CoroCoro Leaking (UPD4 – BIG SCAN = FAKE)

It is 6am.  Little less than 4hrs after I just went to sleep. I am awake.  FOR YOU ALL. <3  To bring you this ASAP. UPD2: Clear scans! INFORMATION BETWEEN THE LINES IS FAKE! —————— Giruja (fish) – “Fish Pokemon” Can only be caught by fishing. Type: Water | Ability: Swift Swim Hakubirisu (swan) – … Read more

BW Demo in the wild?

httpv:// That video just recently showed up on YT… a battle during the BW “demo”.  So that means it is out folks.  Nothing new was revealed by this, but what we have now is the hope that more screenshots and better video are to come now that Nintendo is testing these demo games.  :3  As … Read more

Hi-Rez Scans (UPD- New scan!)

Scan 1- (I knew this was missing but it JUST popped up!) Page 3: Introducing CHEREN!  In that first screenshot he’s saying “Inside this present are our Pokemon”, which explains why the trailers have show a present being unwrapped before you choose your pokemon.  The little screenshot below that is the “card” on the present … Read more

BW Pamphlet Scans! (Complete translations)

Scan 1- Showing off the new “triple battle” feature that was first seen back in the Oha Suta trailer.  Position of your pokemon in player is important for some new attack dynamics. Scan 2- Talking about wireless features, the map in the bottom right hand corner shows the new map!  You can exchange information and … Read more

July CoroCoro Scans Leak!

July CoroCoro scans are here!!  Here are the new Pokemon (big scan first, clockwise): Giaru: Steel type / Gear Pokemon / Has new move called “Gear Saucer” / Abilities “plus” or “minus” Munna: Psychic type / Dream Eater Pokemon / Has move called “telekinesis” / Abilities “synchronize” and “forewarn” (anyone else think its nose looks … Read more