Dogasu’s Backpack Previews Tsutaya DVD

Dogasu’s Backpack got ahold of a promotional DVD Tsutaya (Blockbuster-esque video/music rental store in Japan) has right now for the upcoming Zoroark movie.  And while I’m not into the anime and do not cover news about it, the DVD did include some cool little Black/White tidbits that I felt were worth your attention.  Like how new wild Pokemon encounters will happen!  The only difference is that the screen starts zoomed in on the wild pokemon and zooms out (at least shown in these screenshots).  Also included were some shots of the city and landscapes and a bit about how the camera will follow your character.  Sound exciting?  Check it out here.

I’m not sure how hot I will be on this new psuedo 3D stuff they’re putting in until we can see some gameplay videos that show more than just the big cities ‘n stuff.  You guys have any opinions on it yet?  Only thing that I’m truly happy about is that the sprites are TALLER for humans.  Yay.

<3 pokejungle