New Pokemon, “Monorpale” (French) Revealed! [UPD1]

This Pokemon, known as Monorpale in French, is a Steel/Ghost type and will debut in the upcoming Pokemon X & Pokemon Y games. More information as it comes! <3 PJ Remember: We have a great Pokemon forum! Won’t you join us? Log in with your twitter account!

June Corocoro Leaking! [UPD 5]

Translations: “Panda” Pokémon‘s name is Yanchamu, it’s is the “Mischievous Pokémon” and is a Fighting-type. The leaf in its mouth is its trademark. Its new attack allows it to switch out and lower the opponents stats. Yanchamu is able to learn a new move Parting Remark. “Bird” Pokémon‘s name is Yayakoma, it is the “Robin Pokémon”, is … Read more

‘Extremespeed Genesect’ Movie Merchandise Suggests New Pokémon

There are watches being released to promote the 16th Pokémon movie, Extremespeed Genesect, and one watch is completely greyed out. This could suggest that there’s simply an existing Pokémon which will be revealed later or could mean that Genesect has an alternate form. Or even that the very first Generation 6 Pokémon is coming. It’s all speculation right now. … Read more

FAKE CoroCoro Scan

My good friend Kriffix has a large amount of evidence to show that this fellow above is indeed fake. Here’s what he said: “The above Pokemon “Zennuki” is supposed to be based on a Tanuki (a racoon dog) which is a big part of Japanese mythology. They are known to be tricksters and use their … Read more

Pokebeach reveals 2 pokemon! (UPD)

Full credit for the pictures goes to Pokebeach…  Bidoof on two legs, no?  This is the oft hypothesized about Minezumi NOT Nezumimi.  And no name on the other pokemon yet 🙂  I just call it red ears 😀  (red-orange really). Minezumi is also the pokemon features in this leaked screenshot: <3 pokejungle ps- After reading … Read more

New toys reveal Pokemon?

These images have recently surfaced and we see that the brown pokemon is one that was previously featured in the beta artwork for the anime (here).  So… is this a new pokemon toy of it + a pokemon not previously seen? Developing story!  Frankly the yellow and green one does not look like a pokemon … Read more