Nintendo 3DS Revealed!

So will this be the system we play the 6th generation of Pokemon games on then?!  The top screen sports a 3.5″ 3D screen that can actually be toggled on and off or adjusted for how far away you hold the system.  The bottom screen remains the same as the DS and is a touchscreen.  That circular button you see above the d-pad is actually a “slide pad”, which apparently is a lot like the PSP’s analog stick nub.  It seems to be aligned with the ABXY buttons, so Nintendo is gambling that it will get more use than the lower positioned old fashioned d-pad.  Also a new “Home” button, similar to the Wii, has made an appearance.

Joystiq [also: photo credits] mentioned that the Kid Icarus trailer showed graphics of Pit that looked almost identical to his Brawl iteration.  Intriguing!

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