CoroCoro and SPP Confirm New MegaEvolutions

The November issue of CoroCoro has leaked and officially revealed/confirmed some Mega Evolutions, the starter’s final evolutions, and more!

Mega Evolutions

  • Mega Gengar – Not an exclusive, gains the ability Shadow Tag but keeps its typing
  • Mega Aggron – Exclusive to Y, becomes pure Steel-type and gains the ability Filter
  • Mega Tyranitar – Exclusive to X and keeps the ability Sand Storm as well as its original typing

 Garchomp Serial Code

In next month’s issue of CoroCoro there’ll be a serial code that will give you access to their special Garchomp. This Garchomp holds a Dragon Fang, knows Crunch, Dragon Claw, Dig and Draco Meteor. The location of its Mega Stone will also be revealed in the next issue – that is, if we don’t find it first.

UPD: New Mega Evolutions

Thanks to Serebii we now have some new information and pictures of previously unknown evolutions. Details in the spoiler box.


  • Mega Pinsir – Bug/Flying-type and has the ability Aerilate which turns Normal-type moves into Flying-type moves, X exclusive
  • Mega Heracross – Stays Bug/Fighting, has the ability Skill Link, Y exclusive
  • Mega Banette – Stays pure Ghost-type and has the ability Prankster
  • Mega Medicham – Stays Fighting/Psychic and has the ability Pure power

Apparently at some point in the game Professor Sycamore will upgrade your Mega Ring so that it can detect hidden Mega Stones. They are only detectable, however, between 8pm and 9pm.



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