New Direct to Air Oct. 1st & Comment Policy Clarification

It’s already been announced for a while, but I’ll use this opportunity to give you a friendly reminder that a brand new Nintendo Direct is set to air tomorrow. Nintendo have said they will ‘provide updates on upcoming 3DS and Wii U games launching this year’. This means you don’t have to go expecting new Smash Bros details or Mario Kart, but you never know with Nintendo. There is a possibility that they will give us a new English XY trailer, hopefully with new footage and a Pokémon reveal or two (Orot please?).

As of now, we will not cover it live, but rather provide a write-up an hour after the Nintendo Direct has aired. If any Pokémon news breaks however, we will bring you the news as fast as we can. International times are the following (with countries listed rather than confusing time zones):

7 am Pacific, 10 am Eastern, 3 pm United Kingdom, 4 pm Mainland Europe, 11 pm Japan time.

Note: 01/10 uses the correct formatting for dates and is as such October 1st and not January 10th.

In addition, continuing the debate about our comment policy after the site’s activity has boomed, some people think we were too strict enforcing our new Community Guidelines. I shall now provide some further clarification on them and introduce some slight change to make it easier for everyone.

First of all, you most likely know the comment activity has grown a lot. Where we barely got 100 comments on uninteresting two years ago, such things get 1500+ comments nowadays. This poses a few problems. Where those 100 comments were usually meaningful additions, a huge part of those 1500 were borderline spammy. Also, whenever people started talking off-topic, the thread usually derailed into everything but the topic they should discuss. It’s sad to see a Dae asks becoming a ask-everyone-everything, because that was never the purpose of Dae asks.

Naturally, we had to enforce some kind of guidelines. I’m normally against such things, because I don’t believe in an overly abusive police state. Yet, you guys showed me you could not behave without a guiding moderator. I had to unfortunately resort to threatening people with bans so they could calm down. Some people complained it was weird that people could get banned for talking off-topic, and I have to agree it is something I would rather not do. However, you should also keep in mind that the only people I’ve banned were annoying and verbally offensive trolls. I also believe we should be a bit more forgiving in the future, but at the same time enforce some slightly stricter regulation against pure spam. Therefore I have proposed the following:


Is the article a news article? Go ahead, just comment whatever you want. However, refrain from posting spam (you should at least put 5 seconds of effort into your comment). This includes short comments like ‘XD’, image captions (memes) that have nothing to do with Pokémon and things that are better said in general chat (I’m going to bed now). Ignore the trolls, and if something goes on a spam rampage, hit me up here so I can sort it out. Also, if you are a leaker, please provide some proof, and know it’s not hard for me to know what your real account is.

Is the article an opinion piece, or does it ask for relevant opinions? Please try to stay on-topic. Off-topic posts will get deleted if there’s a chance the thread could derail. However, no bans will be issued unless you persevere in posting irrelevant comments. Did some important news leak, like Hoenn remakes or X2 & Y2 or a totally new Pokémon, that’s totally fine to put it in there. If you really want to discuss something else, go to our forums, the latest news article at hand or just wait for a new one to arrive (there will be always some sort of news, and I’m sure you won’t die if you don’t know immediately which starters everyone is going to pick).


If you still have some remarks or something else you want to discuss, just hit me up in the comments. My job is mostly to talk with you guys, and listening to our readers is also a vital part of the site. Remember, we are, which means we really try to be a network or community where everyone is free to give their opinion.