Pokémon X & Y Coverage Day 2

This post contains spoilers for Pokémon X & Pokémon Y. The comment section of this post will also contain spoilers for the upcoming games. Do NOT proceed it you wish to avoid details on the game. 

Day two of our X & Y coverage starts here, below will be a compilation of all our discoveries and findings from the game, which will later be compiled into our latest project (stay tuned)! Remember, if there’s anything you’d like us to check out please let us know in the comments, and feel free to talk to us in the PokéJungle Chat (or access it by clicking the green tab in the bottom left of this window) and well as Liking us on FacebookFollowing us on Twitter and registering on our forums Please remember to follow our Community Guidelines too!

(Oldest updates are at the top of the list, and latest at the bottom)


  • The Holo Caster uses StreetPass and SpotPass, which must both be set up to receive updates and notifications
  • Tierno has some ‘serious dance moves’, and Trevor is extremely shy but excellent tests, he also gives you the Pokédex. Your friends want to give you a nickname, you can choose from one of theirs or create your own
  • Before returning to deliver the letter from Professor Sycamore to your mother, Shauna challenges you to a battle
  • Both the Pokémon Center and Mart themes sounds very French inspired
  • The more Gym Badges you earn the more accessories there are available for you to purchase
  • Viola is the Gym Leader of Santalune City, and uses a Lv. 10 Surskit and a Lv. 12 Vivillon. If you beat her she will give you TM83 Infestation and the Bug Badge
  • Play Nice is an Electric type attack that lowers the target’s Attack by one stage.

Route 5

  • TMs in the overworld appear gold, different from the usual Poké Ball items. Like in Generation 5 they can be used more than once
  • Abra, Furfrou, Pancham, Gulpin, Skiddo, Doduo, Scraggy, Plusle and Minun are all available in the world
  • Gulpin and Scraggy can appear in Horde Battles, there is no 3D in Horde Battles
  • TM01 Hone Claws and a Sharp Beak can be found
  • Holo Caster has 3D functionality and can use the 3DS gyro to interact

Camphrier Town

  • A Sweet Heart, TM46 Thief, Full Heal, Escape Rope, Star Piece, X Attack and an Ultra Ball can be obtained
  • Cassius runs the Kalos Pokémon Box Storage System
  • [Needs clarification] Pokémon in party appear to be gaining Boosted Exp. possibly something to do with Amie?
  • Mr. Bonding gives you a new O-Power in the hotel

Route 7

  • The player can find the Berry Field where you can farm berries and obtain the Sprinklotad and berries. A Miracle Seed can also be found in the field
  • Snorlax is blocking you from progressing further down Route 7

Route 6

  • New Encounter method: Pokémon can jump at you from the bushes alongside the path, so far a Venipede and Audino have jumped out
  • Pokémon encountered: Espurr, Venipede, Nincada, Oddish, Honedge, Sentret, Audino and Kecleon
  • Obtainable items: TM09 Venoshock, Awakening, Aguav Berry (from Aguav Tree), X Speed, X Sp. Atk

Parfum Palace

  • HM01 Cut, TM17 Protect, Oran Berry, Amulet Coin, Revive, Guard Spec., Super Potion, Paralyze Heal and an Antidote can be obtained
  • Photo Spot found

Route 7 cont.

  • The Day Care Center is found on Route 7
  • Smeargle, Swirlix (X), Spritzee (Y), Hoppip, Psyduck, Roselia, Croagunk, Illumise, Volbeat, Ducklett, Flabébé can be found
  • Roselia, Hoppip and Psyduck can be found in Horde Battles
  • X Sp. Def , Persim Berry, Tiny Mushroom,PP Up and Silver Powder can be found

Connecting Cave

  • Axew, Whismur, Meditite and Zubat can be found
  • Zubats and Whismur can be found in Horde Battles

Route 8 Cliffside

  • Absol, Bagon, Drifloon, Seviper, Zangoose, Inkay, Mienfoo and Spoink can be found
  • Wingull, Seviper and Zangoose can be found in Horde Battles
  • Heart Scale, Leaf Stone, Super Potion and HP Up can be obtained

Ambrette Town

  • Old Rod, Soft Sand, Pearl, TM96 Nature Power, Rocky Helmet and Health Wing can be obtained

Route 9

  • Sandile, Rhyhorn, Hippopotas and Helioptile can be found
  • Fire Stone, Dusk Ball, X-Defence and Paralyze Heal can be obtained

Glittering Cave

  • New Encounter: Woobat descend from the rooftop, a small dark shadow appears on the ground before the descend.
  • Woobat, Dwebble, Cubone, Machop and Onix can be found
  • TM65, Shadow Claw and Hard Stone can be obtained

Route 8 Seaside

  • Luvdisk can be found with the Old Rod
  • Dwebble and Binacle can be found using Rock Smash
  • Dowsing Machine can be obtained


  • When viewing your party Pokémon you can switch their position in the party by simply dragging them on the touchscreen
  • Fester has a Power of 90 and Accuracy of 90 and is a Physical Fairy-type move that can cause the Attack stat to lower.
  • Geo Control has 10pp and hold one turn to raise Special Defence and Speed up two stages.
  • Mega Gyrados has the ability Mold Breaker



Pokémon Amie

  • When connected to the PSS Pokémon belonging to other people will appear
  • If three Pokémon stop and stay in your Amie, they will eventually leave and leave behind a present, this can be a decoration item, a wallpaper, or a Poké Puff
  • As we mentioned a few weeks back, when you get close to your Pokémon in Amie, you begin to encourage and praise them mid battle. Your Pokémon will turn their head as they listen to you
  • Playing with your Pokémon lots in Amie significantly increase the chance of landing a critical hit due to you and your Pokémon being so “in sync”
  • A Pokémon who you have spent lots of time with in Amie seems to gain a special effect when being released from their Poké Ball



PR Video

You are able to film a 10 second PR video in Lumiose City. You can edit each second individually with the following options:

  • Background
  • Poses
  • Facial Expressions (eyes and mouth)
  • Music
  • Sound Effects
  • Pokémon (put one of your party members in it)
  • Effects
  • Camera Angle
  • Text
  • Reset

You may also put make up on your characters, this includes the facial hair, but unfortunately facial hair cannot be worn outside of the PR studio. You also get a lens case here so you can change your eye colour in any changing room.

Berry Farm

  • Plant and water berries like previous games.
  • Put 3 berries in the compactor to make a mulch. This will help the planted berries grow.
  • Mulch will have a different effect depending on what berries are used.
  • The berry trees will wither and die eventually, so make sure you pick the berries when they’re ripe!
  • Weeds can grow where berries are planted, so make sure you pull them out.
  • Pokémon may be attracted to the berries, so defeat them when they appear!

Critical Capture returns. When the ball shakes in the air you will have one.