These Aren’t Gen VI Pokémon from X & Y (2)

Once again, a fake magazine scan! You guys really seemed to enjoy dissecting the last one, so here’s another 🙂 Essentially proved fake by the amateurish layout and strange Japanese (again). The FAKE details: [list style=”orb” color=”green”] Pink dinosaur is named Gurongo Ghost thing is named Darorun Yellow dinosaur is named Anbea [/list] What do you guys think?! The … Read more

FAKE: The REAL Upcoming Pokemon Title?

Looks like this could be the REAL game that’s in development.  A new Pokemon Mystery Dungeon title with characters from Black and White! These scans showed up recently on 2ch~ Remember, this is just a rumor for now.  But a very believable one nonetheless. UPD: Sadly, Kriffix translated the Japanese and it does NOT have … Read more

FAKE – 3DS XD: Gale of Darkness Remake!

Images have surfaced of what appears to be a Nintendo 3DS port of Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness.  This could be another elaborate 2ch hoax! The Japanese is correct, and the girl’s name is Mana though, so we can’t immediately rule it out like some of the scans have that popped up. From the top … Read more

Starter Evolutions = Fake [?]

Guy confessed again.  That is all.  I think we were all genuinely unhappy with them though so anyone actually sad?  Although I admit Tsutaaja’s fully evolved form *was* kinda kickass. UPD: I’m adding a disclaimer to this post that they MAY still be real.  The guy who “confessed” really had no proof and Pokexperto apparently … Read more

Wakoishi, Plant Pokemon = Fake

A user in the comment section of my site has identified screenshots that he faked.  I have to admit, Wakoishi was by far the best.  The only thing we really had to doubt about it was the cave setting.  The plant-creature is also fake so I’m sure MANY of you will breath a sigh of … Read more

We fell for it

This image is actually an elaborate hoax.  Please disregard 😐 Oh and its the reason I got 4hrs of sleep.  FML.  Shikijika/Aloe small pics look like they are still legit though. Previous post has been edited as well. </3 pokejungle ps- come chat with us 😀  Or add us on facebook.  Or register on our … Read more