News from Japan: Anime Special Details & Trozei 3DS XL

Details about the upcoming Mega Evolution special have been revealed. The main character, Alan, is working with his Charizard to defeat every Mega Evolution. Ultimately He faces Siebold of the Elite 4. A special edition Nintendo 3DS XL is also being given away in Japan. The Pokémon Daisuke Club will be giving two copies of … Read more

CoroCoro and SPP Confirm New MegaEvolutions

The November issue of CoroCoro has leaked and officially revealed/confirmed some Mega Evolutions, the starter’s final evolutions, and more! Mega Evolutions Mega Gengar – Not an exclusive, gains the ability Shadow Tag but keeps its typing Mega Aggron – Exclusive to Y, becomes pure Steel-type and gains the ability Filter Mega Tyranitar – Exclusive to … Read more

JungleTalk: Preparing for the Pokémon Game Show

Right now it’s 10:50PM, Japan Standard Time. I’m typing this up before I take a bath and go to sleep so I can get some rest before teaching a bunch of kids tomorrow at summer school. And after Friday ends… we’ll have new information from Saturday and Sunday’s “Pokémon Game Show”.  The first day the … Read more

September Corocoro Leaking! [UPD2]

(Click to enlarge) [UPD2] It seems more leaks are coming any moment, as another leaker has gotten their hands on Corocoro and is uploading some pages. New, clear, and full versions of the scans we’ve seen have now been revealed, though there seems to be more to go. [UPD1] The PokémonKorea official site has updated … Read more