New Pokémon X & Y Rumors: Fairy-type Dunsparce?!

PokéBeach has posted some new rumors that they claim to have received from a reliable source. As always, I post these rumors for discussion purposes only, please do not post them elsewhere as confirmed information or interpret these as me posting information as real.

New Pokémon

  • Trusk & its pre-evolution: Grass/Rock Pokémon with long green tusks and grey skin. Pre-evolution was described as “adorable”
  • Apparachnid: Ghost-type spider Pokémon which appears in caves. It is grey with blue spots and has a glowing abdomen. May have an evolution
  • Quillom: Normal/Poison procupine Pokémon. New attack with a high chance of poisoning. Its skin is white and its quills are purple
  • Badger Pokémon: Name unknown, but it is dark brown with stripes and knows a new biting move
  • Froakie’s Final Evolution: Water/Fighting and resembles a poison dart frog. Uses its legs to attack. Its form gets a bit heavier and it is mostly dark blue now
  • Bunnelby Evolution: Ground/Dark and round. Much larger than it’s pre-evolution
  • Helioptile Evolution: Stands on two legs and has two yellow triangle designs on its face now. Its appearance becomes more menacing and its ears are more rough and there are spikes going down its back. Learns the new attack Thunder Roll
  • Espurr: Pre-evolution of Meowstic, very cute

Competitive Information

  • Chansey-line, Dunsparce, Clefairy-line, and Togepi-line are now Fairy-type
  • Fairy DustNew attack which causes a random status condition from Paralysis, Poison, Sleep, or Burn
  • Wailmer game is shown for the Super Training Facility games

Game Information

  • Team Flare is featured at the beginning of the game in a TV segment. They encourage trainers to match their style and Pokémon
  • Opening cinematic in the game is 3D and features the player character watching Yveltal (Pokémon Y?) fly across the sky. More in-game shots follow
  • Xerneas and Yveltal’s 3D models can be rotated using the analog stick on the title screen.

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