My boyfriend helped me with this little part at the bottom which most sites ignored.  But I try to cover everything as best I can 🙂

Green Box:

  • Shops are now inside the Pokemon Centers (previously revealed)
  • Vending machines which were found in previous games are now able to be found on the roads
  • Weather is now displayed on the bottom screen during battle (the pokeball-ish design is now the “Attack” “Bag” “Run” “Pokemon” bottom screen during battles. What is circled is the weather display)
  • The Y button is for the menu, and you can see what it looks like now. (Pokedex, Party, Options, Trainer, etc)

Blue Box:

  • Sightseeing around Isshu- it has a drawbridge
  • The desert area has the sandstorm weather effect… (I wonder if the goggles will make a comeback from R/S/E in order to cross)
  • Isshu features many unique designs, such as this one that is a honeycomb.  Literally says ‘what else could there be?!’

As a small note, on the previous scan you can upload a “report” online… I know some sites are reporting “save files” and such, but I don’t think that is what the scan is saying.  Possibly statistics and such that can be tracked.

Oh and PokeBeach claims to have info that there will be 157 new pokemon, a third legendary cobra pokemon, and that the plot is influenced by decisions you make.  They’ve now said that they were tricked… oops.

<3 pokejungle

ps- kudos to everyone who realized Isshu is based on the geography of New York!