bit late to the conversations but for me every gen/game has their ups and downs for me. I started with RBY, but I’d be blind if I were to call it the best gen. It was around the time right before the release of RS, when pokemon started declining in popularity when these “cool”/”popular” kids started bashing people for liking pokemon. The funny thing is that, it is THOSE people who are the genwunners now. These people never even gave any of the newer games a chance because of peer pressure and not affording to look unpopular in school. These are the genwunners, the so-called “trend followers” at the time. I never gave in to peer pressure. I said, “to hell with with them”, I’m gonna play the games I want to and nobody can tell otherwise. Now that these genwunners are in college and suddenly it’s cool to be a nostalgiac…they embrace their ancient past and just bash away at newer gens because it’s the “trendy” thing to do. I’m proud to say that I grew up as a 10-yr old playing RBY, but up until X and Y, Emerald has been by far my most memorable and favorite pokemon game despite it’s flaws.

  34. I’m one of the few out of my group of friends that adored Pokemon B/W, it got to the point where I didn’t even want to admit that, as everyone around me was bashing gen 5. I loved the pokes, the story, the fresh start thing. My other friends were all like the typical “The Gen 5 pokemon are bad, Gen 1 was better, ‘Why can’t I transfer older gen pokemon to Gen 5 as I don’t like the new ones…ect. It never ends.

    Though one of them did like the story line to gen 5….just not the pokes. Some even complained about the X/Y Pokemon, I think the designs are great. Luckily though I got at least one friend that is just as excited for Gen 6 as me. But its few and far between. You can’t reason with genwunners.

    1. I liked B/W as well. I have nothing against it. In fact, it was probably my favorite generation, but I feel like Gen 6 will make me change my mind.

      1. Glad to hear ^__^ Yeah X/Y would will be amaze, so its understandable. 😛 ermahgerd I am hoping EB Games has a midnight launch event.

          1. sweetjebus I wouldn’t want to live on this planet anymore if that happened XD. I got my pre-order receipt in my wallet lets hope the ink didn’t fade by Oct 12. 😛 receipts get silly like that.

    2. I think Gen V are one of the best design wise and the fresh start thing was a great idea. But yeah X&Y look incredible, lets just hope the story lives up to everything else we’ve seen and hopefully it’s not too easy.

  35. Hi. I’ve been stalking this site for close to a year now and i finally decided to make an account. So… Hello fellow pokefans!

          1. Since Dedenne is being moved to Gen 8, Dicie comitted suicide. I am his mother. Welcome MegaXatu to the Xatu clan.

  36. My favorite gen is Gen II and I gotta say that my least favorite is Gen V, not because I’m a genwunner but because I did not like it that much compared to all other previous generations. And even if I think gen II is the best generation so far, I have to admit that Gen VI is gonna be better. I’m so looking forward to choose Chespiñata as my travel companion and catch ’em all one more time 😀

  37. okay you guys are not going to believe me, but before coming into this website today i was talking about what grinds my gears(family guy) with my study group, and then this pops up! haha okay, but back to the topic, i really hate genwunners. I get to meet a lot of them since I go to college

  38. *Everyone please stand*

    We are here tonight to say final words for our friend Dicie. In a rather strange set of circumstances, he has been overcome with amnesia and has tried to impersonate the first person that came to his head (that would be me). If you see a certain MegaXatu around, close your shudders, hide yo’ kids and hide yo’ wife because he is no longer the same person. But, I have to confess that it was my fault; I used my hypnotic powers at an inopportune time and cleared his head of all things Dedenne, rendering his soul to a new form. It…it’s so sad to see the old Dicie go, but the rule of the PokeJungle is that we must leave the old and go in with the new.

    I invite you all to share your fondest memories with the Dedenne freak we all knew and loved. Thank you for your time.

    *sits back down and has a laughing attack*

    1. Wait, something’s happened. I feel.. Dedennyden again! IS IT TRUE!
      I’M BACK!!!!! I’M BACK!!!!
      Turns out, I was never gone. I just didn’t feel it inside me!!!! DA DICIE IS BACK!!!!! 😀

  39. I’m going to admit, I’ve also been stalking this site for a while, and up until now I’ve been too lazy to make an account. But I thought, whatever, I’ll make one. So I did. Hi.

  40. I have no idea what I’m doing, but could someone who knows how make me an icon with a shiny trap inch please?

  41. I don’t know about this, but… it’s possible they could make a Yellow remake for the Nintendo 3DS. Not only are FireRed and LeafGreen now outdated, but it’s been 9 years since they were released. Yellow remake next year? Perhaps. It also coincides with all of the seemingly misplaced Kanto hints within Gen 5, and the revelation of Kanto starter Mega Evos (and their early inclusion in Gen 6). Along with that, imo, Pokemon Amie would fit perfectly with the Pikachu emotion system implemented in Yellow. I know these are just random thoughts, but what does anyone think?

    1. While this would be a great idea, I think the Kanto themes in x and y were to let older fans who may have started with the original starers to relive it. Also I think all this Kanto stuff is to compensate for no remake. The absence of hoenn however lets game freak explore hoenn’s starters and features in a potential remake.

      1. That makes sense. But, still, LightningYellow (or something of the sort) would be so awesome 😀

  42. It’s good to be back, everyone. I would like to thank @shinyxatu:disqus for helping me with my therapy since I took the MegaXatu surgery, which was completely uncalled for. Therefore, he offered to pay for my transformation back into the amazing Dedennyden Dicie that I am right now! To @ShinyXatu!

    PS: You’re paying my bill.

      1. It’s only $999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,9999,999,999,999,999,999,999 in Pokedollars! Not a lot… right?

  43. Well, I’m off for the night! Stay Dedennyden everyone, and I’ll see you all tomorrow! 😀
    Love ya @shinyxatu:disqus (no homo XD)

      1. I’ll remember to take a Dedennydose of Dedennymeds tomorrow, all right! Don’t forget to get high on those Xatupills, er, I mean, have a nice night (alcoholic druggist), er, good night (ugly ass…) SHUT UP SELF CONSCIOUS, er, night!

          1. I’m sorry, did I offend you? I think I smoked too much Dedennyjuana. Sorry about that, but hey, TOMORROW’S A FRESH DAY, and LETS HOPE FOR SOME REVEALS!!! 😀

          2. Oh Dicie…I swear that I will find a shiny Dedenne in your honor. Not FOR you, for me, but with you in mind.

  44. I’m going to start a countdown tomorrow for X and Y themed around the 25 Days of Christmas, as there will be 25 days left until the games release. It’ll keep adding up until it becomes a very long list of Pokemon stuff the day before the 12th!

    Oh yeah, and goodnight to anyone still roaming in the Jungle.

  45. I guess this kinda goes with this theme. I’m listening to Pokémon Reorchestrated’s Kanto Symphony while I’m working on my homework, and all the old songs are bringing back so much nostalgia. Red and Blue weren’t the best games compared to now, but I had a blast playing them back in 1999. Here’s the link to his “Red’s Journey” piece that literally just made me tear up. Now I’ve got to explain to my friends I’m studying with why I’m crying…

  46. I am a huge fan of all the games, just like 99% of you are, but with that said, I agree with the argument that Reshiram and Zekrom are over done. Also, Vanilite IS a piece of shit IMO.

    However, that doesn’t mean I dislike 5th gen as a whole. As a matter of fact, B2 is my second favorite Pokemon game, and more of my favorite pokemon come from 5th gen than any other generation.

    The arguements that genwunners propose sometimes – SOMETIMES – are valid (to some extent), but they are ignorant to Gen 1’s flaws and are close minded, and that is my real problem.

    Side note, I am not a fan of most Pokemon that are based off man made things (except for ghosts i.e. Chandelure and Rotom because it is like the chandelier/washing machine is possesed). But that goes for Magnemite as well as Garbodor and Vanilite.

  47. Sure Gen 1 brings back memories to the majority of us (I know a lot of people started with the Hoenn games here), but that doesn’t mean you’re entitled to rip on every sequel and other Gen games that are in the series
    You can say that Gen 1 is your favourite and have your reasons but being hypocritical and complaining about inanimate objects? HELL NO, all the Pokemon SD mentioned above are all inanimate so don’t go hating on a cute ice cream (another thing is that they blame it on the American guy-sorry, can’t remember his name, it’s 6:40am when I wrote this-and say that cause he’s not Japanese, it’s shit….that is absolute crap, it doesn’t matter where you come from, if you design a Pokemon, then clearly you’re good enough)
    To conclude my rant, all genwunners think they are the Arceus (Arsei? Idrk what the plural is) of Pokemon and think that Red and Green/Blue (if you think it’s Yellow, you’re gonna have a bad time) are the all time ‘God Games’ despite the glitches and bad graphics etc. They were the pioneer games of this whole successful series, and in all honesty, grow a pair and move on with your lives
    *Rant Over*

    1. Plural of Pokémon is the same as singular. So multiple Arceus would be Arceus 😉

      But yes. Ice expressed my views on this all before in a Focus On.

  48. I went back to playing gen 1 recently and was actually frustrated about how impractical the game was. The sprites do not accurately represent the Sugimori art at all and there are so many little things that make the game so much more inconvenient to play:
    – buying TMs is a pain as they only give you the TM number so you either have to memorise all the TM numbers, look them up or save before buying one
    – Pokemon cannot unfreeze when frozen. I know that you could use an ice heal but this wastes a turn and often you end up being frozen again as the enemy spams their ice beam
    – The move wrap does not allow the opponent to do anything. I cannot tell you how many times I cursed at Pokemon stadium as Lance’s Dragonair wrapped my entire team to death because I didn’t have anything fast enough to move first or strong enough to wipe it out in one move.
    – focus energy actually decreases your chance to crit, making it a complete waste.
    I’ve come to realise that the only thing that enables me to enjoy such a flawed game is the nostalgia; the memory of my first pokemon and the joy of going on the journey for the first time into the unknown. I do love red and blue but I can say right now that they are not the best Pokemon games by far, simply the most nostalgic.

  49. But then there are people who like anything despite it being worse. I liked all the pokemon up to gen 4, but the 5th gen really has a lot of awful pokemon like whimiscott, conkeldurr, samurott etc. I know I dont need to use them, but that doesnt mean I like the fact they are in the game.
    Also the 5th gen has a lot of the same species as pokemon like another bat, fish, rock, bull, frog, bear when they could be way more creative and use new species or something like snorlax, venusaur or nidoking where you cant tell with animal its based upon.

    That being said, I cannot wait untill Pokemon XY gets released and I wont just stop playing because of what I said.

    1. In all fairness, Bouffalant was based on a buffalo and not a bull and you could say that they when they added Miltank in 2nd gen they just went and added another cow pokemon. There are so many different species of animal in the world that it wouldn’t make sense for just one pokemon to represent an entire family! Think about how many insects there are and the subsequent number of insect Pokemon in every generation! So the complaint of “adding pokemon that already have animal counterparts” has been happening in every generation since gen 1! Not just gen V!

  50. All (except for 1) of my cousins, whom I am very close with, are genwunners and hate any pokemon game after gen 3. This is why when I get X no one will know I have it, unless they ask. My hope is their minds will change after seeing me play a bit of X!

    But sidenote: a rule gamefreak should have in making pokemon designs is to not take a MAN-MADE, inanimate object and put a face on it.
    Example: Instead of gears with a face they could have made a base monster and attached the gears unto its chest.

    Sorry if I sounded like a genwunner myself. 🙁

    1. Most likely, a lot of people are claiming it to be due to shading and stuff. Though, I honestly can see it beside Xerneas and Yvetal.

    2. It doesn’t look very well presented, considering most concept sketches for Pokemon are done showing multiple levels of completion of the design as well as showing it off in multiple angles and poses. So I call Fake on this one.

  51. i agree with you in everything! one thing is that you may prefer one gen over the others, but when they start criticising new generations with “reasons” we can apply to Gen I, i get frustrated… “Pokemon should be based in living beings”. first, Pokemon are monsters, the same as Digimon or the monsters in Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest. if we have a pickle monster in Dragon Quest, why can’t we have an ice-cream monster in Pokemon? second, if pokemon should be based in living beings, what about Magnemite, Geodude, Onix or Grimer?
    it’s true that, at the beginning, they may seem weird. that happened to me with Tympole. but later on, if you have more contact with them, you see them oftenly in the game and all, you finally accept them, even you may find them cute!

  52. the only part where i agree is the food pokemon. i have this problem with swrilix too. pokemon shouldn’t be food. i mean it’s unsettling! when a vanilite dies they eat it? i mean come on! there was a rumor about a croissant pokemon! if that’s the case i won’t say that gen 7(wow!) is rubbish but i will certainly paint that gen in a more negative colors that other.


    1. Then again, it fit the theme. BW and B2W2 were set in Unova, which was based on NY…of course you’re gonna get something about ice cream! But that’s my opinion, you could think something different

  53. Genwunners. They forget Generation 1 had some really bad Pokemon. Grimer is just a pile of glop. Voltorb is just a sphere. When, some Pokemon evolve they just make 2-3 of itself. Example Dudio evolves into Dutrio. Just multiplyed itself. I think Pokemon’s ideas have gotten better by each generation. Generation 6 having some amazing Pokemon. As, we all know “Haters Goin’ Hate”. 😉 (Can any Gen 1 Pokemon fly like Golurk?)

    1. The worst argument is compare 1st generation pokemons. The 1st ones are original per se. You cant say “Some cave painting is bad and some new art is bad too” So…

      I dont like “genwunners”,,, too but your argument is bad (like my english…)

      1. What? I wasn’t comparing Pokemon. I was giving examples. I didn’t say anything was bad. If your talking about the Golurk part, it was a little joke on its flying!

      2. I don’t think being the original means they can’t be compared to new Pokemon. I see the “it came first and therefore should not be compared to anything more recent” argument way too often and it’s an absolutely crap argument in many of the cases I see it applied to. After all, lots of old things still hold up just fine. And it’s just not fair to label something new as “uncreative” or “bad” when the old version did the exact same things, but gets a pass because it’s original. That is nostalgia blindness and nothing more.

        Not that I think Koffing, Gastly, Exeggcute, Trubbish, etc are uncreative or bad. Imo they are some of the more creative Pokemon out there.

        If anyone’s argument is bad, I would say it’s yours.

    2. This is completely irrelevant, but I’ll ask it anyway. Since Golurk can fly does that mean he’ll be able to participate in Sky Battles? I’d make more sense for this guy than Doduo in my opinion.

  54. I don’t know why some people can’t seem to look past the First Gen. I don’t think there has been a Pokemon design I haven’t liked! And I’ve loved every Pokemon in the Sixth Gen.

    I mean how can you not like little Vanillite ? It’s so cute!

  55. Genwunners really get under my skin because they call themselves the true Pokemon fans however most of them hate on any generation after the second and its not like most of them gave the newer games a chance they just zeroed in the ‘low-lights’ of the newer gens to justify there meaningless arguements. Also with some people who got butthurt and are still over X & Y being on the 3DS, they don’t seem to realise that they had to upgrade their Gameboys to Gameboy Colours to play Gold and Silver.

  56. I’m not a genwunner, I’ve loved ALL the games in the series, although D/P/PT has to be my least favourite, but I gotta admit, there’s just something about the first two gens that no other gen can match. I can’t say exactly what it is though, maybe I’m just more used to these gens?. On another note, WHO’S EXCITED FOR X AND Y!!?

  57. I love Magnemite and Muk and dislike Garbodor and Klink. I simply think Klink and Garbodor are over-designed and Muk and Magnemites simplistic designs are more appealing to me. I also think that Gen 5’s starters are terrible (Gen 4 had the best IMO). That all said, gen 5 was an overall solid gen with solid games and some of my favorites (Galvantula, Archaeops, Ferrothorn, Braviary, Scolipede) were from that gen. The problem is judging the entire game by a few bad Pokemon. If we did that then gen 1 would be called terrible because of Mr. Mime and Electrode. Gen 2 would be bad because of Aipom. Gen 3 would be terrible because of Luvdisc. And gen 4 would be terrible because of Bastiodon. There are hundreds of Pokemon so it’s easy to just ignore the terrible ones and enjoy the games. And think of it this way: if you’re faced with a Luvdisc or Garbodor in game, it only makes it easier to faint them.

  58. I’m really glad that GF don’t listen to every advice they get. Even here in the comments “GF should have rule against man-made thing Pokémon” or “NO FOOD POKÉMON!”… I know, everyone has an opinion, but if GF would listen to all of them, we would have no Pokémon at all. I really like all Pokémon and everyone should accept that there are people with different tastes, so a Pokémon you don’t like may please your neighbour.

    1. I think the idea is that Pokémon came first then Man saw Pokémon and created things in their likeness.. like for example say the Ice Cream Pokémon, Well That was there Before Ice Cream was even created in the Pokémon Universe.. The humans there just decided to create something that looked similar to it so they made Ice Cream after they were inspired by the creature
      Its a Really basic idea and they will not stop doing things like this so I really don’t understand why people seem to just not get this

      1. Yes, there were supposed to be that kind of thing, where we can post our articles to PJ and he may end up posting them at the main site.

  59. I think that some people are actually natural genwunners.
    They no longer play the games and so the Pokémon in there don’t grow up on them.
    When you find out something new you need to get used to it.
    Of course if you don’t take that time, your first impression (a really bad one) will be the only one considered.

    Plus the age of the genwunners is already above the 20s. That means that they are no longer the target of GF, and feeling that only the 2000 kids, those stupid, noisy kids are the new target, they feel kind of disappointed.

    I should say that I don’t know any gen 1 genwunner, but I know of people who amplify the genwunnerness till gen 2

  60. I think I will enjoy these series of posts. I myself claim to love the Pokemon franchise but I don’t like everything about it. I do eventually come to like Pokemon, but that takes time. It was only a few months ago that I began to appreciate Snivy’s design.

    1. That’s a good commercial. The pokemons in it reminds me of a lot Pokken sprites or the unknown Tekken-like Pokemon game . Wonder if it will be used for it. Hmmmm.

      1. I like how epic it portrays everything as, with some amazing scenery in the background. I don’t think there was a single commercial for a pokemon that portrayed it in such an epic manner.

        1. I think the backrounds represent what places in Kalos region in real life look like. XD I mean maybe they hint to have that kind of places ingame.

    2. Good commercial but the first guy lipsyncing…
      I can’t call that lipsync because it doesn’t even sync.

  61. There is pretty much no way to change the formula of the game without making it look like a spinoff. Even if they started the next gen with a game in the style of Colosseum/XD where it’s still the same battling/RPG style, just not 8 Gyms/E4/Champion, people would be taken way off guard and would not accept it. It wouldn’t be taken as a true generation until it had the formulaic game we had to start every generation. And if the generation doesn’t start with games like what we have but has them later, it will simply be considered a spinoff. In a way, they’re stuck.

    The only thing I think they could do is putting in some kind of branching path storyline, where you could wind up leading the villainous team instead of defeating them, and possibly a few stages inbetween, such as simply letting them win and living in the world they make. Mixes things up but still works within the realm of the standard formula.

  62. Those hating on genwunners are more vocal and numerous than actual genwunners.
    Anyone who tries to list legitimate criticism or opinions on games are flamed and called “gennwunnr!!1!” shutting down any real conversations.

    Seriously, look at posts objectively, and there’s far less ‘actual’ genwunners than there are people complaining and calling others a genwunner.

  63. I’ll have an intelligent discussion with anyone, and I LOVE hearing why people choose one gen as their favourite over another. It’s fun to experience different opinions, and the gen someone started with won’t always be their fave. For example, I came in on Yellow but my fave game is Platinum. …That said, the only correct response to:

    ‘Wah all the new pokemon SUCK they’re so unoriginal GF is running out of ideas pokemon hasn’t been good since GS’


    ‘You’re blocked. Buh-bye.’ *ignores*

    Life’s too short for trolls.

  64. I think the tendency to grouse about things being better at some arbitrary point in the past and then having gone all downhill from there is awful, and people that invoke that logical fallacy are idiots. Besides, seldom does anyone that says “THINGS WERE BETTER IN THE GOOD OLD DAYS” make any attempt to prove it.

  65. Some of us get called “Genwunners” for no reason though.

    I personally loved Gen 1 and Gen 2, but then disliked gen 3 and 4.

    This means that from 2003 to 2011 i was considered a “hater” or a “Genwunner” simply because i disliked the “feeling” those 2 generations had.

    And so, i was hated and down-voted pretty much every time i commented something and nailed to the cross with the rest of “Genwunners” for all those years.

    Yet, i have so far loved Gen 5 and Gen 6 which proves my problem was not nostalgia or being a “gen 1” fanboy as many labeled me for so many years.

  66. In all honesty, there will never be anything that pleases everyone ever. You have too many people that are all diverse and have different tastes. While it may sound pessimistic, no one can please everyone, it’s not possible.
    Regardless, Game Freak is outdoing itself every time they make a new Pokémon game. Some people don’t believe that, they have a right to. But I do.
    However, there is no way you can say that Generation 1 had the best games unless the decision has been affected in some way by nostalgia. They were the worst Pokémon games, and that’s not even an opinion. They were bugged beyond comprehension, the Pokémon were often just animals with bells and whistles tacked on, and the quality of the games were just BAD. Generation 1 doesn’t even BEGIN to challenge the polished mechanics, content, and regions that the newer Generations brought to the table. You can like them the most, sure, but favorite == best.
    No Generation is incoherently awful, they have their merits. But think about it, how does Generation 1 really compare?

  67. With all honest, genwunners are the people that pretty much the people that are saying that all of the hard work put into the new games, (which are much better the the gen 1 games), are meaningless because it wasn’t for there precious gen 1 games. To be honest all you genwunners are being pathetic and selfish. Want to know why they make the new games, they do it to impress the fans that held there console back in the day and to the new comers that have only just started the game, that is what every game developer wants, they want the game to be popular so the fans can enjoy it. If you cant except that the games are moving on to people who want new content and that want the game to get better, then you are NOT true pokemon fans! End of.

  68. Play the game how you want to play it. Personally I like to use pokemon from all generations of games, but if I thought that gen1 pokemon were better for any reason I would use them.

    This discussion has been around forever. You have to understand that some of us have been playing the game since generation one. And the generation one people, such as myself, also have to give respect to the new pokemon players and creations. If you don’t like the new games, don’t play it. You don’t have an obligation to buy the next game in the series.

    A lot of people take this game very seriously. Too seriously in fact. There have always been fights abouts dvs and evs in generation 1. Then in generation III the fight switched over to ivs and evs. Question about how we should breed our pokemon, if ivs perfect spreads were legit. If it was fair to use those pokemon in competitions….But really we are missing the whole point.

    Pokemon was originally a child’s game meant for kids to have fun. As a kid, I played the game. However, I got older and I still played the game. The graphics changed and the creators created new types such as the fairy and steel/dark types, but I still played the game. The point is we have lost focus on what pokemon really is.

    I have collected every pokemon game from the main series, even the green version from Japan. I know I am addicted to the pokemon series, but I have reached a point in my life where I respect everyone’s opinion on what they think is the best pokemon. If a person wants to use all level 100s from gen1 in a tournament let them. Yeah, stealth rock the charizard and moltres. Show blastoise who is boss by using Groudon with Drought/solar beam. The point is that let’s have fun either way.

    Yeah muk might look like a blob, garbadoar might look like a pile of garbage, and rotom might just look like a lawn mower in grass form. Genwunners, just take a quick laugh at rotom, and try to defeat it as best as you can. New pokemon guys, just laugh and smile at muk, and just respect the genwunners as much as possible. Truly, there not too many of them out there. And it is cool to meet someone who has played since gen1, but it is also cool to meet someone who hasn’t played the game until now.

    All in all lets just be friends, settle our differences, have a quick match at pokemon, laugh about it, and move on. 🙂

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