Ask PokéJungle: Generation II

Ask PokéJungle: #J2XY — Generation II

Generation II is where a lot of Pokémon fans started their Pokémon Journeys, it released at a time when fans would have been at a good age to pick up the games and understand them. But also at a time when fans who played the First Generation games were still caught up in the global Pokémon craze.

Leading up to October 12 each week we will publish articles featuring on a Pokémon Generation, beginning with the first and ending with then fifth. After the fifth week our extensive Pokémon X & Y coverage will begin, including unique features and articles. To continue the Journey to X & Y we’re publishing an Ask Jungle, this time focusing on Generation II.

We want questions from you guys! This time we’re looking for questions that have anything to do with the very first Generation of Pokémon. If you have questions for a specific staff member make it known so that we can get them in to answer for you. So, yeah, have at it! This is your chance to ask us anything about Generation II, our favourite town or city? Ask and see! Just one we thing you ask, and that’s that you don’t ask us for our favourite Generation II Pokémon. That’s being saved for another article!

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