Isshu based on New York?

As you can see, with a Google Maps image overlayed onto the CoroCoro scan, Isshu’s map does match up pretty well to the real life New York area (image kindly provided by DarKnighT_0_9 of PokeCommunity).  Of course there’s no way to be 100% certain unless a developer says so, but this does look pretty close.  An hour after the scans leaked 2ch was already narrowing down the real world location it was based on and their general consensus was NYC as well.

Of course I’ve seen other suggestions across the fandom as well 🙂  Thoughts?

<3 pokejungle

  1. *tip-toes in and quietly closes door*
    Hey there PokeJungle! Followed your link from Pokebeach, nifty blog you got going here! :3
    So you’re a translator too huh? 😀

    Woah that’s quite a match going on there! Looks likely to be NYC then!
    I should really start checking out 2ch myself, but i’ve never really put aside the time to scroll through it, instead just getting links to certain parts upon news xD

    1. Hmm yeah I read your translation in one of the threads :3 I mainly rely on my boyfriend when I want 100% accurate translations lol. But yeah if you’re that good at reading Japanese, then by all means keep an eye on 2ch :p

  2. Hmmmm. While it -could- be NYC, from my own snooping on google maps, it looks more like it’s based on the Jiangsu, Shanghai and Zhejiang districts of China, with Huin City being Pudong. It’s pretty immaterial really, but the far-away-yet-close nature of China seems a bit more likely candidate than the more far flung New York. If you look at it on Google Maps, you can see the bridges correspond, the is Lake in generally the right area, and Mountains nearby (which have obviously been moved for the purposes of Isshu, but I’m sure they’ve done that before). That, and it’s a larger scale than that small section of New York, which seems to make it somewhat more viable for a region.

    Out of interest, were the basis of the previous regions ever confirmed by GameFreak, or any other media? Or was it purely deduced through fan observation?

    P.S: Great job on the site. Thank god someone decided to translate the actual information on that map! Yay for en route Soda Pop! XD# Thanks for all your great work!

  3. Now here’s an idea: maybe it’s BOTH New York City AND Shanghai! It’s starting to become obvious that they seem to have incorporated elements from both… and Game Freak always talks about how they want to bring the world together and all that jazz. So maybe this is the way they’re gonna do it!

  4. Introducing Wargle (the eagle with red, white and blue colors) gives a wee bit more credence to this theory. It seems like a nod to America. Though I think it’s unlikely that Game Freak would model their region off something other than Japan.

  5. I Personaly have no doubt in my mind that Isshu is based on New York. First of all there’s wargle, as said before this is a nod toward the eagle
    Second is the statement that isshu is so far away that it can only be acessed from other regions.
    Third the announcement of Victini, witch can be found via the wi-fi distributed Liberty ticket, another nod towards the area and may even nod at the statue of liberty
    Finally there is the above map overlay which clearly and magnificently proves the theory.
    Although i will admit that if it turns out to be really based on china i will be thouroughly embarrassed…….7of<3's

  6. Isshu is clearly New York;

    -Our Basic Bird is a Pigeon, of all things.
    -Then there’s Wargle.
    -The Liberty Ticket. (and Victini’s connections to the Statue of Liberty)
    -The fact that Hiun City was advertised first, perhaps because it was so recognizable.

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