Jungle5: Generation 1

The End of a Generation

After what seemed like an eternity of PokéJungle.net being offline, we’ve been back for a few days now and continued our theme week starting with Generation I. Sadly, we’re cutting Generation I short so we can move on to Generation II and keep within the time constraints that will allow us to finish our theme weeks with Generation VI when Pokémon X & Pokémon Y launch on October 12.

So, we announce Generation I Theme Week as after this article, and urge you to stick around for the start of the second week very soon!

Introducing… Jungle5!

Welcome to our latest column, Jungle5 (or Jungle10, from time to time!) No, we’re not forming some sort of alternative pop group, instead each article will take a look at the Top 5 according to the topic and we will then ask you to make your own list in the comments. This first article will be taking a look at the Pokémon of Generation I, and the Top 5 of each PokéJungle Staff member.




















So there you have it! Which of the staff top 5 matches closest to your top 5? Let us know in the comments and have fun in the first Jungle5!

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  1. My top Kanto 5:
    1. Arbok
    2. Kingler
    3. Haunter
    4. Charizard
    5. Gyarados

    I’m not surprised that Gengar and haunter are so popular; they’re the only ghosts of the gen!

  2. 1. Articuno
    2. Lapras
    3. Magneton
    4. Vaporean
    5. Charizard
    6. Mewtwo
    Was really hard to make since I don’t have a whole lot of Pokemon I freak out over in Gen 1 besides Articuno and Vaporeon. I put Magneton since he evolves into Magnezone, who is freaking awesome cause he is a UFO.

  3. 1. Charizard
    2. Raichu
    3. Haunter
    4. Nidoking
    5. Articuno

    Naturally Charizard is number one for me, and everything else really follows suit. And I’ve always preferred Haunter over Gengar, just have. And Articuno being my original favorite Legendary.

  4. 1. Charizard (because I love fire-starters and loved his personallity on the anime)
    2. Articuno (Ice-types are my favorite and it’s a fabulous bird)
    3. Gengar (because it reminds me of a trickster friend I used to know on my childhood)
    4. Alakazan (because its name was fun)
    5. Gyarados (I love his history of overcoming bullying when younger and becoming a beast)

  5. 1. Ivysaur (my personal favorite starter pokemon)
    2. Eevee (I loved the ability to evolve in different pokemon)
    3. Porygon (I’m an IT guy, so…)
    4. Fearow (It’s has been my bird of choice)
    5. Cubone (the backstory is so sad.. I just want to hug it)

  6. 1. Nidoking
    2. Articuno
    3. Arcanine
    4. Pidgeot
    5. Scyther

    I wish I can make this list longer. But there are just pure aesthetics. Articuno, is my all time most favorite legendary pokemon design. For me, the most important aspect of a pokemon design are the eyes. Pokemon that have very good eye designs are easily my favorite regardless of body shape.

  7. 1. Vaporeon
    2. Jynx
    3. Jigglypuff
    4. Tangela
    5. Alakazam/Vileplume/Victrebell/Magneton (i can’t choose)

  8. My top 5:
    1): Vaporeon – ever since I saw it in the anime I had to have one it’s been my favorite Pokemon for years.
    2): Blastoise – I’ve always picked the water starters since Water type is my favorite type.
    3): Pikachu – my first starter Pokemon, & just a Pokemon I just love in general, no reason I just do.
    4): Kabutops – my first fossil Pokemon, I thought Kabutops was just the greatest especially seeing it in the anime & the movie!
    5): Starmie – most of my favorites are influenced by the anime. Since Misty is my favorite character/gym leader of course her awesome Starmie had to be on my list. 😀

  9. 1.Eevee(I always made sure to get eevee,trying out all of the evolutions… became sort of a tradition using them over the years in my team)
    2.Vulpix/Ninetails(Probably one of my favorite Fire types, I use to love collecting the cards for them)
    3.Bulbasaur(My favorite Grass starter of the gen)
    4.Sandshrew(I always thought the little guy was cute >u< and sure had fun using him on my teams)
    5.Mew (My favorite legendary of the gen vuv)

  10. 1:Blastoise-,he just looked badass!(so stoked to get my hands on mega-blastoise)

    2:Pikachu-he’s just f-ing adorable! I have both male and female at Lv100.

    3:Mew-it was/is a real status symbol to have a mew.

    4:Dragonite-he was the only dragon game in town in gen 1.

    5:Raichu-an amped up version of pikachu and still really cute

  11. I’m so disappointed by the lack of Lapras in here.

    1. Lapras
    2. Kabuto
    3. Slowpoke
    4. Ninetales
    5. Venomoth

  12. Ooohhh toughie
    1) Dragonite
    2) Alakazam
    3) Lapras
    4) Gengar
    5) Eevee
    I know it seems like all of them are tough Pokemon and shiz, but they are honestly my fave Pokemon for this gen, not very unique I know

  13. Since this is the end of Generation 1 talk, here’s a poem I wrote for Blastoise:

    If I were a Blastoise, even just for a day
    I’d shell-spin in the morning
    And throw out all the water
    And go drink saltwater with the guys

    And hydropump after girls
    I’d skull bash with who I wanted
    And I’d never get confronted for it
    ‘Cause they stick up for me

    If I were a Blastoise
    I would turn off my cannon
    Tell everyone it’s broken
    So they’d think that I am fighting so though
    Oh, so though

    I’d withdraw into my shell
    And make my rules inside there
    Cause I know that she’d be astonished
    When I instantly come out of nowhere

    1. It’s a little too late for you to Protect
      Say it’s just a mistake think I wouldn’t OHKO you like that
      If you thought I would lose to you you got it wrong!

      1. Chorus: If I were a BLASTOISE! I think I cold understand how it hurts to OHKO everything I know! I know I’d be better BLASTOISE!

        lol not as good as yours

  14. 1. Vaporeon
    2. Lapras
    3. Gengar
    4. Ninetales
    5. Dragonair/Articuno
    I usually exclude Legendaires as favorites, but if I had to include it, it’s Articuno.

  15. I’m not entirely sure but:
    1) Mew
    2) Charizard
    3) Zapdos/Mewtwo
    4) Pidgeotto

    I know that having a tie for 3rd means that I should have lopped off the joint fifth Pokemon, but I love them too much.

  16. So I see Sammydodger likes ferocious Pokémon while JannyB likes cute Pokémon (and Snorlax). Actually, I think PJ himself and I seem to have the most similar tastes, so I feel a little special now, not to mention it makes sense that I like this site. Anyway, my Jungle5? Ditto, Mew, Bulbasaur, Clefairy, and Kabutops, probably. It’s really tough to choose! Poor Voltorb, Cubone, Jolteon, Meowth, Porygon… Hope I didn’t hurt their feelings too much.

  17. EarthenWarrior’s top 5 are

    5: Nidoking: no matter what Nidoking has always been on my team either red or fireRed

    4: Charizard: that little Charmander will always be close to my heart from the good old days

    3: Sandslash: if there’s anything i love is a Pokemon that can curl into a spiny ball and burrow underground

    2: Snorlax: this guy is a Pokemon I can truly relate to, big, fat. lovable oafs that WILL put up a fight!

    1: And you guessed my number one is RHYDON!
    Rhydon is the best of the best when it comes to the type i love! a massive symbol the the Earth element! both offensively and defensively powerful

    Some others include: Parasect, Vileplume, Poliwrath, Electabuzz, Kabutops, Machamp, Primeape, Marowak, Onix, Dugtrio and Aerodactyl

  18. Loads of respect for the first list, Parasect and Kingler are incredibly cool and get so little love.
    My own top 5: Pinsir, Exeggutor, Primeape, Muk, Kangaskhan.

  19. My persona Gen 1 top 5 are the following:
    1. Pikachu, 2. Charizard, 3. Blastoise, 4. Butterfree, 5. Venasaur

      1. i’m actually ok with that. too much 3D hurts my eyes, and usually i just have the 3D off. is say keep it short a sweet! all the action is in the battles anyways. i also assume that cutscenes will be in 3D.

      2. Me too 🙁 There is the proof in English. In my post it was in Japanese.
        The battles, cut scenes, and special occasions are when 3D can be used.
        I have started reading opinions and I have seen that
        1) The over world graphics look better without the 3D option.
        2) Most people don’t even use the 3D most of time.
        3) That’s why they made the 2DS and it releases on the same day as X & Y.
        4) Some people get headaches.
        At first I was majorly disappointed and most because I haven’t dissapointed in the 9 months of knowing about X & Y but the more I think about it, the less I care because it’s still going to be an awesome game!
        Sure it is great to have the option but I think I’m okay with the battles, cutscenes, etc. being in 3D and not the over world.

        1. I ‘ll still buy the game, but I have other 3DS games also….and my eyes will automatically make comparisons. The lack of a 3D effect will take away something I’ve uniquely appreciated in a 3DS.

          1. Me too and in games like SM3DL that shows the true potential of the 3DS. At least they are giving you a 3D game and not fully 2D game on a 3DS. 3D hurts the frames per seconds so it’s more of a good thing than bad.

          2. I’m just really unhappy that they marketed the game to be “a breathtaking 3D world!”, and yet tell us now that it’s a 2D world. Why couldn’t they just tell us from the beginning that it wasn’t going to be 3D?

          3. I guess there was a mishap and they couldn’t fulfill that promise! Considering all of the work they have put into these games and more we haven’t even heard about I think it is not that big of a problem. If we get remakes of R/S and Pokemon Z they could have a FULL 3D world, maybe, maybe not.

          4. i think there is a difference between 3D graphics and 3D technology. when you say “a breathtaking 3D world” i expected the whole game to be made with 3D graphics, not using the 3D feature of the system. that’s what they meant to say

      3. Don’t really care as it doesn’t affect the gameplay. It also tells me that they spent more time on the actually game instead of trying to get a gimmick to work in a certain area of the game.

        1. I personally always turn the 3D max. I’ve played plenty of games on 3DS like awakening ocarina,3D world. I can’t see myself playing a 3DS without 3D. Playing on an XL makes graphics look more pixely than a regular 3DS, so I always turn on the 3D.

          1. It is a gimmick, but there’s nothing wrong with it being a gimmick. I don’t know why that word has such a negative connotation. If you like the 3D, that’s cool, I also like it, but it’s just an aesthetic change and usually doesn’t add anything to the gameplay. So I honestly think that it’s not a big deal and it won’t change my opinion of the game.

      4. I don’t even use the 3D because it makes me really nauseous.
        I tried it in the beginning, played about 5 minutes before I had to close the 3DS and just focus on not throwing up. XD

        So I have no problems with there not being a 3D overworld. 😉

        1. I’m guessing you put the slider all the way up then. Just push it slightly, that’s enough. It also depends on the game because it’s tuned by the developers too. Some games hurt and some games don’t.

      5. I usually have the 3D set to either 1/4 or 1/2. Too much 3D makes me a bit cross-eyed, but that little taste of it makes some games (KI:U, KH:DDD and FE:A) really shine.
        I’m not too turned off by this though- the graphics for the overworld are still loads better than previous gens.

          1. KH 3D looked even better than KH2 at some points. Something about KH’s style just worked so well on the 3DS. Everything was bright, shiny (is that redundant?), and flowed so seamlessly. Probably the best looking KH game so far.

          2. Oh yeah. The colors looked better, and the whole layout was good. One of the best to date. The only thing I didn’t like were the spirits as sidekicks. That part seemed like a Pokemon ripoff.

          3. I collected all the Dream Eaters with the best stats, but I never once felt inclined to play with them because they weren’t iconic or special (I much would have preferred Nobodies or Heartless). Even though they seem similar, I’m so much more excited for Pokémon Amie because these are creatures that I grew up with instead of ones just forced upon us.

          4. This is true. I would’ve preferred something that was in between the nobodies and heartless. But I’ve unlocked the secret ending and defeated all bosses as Riku, so I’m done. Lol.

      6. I so don’t care. 3D doesn’t work well for me. But it is a bit disappointing that a flagship series isn’t going to have the 3D feature the entire time.

        So do you think it will only work during battles? That seems likely.

        1. I think battles will have very basic/light 3D effect, but not to that extent as it might cause frame rate issues in Wi-Fi. At this point I’m hoping that aleast there are at the very least SOME over world areas that have 3D effect.

          1. It still seems like the over world is pretty flat looking from the angle the game is at though. Would it really do much?

          2. Most people think the 3D effect makes images pop out of the screen, when it’s really the opposite. It makes images push in to the screen. When you are a top a cliff and look down , you want to be able to feel how deep the canyon is. THAT is an example of where a 3D effect would really standout on a 3DS.

          3. I do agree that the inwards 3D is really what is best on the 3DS. It makes rain effects look fantastic. But even with images pushing into the screen, it seems like it still wouldn’t do much for Pokemon. Hopefully there will be a nice showcase of it.

            edit: Although if it uses it in any story sequences, you may forget to turn the 3D back on for them!

          4. Stereoscopic 3D simulates how we see in reality, so it’s not just pushing it into the screen. It’s about depth, which is whether things are near or far away and it displays that the way our eyes do. Each eye sees a slightly different image and angle – e.g. You might see the side of a can slightly, whereas the other eye sees the front. Put them together, you get 3D.

      7. Yeah the demo hinted at that. I suppose they didn’t feel it was necessary. Kind of weird considering it’s the first Pokemon game on the 3ds. You would think they would abuse the 3d gimmick.

      8. Disappointing. I really wanted a 3D overworld.
        But this will let me play Pokémon for a longer stretch of time ’cause my eyes wont start to hurt. They start to hurt if I keep the 3D on for an hour.
        Will the 3D remain in battles though?

      1. LOL YES! All Xerneas did was buck a little and there goes Yvetal doing his signature attack out of nowhere??? XD

      2. Can anyone who actually sees this commercial pause and then try to see what the sign next to the gogoat says… i can tell they’re names i’m just not sure what they say

        1. It just says Santalune City, Lumiose City, Shalour City, and Vaniville Town so no new town names there.

          1. When did we get those names? Are they on the official website, or Japanese translations? sorry for being out-of-the-loop

          2. Both actually, English site and English translations of the Japanese names. Santalune and Shalour being gym cities, Vaniville being the hometown, and Lumiose at the center of the map and is the Paris of the region.

          3. Oh yeah now i remember them. Besides for Lumiose, we don’t really know much about the others though.

    1. can anyone read those town names on the signs pointing toward places in this trailer? I can make out vaniville and maybe lumiose city and santalune, but the top one looks like it says “Skylium” or something like that. Not sure, it’s pretty blurry. It could be shalour but it definitely looks like it ends in “lium”.

    2. Did Xerneas use Geomancy at the end against Yvetal because it looks more like a ball was shot rather than the usual ring and laser.

      1. You’re right, that didn’t look like Geomancy. Maybe it was Moonblast (a new Fairy move). I don’t know where the trailer where Sylveon used it was, but I think that they looked similar.

        1. I didn’t think it was. I just thought maybe moves would change action depending on who they were used against especially if they were dual-typed. It is moon blast though.

      1. Finally! (although I think they used older teenage actors in the UK commercial for HGSS, probably to emphasise the uber-nostlagia of them)

    3. lol, that epic song and jumping with skiddo just don’t go well together, haha. Still amazing looking vid.

      1. They should have added a fifth person who would say “I dreamed that I could jump ledges”, then the commercial would be complete xD

        1. HAHAHAHA (I’ve been dreaming about that since RBY)

          “I dreamed that I could look myself in a mirror”.. BOOM! Done.

    4. At 0:13 – could that be Yveltal’s cry or in the first trailer when he swoops through the sky?

  20. I’m surprised no one had ninetales :-O how do you make an avatar for your account O_O on this? Any help would be thoroughly appreciated 🙂

    1. You have to go to your profile, and edit that stuff. You can put in your info and whatnot. I’m probably not giving the most reliable info, but I’m trying.

  21. My top 5 with number one being my favorite.
    #5. Eevee: I have fond memories of it, and it is the cutest Pokemon to me.
    #4. Haunter: While it has an evolution, I always found Haunter cooler. Two words: Floating arms. The fact you had to trade to get Gengar made Gengar less appealing to me.
    #3. Cubone: It really makes you think about it, and the whole theory about Kangaskhan being related to it and Marowak was interesting. Not to mention the whole sad factor to it.
    #2. Blastoise: Having Squirtle as my first starter, it’s no wonder why I would place it so high. I always thought of Charizard as being “ehhh” looking due to the fact it was just a winged lizard that could breathe fire. Venusaur I still don’t know what to think of, but Blastoise was one of those awesome ideas I never would have imagined as a kid, so it was very appealing to me. IT HAD CANNONS ON ITS SHELL!
    #1. Arcanine: When ever I think of this Pokemon, I always think of how I wish I could have one in real life. It makes for the perfect loyal pet. It was so awesome, and could be adorable. Officer Jenny has several Growlithe that she trains to track down criminals. THAT’S AWESOME! It has insane speed and attack, and so many great qualities stat related or not. All I know is, it is one Pokemon I probably couldn’t live without.

  22. My favs:
    Honorable mentions: Gengar, Lapras, Dragonite, gyarados, mew, arcanine and butterfree.
    I couldn’t decide between cloyster or dewgong…it depends really! When I was really little and there was only 1 generation of pokemon I remember vaporeon and starmie were my favorites and are still 2 of my favorite water types 🙂 If I were still little my favorites would have been: Blastoise, vaporeon, starmie, dugtrio, hitmonlee :3 Not sure why I included that but I just kinda wanted to so…

  23. Here are mines..i loves me some water types 😀

    ps- Loved the PJ ranking numbers so had to use them lol

  24. #5 Eevee (It’s adorable and it evolves into some of my other favorites)
    #4 Squirtle (The anime Squirtle was a cool bad boy and he’s fantastic in Brawl)
    #3 Charizard (As a kid, Ash’s Charizard was probably the single-handed most awesome character in anything)
    #2 Pikachu (I’m a sucker for the classics. He’s adorable and the anime immortalized him)
    #1 Bulbasaur (The first Pokeball I picked up as a 6 or 7 year old boy in Pokémon Red. Between that and the anime, Pokémon #1 will always be my #1)
    Yeah, I’m a copout with 3 starters, Pikachu and Eevee, but I honestly think that these 5 were some of the best Pokémon has ever had to offer. I’ll also say that my opinion was tainted (some would say) by the anime, as I watched almost every episode from Kanto to mid Sinnoh (I got too busy to keep up).

  25. Top 5:
    5.) Charmander- Just look at it. It’s so fiery!
    4.) Pikachu- Everyone’s favorite little electric mouse, even my mom who’s afraid of mouses likes Pikachu xD
    3.) Eevee- Having a Pokemon that could evolve into 18+ types! (Cute too) 😀
    2.) Arcanine- It’s so majestic!
    1.) **Drumroll** Ditto! A Pokemon that could transform into ANY Pokemon! (Mew counts too) Breed with any non-legendary Pokemon except for Manaphy. It’s so awesome and the anime episode made me like it even further!

    –WARNING– This list is subject to change.

          1. Not at all because I always keep my 3DS fixed and motionless and don’t move it around. If I keep figeting with the 3DS, then my eyes will definitely hurt. I think this is why most people don’t like #D, because the can’t hold on to the #DS for too long without figeting it.

    1. It has already been confirmed by the Japanese site a long time ago. We just never saw it in English. (I made a post about this in MMC and a comment a long time ago in another article :P)

    1. Oh how cool would it be if they did a little TV add or something as a tie in to the anime with Team rocket doing this exact thing but getting caught! it would advertise the product and emphasisize it’s “security” lol

      1. It would be! I actually got a picture of the trio in my head robbing it when I read about this!

  26. No one’s actually matches mine. D:
    5. Dragonair- I love the sleek serpentine design of it.
    4. Arbok- I love snakes.
    3. Sandshrew- So freaking cute!!!!
    2. Wartortle- Imo, one of the best and most creative designs in Gen. 1.
    1. Kabutops- Two word: bad ass.

  27. My list:

    1. Machamp
    2. Blastoise
    3. Nidoking
    4. Blastoise
    5. Alakazam
    6. Dragonite
    7. Arcanine
    8. Poliwrath
    9. Gengar
    10. Victreebel.

  28. 1. Arcanine
    2. Charizard
    3. Snorlax
    4. Machamp
    5. Alakazam
    6. Gengar
    7. Exeggutor
    8. Vaporeon
    9. Nidoking
    10. Dragonite

    1. I usually don’t correct people, but I feel that I must in this situation. It’s only 24 days. Even better right? 😀

          1. Actually, that really depends on your timezone… When he wrote 24 days, it was already right for me 🙂

  29. 1.) Blastoise
    2.) Lapras( the best pokemon ever )
    3.) Gengar
    4.) Alakazan
    5.) Pigeot
    6.) well a random pokemon

  30. Sammydodger’s choice seems like the most popular.. I myself will stick to a close set as that of NL. Arcanine being one of my favorite designs (and I always thought of it as legendary :P) as well as Mewtwo and my first ever starter.. Blastoise.

    Finally, my obsesion with Zapdos (I love the number 2 and the electric types)

  31. 1 Pidgeot
    2 Jolteon
    3 Seadra
    4 Venomoth
    5 Tentacruel

    If this was a top 10: Machamp, Blastoise, Arcanine, Nidoking, and Raichu as well.

    I wonder why its not Top 6 considering its Pokemon and all, I don’t think it would be too big to do either.

  32. 1- Charizard (and is also my favorite pokémon)
    2- Pidgeot (Design is quite cool, so sad its not that good in battle)
    3- Ninetales (I freakin’ love pokémon that are based out of legends or myths)
    4- Golbat (My second favorite type is Poison, I was so excited when this guy got an evolution back in gen II).
    5- Magmar and Electabuzz (I call it a tie, both of these pokémon as well as their evolutions and pre-evolutions had been in many of my teams).

  33. Hi! I’ve been visiting this site for about a month and I think this is a good subject to make my first comment 😉 My top 5 is:

    01. Charizard
    02. Staryu
    03. Dragonite
    04. Tauros
    05. Victreebel

  34. My favorites when I was younger! I remember these well. I still love a few of these. Vaporeon for sure.
    1. Blastoise
    -He was my starter, so that’s about the only reason.
    2. Vaporeon
    -I remember seeing it in the anime use acid armor, and being disappointed that it didn’t actually become invisible. I even tried using it in water like in the show.
    3. Articuno
    -This was my favorite of the legendary birds. Probably because ice reminded me of water types, and that used to be my favorite type.
    4. Haunter
    -Saw Ash use it in the anime against Sabrina and I thought it was awesome. A super cool looking ghost that liked to laugh and have fun? Awesome.
    5. Marowak
    -I had cards of Marowak when I was a kid, and I always thought it looked really cool.

    1. Yes. I sent a message to PokeJungle earlier about it. The demos will be available at Best Buys across the country starting the 28th.

      1. Oh my Arceus…My life is complete! :DD I can’t go to all of those events like PAX so I can actually play the games without needing to go there. This is my dream and it would be the first time I play a Pokemon demo somewhere! :DD Thank Arceus! Sorry for my over-reaction.

  35. It’s really tough for me to decide solidly on 5, but If I had to pick only 5 then I guess I’d go with

  36. Dae and ozy are closest to mine 🙂 5 was too hard, so I did 7 🙂

    7) Porygon
    6) Eevee
    5) Snorlax
    4) Nidoqueen
    3) Venusaur
    2) Ninetales
    1) Dragonair

  37. A top five list? MY OPINION? Oh you guys…

    In no particular order, I think…

    Arcanine. This BADASS. I love its fluffy design. Super adorable, super awesome, super strong too. Since I usually ditch my starter, Growlithe took the place on my team as my fire type. Plus I always played Red…sorry Vulpix. I get you in Silver.

    Articuno. I remember when I was a kid, I use to love mimicking Articuno’s digital cry. Something about this ice bird is so serene to me. Maybe it’s the tail. Or the fact it always stands with its wings spread up over its head. Don’t your wings get tired there buddy?

    Pidgeotto. I have no idea why, but Pidgeotto was always my bud. I don’t mind Pidgeot but it’s not Pidgeotto. I would try to catch a Spearow instead of Pidgey to ‘spice things up’ but I never succeeded because I would fall for Pidgeotto. Plus I am a sucker for birds.

    Ninetails. Something about it seems so…sinister. And I like it. Although not as boss as Arcanine, Ninetails is so pretty looking yet dangerous appearing as well. I love it when Deviantartists depict Ninetails with a devious grin. It’s the best.

    Jolteon. The other badass next to Arcanine. JOLT.

  38. well my favorite kind of pokemon are fossil pokemon..
    1. kabutops
    3. farfetched

    1. That’s funny, considering you’re an Ice-type. I like both Arcanine and Ninetales, but I love foxes more.

      1. And you are a water type ;).
        I dont think I ever got a Ninetails when I was playing the original games because I want even that good… I don’t even think I got a Arcananie. It just looked beautiful

  39. Let’s see… my top 5 Gen I Pokemon?

    1. Farfetch’d
    2. Magmar
    3. Parasect
    4. Nidoqueen
    5. Ivysaur

    1. Did Marill use Covet, if so, it changed from Normal to Fairy-type?

      Also, Dedenne sounds so cute!!

      1. Marill is now water/fairy. Marill was only ever a pure water type Pokemon before. It does sound really cute. I’ll name one after my sister’s guinea pig ZigZag xD

    2. I think it was already confirmed during E3, but it’s nice to see that they’re keeping the morning, day, and night transition. I don’t think that they would get rid of it at this point though. lol

      1. Nobody thought they’d get rid of it (at least visually) in gen 3 but they did! It’s great to see a sunset in the glorious new graphics ^-^

  40. People, please stop saying stuff like, “Only X amount of days until release!” Each article on this site has the amount of days remaining, so it’s not like we don’t already know how long the wait will be.

    Anyway, I just found out that my fall break starts the Monday after X and Y release. I will be playing it for 9 days straight. *-*

      1. Lots of people have been doing it over the past few weeks. It just happened to be today that it finally broke me. It’s not you, it’s everyone who’s been doing this. (Including me- I am guilty of mentioning the countdown)

  41. 5. Blastoise: A turtle with cannons. Need I say more?
    4. Sandslash: Great design, love the spikes. Reminds me of a hedgehog, which is one of my favorite animals.
    3. Tauros: The amount of time and effort I put into scouring the far reaches of the Safari Zone were well worth it.
    2. Snorlax: One of my all-time favorite designs. Its comical signature laziness is amusing.
    1. Charizard: Not only was it my first gen 1 starter and favorite pokemon as a child, but also the pokemon card with the most sentimental value. When my best friend in kindergarten told me he had to move away, he gave me his prized charizard card as a thing to remember him by. The corner where the HP would be was damaged, as if someone had peeled tape off of it. Nonetheless, 11 years later I still have that card, and I never forgot my friend.

  42. Hey guys pokemon fixed the problem about the character’s glasses!! Did you remeber in the first trailer what happend when he jump? and the graphic looks better than before

    1. mmmmmmm that’s an old move dude -.- ohh sorry I saw what did you mean well!! it’s looks like sign

      1. Then what is it? The only move I think it could be is Sing, but in the video, it looks like a damaging attack.

    2. I heard a Super Effective noise. Maybe its a sound Fairy-type move called “Surprise” haha, jk.

  43. OMG Guys why pokemon give us a lot of video with Oortto but they dont show us what pokemon it’s 🙁

  44. 1. Mewtwo
    2. Charizard
    3. Persian
    4. Arcanine
    5. Hitmonlee

    And, from the new trailers, we get a little bit more info.
    Sylveon either gets a new move, or learns a damaging move with hearts and sound.
    MArill gets that new Fairy Move, Play Around, which is cool.
    Xerneas gets Moonblast.
    Fennekin gets Wish.
    More Ooroto being showcased. That Pokemon better be Uber with all of the attention it’s getting.

  45. My Kanto Five–odd that it isn’t six, as six is the number in a Pokémon team–are:

    1- Sandslash
    2- Jynx
    3- Farfetch’d
    4- Muk
    5- Ninetales

  46. 1- Porygon: It is very weird and unique
    2- Venusaur: I like gardening
    3- Vaporeon: It is fabulous and elegant
    4- Zubat: sounds weird but i’ve always liked bats. I had a bat once and named him Zubat
    5- And for the last one Victreebell, and also that’s the name of my Nephentes

  47. Don’t really ever post that much(like 2 times in 3 years), but thought I’d start posting more.

    Anyways, here’s my top 5 Kanto design:

    5.Eevee – So adorable.

    4.Scyther – Always thought he had one of the best designs in general.

    3.Muk – Don’t ask why, because I’m not sure I know. XD

    2.Charizard – Really what attracted me to my first Pokemon game was how cool he looked on the cover of Red.

    1.Mewtwo – Growing up, I loved the 1st movie(still cry every time I watch Pikachu try to wake Ash up out of the stone.), and Mewtwo was a huge reason why.

    What about you guy’s? And which starter is everyone choosing in X/Y? I’m leaning towards Chespin.

  48. Mines:
    1. Golem: Poor guy get’s so much hate because of his massive weaknesses, And he has one of my favorite designs (And sturdy is so useful)

    2. Cloyster: Liked how his Ghastly had more structure.

    3. Omastar: Loved how his star shape fit with his shell

    4. Vileplume: Always like the Rafflesia flower head it had

    5. Hitmonlee: Always drawn to this Pokemon for reasons beyond my understanding.

    1. Golem seriously needs more love! He’s in my top 5 as well since he was the first of my pokemon to reach lvl 100.
      It’s a shame that he’s got such a bad typing. ;u;

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