Ask PokéJungle: Generation II

Ask PokéJungle: #J2XY — Generation II

Generation II is where a lot of Pokémon fans started their Pokémon Journeys, it released at a time when fans would have been at a good age to pick up the games and understand them. But also at a time when fans who played the First Generation games were still caught up in the global Pokémon craze.

Leading up to October 12 each week we will publish articles featuring on a Pokémon Generation, beginning with the first and ending with then fifth. After the fifth week our extensive Pokémon X & Y coverage will begin, including unique features and articles. To continue the Journey to X & Y we’re publishing an Ask Jungle, this time focusing on Generation II.

We want questions from you guys! This time we’re looking for questions that have anything to do with the very first Generation of Pokémon. If you have questions for a specific staff member make it known so that we can get them in to answer for you. So, yeah, have at it! This is your chance to ask us anything about Generation II, our favourite town or city? Ask and see! Just one we thing you ask, and that’s that you don’t ask us for our favourite Generation II Pokémon. That’s being saved for another article!

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  1. “This is your chance to ask us anything about Generation I”. I think you refer to Gen II, intead of I.

    Which part of the Gen II games mitology do you pefer the most?

    1. Fixed, thank you!

      I’m not entirely sure what you mean, but I like the part about The Legendary Beasts 🙂

      1. Well the word “mythology” is no to accurate to what I was trying to say.. Is more of the mysteries.. The alph ruins, the towers.. That kind of stuff.

          1. Not at all, thanks.. My english isn’t very good so many of the thing I’m trying to say don’t come out the way I want it

          2. Nah, that’s ok. English is one the hardest languages to learn. I’m pretty bad at it at times, and I’m native to America! XD

      1. Lol thats the same as me! I hate how Bugsy, Falkner and Pryce had very little character development in the games compared to the other 5 gym leaders.

        1. I always liked Pryce for some reason, but as you said, Bugsy and Falkner are a little disappointing by comparison.

          1. Yeah i mean i think the anime really saved Pryce but in the games he was one of those gym leaders that just sat in his gym with no real story. Whitney was a bit of an ironic (dat cow) crybaby, morty had the legendary beasts story, jasmine has Amphy, Chuck had his wife and claire had the dragons den arc. They each had some extra element out of their gym.

  2. What do you think were the three pokemon that died in Burned Tower, which Ho-oh revived into Raikou, Entei and Suicune?

    1. I don’t think they were Vaporeon, Flareon and Jolteon like a lot of fans thing. I just believe they were The Beasts, but not revived. If that makes sense.

      1. Makes sense. I also don’t believe that they were Jolteon, Vaporeon and Flareon. Thanks for the response 🙂

  3. Favorite Johto Pokemon? And Favorite New Mechanic? Also, what did you think of the Johto part of the anime?

    1. Favourite Johto Pokémon is Quagsire. New mechanic… probably breeding?

      Johto anime was my favourite. 🙂

      Favourite track is probably Goldenrod City in Johto. Or the bike theme. THERE ARE LOADS I COULD PICK.

    2. Favorite Johto Pokemon: Azumarill. Not quite sure, tbh. I find them really cute and recently used on in BW2 and LOVED it.

      Mechanic: Uh…breeding I guess? Gotta love egg moves.

      Favorite Track: Lance/Red Battle theme!

    1. Nope. I don’t actually think I’ve ever caught my own shiny 🙁

      Starter I picked all three across all three games 🙂

    2. No shiny in Gen II for me :/ I chose Cyndaquil first or secoond, Totoaile a few times, but for the most part, Chikorita 😀

      1. Umbreon has always been my favorite Eeveelution. It represents Dark type very well, as with all Eeveelutions.

    1. Espeon! I like the jewel and split tail, plus I’m a fan of Psychic-types. It helped that it was featured on the animé after Umbreon, too, as it made it seem more new and interesting to me when I saw it back in the day.

    2. Umbreon. It just looks so cool (especially my shiny). And I just love dark types so much.

    3. I like Umbreon more but Espeon was a considerably better Pokemon overall. Umbreon was a decent tank though.

    4. Umbreon has good defenses for a Dark-type, which not many Dark-types have. Espeon has a sleek, Psychic-cat-like design and I love the eyes and sp atk stat. Too close to call.

    5. It used to be umbreon, but tbh after magic bounce i can’t deny that espeon is more useful and therefore my favourite eeveelution (as or right now)

    6. Espeon.

      I’ve always preferred Psychic types to dark and I find Umbreon’s design rather boring, tbh.

  4. Ampharos, obvi. I always had one on my team in Gen II (and even to this day!). Lanturn was also a favorite as I loved to use the para-fusion combo.

    Ugh,, Gen II was so amazing!

  5. To PJ and Staff: What was your favorite route music/town music/ etc.?
    Mine was Goldenrod City! 😀

      1. I never really understood how he fit into the plot… In the anime he was cool, but the game…. Not so much.

    1. Lance/Red’s Battle has always been a fav of mine – you can always relive the intensity.

      Oh, also N’s theme. Because it’s N.

      1. I’ve seen that somewhere back in Jan. where it said: “Am I the only one around here who doesn’t give a single **** about Pokemon X and Y?”
        My answer to that is, “Yes, yes you are now go cry in a corner, genwunner.”

      2. The bigger problem are Lance’s Dragonites that aren’t even a high enough level to be Dragonites. He must have been messing around with team rockets technology while I was finding what the passcodes were.

          1. or the level 6 pidgeotto that you can encounter in Viridian forest in Red

            or the level 30 volcorona that you can encounter in black 2

            or the level 12 Golduck that I just found surfing in Heart Gold in Ilex Forest lmao

        1. Miltank is getting ready to charge foolishly into a battle against my Croconaw! Even Whitney is saying “No Miltank!”

    1. Motherf$*%ing G0%#*$^ f*$#ing $%!# b*#^&

      That’s for the E4 too. Screw you Lance.

      (once I threw my Gameboy in RAAAAGE usually for bullshit like Lance healing when I had one shot left…)

      1. I lol’d when Miltank came out of the pokeball and Ash said: “Holy Cow”… i pictured it as an angelic cow of judgement hahaha!

    2. Ok so I’ve read so many people’s cocktail of emotions regarding Whitney’s miltank because it was the hardest Pokemon to defeat in-game… like ever. And i wasn’t old enough to play Pokemon back then but I did play HG and i didn’t see what all the fuss was about … no offense to any Pokéveterans

      1. I think SS and HG were toned down a bit in that case. Everyone I’ve met that’s the originals have said Whitney’s Miltank was Satan.

        1. When I played crystal as a 5-year old, I inadvertently kind of did a solo run with typhlosion. Flamethrower was cool, who needed other moves? Anyway, by the time Whitney came around I was in the 40’s and wiped the floor with that pink udder. But I didn’t know. I was 5.

        2. Well, the originals were hard because many people playing it at the time were younger…

          Likewise, in SSHG they made Rollout not have 100% accuracy. In the originals you had basically two turns to take it out or she’d OHKO your whole team.

      2. She would Attract, then Stomp, with a chance of flinching or immobilization by love. Also rollout that somehow never missed. And just when you think you have her….milk drink. Full HP. Repeat 😛

      1. This is the first time I saw that trailer but OMG! Now not only can I not wait for the game but also I cant wait for the anime!!!!!!!

  6. This is a bit off-topic but Pokemon Gold was not only my 1st Pokemon game but it was my first ever video game! I actually got it from my dad’s friend’s daughter along with her purple GameBoy Colour for free!!

  7. Who is your favourite Gen. II Gym Leader? As I write this question I don’t think I have a favourite myself, they all seem kind of meh to me, not good or bad.

    1. I agree with you there. The Gym Leaders in Gen II kinda all blurr together for me, but my favorite is Morty. 🙂

  8. Thought I’d just let you all know. I’m off to bed now and will answer when I’m awake tomorrow. Other staff members should be around soon, so don’t worry if you don’t get replies right away!

    1. You know that song was used in a study about mental breakdowns in children and it was one of highest leveled reasons?

      1. Wow :O

        P.S. I have been trying to contact you on MMC about your banner but it doesn’t let me send PMs. Sorry 🙁

        If you can log in and change your signature then here-

        [I M G ] ht t p : // i 4 3. t in y p i c. c o m/ 2d vj 2 m v . p ng [/ IM G ]

        Copy and paste this into your signature from the “signature” tab. Remove ALL the spaces.

        Credit is not mandatory but very appreciated 🙂

        1. Ooh. Okay! And I plan on doing that as soon as I get a moment with good internet. Everything where I am right now is weird!

  9. To anyone!
    “What kind of team did you use as you began”
    “What was your absolute favorite gen 2 Pokemon”
    “Did you ever fear Kingdra?”

    1. 1.- Typhlosion, Pidgeot, Ledian and Tyranitar.. I can only remember those 3
      2. Back then it was Ledian. Now i think Yanma or Espion
      3. Nah, I love it!

    2. “My team consisted of: Feraligatr, Noctowl, Ampharos, Donphan, Tyranitar, and Kingdra!”
      “My favorite gen 2 Pokèmon and perhaps my absolute favorite Pokèmon of all times is Feraligatr.”
      “I did not because I loved Kingdra at first sight.”

    3. 1. I THINK that the first elite 4 it was Typhlosion, Lugia, Ampharos, Gyarados, Dragonair, and Sudowoodo. Less sure about Sudowoodo, but it’s been a while.
      2. Tyranitar. I was always a big fan of pseudo-legendaries.
      3. Yes, but I loved it because it was a dragon nonetheless.

    4. 1) Meganium, Houndoom, Kingdra, Ampharos, Miltank, Crobat
      2) Kingdra or Ampharos
      3) Yep. That typing scared me!

    5. Typhlosion, typhlosion, typhlosion, typhlosion, typhlosion, gyarados. I found a cloning glitch as a child.
      Probably typhlosion/quilava
      That seahorse haunts me to this day.

    6. Gengar, arcanine, feralagtr, Umbreon,exeggutor, rachiu.
      No because of rachiu and feralagtr.
      I did not have one because I loved each the same

  10. These are for all staff members:
    what was you first impression of the baby Pokémon?
    what did you think of the new dark and steel types?
    Were you thinking that would have different titles? I remember hoping for Pokémon Orange and Purple.

      2.) Loved dark – never been to keen on steel.
      3.) I never really thought about it back then, I think I was too young.

  11. For all staff members: When GS came out, were you disappointed by the lack of wireless communications, the Celebi event, or the much rumored Skateboard?

  12. (To Everyone) What is your favorite Gen II Music, Gym Leader, Elite 4 Member, City/Town, and Starter?

    Mine: Blackthorn/Azalea Music, Jasmine/Whitney/Clair/Morty, Karen, Blackthorn City, and Chikorita

    1. Music: Lance/Red battle, Gym lead:Jazmine
      Elite 4: Karen
      City: Goldenrod city
      Starter: My fav starter of all times, Totodile

    2. Ice Path. Music for Dark Cave/Ice Path in gen 2 should be for Dark Cave and Dark Cave/Ice Path music in gen 4 should be for Ice Path, am I right?

    3. Same for music! 😀
      Karen (I mean, she’s a dark type user and looks menacing to me. The rest I don’t care for)
      Blackthorn City (or Ecruteak City)
      In gen 2 it was Chikorita. Changed in gen 4 to a certain fiery one

    4. I’m new here, posting that is, cause i’ve been a Pokejungle fan since the black and white days… but on to the topic

      Fav. Music New Bark Town, surfing melody and Elite 4 Tune
      Gym Leader : Morty, Koga and Will
      City: New Bark Town, Mt. Silver
      Starter: Cyndaquil

    5. Favourite music: rival battle theme (though I love the ice path theme too)
      Gym leader: I’m not sure if I have a stand-out favourite but I do like Morty and Whitney
      Elite 4 member: probably Will
      City: Gotta be Goldenrod
      Starter: Totodile. Always.

  13. Did it upset anyone that the Gen IV evolutionary stones weren’t obtainable pre-game in HG/SS? I know they’re Gen IV games, but they’re remakes of the Gen II games.

    1. You mean what we do NOT want to see – Mega Miltank for one reason only: Whitney. Otherwise, I’m fine with a Mega Miltank, just don’t let her have access to that kind of power.

  14. What is, (in your opinion) the most forgotten pokemon of generation II? I would say mine is qwilfish. And what gen II pokemon most needs an evolution?

      1. Idk I feel like everyone talks about dunsparce so much that he’s not that forgotten. I would definitely say he’s underappreciated and his design and concept are undeveloped. Hopefully he gets an awesome evolution this gen. I don’t think a megaevolution would suit him until he’s evolved

    1. SMEARGLE!!!

      I love him. He’s like Ditto, except much more interesting with them mad Sketching skills. I would love for him to have a little boost with a megalution.

      1. i actually had a smeargle in emerald with attack moves like, metronome, transform, protect, and shadow ball. it was super easy to make him leaner any moves with sketch. ( i would actually use double battles to make my smeargle learn the moves i wanted it to learn)

    1. Totodile – Ice moves for Lance and because i like houndoom or arcanine better than typhlosion. Also surf, nice to surf on him rather than needing to go to the pc to get some slave pokemon to surf on every time.

      1. tell me about it, i had trouble with scyther in the second gym always with his furry cutter, and with each hit the attack got stronger and stronger.( by this time in the game i only had chikorita and i didn’t wanted to evolve her yet, back in silver version) >:/

    2. Cynaquil, because unlike Charizard, Typhlosion could learn Thunder Punch to deal with water types and it was a special move back in the day, not a physical move.

  15. Which Gym Leader was your favorite, and which Gym Leader did you like the least?

    (If anyone cares my favorite was Morty, and the one I liked the least was Bugsy (I still really like Bugsy, but I don’t like bugs (>.<)))

    1. Favorite: Clair because she was the only one to give me a real challenge
      Least fav: Whitney. Most annoying Miltank ever

    2. Favorite: Definitely Clair, with Jasmine kinda being second
      Least Fav: Whitney. She gave me more trouble than it was worth >.<

    3. I loved morty because the old woman’s scared me.
      I hated witney because here miltank keep on killing my Pokemon and then I parlyze,frozed and did other random stuff but she would have a berry and destroy my Pokemon.

    4. Favorite: Whitney.
      I love the challenge. Plus the cleffairy style gym, beastly Miltank, and ditsy personality made her memorable. Every gym should have a sense of memorability and intrigue.

      Least: Falkner and Bugsy.
      So boring. Not much more to say.

      All of the other trainers not mentioned I love because of their gym design, pokemon, and personality.

    5. Favorite: Morty/Pryce/Chuck. I don’t know, Morty’s so cool with his Portland vibe and connection to the story. Pryce has that wise old man thing going on. Chuck, well, his wife was funny.

      Least: Falkner. That guy had potential, but he was disappointing. A pidgey and an underleveled pidgeotto? Why didn’t he have a hoothoot or noctowl, or a natu or something. Even a spearow would have been cool. Just some diversity. Plus he gives you the tm for mud slap. The flying leader gives you mud slap. For real.

    6. Favorite: Janine. Hey, she was new to Gen II even though she was in Kanto!

      Least favorite: Probably Chuck, just because I missed him (and all of Cianwood City) the first time I played Silver and had to go back after I had already defeated Jasmine and Pryce so that I could actually continue in the game… -_-

    7. Favorite: Winona. Not sure why, tbh. I just really love her design and Fortree City and remember always flying there in RSE whenever I needed to heal my Pokemon.

      Least Fav: Bugsy. Just so forgetful and easy.

  16. I’ve got a good question that I’m sure others have as well

    If anyone still has an old Gold/Silver game guide, take note that Celebi’s type was clearly listed as Grass/Psychic

    What I’d like to know, is exactly when and why this has since flipped, as games since Gen IV have had it this way

  17. Which new pokemon introduced in generation II, that are related to pokemon introduced in generation I, do you think best added to the pokemon lines introduced in red and blue?

    Evolution: Kingdra, Steelix, Bellossom, Blissey, Crobat, Hitmontop, Scizor, Porygon2, Politoed, Slowking, Umbreon, or Espeon

    Pre-Evolution: Elekid, Igglybuff, cleffa, Tyrogue, Pichu, Smoochum,

    1. Evolution: Espeon 😀
      And Kingdra.
      Pre-Evolution: Elekid…and wasn’t Magby introduced too?

    2. Evolution: Steelix (If you look at Onix’s stats, you will know why)

      Pre-Evolution: Tyrogue (Hitmonlee with Mach Punch and Hitmonchan with High Jump Kick as egg moves)

    3. Evo(s): Kingdra and Crobat. Maybe Porygon2 and Steelix too.
      Prevo(s): Elekid and Magby. Tyrouge because it connected the 3 Hitmons.

  18. Who restarted for a specific shiny from the Odd Egg (Pokemon Crystal), and what was it. I went for Elekid twice and Cleffa once.

  19. Am I the only one who noticed that the even numbered gens have a less amount of original pokemon and focus more on old pokemon evolutions? Like kanto(1), hoenn(3), and Unova(5) had like no (with the exception of Hoenn having like one pokemon pre-ev) Old pokemon evolutions. While johto and sinnoh had a low amount of original new pokemon, and a lot of old pokemon evolutions and old pokemon pre-evolutions. I hope Kalos has a good balance of both.

  20. IDK if this is too out of context but in Gen II the tradition of having an ambiguous helpful non-rival character came about and I was wondering who was your favourite … Eusine vs. Wally vs. Looker vs. N … (I know obviously some have more screen time than others but in essence which character do you think is coolest.)

  21. When I was little I got SO excited when I saw in Chrystal that the pokemon would move when you sent them into battle, and here we are now, 13 years later, where the battle graphics are WAY better than before. So my question is, what was your reaction to pokemon moving when you sent them into battle, and what battle graphics would you like to see today? (besides blastoise actually shooting water from its cannons)

    P.s. This is the last day I will be on pokejungle, because I want No further spoilers on x and y. So see you all again October 12th!

  22. Gold was my first game, is my favorite game, and did anybody catch any shiny Pokemon in Gen 2 (excluding Red Gyarados)? I found Onix on Gold.

  23. So, those “leaks” and the person who claimed they got X/Y early are fake… correct? I was reading the forums earlier and people said it was confirmed fake, but I never got a chance to “barge in” and join the conversation. Anyways, with all of that aside, tomorrow will be A NEW EVOLUTION OF A POKEMON REVEALED!!! YAY!

    I called it– Helioptile evolution (though many before me may have already called it XD)

    1. I believe that the first report of rumors by pokebeach are still unconfirmed either way, while the second set of rumors were done by an impostor, and are confirmed fake.

      Correct me if I am wrong.

  24. To everyone & anyone, did you ever win the Bug contest with something really surprising? Like a high level Caterpie?

    1. I haven’t played Gold/Silver, but I have played the remake (Heart Gold). Anyway, I won once with a Pinsir. Ahhh, the Bug Catching contests have such a wonderful place in my heart! I tried it out because I was curious about it and ran into a Syther! I had no idea it could be caught there! When I saw it, I immediately thought “Oh my Gosh, you WILL be mine!” because I’m a big fan of Scizor and had wanted to use it on my team for a while, also, I had heard so many great things about it. I caught him and was so happy! I named him Gallantmon because he was one of my favorite digimon, both he and Scizor are Steel types, are red colored, and fight like royal knights (at least that’s how I saw Scizor in the anime). I learned that in order to get the Metal Coat, I had to get it from the captain in the S.S. Anne. That would have been after the game! There was NO WAY I was going to wait that long! So I taught Thief to an Arbok my brother gave me named Venom and had him use it against wild Magnemite. It took forever, but I finally got it! I was in such a good mood that I even decided to use that Magnemite on my team, which I named Stark after Tony Stark! With the Metal Coat in hand, I gave it to my Syther and traded him to my brother who traded it back to me. He wishes he didn’t do that because he was and has been such a valuable team member in Heart Gold and is my most powerful team member. Not only that, but I was lucky enough to catch him with Technician as his ability. I didn’t even care what ability he had at the time, but so happy to have had it once I found out how AMAZING it was!

      Oh man, this has been the longest time I’ve ever spent commenting in a chat! But oh man was it great! Thank you!

    1. I looked at them and actually thought they were black Audinos…this is like the Petili of this gen (but this will lead to derailment of the topic)

    1. Steel should have been metal to account for more variety including gold, copper, ect. Steel just seems too narrow in scope, but I like the idea that the typing has many resistances.

      Dark, on the other hand seems hit the nail on the head. It was also a great way to balance out them psychics! There is not much if anything they should change with the name and feel of the dark type. So, I give dark a slight edge.

      1. I agree with you on the name of Steel but I think it is just representive thing just like Grass. In the matter of concept, I thought Steel should be effected by Electricity because of condutivity just like how Water is effected by it.

        Concept-wise I can’t say I fully get Dark. It seems like dark represents evil traits but is it related to darkness at the same time? I never understand Bug weakness if it’s about evil things?

        1. Dark type IMO represents playing dirty (ie Fling, Thief etc) and also the night…That being said, most bugs are nocturnal ergo, Bug beats Dark

    1. *unown

      And yeah, they were interesting and stuff, but then I found out they were virtually useless.

  25. OMG a new pokemon in the trailer. Could this be espurr? Its really small and light grey. It looks like a teddiursa almost. There are two of them behind the gate.

    Look at the far right.

  26. In Gen II, did you like going to 2 regions in one game? Also, did you think that the Pokémon in the Johto region were too low leveled.
    My first Johto game was HeartGold, which is technically a Gen IV game. I liked going to Kanto, but they should have made the Pokémon in Kanto higher leveled. It was really hard to train in that game. The strongest Pokémon you can encounter in Johto were Lv 30 (Rt.27) excluding Mt.Silver, of course.

    1. No, that was terrible! Why would anyone want more than one region to explore?! Such a terrible idea, too many areas ruins a game. Just look at the last few GTA games.

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