Dae asks: GenIIus additions

It’s Journey to X & Y: Generation II week! This time we’ll do a Dae asks. Before you comment, be sure to read this. Anything off-topic posted will be deleted immediately and when you continue to spam when I’m asleep, I will enforce some temporary bans. This also includes asking “What’s your favorite XY Pokémon”, “What types do you think the Gym Leaders will be”, “Who wants to see these mega evolution concepts”,… Those things have been asked a bajillion times already, derail the whole thread and make it harder for people to browse the topic at hand. Use the forums or the chat if you want some speedier conversation.

For this Dae asks we’ll go a bit more general and I want to hear your opinion on the new gameplay mechanics they added to Gold/Silver. This doesn’t mean the stuff they added in Heartgold/Soulsilver, those are technically Gen IV games. Some topics to discuss are:

  • Breeding
  • Gender
  • Babies
  • Clock with Day/Night
  • Happiness
  • Dark/Steel type
  • Pokérus
  • Held items
  • Experience how annoying phones can be with the Pokégear before phones were commonplace
  • And finally shinies!

Gold and Silver were quite the shake-up, and I’m curious how you think of them. While generations onwards also provided major changes, I still feel like Gen II introduced stuff that have become so typical for Pokémon, you would even think they were already in Red/Blue.

In other news, I’ve been a bit sick. University has also started again, and I’m busy maintaining my personal relationships. I won’t be very active on the site the coming month, but be sure I’ll try to read the comments as much as I can and I’ll still be active in the staff back-end. We also started pre-production on a prestigious project which we’ll share more information on if we can get it greenlighted in full. It will be something no other major Pokémon site has done and will have lots of involvement from our community. Stay tuned after XY launches, although it has nothing do with those game in particular.


      1. My brother deleted is Ruby file because he thought his Pokemon had some glitch disease when he saw Pokerus. We didn’t know what it was for another 3-4 years.

    1. I always thought it was an anime only thing until I learned otherwise due to the power of the internet. Because I remember first hearing about it from an episode in the anime, I believe Butch and Cassidy’s scientist guy from that one Pokemon Chronicles episode.

  1. Other than the fact that Dark/Steel types were a very useful add-on, I have to say my favorite addition is a tie between shinies (of which I have none) and breeding (of which I do not partake in). Funnily enough, Shinies have kind of turned into a way to tell if you’re opponent hacks as opposed to collectible.

    1. Seriously. I remember the people I faced in some of those PGL tournaments. “Oh, you have four Shinies that are all competitive Pokémon? Cool story, bro.”

    2. I feel like Dark and Steel types were poorly done ingame. Most were very elusive and difficult to obtain to use on your normal playthrough. Houndour was found near Saffron City, Murkrow and Sneasel were in late-game caves, Magnemite was all the way in Kanto’s Power Plant, while Steelix and Scizor were trade exclusives. They were great types later in the series (and I guess competitive play at the time), but they started off badly.

      1. Actually Magnemite is found on Routes 6,7, 38, and 39. Murkrow on Route 7 and 16 at night. As well as Sneasel in Route 28 and Silver Cave at night in Gold and Silver, Ice Cave at night in Crystal.

        1. I didn’t know about Magnemite, but Murkrow and Sneasel come so late in the game that they’re really pointless for ingame tasks.

  2. Breeding- Love it! You get an egg! The first time I got an egg I thought it would be anything! Little did I know it would be a Wooper :p

    Gender- Love it! It makes the games more realistic

    Babies- Are sooo adorable! Smoochum helps Jynx because it can’t learn Psychic by level up :p

    Day/Night- Like to see lighting change, is good for evolving Eevee into Umbreon/Espeon

    Happiness- I like to know how much my Pokémon love me!

    Dark/Steel Type- One of there best choices thus far. Love Umbreon and Steelix! It also gave new strategy into playing the games

    Pokérus- thought it was something bad. Freaked out the first time my Pokémon got it and restarted the game

    Hold Items- Very Useful!

    Experience how annoying phones can be with the Pokégear before phones were commonplace- What annoying phone calls?!?! Those were awesome! Loved hearing Youngster Joey talk about his Rattata ^^

    Shinies- Pointless but rare!! 😀

    1. I was going to comment, but then I read this… I agree with everything you said. I love the Dark/Steel Types, but I feel as if they didn’t incorporate it very much, not many pokemon have these types and they should. It feels as if they are just fill in types at times and it upsets me. Not many people use these types. Maybe if they would have made a steel or dark type HM move, more people would use these typings.

      1. HM moves mostly suck anyway.
        But Dark and Steel were much needed to counterbalance Psychic, which was nuts in RBY.

        1. Thats a very good point, psychic was like the dragon type of gen 1 (even though there was dragon in gen 1)

      2. don’t you worry 🙂 Gamefreak saw this problem and thats why they did all these type changes in X&Y so more people will end up using a variety of pokemon. It’s a little more balanced now so you might see more different kinds of pokemon (More dark & steel types) when battling other people!

  3. Day and night was awesome! It allowed me to get my Espeon:D I personally loved the phone calls. I still remember the two lasses that would give me the fire and thunder stone. The schoolboy who gave me a fire stone and lastly that fisherman who supplies the water stone. The thunderstone girl was kind of a B word ha ha

  4. You missed Abilities on that list Dae
    And mainly? Flame Body/Magma Armour, made hatching so much easier, especially in B/W where you just went from left to right on Route 3

      1. Oh yeah, I forgot, never mind my comment then (thought we were talking about changes from Gen 2 onwards)….

  5. Breeding – That’s how I got Pichu, so cute! I was super excited when I got my first egg I was determined to get all the baby Pokemon!
    Gender – Very great addition to the games, I’m always looking for certain gender pokemon nowadays xD
    Babies – Cutest Pokemon ever, I love baby Pokemon they get moves your evolved ones don’t + I just love baby Pokemon in the anime/movies.
    Day/Night – I really liked the concept of certain Pokemon only appearing at night or morning I remember staying up late looking for a Hoothoot.
    Happiness – Since I was the type of trainer that didn’t like to let my Pokemon faint (Im a vry cautious trainer) Happiness evolving was not a problem for me 🙂
    Dark/Steel type – Since I got an Espeon over Umbreon I never used a Dark type til 3rd gen Sabeleye. As for Steel types Steelix was my favorite at the time!
    Pokerus – I didn’t get Pokerus til 4th gen (Diamond) had no idea what it was til my friends told me about it, I didn’t restart my game I just kept going my lil bidoof kept that Pokerus though 🙂
    Held items – Best thing since berries! Mystic water is my favorite held item to power up water type moves.
    Experience how annoying phones can be with the Pokégear before phones were commonplace – I actually enjoyed the Pokegear alot, I thought it was cool how trainers would call you to give you items or info.
    Shinies – I didn’t get a shiny until Firered my Kakuna which is a beedrill now. I think there cool but I’m not a shiny hunter. I only like a few shinies even though I haven’t seen them all but Shiny Corsola is my favorite so far! 😀

    In the end I like all the add-on’s there all unique/helpful in there own way.

  6. Shinies. That moment when you hear this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7lgHHclmSa0

    The effort and intensity of trying to catch it without knocking it out or in rare occasions it knocking you out.
    I have ran into shinies in my day but I’ll save that for the upcoming weeks.
    I love the invention of shinies! They add some uniqueness to the games and it certainly feels good to find and catch one.
    To those of you that have never encountered one: Someday you will. Since in X & Y it will be “easier” you now have more of a chance!

    Day/Night. Those tiny details such as day/night are what I love and add a sense of realness to the games!
    I saw a topic on MMC and I think I may know what this “project” is 😉

    Hope you feel better Dae! Drink your medicine and you and your Banhammer will be back to normal soon 🙂


        1. I’m very scared now. Also, hello Dae 🙂 I have to admit, Gen. 2 doesn’t feel aged to play. Every time I play Crystal, I feel like I’m playing a normal pokemon game. I don’t know if it is because I have played HeartGold for my first Pokeyman game or not, but Crystal (and Gen. 2) are amazing games that have forever changed Pokemon.

    1. Do you? I doubt it will have leaked already on Mountmoon, seeing as it is still supersecret and something nobody could guess. Unless moving did something I haven’t heard of.

      1. Why moving? Wynaut NL or pokejungle himslef? Is it something that you and moving came up with? The Dae and moving Show? :O

  7. I never played a Gen. 2 game so I’ll list my opinions on these concepts from Gen. 3 onwards.
    Breeding- I love the concept. I’m the “Gotta Catch ‘Em All” type trainer, and breeding opens up a whole new array of pokemon for me to collect. I also love that I don’t have to catch three Beldum to get one of each stage.
    Gender- I don’t have much to say on this topic. I never use a specific gender (Most of time I don’t even know what gender my pokemon are). I thought this would have been something pokemon had all along, but at least the learned quick. 😉
    Babies- Adorable! I love seeing old pokemon becoming relevant again and also getting new moves.
    Day/Night- I love that it makes the pokemon world more lifelike. It just seems so amazing that you can only find certain pokemon at certain times just like real animals.
    Happiness- I don’t have much to say about this. For the most part, it annoys me trying to evolve pokemon through happiness. It just takes so long, especially pre-E4.
    Dark/Steel- Again, not much to say. I think these should have been there from the beginning with Magnemite, but I don’t like how defensive Steel types are. (Unless I’m using them.
    Pokerus- Wow. I don’t have much to say about a lot of these. I don’t even know what good pokerus does, but I’ve got a lot of pokemon with it. 🙂
    Held items- Both a blessing and a curse.

        1. I like it when I’m holding it but not when the enemy has it. :p
          Ferrothorn + Iron Barbs + Rocky Helmet = wow

  8. Get well soon Dae!

    Gen II brought many features that are overlooked but critical in the games today. Can you imagine a Pokemon game WITHOUT day/night, baby pokemon, or the dark and steel type? Not to mention shiny Pokemon that we all love!

      1. Why did they take out a feature that is required for certain pokemon to evolve? (Don’t mention Mt. Coronet evos)

      2. It actually was. You just couldn’t see it because, well I don’t know. You could evolve Eevee into Umbreon at night. Sooo yeah, there was night, just not visible.

      3. Aesthetically yes. The mechanics were still there though because you could still evolve eevee into umbreon at “night” and into espion in the day. 😀

          1. That is something I loved about Gen. 2. The night made the game feel real. Gen. 4 brought it back and the night felt much better in updated graphics.

        1. You don’t. You have to trade Eevee to RSE where there is a running clock in your house. RSE still have time, but the time of day doesn’t change anything aesthetically or encounter-wise.

        2. Well, actually, Day and Night were kinda sorta in Ruby and Sapphire. The graphical change didn’t happen, but you DID set up the clock at the beginning of RSE. However, there was no clock in FRLG, so if you wanted an Espeon and Umbreon, you’d have to trade it over to RSE and evolve it there. Or get the ones from the gamecube games.

  9. Feel better Dae! We need you healthy to instill fear into the hearts of everyone with your mighty banhammer!

    Breeding: What is there to say? Nobody knows how the egg gets there…

    Gender: Makes so much sense, glad they implemented it.

    Babies: A lot of people don’t like Babies because they’re pointless outside of perhaps learning new moves. But I love it. Gives a sense of completion to an evolutionary line. Also, many of them are so cure :3

    Day/Night: Another aesthetic that I love. Adds a sense of realism to the game, something I’m disappointed Gen 3 didn’t have.

    Happiness: I guess I like it. Just wish it didn’t take so long to max out happiness.

    Dark/Steel type: Necessary additions. Love both types….now hopefully we’ll finally get a Dark type gym!!

    Pokerus: I didn’t even know this was in Gen 2 haha. I hate it because how hard it is to find, but it really helps a lot with EV training.

    Held Items: Wow, what a great addition.

    Phones: No, I get too much spam. There’s only so many times I can hear about a hacked Rattata before I go nuts.

    SHINIES! I LOVE SHINY POKEMON! I love the whole idea, these Pokemon that are a different color than the regular Pokemon of their species. Nothing beneficial stat wise, but so cool to actually obtain if you’re lucky enough. They’re like trophies lol.

    1. I agree with everything except the phone spam. Who doesn’t love hearing about Youngster Joey’s Top Percentage Rattata?

      1. Don’t forget Croagunk and Chansey! Also whatever happened to that rumor that his Marshtomp would evolve in that special where Forrest fought Joy?

        1. That episode passed, so I guess it didn’t evolve. But oops, how’d I forget Croagunk? He’s probably Brock’s second best Pokemon (after Steelix).

      1. I love Steelix, but I just never got around to trading with my brother to get one. Maybe that’s because I kept losing the Link Cable… Jeez, I hated that thing.

        1. I remember my parents bought me a link cable without me, and it never worked when i finally met someone to trade with me -_-

  10. Breeding was pretty great. It’s so crucial to getting the best Pokemon you can have.
    Gender was a good addition too, because it allowed us to connect with our Pokemon more.
    Babies were alright. They weren’t useful, but I actually really like most baby Pokemon, especially Pichu.
    Clock with Day/Night was an amazing addition. It made the games feel more realistic. Nowadays I love playing with my DS set at the right time, and the features look so much better now.
    Happiness is something I’m not too fond of. It’s a great idea and gets us some amazing Pokemon (Espeon, Lucario, Togetic), but it wasn’t really necessary. I’m glad that they’ve been slowly making Friendship evolutions easier, because in Gen II it too forever.
    Dark/Steel type additions were pretty good. They weren’t done too well ingame in Gen II (Dark E4 member had hardly any Dark types and there were limited Steel options), but further generations built off them to make great Pokemon (Metagross, Zoroark)
    Pokérus, huh, I never noticed it back then. It didn’t affect me then, but I’m so thankful of it now.
    Held items were just great. I loved finding them and toying around with them on my teams back then. Now they’re super important, and I sort of wish they would have stayed as simple as they were back then (Mystic Water and Lum Berry are fine, but Choice items everywhere gets annoying).
    Phone calls were fine and a bit funny, so they never bothered me.
    Shinies are amazing. I never knew that there were other shinies besides Red Gyarados until Gen III. I heard a rumor about a Pink Butterfree somewhere in National Park, but that didn’t work out. I wish their rates were higher, but they’re still cool.

  11. Breeding- Never really used it to the fullest extent especially in gen 2, at first I would just put in whatever Pokemon I had in my party since I was about 10 when I first bought Silver and had no idea how breeding worked.

    Gender- I love it, it gave me a deeper bond with my Pokemon and still has to this day!

    Babies- I never got what the babies were useful for and still don’t, first time I saw a baby Pokemon was Elekid in the 2nd movie short and I didn’t realize it was a baby Electabuzz.

    Day/Night- I liked the idea and it gave a sense of realism however I would play Silver on an old GBA so the brightness was horrible and I never really noticed the time change.

    Happiness- I absolutely LOVE the idea, it however confused me because I didn’t know how to raise happiness when I was little so my Pokemon would just faint like crazy. I believe I had an Eevee until the very end of Johto.

    Dark/Steel Type- My love for these additions knows no bounds, especially with the addition of Dark types which are my all time favorite!

    Pokerus- Now back then this confused me because the first time I heard about it was in the anime so I didn’t think it was actually in the games. I have never actually gotten a Pokemon with Pokerus in the games but I have in a Ruby rom, it was a Torkoal.

    Hold Items- I didn’t really understand this feature so I just gave my Pokemon anything.

    Phone calls/PokeGear- I would find it annoying when trainers would call me and to this day I hate it when they do and don’t have anything important to say (glares at Joey).

    Shinies- I never found one in the games and didn’t know what they were, and to this day I have only ever found one shiny and that was a Zigzagoon in Ruby….before I had fought May. I was sooo mad about it!

  12. A few additions that weren’t on the list:

    One other addition that wasn’t on the list- berries. They do fall under Held Items, but they are a bit of their own feature. While Gen III truly introduced us to what berries could be (with watering and whatnot), Berries technically began in Gen II. I always hated the idea of a consumable Held Item, but I didn’t know that they were given back in vs battles and Battle Tower. Now there are so many different types of berries other than the original oddly named berries (MintBerry, MysteryBerry, and straight up Berry)I wonder if Gen IV’s HG/SS Berry Pots were paying homage to the fact that Johto was the first region to have berries?

    Also, Gen II finally took us out of a single bag and gave us different sections for each item. I don’t remember the categories, but I think they were TM, Items, and Key Items. It was rough at first, but it’s such a useful and much needed addition.

    And last but not least (or maybe least), the Battle Tower. I feel like Gen II’s was poorly done, with overly powerful Pokemon (then again, I was 9 at the time, but I think I remember a Lv 20 Alakazam) and weird level restrictions. It did, however, lay the framework for some of the most addicting challenges in all of Pokemon’s lifespan.

    1. Don’t forget that time travel was a thing back then with the Time Machine in the Pokemon Centers. One thing I hated about the bags though was you could still run out of space and have to use or toss items,

      1. The best thing about the Time Machine was reverse compatibility trading. That seriously rocked and it disappointed me in Gen IV when I couldn’t trade back my EV trained Pokemon into the Emeral Battle Frontier.

          1. It was just with the Link Cable… Did you have Gen II moves on the Pokemon you wanted to send over to Red/Blue/Yellow?

          2. No. It wouldn’t let me do anything. I would go to the time machine and link the games but it would say that it was unavailable or something.

          3. It wouldn’t surprise me. I found a shiny Ampharos (unbelievable I know) in dark cave, but I couldn’t catch it because I forgot to buy pokeballs… It was right before the first gym.

          4. You, can’t, find, Ampharoses (Amphari, Amphaduos?), anywhere… I’m sure it was a glitched/hacked game.

          5. It was more than likely a glitch. I was seven when I got it, so I had no clue how to hack. And it was the night after the night I bought it

          6. Hrm. Well, there were some restrictions to it, such as you couldn’t have new gen Pokemon in your party, obviously, or new attacks. That’s actually another feature that was neglected to be mentioned. Gen II was the first games to introduce the Move Deleter, for that very purpose, to remove new moves so you could trade Pokemon back to Gen 1. Oh, and delete HMs too.

  13. I wish I could’ve played the gen 2 games. If I had a Gameboy Color back then, I would have chose Gold because of Ho-Oh. I managed to get HeartGold, and sticking with only the features above me, I really enjoyed the breeding process introduced in this gen. It gives you an option to get moves a Pokemon wouldn’t have normally through level up to shake up competitive play. It is also why I am a breeder to this day.

    This is ok, right Dae? 🙂

    1. I would also like to add these:

      Gender – I love to get Pokemon of a specific gender, or both. Some looka certain gender, others look androgynous.

      Babies – Babies are sort of pointless, but cute! It makes bonding with your Pokemon all the more special.

      Clock with Day/Night – Nice feature, keeps you on track with time.

      Happiness – A good way to measure a Pokemon’s happiness, so when they evolve, you feel touched that they care about you and that means you took great care of them.

      Dark/Steel type – Love these types! I wouldn’t have my favorites (Umbreon, Absol, Skarmory, and Mawile) if it wasn’t for the introduction of these types!

      Pokérus – Freaked out when I got it, researched it, and thought it boosts stat gain XD (no), but it actually boosts the EV gains, which I wasn’t familar with at the time.

      Held item – Really changes your battle strategy and makes you think what item is best for your Pokemon this battle.

      Shiny – Oh the hunt for these rare colors will make me feel attached to that Pokemon for its rarity and uniqueness in the group.

  14. Introduction of Dark and steel types were cool! Babies were useless and are only good for the logic of pokemon reproduction. I love the day and night thing, and being young, it made me feel very adventurous. I loved finding a Hoothoot that was sleeping during the day. The poke gear was interesting but a cool concept altogether. The introduction of held items shocked me when I discovered it!

  15. Generation 2 was filled with content. I played it before I played Gen 1, and I was bummed that Gen 1 didn’t have all of the features of Gen 2.

    I loved the addition of day and night, it was always cool for it to be dark in the game when it was dark outside!

    I enjoyed the breeding aspect, although when I was a kid it was kind of an accident when my Pokemon had an egg.

    I loved that I could re-challenge trainers with the Poke Gear as well.

    The BEST thing was the addition of the Kanto region. It still makes it a unique game to this day because it has 2 entire regions in it.

  16. The best part about gen 2 was that it started a chain for newer pokemon games to build up on eachother. The addition of steel and dark types was a very nice touch and it was awesome how we could go back to kanto and battle the old gym leaders again.
    I also really liked the whole idea of friendship…but I didn’t know how to work it back then so I ended up overtraining my eevee thinking that was the way it worked

  17. I always wished they made shinies more common. I mean whenever i see a shiny on the GTS or in a battle i basically know that theres a 99% chance it’s been hacked. Back then they should have made the chances like 1% so that it’s something more people can experience and shinies would probably be just as rare and valuable since less people would resort to hacking. I have shiny dragonite i got as a dratini on the GTS before i knew about gamesharks and the such and now it really angers me that i put so much effort into a poke that i can’t even transfer to my future games because of the chance that it will mess up the system. Also I’ve been playing pokémon for 6 years now and i’ve never encountered a non-event shiny… 🙁

      1. that’s exactly what happens to me. I had my full set of pokemon and found a shiny graveler at victory road -_- and I’ve also found a shiny zubat and ponyta when I was all out of pokeballs -_-

      2. My first shiny ever was is crystal when i was playing it on my gamecube (there was a gameboy advance adapter for the gamecube). Guess what? Shiny Magmar in Mt. Silver. Way too strong for me, and it destroyed my team.
        The second non-event legit shiny i came across was actually very recently. It was a koffing in pokemon emerald in that cave under the Cable Car. I still have it, and i’ll trade it to the new games.

      1. Maybe that’s too much? 1/2000 would make more sense, but I’m not going to lie, 1/1000 would be great.

        1. It was reduced to 1/1,024 with the shiny charm in B2W2 and the Masuda Method, but I don’t have either. Generation 2 was so kind to introduce shinies because if there was a color of a Pokemon you did not like, then a shiny might suffice as an alternative.

          1. I have the Shiny Charm in B2, but I only breed in my White (RNG works better). I EV train in Black 2, so I hope I eventually find a shiny in there.

          2. I had to actually look up what RNG is and what it does, yet I STILL cannot fathom how to do it to get shinies in Black.

        1. Yep, in the demo. It’s blue. I’m trading over my shiny Eevee from Black 2 to make it a Sylveon as soon as Pokemon Bank launches.

          1. RNG breeding. It’s using a computer program to predict what exact time you have to turn on your game to get certain IV combinations and shininess. You basically plug your info into the program and it’ll say my date has to be 1/20/2013 at time 1:54:03 and I have to listen to Chatot’s cries 12 times.

            It’s the most legitimate way to get perfect IVs for Hidden Power, as it doesn’t involve tampering with your game cartridge in any way. I’ve got about 20 Pokemon I’ve bred with some taking anywhere from 20 minutes to 3 hours.

          2. Wait…WHHAAT!? I’m trying to hatch a shiny Mudkip and it’s taking for ever! I need to know more about this!

            But of course…it’s off topic : Is there anyway you way you could explain to me without angering the Banhammer?

    1. I hear that brother!
      Every so often on Wi-Fi battles I come across a punk with nothing with assumed hacked shines, and to painfully lose to them as well

      I work hard to EV train damn it!

      1. Mm, I hear you. On B2 I wifi battled someone the other week with a full team of Shiny Eeveelutions that were overpowered up the wazoo. Now he may have got them fair and square…but my first reaction was still an explosion of ‘ARE U F-ING KIDDING ME U HACKER SCUM’. Lol. Hack rage.

        It makes it more painful if you’re the type of person who gets shinies and IVs etc the hard way – and the honest way – but you can’t change the whole world, sadly.

    2. I’m going to be the weird guy here (apparently) and disagree. It does sound like it would be very nice if they were significantly easier to get, but honestly it would make them much less desirable and exciting. The very low chances of finding them is what makes the Shiny concept fun.

      1. No, I understand you completely. I get that people feel that making rarer things more common decreases their value. Many people do.

        I just think that the rarity of shiny Pokemon has been “spoiled” (for lack of a better word) by the internet. Now if you want to see a shiny Chandelure, Google it and you’re content. The shock factor has worn off a bit, so I think it’s alright for them to become a little more easy to discover for the general consensus. Lots of people want shinies, but few ever find them unless they hunt or breed.

      2. In a perfect world i would agree with you but hacking as destroyed the novelty of shinies. Hacking has already made them less desireable because if I did eventually catch one no one would even be able to tell if it was real or hacked. So might as make it easier for us fair players to get some.

      3. Doesn’t matter, I think Masuda said last week that they will be easier to get within X and Y.
        Maybe it has to do with breeding a pokemon that has reached a full bond with you in Pokemon-Amie.

        1. Bond with your party Pokemon to increase shiny chances in the wild? It doesn’t make too much logical sense, but that would be great.

    3. I count myself as very blessed with shinies. Tangela in Gen 2, Aron in gen 3, Zubat in gen 4, Machop in gen 4 (and a Graveller in HGSS but it self-destructed before I could catch it o_O)…nothing in gen 5 yet sadly, I was hoping for bingo before gen 6 comes out, lol!

      Honestly, I’m glad they’ve always kept the ratio to exactly what it is. It makes it all the more precious and exciting when you do actually find one of the lil buggers, but at the same time it’s not totally impossible. Sorry you’ve never encountered one yet, but keep hoping! And use less repel when walking through grass and caves! 🙂

        1. Ah, but does it really count if the game just ‘gives’ it to you? I already have some RNGd shinies on my gen 5 games, they’re just not as special to me as shinies I encountered by luck.

    4. I will be RNG breeding for shinies (for free) for those who need it to prep for X and Y release. Legitimate shinies with your Hidden Power/IVs of choice, you can either email me [email protected] your request, or you can reply with a comment of your request and I will begin seeding.

      1. I know this is a late comment and I hope you read it but what are your opinions on how Hidden power will change this gen. I would like to request a shiny Zoroark however I feel like the hidden power mechanics might be completely remade to include Fairy and getting a specific HP will be futile.

  18. I remember on my birthday (today actually) years ago I got pokemon crystal I absolutely loved all the new features especially eggs I don’t know why I loved eggs so much but it was just fascinating to me. I also loved the dark types (especially umbreon it was on my team) I loved the move iron tail. I loved all the additions, but mainly eggs :).

    1. they should have given iron tail more accuracy, i swear till this day it’s the most popular steel move yet it hits 3/4 of the time.

    2. Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday Dear IntimidatingWurmple, Happy Birthday to you! 🙂

  19. Breeding – 8/10 (I love it though, maybe it’s too simplistic)
    Gender – 10/10 (<3)
    Babies – 6/10 (meh, they are cute, but why not just call them basic stage pokemon?)
    Clock with Day/Night 9/10 (I love everything except that we didn't have three eeveelutions, night, day, and morning!)
    Happiness 9/10 (Evolving by happiness was really interesting, though some of the actions that increase happiness don't actually seem to promote it and some things that should promote happiness do not.
    Dark/Steel type – 10/10 (Psychic-type was WAY over powered, and steel types add a new dynamic with their many resistances. Plus Steelix!)
    Pokérus – 5/10 (I just think this feature was nothing interesting.)
    Held items – 9/10 (I am not huge into the metagame, but for the casual gamer, held items are really fun to use.)
    Pokégear – 1/10 (HAHA! I don't think I need to explain!)
    Shinies – 9./10 (They might be a little TOO rare, I never knew they existed until one day I found a weird butterfree during the bug-catching contest. I never realized that Gyarados was not unique in that aspect! I love many of the variations, though, there are some palettes that I never quite understood.Overall, a great feature.

      1. lol, nah. I was referring to how predictable it was and continues to be. IN that, the female determines the sex of the offspring, and you know exactly which pokemon you will breed. I would love at least some variation between the male and female. Further, I would love some pokemon specific combonations.

        Let’s say, a Growlithe and Sneasle has a 50% chance to yield a Houndour, 25% Growlithe, and 25% Sneasle. Or, something to that effect.

        1. Yeah but thats literally like saying if an ant and an octopus got it on you might get a spider lol…the only thing they could do without it getting weird is create some pokemon that you can only get by breeding 2 different pokemon….similar to how dogs can produce cross breeds.

  20. I hate happiness. Yes, I like knowing if my pokemon love me, but when they made the addition of evolving with love, I hated it! It takes forever!! Especially if you are trying to get umbreon/espeon where they miss moves they could have learned if it didn’t take so long to get them to fully love you! It’s a major turn off for me. That is the reason why I don’t like many of baby evolutions nor use them. If they evolved in a different way or it was easier/took less time to evolve with love, I would like them so much more.

  21. Which egg did you want to recieve from the daycare man?
    Magby, Pichu, Igglybuff, Togepi, Elekid, Cleffa, Smoochum, or Tyrogue

    Top 3:
    1. Pichu. I went with Pichu since Marreep is not available in crystal, and the Pikachu line is my second favorite electric after the mareep line in gens one and two.

    2. Smoochum. I love Jynx. Yes, I may be a loner in that regard ;p

    3. Cleffa. I love Cleffable, especially it’s shiny! So I have definitely done the soft reset approach to get one.

    1. I like jynx; I have one for competitive usage! I always got Smoochum or Magby… I wanted Pichu so bad!

    1. Slowly ate away at their flesh eventually causing its stats to go down and if not treated properly your Pokemon would get released automatically the next time you used the PC.

  22. I think breeding and gender should have been in the original game. I mean they must have been thought of gender when they created Nidoran F and Nidoran M but there should be some limitations I guess. Nonetheless, since gender differences are introduced in Gen 4 we would still have Nidoran as two different Pokemon.

    I’m really excited about this new thing which will have lots of involvement from the community.

    And Dae I’ll miss you. (っ˘̩╭╮˘̩)っ

  23. Breeding- Well if im honest it’s not something i really used a lot until Gen 3 and even then it was Gen 4 before it became a standard for me.

    Gender- Never understood why it wasn’t there in the first place so definitely a needed addition.

    Babies- I like the concept of how they can provide their evolved forms with special moves and i feel they make their evolutionary stages seem more realistic.

    Day/Night- My favourite mechanic introduced in Gen 2.. it really added that extra something to the world. Just a shame it caused such a distaster for the battery life of the games.

    Happiness- I love the idea of it and how your pokemon evolve based on it…i think this one really stemmed from the anime and how levels are not what dictate evolution on it.

    Dark/Steel type- Again i love these types..Umbreon is my favourite Eeveelution and these types were very much needed to counteract the ridiculously overpowered Psychic type. Dragon really only just begun to evolve into the powerhouse it became in the second gen so psychic really needed taken down a peg.

    Pokérus- I think its an interesting one and i think having a few more disease type ailments would be very interesting…ones that both help and hinder your pokemon in different ways.

    Held items- The competitive battling scene would not be what it is today without them so undoubtedly one of the biggest game changers in terms of competitive battling.

    Experience how annoying phones can be with the Pokégear before phones were commonplace- meh it didn’t really bug me too much but it wasn’t really a necessary feature. I think the match call in emerald allowing you to rematch gym leaders and such is where this idea became interesting.

    And finally shinies!- A nice idea but very few people actually knew about them back in the days of gen 2 simply because they were so rare and the internet was still an infant. The only real clue was red gyarados and even then it didn’t exactly spell it out.

  24. Gold was my first game, so I’m a bit of a biased Gen II fan. Day and night was a magical feature to me as a child; I loved the feeling of being free to wander around in the wild as late as I wanted to. It gave me a sense of excitement, like I was going on a late-night expedition into the wild unknown. I actually ran into a shiny Nidoran male when I was a kid, but since I didn’t know what a shiny was, I figured it was a glitch, so I caught it and let it sit in my PC box for eternity.
    To be honest, I didn’t know things like Held Items and Pokerus weren’t in Gen I. That surprises me, because those are both pretty vital gameplay elements.

  25. I just wish owning a Pokémon as a Baby would boost its power in some way. A Bonus for us who have used them

          1. Not really.. I mean it doesn’t have to have the Full Eviolite eff but even if it did, Pokémon with baby forms would not be considered OP with a stat boost based on their current stats

  26. Saw another person did this, and thought, wow, how smart:

    Breeding- In regards to G/S, I probably did use this feature too often, except of course to get Baby Pokemon, but in later games, when I was a little older, I used this so often! I’m so glad GameFreak added it 🙂

    Gender- Definitely nice to know the “things” now have genders. Having been playing yellow to hype for X & Y, I can fully appreciate that they get genders now!

    Babies- Even if everyone says how awful the Baby Pokemon are, just look at a pichu and tell me you hate it, cause even those who don’t like them have to admit they are adorable!!!

    Clock with Day/Night- Just really cool in general, especially since the clock leads to evolving Eevee into Espeon or Umbreon, my favorite Eeveelutions 😀

    Happiness- Since they are animals, technically, it’s nice that they were given more “personality” with happiness, it’s kinda like Pikachu in Yellow, but less present.

    Dark/Steel type- I L-O-V-E Dark-pokémon, they are the best 🙂

    Pokérus- I only every got Pokérus once, so I can’t say I love the feature, but I do like the smile thing they get when it’s gone in later gens, so I guess it’s good they added it..

    Held items- I like held items. They are dependable, and useful in a strategy, if you distribute wisely, and so I am glad they got introduced. Thank you GF!

    Experience how annoying phones can be with the Pokégear before phones were commonplace- I kinda liked the calls, even if they were a bit too frequent, it was like having really annoying friends who you like because they aren’t real and won’t ever get mad if you don’t answer them (they don’t, right?)

    And finally shinies!- I NEVER saw a shiny in Gold and Silver, so i can’t talk about (lie, I forgot about Red Gyarados, but everyone has the chance to catch it so, it’s not really special). Other than that, I like that there are shinies, cause they loooook soooooooooooo nice, so I’m glad they were “invented.”

  27. I dislike how they introduce a feature and nothing useful is explained about it (aka Pokerus). It’s fun and all to try and find out, but not when you can’t see EVs and tell what changed..

    Also, the babies (again).

  28. One of my favorite features, something that didn’t get added to later games, is The Bug Catching Contest. I’m a little biased with Bug being my favorite type, but it was such a fun addition to the game. Tons of cool Bug Pokémon to catch and prizes to win, it was awesome. They also had the Fishing Guru by the Lake of Rage challenge you to catch the biggest Magikarp, almost like a mini fishing contest. I wish they had these contests in the new games, not only is it fun competition but it’s a good way to add tons of extra Bug/Water Pokémon into the mix.

    1. I know right, wasn’t it awesome? When I was 12 I freaking LIVED to win that competition! I was so furious that time I caught a Scyther and some jerk beat me with a Caterpie.

      1. That’s kinda what I meant to say… My mind is off. Make one with better Sp. Attack and the other Sp. Defense

        1. maybe mime jr will go the tyrouge way and evolve into Mrs.Mime if it has higher sp defense than sp attack, and vice versa if you want Mr.Mime

    1. maybe they could give mime jr. another evolution if it is a female (Mrs. Mime as said before) and it could be psychic fairy type

  29. Besides the ones Dae mentioned….there is very significant addition in GSC that hasn’t been mentioned/glanced over.

    The Special Defense Stat

    Before GSC, there was only a Special Stat which counted for Special Attack and Special Defense. This was why moves like Amnesia were broken….as it was essentially +2 special attack and +2 special defense in ONE turn. Chansey and Alakazam were monsters back in RBY because they essentially had very high special attack and special defense. This split between special attack and special defense brought balance, and began what we now know as competitive pokemon battling.

  30. I like the day night cycle and that different pokemon appeared at different times of the day. Sad it wasn’t in gen five games. I hope this returns in X and Y, maybe with the seasons too.

    1. Perhaps it had something to do with already having seasons. Maybe both day/night and seasons would have had too many variables for players. Though, I miss seeing pokemon like Hoothoot at night 🙁

  31. I will be giving a grade (1-10) on how good these additions are 🙂

    Breeding (8): I’m glad they introduced it! I also liked how some Pokemon in some games you can only get by breeding however it is a hassle x)

    Gender (7): One of the best things they have ever introduced in Pokemon! I usually don’t care if a Pokemon is a specific gender or not (unless it’s a gender difference but that’s in Gen 4) but if my starter is a female, I love it more for some reason! Also if there is a Pokemon that looks more male than female, for example Luxray, than I will try to get that gender.

    Babies (9): People say that it is useless, but I usually go for Pokemon that have a 3 stage evolution, so if they add a baby Pokemon to an already 2 stage line, then I will probably add that line to my team.

    Clock with Day/Night (9): Love it! I’m more of an aesthetic person, so if they include things like that, then I’m all for it. I also love how in new games, the cities look more like if they are night/day so if they never introduced that mechanic, then the game would look bland imo.

    Happiness (7): Also love it! I want to know how much my Pokemon loves me so that is a good addition.

    Dark/Steel type (6): Not bad. It adds more technique to Pokemon battles with weakness and strength which is also added with the Fairy type. And I know I speak for everyone when i say, WHERE’S THE DARK TYPE GYM LEADER?! I had this theory that maybe in the “last” Pokemon game the first dark type gym leader would be the main antagonist but then that would mean that Pokemon ends so no.

    Pokérus (4): The only times i’ve gotten it was because of cheating. And I’m not a hardcore Pokemon player because I don’t EV train. Idk I just don’t want to waste time making my Pokemon stronger when I just play the games for the story and music not to be the best Pokemon Trainer in the world but that’s just me 🙂 It is a good addition for people who do like to EV train and make their Pokemon stronger I guess.

    Held items (7): A good addition. Usually the only times I use held items are when I don’t want to evolve my Pokemon and I don’t want to see the evolution screen only to press B so I give it an Everstone, and yea that’s all I can think of right now lol

    Experience how annoying phones can be with the Pokégear before phones were commonplace (4): I love how people get mad at youngster Joey and his “OMG My Rattata has moer Sw4g dan any1 lolz” It wasn’t a big deal for me though but I love how after this they introduced more communication devices.

    Shiny Pokemon (9): LOVE. It’s pretty hard to get one and when you find one you get so excited that you drop your ds and the game turns off. But in all seriousness, I’m not a big fan of the colors, but I think that shiny Pokemon aren’t even about the color, it’s about how rare they are. And when you finally find one you want it more than an event legendary Pokemon. 🙂

    1. I should have rated mine on a 1-10 scale…
      Shinies: 9/10 (it’d get 10 if they were a tad bit easier to find)
      Phones: 7/10 (a fun novelty that I was okay with)
      Held Items: 9/10 (Great, but some are broken)
      Pokerus: 9/10 (Great, optional thing for those who want it, and it’d earn 10 if it was a bit more accessible.
      New types: 10/10 long run, 5/10 in Gen II (inaccessible in the main game)
      Happiness: 1/10 (Sure, I love my Pokemon, but I don’t want to waste time pampering it).
      Time: 10/10 (Amazing touch)
      Babies: 9/10 (Useless, but so cute!)
      Breeding: 10/10 (has kept fans happy for years)
      Gender: 9/10 (It’d earn 10 for better female rates and getting rid of Male Gardevoir and Loppuny)

        1. Mr. Mime’s original name is Barrierd, and it has no bearing on gender. Meanwhile, other pokemon do have masculine names in their Japanese names–Slaking (Kekking), Seaking (Azumao), Slowking (Yadoking).

  32. Breeding is probably the thing I used the most, it let breed Pokemon to give to my friends( I still do this!).

    Hold Items are the closest thing Pokemon has to equipment. It might be the most important battle mechanic introduced, even though it wasn’t until the next Gens when items were good.

    Dark and Steel opened the door to give us good Pokemon, but there weren’t enough Dark or Steel attacks at the time to stop Psychic types completely. But I thought it was cool that Steel was weak to Fire.

    Gender and Shinies were cool, they gave Pokemon personal touches that I would appreciate later. There’s a lot of shinies I don’t care about, though.

    Speaking of personal touches, I liked the Pokegear. I liked the rare Pokemon swarm calls, but mostly I enjoyed the random chit-chat from trainers. (I don’t remember Joey or his Rattata at all, though)

  33. Breeding
    Clock with Day/Night
    Dark/Steel type
    Held items
    Experience how annoying phones can be with the Pokégear before phones were commonplace
    And finally shinies!

  34. Will you guys post an article about your project hinting at what it might be if it gets greenlighted? Can’t wait to see what it is! (^.^)/

          1. No, and it’s a secret right now. I’ll greenlight it eventually, but not now. Not with X and Y around the corner.

    1. They’re staging a rebellion to overthrow the government. Once they have claimed leadership positions in all of the world’s capitol positions, they will rule that Pokemon is the International Sport and all Pokemon Trainers must be hailed as heroes.

  35. So far I’ve encountered pokerus three times in three different games and caught three legit shinies (trapinch, psyduck, purrloin) in three different games, but I’ve never evolved a pokemon through happiness that didn’t take FOREVER. I’m not a fan of happiness evolutions, and I’m really not a fan of time-oriented happiness evolutions (looking at you, budew).

    1. I entirely forgot about Budew. Just like Glameow and Purugly, it has passed my mind. Actually…I kind of want to hunt for a shiny Glameow. Be right back.

    2. I’ve never caught a Pokemon with Pokerus, but I’ve received several Pokemon on Wi-Fi that have had it.

  36. I don’t know if this is exactly on-topic, but do you think we could create a JungleTalk article where we share our favorite music from the series? It would be a major hype build-up machine of ultimate splendor.

    1. Nobody knows. Some think yes. Some think no. Some think maybe. We’ll need the game on our hands first.

    2. We don’t know. No one except GF does. Hate to break it to you, but this is a Gen II article. You don’t want Dae banning you 😉

  37. Why aren’t Apricots on that list? They allowed us to created many different types of Pokéballs to use in different situations. I also love all their designs.

    Speakin’ of Pokéballs…
    I really like using different styles of Pokéballs to catch Pokémon. Something that maybe matches they’re color or type. I also loved the seals in introduced in Gen 4. They were a nice, personalized aesthetic touch that brought style to the battlefield.
    I really hope and wish that Pokémon X & Y can not
    only allow us to customize our character’s outfit, but also personalize the way be bring out our Pokémon,
    too! Maybe bring back seals or, even better, allow Pokéballs to be customizable! From the way they look to the effect that takes place when a Pokémon pops out! The ball itself could be a new type of Pokéball called a… Custom Ball or… a Fashion Ball!

    1. I remembered them five minutes after I posted the article. Didn’t want to bother editing them in, someone would mention them regardless, as you did 😉

  38. I did like the box glitch tho, easiest way to clone Eevee to get both Umbreon and Espeon on my team plus cloning a Rare Candy/Master Ball

  39. So, are the gottacatchemall sweepstakes week one results coming up today? I believe the entry rules said that there would be a drawing on the 23rd. If so, good luck PJ’ers. I hope one of us wins after our team effort to find all of the codes within an hour.

  40. My first baby Pokemon was a Pichu. I bred my Raichu – all the way from yellow version! – and my Typhlosion. I was so amazed at this production of adorable critters that I just kept on lettin em breed until I had about 15 Pichu. Ah, those were the days. Pointless but fun.

    My first ever shiny was a Tangela on Crystal outside Mt Silver. Due to lack of internet I had no idea what shinies were so I almost crapped myself when it came across the screen and sparkled. I was so worried it was some kind of game-wrecking glitch that I almost didn’t catch it…good thing curiosity won out in the end!

    Also – Dragon’s Den music. That is all.

  41. breeding was on of the best ideas of gen 2. Off topic, today is the special brodcast for pokemon X and Y! 😀

  42. When y’all think the full X & Y Pokédex will be revealed? The Black & White Pokédex (the english one) was revealed a month before the actual release. It’s September 23rd, how much time do we have to wait?!

  43. Breeding- I didnt fully understand how to utulize it at the time, so all i used the breeders for were to see my pokemon on the field(even if most of them had the same sprites.

    Gender- Technically existed in gen 1, but i do remember trying to catch pokemon in the gender that i think suited them most.(also didn’t play crystal, so i thought may was the first female playable character, until i found a copy of crystal a few years after R/S came out)

    Babies-again, didnt fully understand the breeding mechanic, so i never got the baby pokemon.

    Day/Night- Probably my favourite addition, sad they got rid of it in gen3(even though the time feature was still in it)(glad they brought it back in gen 4), + umbreon is my favourite eeveelution.

    Happiness- didnt know it existed until gen 3

    Dark/Steel- who doesnt love new types, especially because with them added, more pokemon possibilities came about.

    Pokerus- didnt know it existed

    held items- Another great add, though in my childhood naivity i kept making my team hold potions(i cringe at my childhood thought process)

    phonecalls- i liked them(dont hate me)

    shinies- all i know is the gyarados is the only one that i ever got in my own games before B2/W2, and that in gen 2 they had higher stats(somehow a friend of mine got 6 in gold)

  44. I don’t mean to be off topic, but there was another trailer for X and Y’s anime. It’s right here:

    My comments about it:
    – That opening with the characters scrambling into positions was quite funny.
    – Does Serena have a Fletchling, or is that just one in the lab.
    – Team Rocket was controlling Garchomp! Does that mean that they’re a threat again. Despite this, Wobbuffett being back seems to hint at more humor again.
    – Denenne is adorable, much more than I thought before.
    – Beedrill swarms are back!

    1. Most things that begin with “I don’t mean to be…” or “Sorry if this is…” always are “…” so just outright admit it 😉

    2. Mega Wobbufet. It seems likely team rocket would get a mega, and of all things the most humorous of pokes!

    3. Is it just me but did you guys Also heard ho-oh’s cry at the beginning of the video??
      were the characters were scrambling into positions.

  45. Sorry if it’s out off topic but I want to know when we’ll get the new stuff about pokemon x and Y and the anime

  46. Sorry for going off topic, but some fellow Pokejunglers said that there would be a special announcement about Pokemon X and Y on Monday, which is today. Does anyone (Dae, this applies to you too, if you would like to answer) know anything regarding that, or if it is true or not?

    1. hopefully it is and they make an article so we don’t get too off topic due to our poke addiction 😀

    2. It has already finished more than 12 hours ago. It was nothing but rehashes of stuff we’ve already seen.

  47. Slightly off topic, but I will be RNG breeding for shinies (for free) for those who need it to prep for X and Y release. Legitimate shinies with your Hidden Power/IVs of choice, you can either email me [email protected] your request, or you can reply with a comment of your request and I will begin seeding.

      1. I don’t RNG on 5th gen games I only RNG on 4th gen games. I should’ve specified. But I did RNG you a shiny dunsparce and electrike, Do you need me to trade it to 5th gen games for trade or can u trade me on 4th gen

    1. That’s awesome! If its not too much trouble, I’d like an adamant or jolly shiny trapinch please. That was my first shiny, but one long and emotional backstory later, I no longer have one. Good ivs in speed and attack would be cool, but thank you either way. 🙂

        1. Hey, I thought I replied but my computer isn’t working. Yeah, I can only do 5th gen with my wifi, sorry. But THANK YOU!

      1. Off the top of my head, i’ll bet on either helioptile’s evo, espurr (if beaches leaker got the cats mixed up, which I think is the case), or an evo for an old pokemon (yes, I still believe in those).

        1. Either on of those:

          1. Helioptile’s evo (most likely)
          2. Eeveelution (because there are 2 in each gen)
          3. Clauncher/Skrelp’s evo

          4. Swirlix/Spritzee’s evo
          (3+4 seem unlikely to be cause it is announced that one evo will be revealed)
          5. Mega evolved pokemon (I don’t want that to happen)

      2. It seems likely to be Helioptile’s evolution given that Pyroar was released a couple of weeks ago. If it was Skrelp or Clauncher’s evolution I think they’d release them in a pair.

      1. If they introduced the Dark-type to counter Psychic and made Umbreon (Dark) and Espeon (Psychic), then if they introduced Fairy-type to counter Dragon and made Sylveon (Fairy)…

    1. Since they are only introducing one evolution, it can’t be part of a pair (i.e. skrelp/clauncher or swilix/spritzee). I’m placing my bets on Helioptile, because it was revealed much earlier than pokemon like Bunelby or Dedenne.

  48. Hi everybody, this is my first post here. I’ve been following the site since the reveal of X and Y, but I never got around to making an account…

    Anyway, I love shinies, but I’ve only ever gotten the Red Gyrados (Heartgold, Gold, and Crystal) and a shiny rattata (Heartgold).

    1. Hey whats up dude? How are you going? 😀 I want to know why all the new people say the same stuff: hey Im I’ve looking your commemts…… It’s not personal dude 😛

      1. No worries. I’m not really sure why everyone does it. I just posted that because I wasn’t really sure what else to say to introduce myself haha

      1. Oh! I forgot about the shiny Dratini. I got that, but I never got the Haxorus. I never managed to get to the Nature Preserve… maybe I’ll try to do that before X and Y come out. Hopefully I have enough time with school :/

        1. Thank you, you too 😀 I wanted to post this down here to avoid more spam. I made two versions. You could decide which one you want 🙂

  49. One thing I would like is for the daycare to be a bit more then it already is.

    Up until Gen V it’s always been run by two people in a small building, I think that it should be a bigger service for example, a decent sized building where more then 2 Pokemon can be looked after. Maybe multiple incubation rooms that function like they do in Spectrobes (If anyone’s played that game.)

  50. I appreciate this is off-topic, my apologies, but just thought I’d say in case anyone hasn’t seen that the pokemon facebook page has said that a new evolved pokemon will be revealed on wednesday 🙂

    1. That was pretty cool, they made the game seem even cooler during that commercial.

    2. Anybody else notice that Black/White seemed to be aimed at gaining a new, younger demographic? X and Y really seems to be pushing to get back some old fans, what with the original starters and the epic commercials. I mean, this commercial has been playing late at night on Comedy Central!

        1. Well they said its never before seen so I dont think they’re revealing oorotto. Unless thats a troll post knowing that we’ve seen oorotto in like a million trailers but saying its “never before seen” to piss us off

          1. It has a good chance of it being Oorotto. It hasn’t been officially revealed just shown in trailers soo I don’t know :p
            Then again it could just be Helioptile’s evolution…I expect new evolution(s) will be revealed on Thursday because it seems to be a trend but maybe this time Pokemon wanted to beat IGN to it xD
            I’m going to stop before we get even more off topic so we will see in a two days 🙂

    1. I think it’s Oorotto! 😀 Could it be the evolution of a Gen 2 Pokemon Hmm… Sudowoodo? It acts so much like a real tree that it became one XD

      P.S. RocketClauncher kinda already posted this down below :p

      1. A Pokemon Evolution! So, it’s not going to be Oorotto! I’m hoping the evolution will be for Helioptile. ;D (Oh, I didn’t know he already posted about this, sorry!)

    2. I wonder what time though…because if its sept. 25 (in the morning) in Japan, that’s sept. 24 (in the night) for me…

      1. It would finally dispel rumors about X and Y not having any regular evolutions….so I guess that’s a good thing.

        1. But it’s not fair that Sableye gets an evolution and Mawile doesn’t. Then again it DID become Steel/Fairy… but still!

  51. Are you guys gonna take about the new Pokemon that is said to come out on the 25th September

    1. I don’t mean to sound a bit cranky but there have been several comments about this and Dae’s going to get mad.

      P.S. I believe it’s either a Helioptile evolution or Oorotto. (:

        1. I think you were on the “Best” tab instead of the “Newest” tab so it shouldn’t be your fault 🙂

      1. Helioptile evolution for sure, it says on Serebii that it’s an evolved Pokemon. ELECTRIC/STEEL FOR THE WIN!

  52. Question: did anybody fight Red in gen II? If so, was it an “oh crap!” moment or an “I can handle this!” moment?

        1. Yeah. I only bought SS for nostalgia. Those were great games, I was slightly disappointed crystal wasn’t remade but whatever.

          1. Wasn’t most of the Crystal stuff put in HG/SS anyway? I never played Crystal but I know they added all the Suicune/Eusine stuff.

          2. Lol. Yeah it was. I just like the sparkly case and cartridge. Plus Suicune is a pretty sexy game mascot. Yay water!

    1. I did and my first time was on a japanese gold version before the english ones came out in the US. I couldn’t read japanese, but when I saw Pikachu’s level…..I realized that s**** about to get real.

  53. Breeding was an interesting addition to game mechanics, with breeding moves and all, but what annoyed was that none of the Game characters knew “where the eggs came from.” Oh, hey we just found an egg with your two breed-able Pokemon and we don know how it got there.
    Day and night and happiness gave the game a more realistic feel (and Eeveelutions!)
    Dark and steel types were by far the best new mechanic (Steelix!!)
    Held items added more strategies and a competitive feel when facing the same poke
    Didn’t care much about the shinies…
    Note: gold was the first game ever owned, and crystal gave me the best gen II experience

      1. I’m sure the PJN staff is working on a new article as we speak.

        (…They’d better be!)

    1. We might find out if these rumors are real or not on the 25th if that
      never-before-seen evolved Pokémon is Bunnelby’s evolved form.

  54. Bunnelby evolving into Ground/Dark? Wow I don’t know about that…but uh..gen 2 huh? Crazy stuff….

    1. Giving the rival an interesting story was a good addition too. Gary/Blue was just a snot, but Silver was actually one of the first characters to have real development.

        1. Yeah, he kinda was. Being Giovanni’s son would do that.
          I’m still like a certain rival who likes to “unleash his rage.”
          He’s feisty.

          1. The manga does it a lot better, tbh. In the games he was just whiny all the time. “You’re weak I’m strong wah you beat me I hate the weak” and such. Being linked to Giovanni was a very interesting side story, but I wish they went into more detail in the game.

          2. Right, at least stealing a Pokemon was more interesting than the spoiled grandson of a professor. I feel like I’m attributing HG/SS and manga attributes into Silver though that weren’t present in the game.

            On a negative side, I used to think he was a girl because of his hair.

          3. I wasn’t disagreeing, Blue was boring. But I felt like Silver had a lot more potential for character development and they coped out. Looks like for X and Y they are actually going to focus on characters and development, instead of just an angry rival who hates you for always beating him.

            I did like his design. Especially his HGSS design. I also liked how you practically guess his name for the cops, since his name is ??? when you meet him and I don’t recall him telling you.

          4. Ha, I knew, I was actually agreeing with you a bit.

            I like his design now (HG/SS), but as a 9 y/o boy I could get past their hair. I would have loved to name him ???, but alas, I was too smart and named him Gary.

        2. Ha, I know, I meant that Gary/Blue’s only draw was being a snot. Silver had an interesting story of why he was a snot and did more interesting things than Gary/Blue.

    2. It makes sense since it does dig with its ears, and it apparently lives in caves…plus, evolving Pancham would be a bitch if they didn’t give us a more common dark type early on. If it is really early on, that means Pancham is too.

      Bunnelby is kind of…uninteresting so if it really has that grand of a retyping, I’m impressed.

      I’m more curious about Togepi (GEN TWO RELATION) being apparently retyped completely. I guess they would drop the normal type. I don’t think that’s been done before?

  55. I hope such rumors are real, although I wish the description of Froakie’s final evolution was more detailed.

    1. I’m leaning on believing these rumors. With release being so close, review games would have been sent out by now, so new leakers are very possible. Nintendo can’t really prevent that.

      1. WPM even said “Again, please treat all of this with caution –
        even though we’ve been shown evidence to backup some of the information, we could still be falling for an elaborate trick. Time will tell!”

        I’m guessing it must be from a recent review of the game.

      1. Steel Eeveelution preferred over those two. If I get that, I will not ask for any more reveals.

  56. My favourite addition in Gen II was the baby Pokémon (although I never played Gen II games). If Elekid or Magby didn’t exist, their evolutionary lines wouldn’t feel complete, I guess. I also think Electabuzz and Magmar are better as 2nd forms.

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