New Direct to Air Oct. 1st & Comment Policy Clarification

It’s already been announced for a while, but I’ll use this opportunity to give you a friendly reminder that a brand new Nintendo Direct is set to air tomorrow. Nintendo have said they will ‘provide updates on upcoming 3DS and Wii U games launching this year’. This means you don’t have to go expecting new Smash Bros details or Mario Kart, but you never know with Nintendo. There is a possibility that they will give us a new English XY trailer, hopefully with new footage and a Pokémon reveal or two (Orot please?).

As of now, we will not cover it live, but rather provide a write-up an hour after the Nintendo Direct has aired. If any Pokémon news breaks however, we will bring you the news as fast as we can. International times are the following (with countries listed rather than confusing time zones):

7 am Pacific, 10 am Eastern, 3 pm United Kingdom, 4 pm Mainland Europe, 11 pm Japan time.

Note: 01/10 uses the correct formatting for dates and is as such October 1st and not January 10th.

In addition, continuing the debate about our comment policy after the site’s activity has boomed, some people think we were too strict enforcing our new Community Guidelines. I shall now provide some further clarification on them and introduce some slight change to make it easier for everyone.

First of all, you most likely know the comment activity has grown a lot. Where we barely got 100 comments on uninteresting two years ago, such things get 1500+ comments nowadays. This poses a few problems. Where those 100 comments were usually meaningful additions, a huge part of those 1500 were borderline spammy. Also, whenever people started talking off-topic, the thread usually derailed into everything but the topic they should discuss. It’s sad to see a Dae asks becoming a ask-everyone-everything, because that was never the purpose of Dae asks.

Naturally, we had to enforce some kind of guidelines. I’m normally against such things, because I don’t believe in an overly abusive police state. Yet, you guys showed me you could not behave without a guiding moderator. I had to unfortunately resort to threatening people with bans so they could calm down. Some people complained it was weird that people could get banned for talking off-topic, and I have to agree it is something I would rather not do. However, you should also keep in mind that the only people I’ve banned were annoying and verbally offensive trolls. I also believe we should be a bit more forgiving in the future, but at the same time enforce some slightly stricter regulation against pure spam. Therefore I have proposed the following:


Is the article a news article? Go ahead, just comment whatever you want. However, refrain from posting spam (you should at least put 5 seconds of effort into your comment). This includes short comments like ‘XD’, image captions (memes) that have nothing to do with Pokémon and things that are better said in general chat (I’m going to bed now). Ignore the trolls, and if something goes on a spam rampage, hit me up here so I can sort it out. Also, if you are a leaker, please provide some proof, and know it’s not hard for me to know what your real account is.

Is the article an opinion piece, or does it ask for relevant opinions? Please try to stay on-topic. Off-topic posts will get deleted if there’s a chance the thread could derail. However, no bans will be issued unless you persevere in posting irrelevant comments. Did some important news leak, like Hoenn remakes or X2 & Y2 or a totally new Pokémon, that’s totally fine to put it in there. If you really want to discuss something else, go to our forums, the latest news article at hand or just wait for a new one to arrive (there will be always some sort of news, and I’m sure you won’t die if you don’t know immediately which starters everyone is going to pick).


If you still have some remarks or something else you want to discuss, just hit me up in the comments. My job is mostly to talk with you guys, and listening to our readers is also a vital part of the site. Remember, we are, which means we really try to be a network or community where everyone is free to give their opinion.


  1. Are we really likely to get any major xy news now seeing as the launch is so close.

    Would be cool if we did, I’m just not sure we will.

      1. I suppose, It just feels to me like GF might keep the rest of their cards close to their chest so that there are still lots of surprises.

        I’m still hopeful that we find out the final starter evos first though. XD

    1. I think we’ve probably had the last of the major news. If we’re lucky we might get a new trailer and at most the final start evolutions, but I wouldn’t hold your breath.

  2. No es fake
    ok, all joking aside, I feel like we will get some new stuff tomorrow, not Pokemon-Wise, but gameplay wise. Maybe it can reveal to us if we get any other starters and if they will MegaEvolve? Oh well, we’ll wait and see.

    1. I will 100% catch Bowser! He is a Fire/Dragon type right? Anyways, no Kalos Pokemon will Mega Evolve! Only Generation 1 to 5 can Mega Evolve!

      1. Sorry. I worded it wrong, what I meant was starters from other regions, like how they revealed we could get the Kano starters, then revealed the mega evolutions of them.

    2. It has been confirmed that none of the pokemon introduced in this generation will have Mega Evolutions.

        1. Eh, I guess it wouldn’t be fair for new Pokemon to get Mega Evolutions and then GF leaving some of the older Pokemon in their dust.

          1. If they make a Pokemon Z some kalos pokemon will probably have mega evo’s including Xerneas and Yveltal, like black kyurem and white kyurem

        2. It makes sense though, they want us to warm up and get used to the new 6th gen pokes before they just go and give us a mega evo without even knowing what their capable of.

          In Black/White, only Gens 1-4 got dreamworld abilities while Gen 5 had to wait until B2W2

  3. I expect this direct to be more about games that we already know about like Wii Fit U, Wii Sports Club, Windwaker physical copy, donkey kong country, Mario 3D Land, maybe pokemon x and y.

    I highly doubt we get new on stuff like smash bros. or mario kart or stuff releasing in 2014.

    (I still want surprises though….)

    1. Chances are there will be at least 1 surprise, because come on … it’s Nintendo we’re talking about.

  4. It’s quite sad how this still has to be said, oh well, people’ll learn one day…..or not
    Hopefully they will reveal some X & Y news that’s of some importance
    Can’t wait for info on SSBB tho, great game (although I wish the battles were more like Kid Icarus, such great graphics)

    1. are you referring to 3DS smash bros? I never played icarus, but do you think it has better graphics than smash bros 3ds?

      1. Kid Icarus graphics are amazing, one of the best 3DS games for graphics IMO
        One of the reasons I play online more, hopefully they’ll make a sequel in the future

    1. I hope so. I miss silhouettes…they reveal a bit without spoiling anything. Plus, making and looking at all of the fan art for them is just completely time consuming and fun!

          1. wouldn’t it be awesome if they showed a trailer with a fast collage of silhouetted Pokemon just to tease everyone. I would love for Nintendo to do that.

          1. dae when did you join pokejungle offtopic i know but where else can i aske unless you have pokejungle origins

  5. Okay, I’m glad it’s clearer now about the comments. Hopefully they will be easier to deal with!
    Nintendo Direct…hm….
    I’m hoping for something, anything really! It will be exciting to know something else before release.
    Luckily, I’ll be in school, so I’ll be up to hear about it!

  6. Pokemon is great, but what I really, really, really want to hear about is Monster Hunter 4 localisation PLEEEAAASE!!!
    I would be so happy… 🙂

  7. I really wouldn’t mind if they dropped in some quick screenshots from Smash Bros revealing a veteran like they did with Luigi back in July (or was it August), but I don’t expect a new character. If the Direct is focusing on games that are coming out this holiday season, there’s not much that could excite me (besides X/Y stuff) because I’ve already got the games I want planned out and don’t expect surprises.

    I do want Nintendo to reveal a Pokemon character for Smash Bros around 10/12 though to match Olimar and Toon Link’s reveals. If it is a veteran, then I can see it maybe getting the Luigi treatment and getting a few pictures in the Direct. If it’s a new one thoguh, I think they’ll save it for 10/11 (they don’t update on Saturdays) and give the new character a trailer like the other newcomers.

      1. Also, our 10/11 is Japan’s 10/12, so it is the actual day they get X and Y. Please, something either new or Pokemon Trainer.

          1. I want both (I’m not a Metroid fan, but I can see Ridley working), but seriously, my most wanted character is Pokemon Trainer. He’s so underrated, but he’s a blast to play as! I wouldn’t mind them giving him different Pokemon, but I would much rather have Squirtle/Ivysaur/Charizard, especially since their appearance in XY makes them much more relevant.

          2. I’d personally like to see a Mechanic where you can change skins and have like a Pokemon Trainer Johto, Pokemon Trainer Hoenn etc.

            And I want the Hoenn guy to have Treecko, Combusken and Swampert. That would pretty much MAKE smash bros for me. Getting it anyway because I loved Brawl (Melee was just before my time) but yeah.

      1. Palutena is my 2nd most wanted newcomer (right after FE’s Robin). I don’t see a reason for her to be revealed soon though (but she’d be awesome), especially with Pokemon, DK, and Sonic all releasing new games around the same time. I do think that she’ll be one of the first newcomers revealed though.

        1. I want a FE character that has a lance or axe or tome. Seriously why does every FE character have a sword!

        1. I think he meant Rosalina from the Mario Galaxy Series. She’d be a great addition, but I think her time has passed and we’ll already get a heavy female magic user out of Palutena.

  8. “Unlike some of our competitors who mostly use their site to boost their own ego”
    Ouch, Dae. Throw that shade, gurl.

    I don’t think we’ll get more than a new trailer (if we’re lucky) and a reminder that X & Y are coming out on the 12th. That being said, it is Nintendo so I expect everything and nothing.

    1. Maybe we’ll get the launch trailer for the games. That would be call. Maybe no new Pokemon, but some new scenes instead. Like of the Carnac Stones and the desert area.

    2. *snap* *snap* *snap*

      A “Z-Snap” has been heard. A sound usually heard after the throwing of the aforementioned “shade”.

  9. Im hoping for new pokemon reveals and Monhun 4/DQ7 Localization…..oh and Bravely Default or any new rpg

    1. Bravely Default, now that’s a game that needs to come over to the West soon. It looks fantastic, but I guess that I’m glad that we’re not getting it yet- it gives me more time to focus on X and Y!

        1. Orotto was shown to be weak to Fire moves, so I don’t find it particularly likely, unless they did away with its Rock typing altogether.

      1. I bet that if they are to do their weekly “reveal” this week then it should be him because everyone basically knows about him. The “reveal” this week should be in the Direct tomorrow. Perfect time to do it!

        1. We’ve gotten evolutions during the weekly reveals so far, enough times for me to consider that a trend, so I’d see an evolution for helioptile, or even spritzee and swirlx getting their evos revealed first.

          1. Logically speaking, I wouldn’t be surprised if it is Helioptile’s evolution or the proposed middle evolution of Fletchling and Talonflame.

          2. I’m more interested in Helioptile, as the only thing to see with the Fletchling line is to see how said middle stage is elementally, if it’s a fire type yet or not. Helioptile, it’s to see if this Normal subtype trend continues, because if it does, that almost certainly means we are getting an influx of Normal type combinations to help combat Ghosts, who got a buff.

          3. Good point. Considering that Pyroar kept its Normal type after evolving from Litleo, I wouldn’t be surprised if Helioptile’s evolution ends up being Electric/Normal as well. Yet again you never know. I’m hoping it’s Electric/Dark personally.

          4. I have a random feeling Helioptile could be Eletric/Fire because Helioptile uses the sun to generate energy.

    1. i really feel like it’s english name will be horroot (horror + root) mostly because it’s close to it’s jap name and they’ve been close lately. (Yancham and Pancham)

  10. In really want a new trailer as much as anyone else here, but wouldn’t they have done a pokemon direct instead if x and y news was to be showcased? I remember almost a month ago a Nintendo direct aired a few days before the kanto mega evolution direct and no new info was shown.

  11. I bet they’ll start with a Pokemon segment for X and Y, then Zelda segmen, then Japanese Ports segment, followed by Mario segment and Donkey Kong segment and at least 1 surprise at the end!

  12. I hope that means all those “See you in the morning” and “Make me an avatar” will stop. It’s always frustrating when I’m trying to find some interesting comment when all I see is the same people over and over commenting nonsense.

  13. I guess after the Nintendo Direct tomorrow the next thing to look forward to are the reviews for X and Y. Will there be an article with all the reviews in one place later this week or early next week?

  14. It they do reveal anything new about Pokemon X and Y in the Direct, I just hope it’s new footage rather than new Pokemon, because I want to see more of the region itself and get an idea of just how vast the Kalos region really is.

    1. Yea I wouldn’t mind seeing more of Mountain Kalos, because we’ve got some idea of what Coastal and Central Kalos looks like.

      1. I would think that you’d get those fossils in the mountains, if not underground. Imagine, a first-ever underground city of sorts. Maybe not a city, but maybe an underground route, a hidden one unmarked in Kalos.

        1. Maybe there’s a town or city hidden in the mountain itself. That would be cool. Maybe a Rock Gym could be in that town/city as well. This would make Mountain Kalos quite a big portion of Kalos in general.

  15. The part about some other site owners made me laugh, so true. I was hoping we might see some new SSB footage, but you pointed out how its focus is on games coming out this year, so nevermind. I do believe we’ll get some sort of new trailer for X & Y, though I’m not holding my breath for it to be anything major. However, perhaps we’ll find out the exact date that Pokémon Bank will be released in America. That won’t be terribly exciting, but it would be nice to know.

    1. I think there will be Pokemon news somewhere in the Direct, even if they mention it in passing. There could be Pokemon related news related to SSB maybe. Who knows?

    1. There going to show the Direct on (or there Direct Page). Then they will upload it on Youtube for others who missed it! That’s how it works! ;D

  16. Well guys this is it we are about to enter into the month where Pokemon X and Pokemon Y are waiting for us can i get a Booyeah Pokemon X and Pokemon Y!

  17. Well I’ll be able to watch the 1st 5 minutes seeing as my bus comes for me at 7:05…………I wish I could stay home!!!! DX Anyway I’ll just watch the recap here…

      1. Oh right *facepalms Duh!!

        But I’ll still come here to show my support of this Wonderful Website 😀

    1. Annoyingly, Tuesday is the only day of the week that I have class at 10 am… I’ll see it two hours later, unfortunately.

  18. Just wondering, what do you mean by pokejungle’s competitors who use their site to boost their own ego? are you talking about places like serebii and pokebeach? can you please elaborate on what they have done wrong? And I really don’t like to see other fan sites as “competitors”, but rather just other fan sites.

    1. Yeah, why add a judgemental invective? Other fansites just want to share passion for pokemon just like this site, and I don’t see how doing things differently from here (no comment section for articles?) makes them egomaniacal bastards. Dissing for the sake of it is not cool, and I certainly wouldn’t expect it coming from this wonderful site. I know modding can be really tiring what with all the comments, but that’s no reason to vent your frustration by basically fostering fan-site sectarianism. Pokejungle is a fun, diverse community, not some closed off, self-indulging caste. Stay cool and stay friendly pokejungle staff! 🙂

        1. Thanks!
          You made a very good point about love for pokemon not being a competition, but just a shared fan experience.

      1. I’m always friendly 🙁

        I haven’t actually fully read this article yet (got a lot on my plate today!) but just know that there’s a chance it’s just Dae’s opinion, and not a reflection of all of the staff 🙂

          1. Actually yes it can. Its possible to believe another person is a loser, and a fucking piece of shit that deserves to die. If you honestly believe that opinion is not mean then I will give you a copy of pokemon x and y 5 days before they come out.

          2. Really? you don’t think that’s mean? sorry, but that does not compute with me. I fail to understand how anyone could actually believe such mean ideas are not mean. And therefore I will assume you are lying just to get a copy, which you therefore won’t get. I am completely certain no one would ACTUALLY believe wishing death on someone isn’t mean.

          3. Of course not, I’m just snow-balling here.. people shouldn’t take everything so seriously 🙂 But there is people that will whole-heartedly agree with you.

            And that simply shows that you, my friend, will believe what you want to believe.. we cannot change the perception of truth in your eyes 😉
            ** Also, don’t worry, I can afford both XY and those 2 are enough for one poke fan.

          4. I’d like a copy myself. Because all I see when I read the line is what it says.

            “Remember, we are, which means we really try to be a network or community where everyone is free to give their opinion. Unlike some of our competitors who mostly use their site to boost their own ego.”

            He didn’t call any one out, all you’re doing is assuming he is talking about Pokebeach, Smogon, or Serebii. You have no idea who these competitors are. They all cover Pokemon in general but they each have they’re different aspects to seperate them from competiting with one another. Pokebeach reports things about the Pokemon TCG. Most of the TCG that are release WPM is quick to cover them immedately. Smogon covers the metagame that is Competitive Play. Every set up or team you would one Smogon does it (Honestly more efficiently than Serebii). Speaking of which, Serebii covers more along the lines of Pokemon Animes more than any other of the sites. Pokejungle is most of a networking site for Pokemon fans where they can get reports on Pokemon news and rumors as well as Pokemon Smash/Get TV more than the others.

          5. I’m going to inject here and say, the way you are approaching this situation is childish and rude. If you would like us to take your opinion seriously, act like you can withhold an argument.

          6. Your tits are so uncalm right now. You love how you say he has a ‘mean’ opinion, yet you yourself have a ‘mean’ opinion of this reporter. Hypocrisy in its finest

            An opinion is an opinion. Opinions are subjective and never objective. They have the right express their opinion, you can’t force someone to change their opinion just because its mean or you don’t like it.

            For one, he didn’t specify any competitors. You and other people are assuming he’s talking about Pokebeach, Smogon, and Serebii. So we don’t know who he is talking about. Furthermore, lighten up. Its poking fun at some of the sites. I see no malicious intent what so ever.

            Secondly, I love how a lot of people ignored the entire reason for this article just for the one line. I didn’t see one thing in this article that made Dae or Pokejungle seem self-righteous or a high horse mentality. I frequent PB, PJ, and Serebii, there are that are, Journalist and Reports. I’ve yet to see anyone them on a high horse.

            Calm your tits, Sugar.

          7. lol, that’s gotta be one of the meanest/”coolest” (as ‘with attitude’) way to address someone : Calm your tits sugar.. calm your tits, haha.

          8. Nah I did it to be funny. Its one of my catchphrases that I tend to use a lot that. Woman find it hysterical. Works even better cause I’m gay lol

          9. I don’t if that’s what you think. I think you should change your disqus profile pic because I don’t like girls, but that’s my opinion. That shouldn’t mean anything to you. I think you should leave this community personally if you’re just going to complain about someone else’s opinion. If you find something offensive just don’t say anything and stay off. Aside from the fact it’s fucking retarded to let someone else’s opinions hurt you. I’m constantly told I should die because I’m gay but I don’t care because that’s someone else’s opinion. I don’t get online or in public view and act like the worlds ending because someone wants to be an asshole. Usually they’re just looking to stir up shit.

          10. Yes it is. And I live at school with five guys that are homophobic and when I go home for the weekends I live with my family that’s pretty much homophobic. Through this I’ve learned that other peoples opinions don’t matter to me personally and they will not affect my lifestyle because if they did, I wouldn’t be posting this right now and probably would’ve had another OD attempt. Moral? Don’t let others personal thoughts get to you.

          11. Everyone is entitled to an opinion. I don’t like how seriously you’re taking all this (it’s just Dae’s sense of humor, that’s all), but that’s my opinion. If you don’t agree, then fine- I can’t make you. But please try to be less serious; it was just a bit of (bad ) humor. 😉

          12. Right now I’m really thankful for comments like the one by nintendalek42, because everybody else is making me feel ganged up upon. He however, hit the nail right on the head.

          13. I never said that Dae’s comment wasn’t unnecessary. I never said your opinion was bad. I actually agree with Nintendalek42, but I also understand the other side of the argument; I’m not taking either side.

            No one is ganging up on you, we’re just all trying to get our opinions out there like a normal community. No harsh feelings, k?

          14. ok. sorry I overreacted. I’m used to dealing with cyber bullies and my mood disorder is also making me in a bad place now. Consider this resolved, please no one else come along and stir the pot. 🙂

          15. Wes, are you admin? I don’t see “gym leader” by your name but you seem mature enough to be one. Communities like this one need more people like you and nintendalek42. Your words made me feel a lot better, I was feeling really angry before. Having a gentle tone goes a long way with me. I know not everyone has that kind of personality, but just saying. 🙂

          16. Thanks. I saw your comment and got a little churned up inside but that apology goes along way with me, too! 🙂

          17. No, I’m not an admin (I’m only 14). :p

            But yeah, sometimes people just need to slow down and look at the situation for what it is, not what it appears to be.

          18. How old are the admins here? Do you know? I am 24 btw, but I have bipolar and aspergers. I don’t know if those things were evident in my comments, but I see how they could have been.

          19. I honestly don’t know how old the admins are, but I think one of them said they were 21. I’m not sure though so don’t hold it to me. 🙂

          20. Trust me nobody is ganging up on you they just disagree with your opinion 🙂 Personally I do see were your coming from as his language could be interpreted as arrogant and maybe even mean to some but then I think It’s more sarcastic/jokish than serious most of the time

        1. Don’t worry, no one’s mad at you;). I was just being general so as not to offend dae or something.

      1. well although I don’t know the others very well, what he said makes me want to say he is my least favorite. And I am not a very big fan of sarcastic senses of humor, either.

    2. Just to clarify, I think Dae simply meant that we’re focused on our community element rather than sites that don’t allow comments or make you register to post. He just worded it badly.

      1. oh… I think I get it now. I really thought he meant he had a legitimate problem with other sites. Which to be honest, made me a little sad.

  19. We should start a petition for Nintendo to release the X/Y PAX demo on the Nintendo eShop… I know it’s kinda late cuz the game comes out next week but I need a little taste D:

    1. If they hand out demos people will be less likely to buy it. If they’re disappointed with the demo, they won’t buy the game/cancel their preorder/ etc. If they just release the games normally, they’ll make more money. $-$

  20. I know that’s not particularly related, and I apologize. But for some reason I thought of that after reading this 😛

  21. I saw “Comment Policy Clarification” and immediately thought “Oh shit, what did we do this time?”

  22. A little off topic, but is it true that pokemon x and y reviews are coming out on the 4th and that they are allowed to leak?

    1. Not necessarily. They’re allowed to talk about things that have already been officially revealed in their reviews.

  23. “We really try to be a network or community where everyone is free to give their opinion. Unlike some of our competitors who mostly use their site to boost their own ego.”

    Ohh dear ;L there was me so pleased reading the comment policy info and you just HAD to go and add this in at the end, realllyy? 😮 I don’t understand why you felt the the need to add this in? It kinda contradicts the whole point of the article as It’s completely an irrelevant point and quite a silly thing to say. Perhaps you’d like to elaborate on what you mean by this? I understand you may just be taking a sly humorous dig at other sites but remember that as you said you’re communicating with a larger audience these days so you should probably save the dry humor for the comments section in the future as it doesn’t reflect well on the site ;P

    1. To me, it’s kind of sarcastic (they tease Dae themselves, haha, so it could be an inside joke?).

      1. Yeah I think it is too as I’ve read these comments long enough to assume that but I worry that new visitors would read it and interpret it badly

        1. Well, there is one at the top xD Giving free copies of pokemon to those that agree with him, haha.. oh man.

  24. “Unlike some of our competitors who mostly use their site to boost their own ego.”
    I can’t think of a single Pokemon site that is made to boost the owners ego, just saying.

  25. I personally don’t believe they’ll reveal anything of substance, but hopefully they prove me wrong! I just want oorotto at this point ;( I’d also like starter final evolutions (As if) so that I can for sure lock in my choice of Fennekin.

    1. They’ll probably show that one clip of Oorotto which doesn’t include the name and keep silent XD

  26. Hey guys, what do you think we’ll get tomorrow? I’m hoping for a demo on the Eshop, that would be lovely to tide me over until the release.

    1. If worst comes to worst…no Pokemon news. However, as the direct is focusing on these last two months, I am willing to bet that we will hear something about it.

  27. Ok forget all the comment policy for a sec we got potential evo leaks! (Of course leaker covers the evo as per usual *Rolls eyes*)

    1. Could be real. Could be fake. Doesn’t matter really because it didn’t show anything at all. Sorta think of it as a silhouette. Haha.

      1. I see a witch figure on a broom in last shot. I’m assuming they’re fake but I just posted them as a lead/something to discuss

        1. Oh yes. Upon closer examination, I did notice that. But still, I’d be cautious because of how close we are to release and that there’s that embargo in place…

    2. Of course they couldn’t reveal the whole thing….then again maybe it’s not real so maybe they had nothing to reveal at all.

    3. :O 😀
      It may be fake, but honestly, I’m just excited that they leaked Fennekin’s final. (Somewhat :3)
      But it looks half decent and looks real in my opinion.
      However, I know it is most likely will be fake, and I will store tissues in my corner for that moment.

      1. It probably is fake as I’ve seen Braxien in this exact same pose for a trailer and there were shots showing Haunter evolving into Gengar with the same glow around it.

        1. But that could be its pose or something.
          And the glow shows Braixen’s pose in it, not Haunter.
          But that could probably easily photoshopped.
          I don’t care, I’m just excited that Fennekin finally got its (fake, maybe) final evo leaked

          1. I agree with this, And anyways, after Wottergate I shall never confirm a leak as 100% fake until I see concrete evidence

          2. Am I missing something here? I looked up Wottergate last night to see what it meant but I got some Supreme Court scandal. I must of missed it. xD

          3. Wottergate Scandal was when the dex descriptons and later the artwork of the Unova Starters Final Evos were leaked. Everyone was highly upset especially about Emboar and Samurott. (Personally I like both of them and Serperior) Several people claimed and even admitted to them being fake. Everyone believed, but when release happened they were not fake lol

    4. Well. What a surprise as doing HW is no fun. Now this. Maybe our FakeLeakBusters from can decipher whether this is true or not! I’ll be here sporadically. 😀

        1. Hey, nice to see ya! I think it looks cool, but until I get the final Fennekin evolution, I can’t judge it. But it looks legit. Then again, this could’ve been photoshopped from that Chespin-Quilladin evolution pic that the Italian Lady posted w/ the Pokemon Center picture that day, and created in the form of yesterday’s fake Chespin final evolution. Only time can tell:

          11 days, 16 hours, 25 minutes, and 30 seconds!

          1. I hate to ruin on your parade inspector but the Chespin evo pic was much lower res so much you could hardly make it out 😉 I do wonder though where the Italian lady went as she never posted the leaks she promised she would 🙁

          2. I feel like, if we can consider the evolution images of Chespin evolving into Quilladin legitimate, this can be as well. While that may seem like a drastic statement, the overall image looks unique. But yeah, only this school week and next school week! 😀

          3. Yea. College students get a week in October off for Fall break. I’m probably going to put my D&D game aside and play the hell of of X lol

          4. I don’t. 🙁 But I don’t do anything much for Thanksgiving, so when I get that week off in November I can catch up on the sleep I’ll lose at the hands of my Y in the weeks following release.

    5. Im pretty sure its fake, unless the evolving animation is extremely slow, I doubt someone would get the picture at the perfect time. But I may be wrong ^-^

      1. still, much higher quality then these faker leaks have been, and it seems to have the official evolution background

        1. There was a screenshot with Scatterbug and the same background. So it could be taken from that.

          1. Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised with all of the images we saw these past few weeks. Lol.

    6. It looks like it is riding a broom with one foot falling down while seated upon it. While the torso is positioned pointing out in front where the broom handle-end is facing. This would be so cool if it was true! Sadly, it’s not wise to get our hopes up about anything!

    7. It’s fake. Take a look at the images! They were provided by RocketClauncher, they have the same effect. Someone just copied them. There 100% similar with just somethings edited.

    8. Well, I like the concept of the stick between the.. wait.. no.
      But yeah, transition image and same flare? 🙁 Sadly fake it seems

    1. So quickly shot down D:
      Oh well….
      And yeah, those screenshots don’t have silhouettes in them.
      Yep, if only it was real though! From what it looked like, it would have been awesome!

  28. OMG! Randomness but… just 11 more days! I really really have a sudden obsession of wanting to see the likely evolution for Clauncher! Pyroar and Talonflame were complete badasses. Honestly, all of the evolutions for Generation VI have been awesome so far! Can’t wait for evolutions other Pokemon like Bunnelby too! 😀

    1. and considering the fact that the map is so accurate it includes the cones on the skate park, I seriously doubt they could overlook a whole row of rocks.
      Also I doubt they would just copy/paste the same rock texture in 4 rows, it just seems lazy. I feel there would be at least some variation.

      1. Also, looking at it, the “leak” seems to have the rocks extend for several rows past 4. I can count at least 5, maybe 6, extending into the background.

    2. I guess you could make an argument for overworld map art not being very detailed…I don’t really know to be honest. The main character in the picture looks odd…..

    3. Might be something, but maps don’t always have every detail either. A lot of the towns and cities only show three buildings, and considering the size of stuff back in Gen V, I doubt towns will be that small.

    4. As, Sable said, maps don’t have all the details. This image is highly real. Well, it looks real! Still, it could be fake. The main character kind of looks weird!

          1. I’m an Artist and Graphic Designer by trade and study. I may be off, but that’s at least what I can see.

    5. Nah man, don’t read too much into something like that. Maps aren’t suppose to be detailed 😛

      1. I like the Big Band/Swing Band feel to it. It is a bit on the Donkey Kong side, haha, but I do think it is the appropriate genre. I think many people are expecting futuristic electronica; however, that doesn’t seem to fit the old-school glitz of Team Flare, they appear very 1920’s with the flashy red “zuit suit” and shades.

        1. what do you mean by unrevealed? as in do exactly what they did in the one trailer and never officially reveal it to kill us inside?

          1. well time to prepare myself for the madness IF they show a new pokemon. i always hate when they show a nintendo direct because im at school now and it kills me

    1. i believe that to be unlikely but with nintendo throwing surprises at us this whole year you never know

  29. I have a good feeling bout tomorrows nintendo direct, I’m hoping for a 5 minute final trailer for x and y and MAYBE a demo for us to hold over for a week.

  30. Still waiting for Oorotto’s english name……
    EDIT: HELL, I’m waiting for an actual reveal of Oorotto

          1. cofagrigus.
            yeah a lot of words/names have “bad words” in them. But it’s not like it’s even spelled like that.

          2. That is pronounced, cah ‘fugh’.

            To the other examples, that’s like saying, shore, contains whore. It’s one of those ending -ass, that is completely changed once the starting consonant is added.

            You wouldn’t say, Lap-urh-ass or Nous-ep-ass!!

          3. May I ask what the wrong ones are? The only one I’ve felt uncomfortable saying out loud is Lapras. I’m not sure if I’m saying it right or not, but I always say lap-rass, and it sounds ‘wrong’.

          4. As thatoneguychris said, Cofagrigus is one, it can’t even be traded without a nickname, and then on top of Lapras, we have Nosepass. Those are the two that immediately jump out at me.

  31. So many rumors! I’m surprised by the amount we have before X & Y’s release! People are trying harder with leaks than before. I can’t wait to see if some of these are real or fake! About 12 more days to wait. 😉

    1. I’m so glad I didn’t spoil myself for BW, but this one I might end up spoiling myself lol. Legit I’ve been on sites 24/7 looking for any rumors possible, something I would never do 3 years ago lol

    1. Well Team flare focuses on beauty and she definitely seems be into that. So yeah I think she’s either the boss or has some connection with them. Hopefully we finally have a female boss for the evil team!

    2. No, I don’t think they would make a character that offers a service into a team leader. That would be like if the Name Rater was secretly the leader of Team Magma.

    3. I’m hoping she’s the champion! Team flare is based on the bad part of beauty (like vanity) but she seems to be beautiful in good pure way. Her outfit is like an angel and team flare remind me of little fiery demons.

      1. I’m sorry, did you say that PokeBeach has confirmed Hawlucha? That sounds like a load of blasphemy.

  32. You know, what I find kind of interesting, is that the person on Neogaf, the apparent tester, who said the recent PB text leaks were mostly false, minus three things that seemed like lucky guesses, or something to that effect, and was letting people friend him to show he was in fact playing the game on his 3DS, hasn’t shown up ONCE since all these leaks or ‘leaks’ whichever way you want to look at them have been out.

    1. Well, to be honest, if he’s legit, he wouldn’t want to get involved with all of this shenanigans until he is sure that he wouldn’t be breaching contract with Nintendo. He’s probably not bothering getting involved until the fourth, if at all. Just because he’s a reviewer doesn’t mean he’ll leak anything.

      1. I didn’t say he’ll leak anything. But he had no problem calling out the recent PB leaks, which talked about starters on there, though he also didn’t specifically say what in the leaks was somewhat true.

        1. Yeah because he…can’t. He’s not legally allowed to. Some people risk that, as per leakers, but he doesn’t seem to want to, hence he probably won’t leak much. He only said that the Pokebeach rumors that were recently posted were not true as he didn’t think it fair for us to get hyped over false rumors. That’s not proving or disproving anything so he can’t legally get into trouble.

          1. Well, that’s my point. I just find it kind of funny he hasn’t shown up during all of this to simply say “It’s fake” and leave it at that. I mean, that’s nothing he can get in trouble for, if it’s not real, he can’t get in trouble for saying that something fake isn’t real, right? Because people are getting hyped over this, aren’t they? Of course, it’s possible he simply hasn’t gotten to a computer and hasn’t seen it… but considering the area he was posting, if he even looked at it, there is no way he would miss it.

          1. XD here it is I managed to get it:
            Pokemon Z is set to be released in 2015. More information due to leak on 10/1’s Pokemon Direct. Here is what is RUMORED:
            – The games taking place 2 years after X/Y.
            – Characters from previous regions appearing as supporting characters.
            – More to Mega Evolutions introduced/used (now Mega Evolutions are being introduced to 6th Gen Pokemon).
            – The ability to traverse to other regions (as post-game, and the long chase for Team Flare).
            – A new Dragon/Fairy-type mascot legendary similar to a serpent (representing the Endoderm).

            ALL FAKE BS, RIGHT! But I got a nice laugh out of it XD

          2. So a game releasing in 2015 is going to be announced in a Nintendo Direct focused on games in 2013, not to mention that X and Y haven’t even released yet? Seems totally legit…

          3. Hence, I call fake. I guess the leaker didn’t get the memo that X and Y has nothing to do with chromosomes…

          4. And there goes the person disliking all of my comments. I have a strange feeling it is either TalesOtaku21 (who hates me) or ShinyXatu, just trolling. 😐

        1. We made it this far, so WE CAN DO IT!
          And my favorite song is “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger by Daft Punk.

          *We’re going a bit off-topic here XD*

          1. I probably will waste 400 hours of my life playing this one game…and that is only a low-ball estimate.

  33. Does anyone know what the quote on quote “leaked” is located because im looking and see nothing but….. things so is someone could show me that would b just peachy thnx ;D

      1. Yeah, we’re already on pretty risky terms with the admins, so we shouldn’t push anything too far.

    1. I’m preparing myself….so I won’t get as unhappy to find out the that the froakie final evo is actually real…..

  34. Well, the #DownvoteDicie troll is back, so I think I’ll be on my way for the night. I’ll be back tomorrow… hopefully.

        1. If you really think about it, Dicie, what is this person actually doing to you? Nothing, right? Downvotes are nothing more than a way to show distaste, and you can ignore that all you want if that power is abused.

          1. Just think about it when you get angry. We’re all here for you, because you are a respected part of the PokeJungle family.

    1. By expressing this you are providing several trolls with a hot meal. Just ignore it and they will become weak and emaciated, and then, leave you alone.

    2. No offense, Dicie, but you’re really trying for attention, which is kind of annoying. I’m not the culprit, but in my observation, I would suggest to you to relax a little and enjoy the socialization while ignoring the negativity. It will be better for you to learn while being protected by your computer screen how to deal with negative comments and hateful people, as they are out there in the world and you cannot hide from them forever. Once you begin to realize that you can face such negativity, you will become a stronger and more confident person and be able to continue doing what you enjoy without much interruption.

      As such, when you had your little hissy fit a few days ago and you tried asking us to come over to your private blog…that was very immature, and slightly irritating. You also put a lot of stress on the people who enjoy your company, like that silly psychic birdie. Be mindful of your actions as only you can help yourself. You cannot control other people, and while they might try they cannot control you.

      Also really offended that you accused me of downvoting you and hating on you without any logical reasoning nor asking me how I felt personally.

      Ah well. You’ll grow up.

      1. As much as I agree with you and your reference to me, we have to accept that Dicie is truly affected by these kinds of people, and he thinks very bad thoughts when such situations arise. Yes, you are right, he may be vying for attention, but that’s only because he trusts us.

        1. Well here are parts of why I believe that he is vying for attention. Which, isn’t a bad thing. It’s just annoying. Many people have hardships, so many people respect the hardships of another. While he is more than welcomed to discuss those hardships with us, doing things like…

          -making a huge deal of him leaving a chat-site
          -purposely using other names or posing as other people to avoid detection (such as his ‘brother’)
          -refusing to be honest to people’s questions
          -making a personal blog and post it on the chat-site he already claimed to be leaving in hope people will flock to him
          -giving up when no one does and returning to chat-site anyway

          These are all just instances that are…completely unnecessary. I don’t dislike him at ALL, let me make that very clear, and I feel bad that he is as sensitive as he is. But no one can protect him nor change what he is thinking. Only he can do that, and as someone who likes him, I would say he should attempt to change his thoughts right now.

          Just…be cool. If you get upset, walk away from the computer and do something else for a while. You don’t have to announce it. You don’t have to make a huge issue of it. That’s the beauty of the internet…you’re just one of the masses and you have the freedom to come and go as you please.

          1. Again, offended, yet touched and in relief that people are realizing the real me, but with these long-ass comments (a good thing), I am starting to realize who I REALLY should be. 😀

          2. I don’t mean to offend. It’s very mature of you to see the positive despite finding something offensive. I am just really brash with my words. Hah. It’s because I’m half Italian and a female and from New Jersey…not a good mix!

          3. I know you don’t mean to offend, but I believe it is some of the wording that I am misinterpreting. And thank you very much, I try to understand people’s points and then leave it be. 😀

          4. Just think of this as a Pokemon fan site…which it is. There will be trolls, there will be people who try to find error in your actions, but you have to laugh it off. That’s what I do.

          5. Oh. Well okay. Since you do it, then I guess that can work for me as well. I just get annoyed with downvotes, negative comments towards me and… yeah. I guess I gotta brush it off, and this works best using some STRONGER VOCABULARY when needed, because I’M DONE. Anytime a troll steps up, NicieDicie becomes MegaArceus. 😐

      2. As offended as I am of your comment (part of it), I can partially understand your point of view and in no means am I judging it. I completely understand your point, and how it can help me, and although I am glad you have posted it, you kinda ruined it in some places where you really, truly offended me. Nonetheless, I appreciate your comment and I apologize for the false assumption (which is just how I am sometimes), and I think this will really get me thinking. However, I feel like maybe I misinterpreted some parts of your comment as offensive, but some truly referenced that (first sentence, last paragraphs). But you are great at expressing your opinion, and I’m sorry you feel the way that you do about me, and there’s nothing I can do about that. As this sounds like I should quit Pokejungle forever to quit “trying for attention” and “being annoying” and throwing “hissy fits,” I won’t, because one woman’s opinion doesn’t mean anything to me. Just because one person feels this way doesn’t mean I have to be put down. Therefore, I will simply ignore those offensive parts and stick to the truth (most interpreted in the second paragraph) and I appreciate that positivity overall.

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    1. You’re an idiot. I’m not sure if you’re bad at spelling or what, but if you’re using a temporary guest name, you obviously are just here to stir shit up, so fuck off bitch.

      1. I know, right. Dae is awesome! The guy gets picked on a lot by these guest trolls who come and troll him about his banhammer, and other stuff.

          1. I hate that usage… You can use fucktard or whatever lol, but I cannot stand to see faggot used. Sorry. I have to live with being called that and I just can’t stand it

            Plus I know PJ is gay so I don’t know what that would cause.

          2. Faggots are cigarettes. And, really annoying people. I hate that it is associated with homosexuals, because it’s completely incorrect.

            Should watch the video with Louis CK:

            (while he’s very vulgar he is not anti-homosexual and he says that faggot should not describe gay people)

          3. That is my exact thought. That’s why I have to agree with most nonsoutherners on saying people are uneducated in Mississippi. They use everything they can to insult people they don’t like. Macklemore is also supports gays a lot so he’s the only rapper I will support.

          1. i love being vulgar its fun but theres a time and place for everything… this seems like one of these times.

          2. “Oak’s words: there’s a time and place for everything! But not now.” I grew up hearing those words.

      1. was greninja confirmed fake too like the topic says? I really want that thing to be fake! It just totally ruins froakie for me 🙁

        1. someone posted on 4chan or something about creating Greninja and binacle with some friends (so they’re fake), but said Hawlucha was real, and the images come from a closed room demo or something that he took pictures in.

          1. The problem is 4chan is anonymous so you can’t tell who posts what. However, the fact that these were posted on 4chan and not, say, Neogaf is what is surprising to me and what leads me to believe they are more fake than real.

    1. i think greninja and hawlucha may be nicknames seeing as how their highlighted yellow in battle.

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          1. You can tell that wasn’t me lol. He’s probably the one downvoting my every comment, NOT THAT IT MATTERS.

          2. Maybe because I’m the nice one here and they wanted me to get banned because I follow all of the rules, goody two shoes, etc. But I’m not that. Just jealous mofos. Eh. Who cares.

          1. You’ve got to be kidding me. I’ve been further even more decided to use even go need to do look more as anyone can. Can you really be far even as decided half as much to use go wish for that? My guess is that when one really been far even as decided once to use even go want, it is then that he has really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like. It’s just common sense.

  37. Ack, I won’t be able to watch the Direct live cuz at 10 am EST, I’ll be at work tomorrow. Sometime’s being a grownup sucks when it interferes with my Pokemon lol

    1. I hear you, but Directs usually flood Youtube. I do expect Pokemon news with release so close, but I can’t imagine it’ll be anything spectacular…hoping for gameplay information more than anything. We need more of that stuff.

    2. I’m in the west, so 7 AM right before work. I’ll wake up extra early to check it out. Not expecting much though.

  38. Do you all think it’s too soon for the Nintendo Direct to introduce a new Pokemon game on the Wii U? You know that one screenshot? They might put another image up just to tease us fans, but I wouldn’t know until 2pm tomorrow.

    1. They said they are not doing a new Pokemon game on the Wii U. That screen shot is just to show what Pokemon will be like in the future (or rather what they hope to achieve).

        1. Eh, maybe, but I doubt they would say ‘we don’t have plans’ then ‘WE TOTALLY HAVE PLANS’ literally two weeks apart. They’d let it simmer.

        1. Because design is odd and angle is bad and shadow (if that black spot is its shadow) is off and its leg looks unattached while the other one is…missing? Text looks odd, the female symbol looks has what looks like black on it, and don’t get the weird double effects on the images. Also its ears are…um, black? Why?

          Just my opinions. Regardless it looks like Braixen with a slightly longer dress and black ears. Yeah, no.

          1. I see something different. Ya see that “brown” leg? That’s Skrelp’s mouth. Can you sorta see Skrelp in the background? Yeah.

          2. I thought that was it’s wand? But it’s obviously fake because it’s using a poison type move like skrelp did in battle against clauncher

  39. So in regards to the new Pokemon GET TV…whatever it’s called, looks like Chespin replaces Oshawott. Hah.

    1. I am SO excited for that! I hope they go back to actually revealing and showing RELEVANT information, not just repeats of CoroCoro. I want them to go back to the Pokemon Sunday format. ;D

    1. Oh wow… That’s almost exactly what I think it should look like. Only minus a few features…

          1. It’s not proportioned right, is 2D sprited/drawn, and it’s the same screenshot of the Skrelp/Clauncher battle.

          2. Well you can look around on this thread. The main point is Clauncher being the one from a trailer. I feel it has been explained enough around this thread that you should be able to find the info easily enough.

          3. If you look at the image, you can see the attack hitting Clauncher is creating a purple splatter. Well look at this image and guess what the splatter was from.

    2. Sorry, already proven fake. They took the Clauncher vs Skrelp screenshot and added in the fennekin evo.

      1. They said showing off games this year. Pokemon X/Y, WWHD, ALBW, DKCRTF, M3DW, and several “Wii *** U” titles. I don’t think there will be anything else.

      1. Which they will reveal at a later date. Besides they have a bunch of games likely coming out in 2014 they would talk about before anything new. And don’t get me wrong I am ok with them showing all old stuff, I just wish they’d show something significant about them or talk about the ones they have given little attention to so far. Like X, MK8, and especially SMTxFE.

        Edit: MK8 probably has more info than either X or SMTxFE but it still has less than some… maybe…

  40. Note to everyone, please don’t get tied up in these not only off-topic discussions, but rather, off-putting discussions. The volatile banter back and forth that doesn’t even relate to Pokemon whatsoever and the responses to troll postings only aggravates the situation, and contributes to the troll postings and spams the pages. Just ignore the posts involving drama or personal issues among the posters. Again, even if you are not trolling, by responding to these postings you are spamming and granting legitimacy to these posters, and downgrading the overall quality of the discussions. Vulgar and inflammatory language only magnifies these petty arguments. I know, I know, some of the comments made the past week especially have been malicious, please really try not to respond to these comments. ( I AM SURE I HAVE RESPONDED SEVERAL TIMES MYSELF)

    Some friendly chit-chat about homework, school, personal lives in the context of waiting for the release is probably fine in most cases, if limited and placed in the right context; don’t create a new branch of discussion when the comment can be placed under an existing conversation. This, especially for multiple main branches being frequently crafted by some posters, even if there isn’t the intention to spam.

    The moderators have been more than patient and lax on their ruling; please don’t ruin it for the rest of us by engaging in any of the aforementioned behaviors or it’s likely and appropriate that the moderators will have to become more stringent.

    Lastly, this isn’t a conversation for debate, this is just an advisory note. So, please just read, move on, and hopefully become a bit more conscientious of your posts. I would rather this post NOT become a huge debate of back and forth banter, as it in of itself is a TAD, to say the least, off-topic. I hope you all understand and really put some effort in exercising some restraint from personal attacking, self-pitying, attention-seeking behaviors. It truly does scare away other posters, and again, detracts from the amiable discussions.

    Thanks. I just felt I needed to take preemptive measures to ensure the chat remain as lax and enjoyable as it has up to this point! Happy postings!

          1. XD, you guys are too kind.But, I would be power hungry and become the Giovanni of the Poke Jungle World. All would bow down to me!

          2. Probably XD, moreover, it’s the negative and vindictive off-topic discussions, or excessive brand new postings that really seem to be the BIG issue. Plus, you should respect my authoritah! :p

  41. Here’s what I want (evolutions)-
    Helioptile- Electric/Fairy
    Spritzee- Fairy/Dark
    Swirlix- Fairy (Flying?)
    Clauncher- Water/Electric
    Skrelp- Same
    Eevee- Dragon
    Fennekin- Fire/Psychic
    Chespin- Grass/Dark or Grass/Fighting
    Froakie- Water/Dark or Water/Fighting
    Oorotto- Grass/Ghost (itself)
    Flabebe- Fairy/Grass or Fairy/Bug or Fairy/Flying
    Doublade- Steel/Ghost
    Dedenne- Electric/Fairy
    Bunnelby- Normal/Ground or Dark/Ground
    Furfrou- Normal/Dragon
    Meowstic- Psychic/Fairy

      1. Yeah, I looked at it and I was like-
        “This thing has potential. Talonflame and MegaCharizard disappointed, but this is the chance.”

    1. Here’s my predictions:
      Heliodon (Electric/Dragon Helioptile evolution)
      Malfume (Fairy/Poison Spritzee evolution)
      Cottonine (Fairy Swirlix evolution)
      Crabbroil (Water/Fire Clauncher evolution)
      Poissonous (Poison/Water Skrelp evolution)
      Sludgeon (Poison Eeveelution)
      Magikin (Fire/Psychic Braixen evolution)
      Fallin (Grass/Dark Quilladin evolution)
      Greninja (confirmed as Water/Fighting Frogadier evolution)
      Horroroot (Grass/Ghost-type; Orotto)
      Pixiflora (Fairy.Grass Flabébé evolution)
      Coatang (Steel/Ghost Doublade evolution)
      Rabburrow (Dark/Ground Bunnelby evolution)

      1. Wow, I like those names a LOT!
        – I’ve said Magikin for MONTHS, ever since IAMTHELEAKER came.
        – When was it confirmed that Greninja was real?
        – Love the creative names and the abnormal types! 😀

        1. It wasn’t confirmed, I’m saying that my prediction is that it’ll be confirmed. And thanks! I especially like Poissonous for a potential Skrelp evolution.

          1. Oh! Okay that makes sense. POISSONOUS? WOW that is a great name! You should be the name designer at Gamefreak, we would LOVE to see these names ingame (or at least I would for SURE!) 😀

        1. This is my only reason for water/fire

          Pistol Shrimp

          “The snap can also produce sonoluminescence from the collapsing cavitation bubble. As it collapses, the cavitation bubble reaches temperatures of over 5,000 K (4,700 °C).In comparison, the surface temperature of the sun is estimated to be around 5,800 K (5,500 °C).”

          1. That’s been my thoughts since it was revealed. The Pistol Shrimp is an enigma. I will never completely under stand it. That’s 8,492 degrees F.

    2. Since we already have a Electric/Fairy type (Dedenne, I’m looking at you), I’d want Helioptile’s evo to be something else like Electric/Dragon or even keep the Electric/Normal typing

  42. I have some predictions:
    – Pokemon X and Y will introduce:
    1) 120 – 160 new Pokemon
    2) 50 – 80 new Mega Evolutions
    3) 30-40 new Fairy-types (amongst the 120-160)

        1. haha, it’s 25%!!

          Maybe like…15%! (20-25) That would be a lot, but I do agree that fairy type should be featured this generation.

          1. There were like…less than five for dark and steel types in gen two but maybe they’ll decide to do more fairies to balance the board? Back then there weren’t a lot of Pokemon as there are now, so less reason to balance.

    1. Nintendo directs are really short. Going by the E3 one, Pokemon got the limelight for about three minutes. They won’t show much but a new trailer and gameplay footage would be nice.

    1. Its adorubu X3 Too bad its mostly likely a fake. If it wasn’t It said Either Psychic, Fairy, or Steel or combination of two of the three

    1. I usually don’t like object pokemon, but with this, I certainly don’t have any OBJECTions.

  43. Well guys the countdown for Pokemon X and Pokemon Y Begins:) so how much time left until the big Pokemon day?


  45. Wait, does the final corocoro leak after the games are released? Or if there is another leak at all?

    1. The next Corocoro (the November 2013 issue) comes out on the 15th. Leaks usually happen 3-4 days before, so it will most likely leak either the day before X & Y are released, or on release day itself.

    1. But with the embargo in place it’s highly unlikely we’ll get leaks before the 4th. If we get any after that, they won’t be much, so the best thing to do is call everything fake until it’s officially revealed.

    1. 7 am Pacific, 10 am Eastern, 3 pm United Kingdom, 4 pm Mainland Europe, 11 pm Japan time

  46. While waiting for Nintendo direct, check out what I found, these cards with alternate art of the original 151. Which are… interesting, to say the least. And kind of more creepy in a few cases, specifically the ones that are clearly trying to EAT each other. Ones of note for me are Charmander, whose eyes are disturbingly narrow, and also proves that the original Charmander DID have spikes on his back, the Pikachu art actually falls in line with the original sprite too, so for the most part, these are probably what the sprites were made from, as Pikachu has a white belly, the Diglett is kind of cool because it’s being shown as it’s digging into the ground, instead of just going up and down like a whack-a-mole, and lastly, cubone. That is the best look under that skull I think we’ve ever had.

    1. I really love the spike back Charmander. why did they have to get rid of it D: wouldve been a nice touch for charmeleon and charizard.

      1. Yeah, he does seem to have the short end of the stick. The Krabby family apparently hate ditto as well.

      1. .. Uh, no it’s not. For one thing, one easy way to disprove that is just go look at the Dratini image. Where both arms are clearly visible, and the spike is too. Charmander had spikes.

    2. Nidorina swallowing Voltorb is quite scary. What if it explodes in her stomach? Guts everywhere fatality style.

      Also nidoqueen with additional spikes all over her body, Nidoking with a spiral spring on his horn, and Primeape with 4 arms is quite scary. I’m glad most of these pokes underwent changes.

  47. Oh boy i cant wait my way to pass the time along is watch longplays of others.

    My ? is:What do you do to pass the time along?

    1. They’re not wings, they’re Wartortle’s ears. Although Water/Fairy does sound cool.

        1. True, but Dragonair’s ears look more like wings than Wartortle’s. They remind me of that greek god (I think his name was Pan?) who had shoes with wings on them. Compare Wartortle to Raichu, they both have very curly ears, but they’re definitely ears.

          So that this isn’t completely off-topic, do you think we’ll see Orotto in an hour’s time?

          1. I have a feeling we will get a new launch trailer for X and Y and it will show Orotto sneakily, but I don’t think they are going to reveal its english name/debut haha

      1. The reason it was leaked on the 9th before was because of a holiday or festivity in the country, doesn’t normally

    1. It’s released on the 15th, leaks are usually 2-3 days before, likely it’ll leak when the game comes out so technically they wont be leaks

  48. we should get a post on Mega Evo’s and what Mega’s could possibly do for a bunch of Pokes. I just realized that Mega Blaziken can legally use Baton Pass with its ability now. Trade a Gen 3 torchic all the way up with baton pass, make it hold the stone, and waa-laa! Ahh mega evo’s going to be so much fun.

    Someone uses thunder wave on your absol, you mega evolve and magic bounce it back and set up a free swords dance, dude, absol/blaziken are going to WRECK

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