Dae asks: GenIIus additions

It’s Journey to X & Y: Generation II week! This time we’ll do a Dae asks. Before you comment, be sure to read this. Anything off-topic posted will be deleted immediately and when you continue to spam when I’m asleep, I will enforce some temporary bans. This also includes asking “What’s your favorite XY Pokémon”, “What types do you think the Gym Leaders will be”, “Who wants to see these mega evolution concepts”,… Those things have been asked a bajillion times already, derail the whole thread and make it harder for people to browse the topic at hand. Use the forums or the chat if you want some speedier conversation.

For this Dae asks we’ll go a bit more general and I want to hear your opinion on the new gameplay mechanics they added to Gold/Silver. This doesn’t mean the stuff they added in Heartgold/Soulsilver, those are technically Gen IV games. Some topics to discuss are:

  • Breeding
  • Gender
  • Babies
  • Clock with Day/Night
  • Happiness
  • Dark/Steel type
  • Pokérus
  • Held items
  • Experience how annoying phones can be with the Pokégear before phones were commonplace
  • And finally shinies!

Gold and Silver were quite the shake-up, and I’m curious how you think of them. While generations onwards also provided major changes, I still feel like Gen II introduced stuff that have become so typical for Pokémon, you would even think they were already in Red/Blue.

In other news, I’ve been a bit sick. University has also started again, and I’m busy maintaining my personal relationships. I won’t be very active on the site the coming month, but be sure I’ll try to read the comments as much as I can and I’ll still be active in the staff back-end. We also started pre-production on a prestigious project which we’ll share more information on if we can get it greenlighted in full. It will be something no other major Pokémon site has done and will have lots of involvement from our community. Stay tuned after XY launches, although it has nothing do with those game in particular.