More 2ch Gossip Translated

Because I have fun with it, I’ve decided to translate some RUMORS again.  So… this is just for fun.  I think only 2 or 3 of the last turned out to be true, so don’t put any bets on these:

  • Nitro Charge (ニトロチャージ) a fire attack that can raise speed
  • Shell Blade (シェルブレード) a water attack that can lower defense
  • Grass Mixer (グラスミキサー) a grass attack that has a yet-to-be-known extra effect
  • Zoroa and Zoroark’s “Illusion” ability will only last until they are damaged (they’ll show their true form after that)
  • The attack “night burst” will affect both opposing pokemon in double battle
  • Possible new ability “Vengence” (かたきうち) [this is a really iffy translation, might not be ability]
  • Chiramii will evolve into Ganmii (dark type) if its leveled while holding a certain item. [I’m going to “lol” if this turns out to be true- its almost certainly not]

That’s it for now.  Enjoy.  Anyone want to guess which ones might come true in the comments?  Remember these are 99% false and just translated for fun while we wait for official info :3

<3 pokejungle

PS- I think the only rumors that were correct from the last batch were Araragi being the Professor (and her being female), the mouse / bird / orange pokemon being revealed, and … hmm … maybe that was it.  See… bad track record for 2ch :p