July CoroCoro Scans Leak!

July CoroCoro scans are here!!  Here are the new Pokemon (big scan first, clockwise):

Giaru: Steel type / Gear Pokemon / Has new move called “Gear Saucer” / Abilities “plus” or “minus”

Munna: Psychic type / Dream Eater Pokemon / Has move called “telekinesis” / Abilities “synchronize” and “forewarn” (anyone else think its nose looks like Drowzee?)

Chiramii: Normal type / Chinchilla Pokemon / Has move called “sweep slap” / Abilities “cute charm” and “technician”

Mamepato: Normal – Flying type / Baby Pigeon Pokemon / Abilities “super luck” or “pigeon heart”

In the smaller scan, top to bottom:

Hihidaruma: Fire type / Flaming Pokemon / Ability “Encourage” (Hihi can mean baboon, while daruma is a cultural thing in Japan)

Shimama: Electric type / Charged Pokemon / Has move called “wild bolt” which has recoil / Abilities “lightning rod” and “motor drive”

Meguroko: Ground – Dark type / Desert Crocodile Pokemon / Abilities “intimidate” and “overconfidence” (It seems SPP’s translation was off, it is not earthquake spiral)

Other information:

New professor IS indeed Araragi!  (Who posted that two days ago?  =] )  and there is a new “C Gear” having to do with connections.  We also see the new pokedexes, which look pretty nice.  On the bottom of the smaller scan there’s a new feature revealed called Random Match (finally!) over WiFi.  No separate GTS anymore either, all inside the Pokemon Centers.

Updates: Added the last 4 scans…

Zoroa: Can be obtained by trading over a promotional Celebi from the new Pokemon movie and will be lv10.  Also, it’s evolution Zoroark knows a attack called Night Burst.  Rumor was definitely off on this one ;p

Reshiram: is a Fire/Dragon type, and is the White Yang Pokemon. It has the new ability Turbo Blaze.  I’m not sure if my rumor post had it being fire or ice… hmm…

Zekrom: is an Electric/Dragon type, which was already all but confirmed, and is the Black Ying Pokemon.  It has the new ability Terra Voltage.

Isshu has been revealed!  And frankly, I think it looks pretty cool :3

So?!  Thoughts?!  Comment section requires no registration, so let’s get some discussion going 😀  I kind of like Munna personally haha.  The chinchilla is pretty cute too.  Others are pretty “meh” though.

<3 pokejungle

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