Is this your rival?

This is a screenshot of Pokemon Sunday and the above screenshot is saying “I will become the champion”.  Could this be our rival…?  If so it looks like he’s much older than any from previous generations.

Also important (in order during the clip):  Battle animations are shown and look AWESOME if I may be so bold.  Very animated <3 We also see someone with a mask covering one eye (male Lady Gaga?) who looks quite evil… Then we see a scene which looks like it could be a gym battle with the familiar sprite vs sprite, the female is named Cheren.  Gym Leader?  Evil syndicate member?  Also a rollercoaster :p  We’ll see B&W hit Japan on the 18th of September… although that date has been floating around for forever.

Originally linked to, but found a better vid for you guys:  (why SPP didn’t link it, I dunno.  That’s why you visit PJN right?! 8D )


<3 pokejungle

ps- Let’s talk a second about the ‘Cheren Dilemma’ if you watch the video, you’ll see the main character battles her and a “VS” screen comes up, like Gym Leaders and the Elite 4 had in 4th Gen games.  HOWEVER if you look closely at the room they are in it is clearly unlike any gym in any generation so far, mainly because it looks like just a messy house room.  So now we have to speculate… do we really think she’s a gym leader?  Or is she someone else?  Perhaps connected to the evil team?  She is shown right after the evil looking guy.  Comments?